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Juunibantai Headquaters

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51 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:26 pm


The shinigami had not moved or chose to retaliate. A nerve wrecking slap echoed in the confied spaces of the lab. Tobimaru's face would burn red showing the marks of a hand. He dared to insult the captain, such insubordination would be later punished. Winter had already ripped open the shirt and Tobimaru had realised that this was infact an enemy in disguise.

"The Captain will be pleased with your work, it seems that you have caught something interesting. But we will not linger here any longer, why not lay his body on that table over there. We will wait until the Captain has arrived to find out further detail about this fellow.Although it would be abit helpful if you had any intel on why this Arrancar came to our division. Did he say anything to you before or you did not get the chance to exchange words.

Winter ignored him as she lied down on the cold metal plates her eyes wandering at the cieling, there was a complicated arrange of wires and air vents. Pipes that carried gases, or vast amounts of optical fibre for quick data exchanges. The outside may have been old fashioned but inside it was trully advanced probably out timing any technology on earth by at least a 1000 years. She rolled over to her side as she faced away from Tobimaru and the dead Arrancar. A cold breeze seeped under her skirt as it cooled her body and the blood that had gradually started to dry. Winter slowly got up as she made her way to a glass container. Inside it was a strange specimen that looked half shinigami half arrancar. She tilted her head wondering why its face had been severed in two. Winter quickly lost interest and did what she initially came to do. Upon the glass she stared carefully at her reflection, her face was covered with blood and her hair had been messed during the short fight.

She untied the two pony tails in her hair and let it drop down to her shoulders. Tilting her head once more she peared throught the many lengths of hair. Grabbing handfuls she arranged it here and there, looking at different hair styles. It was rather a strange site. Doing one's hair at the reflection of a dead Shinigami. When would the noob come?

52 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:47 pm


The Juunibantai Taicho arrived at his Division headquarters with company. This company was in the form of a Fuku Taicho, known as Rykiske. With the arrival of the Captain, his Reiatsu began resonating throughout the area. It was a signal of sorts, a warning to the squad members. The Captain was once again in the area and would be lurking. His fox grin was still fixed upon his face, but something managed to distract him. The Sotaicho of all people was locked in combat, with what felt like an Arrancar. The Captain paused for a moment and mused over what to do next. After a few moments, the man stepped pass the guards and moved inside. Rykiske would have to drag himself along. Jushiro had no intention of lending him a hand at all. The Captain seem to lack that which most refer to as compassion. And so he dispassionately, moved along nonchalantly. Rykiske had better not stain his hallways with his blood. Saying that, Rykiske should expect a few squad members to come to his aid.

As usual Jushiro was accompanied by his eerie and foreboding Reiatsu. Something that he had to keep in tact, or else it could prove disastrous. Searching through the various Reiatsu signatures, Jushiro picked upon something. There was a gathering inside a certain area of the Juunibantai. But why was there a gathering? Was someone else having a party and he wasn't invited? Then again would anyone be so foolish as to do such a thing? No, they couldn't be right? Well Jushiro never underestimated the stupidity of the people around him. Jushiro was a little drenched after the heavens opened up. There was a fight going on too, in fact various battles. The Captain had began to wonder, when he'd come across a worthy opponent. So far none of them was worth his time and effort. Science and technological advancement is far more challenging. That and most others lacked the necessary intellect to deal with Jushiro. The Captain kept on moving, his eyes seemingly closed. And yet he was able to traverse the area without bumping into anyone or anything.

Jushiro would pause for a moment, surprisingly he was waiting for something. But again his mood changed and into a certain room he went. The room had a operating table in the center of it. This was one of those rooms where Jushiro conducted various experiments over the years. He had quite a few tools and medicines in order to prolong one's life. Enough to even sustain an amputee which was now at his headquarters. The Captain sighed thinking about what to do with Rykiske. The Noob Captain was contemplating experimenting on the man. He would be perfect for a certain project that he had in mind. It would be easy to make something up. Who would miss this Fuku Taicho if he disappeared? No one most likely. But it would be cruel to experiment on one's comrades. Jushiro was never above cruelty and never will be. This in itself gave the Captain a sense of security when planning. The operating table was prepared as always. One could never be sure when a specimen would suddenly appear.

If most people came to the Juunibantai, they would think it was the Yonbantai. Jushiro had medical facilities, although not as advanced as the 4th. But it was enough to do the job in most cases. The Captain soon picked up a syringe and a bottle of antibiotics. The antibiotics would help in cases where a fever would set in. There was also concerns about gangrene setting in, but that was redundant now. The limb was already amputated, but of well right? Even so there was always the risk of infection. Jushiro needed to be careful in order to avoid such a thing. But why was Jushiro so interested in helping out Rykiske? The antibiotics was laced with something special. So special that Rykiske would probably feel no pain and he would be at ease. Who knows the man might even get high on this shit. Speaking of which, Jushiro remembered having to cut his weed break short. The man would have to catch up on that some other time. But the important thing would be to
deal with Rykiske at this time.

53 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:50 pm


It took Rykiske all his strength to keep up with the captain. With the rain pouring down, gravity was obviously not in his favor in his current condition. Hobbling after the captain, it didn't take long to actually reach 12th division but it seemed like an eternity to Rykiske. After reaching the area, the captain preceded to walk in. Rykiske took a few moments to catch his breath, "*Huff* *Huff*...This sucks....*Huff* I feel like a snail could beat me in a race...*Huff*"

After he caught his breath, he shook his drenched hair in an attempt to get it out of his eyes long enough to see where the captain went. At this point, he was already a good ten paces ahead of him which was an obvious sign for the Lieutenant to pick up the pace. Hobbling behind, he noticed two shinigami up ahead. Being that they were both standing there in the area, this had to mean they were 12th division shinigami. He found it interesting to see other divisions and their own customs but he definatily wasn't prepared to see what he saw next.

One shinigami seemed to have dragged a dead body into the division. He didn't realize that the trail on the floor was blood but now, the sight of it made Rykiske both nautious and nervous. What was the captain to do with him? His pace slowed down a bit after having a few imaginary, negative outcomes from this procedure go through his mind. He had to risk it. He was useless without his leg and it was this thought that convinced him to take on whatever the captain had prepared for him.

Walking past the shinigami, Rykiske followed Jushiro-taicho into a room with an operating table. He assumed this was his cue to hop onto the table. He took a deep breath, "...O-Okay Taicho. I'm ready. Do whatever you think is nesesary." he said after taking a "gulp" and closing his eyes. He was ready for treatment as he left his body in Jushiro's capable hands.

54 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:43 pm


While Tobimaru watched as the female remain still and completely ignored him. His attention went off to somewhere else as he tried to grapsed what the meaning was towards a slap to the face. He placed his hands to his face as he rubbed the red area. He tried to understand it but to him pain was blocked out his mind body and soul. The raccoon hair shinigami was paitent to hear what she was saying but things would have to wait fro now. A nostalgic feeling was about to rise from the distance, as Tobimaru knew who this was. It was none Other than Jushiro he Captain of the 12 Division. As usual his presence was disturbing and felt heavy towards anyone else below him. Tobimaru however was used to this feeling but remained calm as he then notice someone else with his Taichou. Tobimaru blue eyes were fixated on the shinigami as he witness that he was injured.

Tobimaru suddenly looked over towards the female but then towards his Captain. "Well it seems that trash such as yourself cannot speak. But next time if you are attempting to hurt me use your Zanpaktou next time.'said Tobimaru as he walked away from the area Winter was at. He then decided to go towards the area his Captain was at with a shinigami that Tobimaru did not know himself. Judging from what was going on it seem that he was badly injured. Tobimaru kept both hands in his pocket as he walked over the room and began to watch from the shadows on what was going on.

"Oho? Rykiske from the 9th Division has been injured how vexing this matter is. I wonder if you would be able to continue your duty as a shinigami"said Tobimaru as he looked onto the shinigami. Tobimaru face expression remained the same from before. Just emotionless in which it seem that he had no soul at all. He then looked over towards his Taichou and then back at the injured Shinigami.

"So Taichou couldn't you inform me that you were engaged in battle. Although we just arrived back from the Human world my duties aren't finish yet on watching your back."said Tobimaru although his words had come off weird it had a loyalty meaning in it. Even though it would seem that Tobiamru didn't care for anything but himself. The shinigami loyalty was towards only one man. His personality was weird but he was the 2nd seat of the 12 Division for a reason. The issue stilled remained the same on the dead Arrancar but that was left up to the silent female that was in the distant.

55 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:14 am


Winter slowly stopped the deal with her hair as the familiar feeling of goosebumps invaded her soft child like skin. A muscle under her eye twitched as she abandoned all split attention and focused it on the source of an arrival of Reiatsu. Winter broke into a light paced run as she seemed to charge Tobimaru. such unattractive trash would be in the back of her mind. Winter would grab the dead arrancar's feet and start to drag him at a very high speed. She could smell another source of blood in the general direction of the 12th. Winter had used something known as shunpo to arrive earlier that what Tobimaru had. There had been a huffing shinigami vice-captain following up behind the Captain. Behind her was Tobimaru who seemed to know the injured Shinigami as Rykiske. Winter slowly approached the noob. Taking care not to make any sudden movements that would displease the captain. Winter looked at tobimaru for a while before sticking out a little of her pink tongue. A rude gesture towards the pathetic male. She withdrew her tongue into her soft lips and turned to face her captain. Slowly she reached out and tugged at the white Haori of the captain.

If he ever did turn around she would point to the Arrancar and tell him one word. Vegetable Hopefully he would understand what she had meant. She tried to pear out with her eyes that were now blocked by her untied and somewhat blood stained hair. She would need to take a shower as soon as her captain gave her leave.

56 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:55 pm


Jushiro was poised to use the syringe in his hand in order to help Rykiske. The Captain was however taken away by Rykiske's body language. The man didn't seem to trust Jushiro, not entirely anyway. The Taicho of the Juunibantai did not blame the man. How could he take offense to such a thing? Rykiske was right for not trusting the Captain, at least that's what his body language suggested. His words and that gulp that followed was a classic indeed. Jushiro tried relaxing the fox grin on his face. But the most he could do was reform it into a more subtle, yet creepy smile. Jushiro was attempting to set the man at ease. The awkwardness was a little overwhelming, but amusing at the same time. Rykiske made his choice and the Captain would proceed by doing what he intended to do. The Syringe moved closer to Rykiske, before being halted in its tracks. A certain someone had interrupted the Captain with his presence. With a sigh, Jushiro turned and smiled at the two that decided to intrude. Listening to Tobimaru speak, was like listening to a certain spirit sometimes. It was nagging then and it was more nagging in another form.

The Captain twitched a little, before shifting his weight, turning his body in the direction of Tobimaru.
"You spoke as if you could have done better Tobimaru. At least he was performed his duties or at least tried to. What have you done most recently to contribute to our cause? I will leave you to ponder that a little Tobimaru". The Captain soon turned around in order to face Rykiske's direction. "By the way, when did I ever say I needed you to watch my back? At this moment, I don't think you know how to watch yours or your mouth for that matter". Jushiro's mood changed from lively to one of a vexed nature. Tobimaru's presence to the Captain was rather vexing indeed. But the Captain would tolerate his subordinate for now, since they had something to work on. The Captain was about to speak again when he was interrupted. A tug at his Haori was enough to distract the Captain and so he turned around. And standing before him was a very interesting individual. One that brought along a prize for the Captain as it seems. The Captain's mood changed again and a full fox grin formed upon his face. "Aw what have we here hm? This is not vegetable young one, this is actually red meat. Did you go to the market and get this for me? Or did someone else brought this carcass here? Either way I will be taking it off your hands now. So watch your step both of you".

Walking away from Winter and Tobimaru, Jushiro made his way across the room. His left hand then extended and his index finger pressed against a switch. As he did this, the floor opened up and eight arms came forth. These arms were robotic and immediately they began to wrap the dead Arrancar in bondages. Once this way done, the body would be dragged down with these hellish arms. The destination would be the Captain's storage area, where a few of his specimens were. The 12th Division used technology to do a lot of things. And the Captain made sure that his facilities was advanced enough to handle certain demands. "Now that the creature is out of the way, why don't we continue eh?" . The Captain started off by walking back towards Rykiske. The syringe in his right hand would rise as the Captain appear on the right side of the table. "Rykiske. Earlier you said I should do what I thought was necessary no? That is exactly what I will do now, so relax and trust me if that is possible. I will administer an antibiotic, one that will prevent infection. You will also feel a little woozy too, within a matter of seconds. But I promise you won't feel any discomfort". The man grinned as his words trailed off. The syringe was edging closer to its target, which was Rykiske's neck.

The Captain would inject the antibiotic while explaining the situation.
"There is also the matter of your leg, which you lost during battle. These wounds of yours will be cleaned and taken care of. In the event of you not getting your leg back, I will provide you with one in the future. But such a thing will cost you, that we will work out when the time comes". The antibiotic would then be administered and with seconds it would go to work. The medicine if you will cause Rykiske to fall asleep or a couple of days. Three days max which was the calculated dose that was used. The man shouldn't be in a hurry to get back to the front lines. Instead he should focus on the healing process more than anything. Jushiro would proceed to clean the wound as expected. And as for the severed leg, that too would be carefully stored away. That way the Captain could look to use this leg at a later. Generally if one wanted to reattach a severed limb. Doing so immediately would be the best course of action, but the Captain had other plans. It wasn't beyond him to reattach said severed leg some other time. He had the technology and the facilities to do so. A pair of crotches was conveniently in the corner of the room. The west corner that is, so that Rykiske could support his weight at the right time.

Jushiro would then turn and leave the room, but before he did that, he would do one last thing.
"Come along you two and let this man rest for a while. It seems we will be taking a trip somewhere". The Captain would come to a stop just before leaving the room. There he would set the room temperature according to Rykiske's own. This would of course change automatically in order to suit Rykiske's own. Not only this, but the Shinigami would be under close observation as expected. Exiting the room with the door closing behind them. Jushiro would begin explaining the situation, once he was sure Tobimaru and Winter was present. "Like I said earlier, we will take a trip somewhere. There is something that intrigued me and I can't help but looking into it. If I were you two, I'd say dress for the winter conditions. We will rendezvous at the Senkai gate. There we will depart to our destination savvy?" . Jushiro would summon forth an Hell butterfly that would land on his left shoulder. Once it landed, the man would begin exiting the Juunibantai headquarters once more. As it stands, Jushiro's interest laid outside of the Juunibantai headquarters. It was time for a it of hands on field training for Winter and Tobimaru.


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57 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:13 am


The captain had sent a work of mockery towards the Lieutenant. He had said that at least Rykiske had tried to add to the cause refering to the lazy raccoon shinigami. Winter, though her face remained all the same, was releaved that she had brought this vegetable like arrancar. The man had turned around once more as his fox grin appeared. He seemed rather interested with the specimen and responded with enthusiams and a joking manner.

"Aw what have we here hm? This is not vegetable young one, this is actually red meat. Did you go to the market and get this for me? Or did someone else brought this carcass here? Either way I will be taking it off your hands now. So watch your step both of you".

Winter took a step back shaking her head vigorously, no no, he had misunderstood. She put her arms in the air parallel to her body as she made her hands go limb and her head tilt to the side. She even stuck her tongue out for the measure. Of course she knew it was read meat but she was simply trying to state the dead Arrancar would be vegetable for he was alive but unable to think or move. Her efforts were for nothing as the captain had turned his attention to the bleeding patient. She jumped out the way as the floor parted, 8 mechancial like hands covering the man in rough bandages and turning him into a large mummy.

The captain was in light conversation with the other vice-captain as he soon flicked a syringe and proceeded to administer the drug. Anti-biotic? Winter didn't remember having such things in the lab and looked at the contents that lay within the syringe. But who was she to judge the Noob? Her eyes twitched as the sharp needle entered the man and the plunger spewed in the medication. THe fox grin remained on the man an air of excitement filling him.

Come along you two and let this man rest for a while. It seems we will be taking a trip somewhere".
Oh? Winter followed the captain all the way to the door. He wanted the two of them to leave the now sleeping shinigami and possibly aid him in his next mission for knowledge.
Like I said earlier, we will take a trip somewhere. There is something that intrigued me and I can't help but looking into hit. If I wee you two, I'd say dress for the winter conditions. We will rendezvous at the Senkai gate. There we will depart to our destination savvy?"

Winter nodded as she followed the captain out but to take a different route. She would need to pop by her sleeping quaters and abide by the captains suggestions. Dress for the winter? Did he mean her?


58 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:10 pm


Rykiske lay on the table with his zanpakto nearby. Although Rykiske was a bit nervous, Jushiro-taicho gave him a somewhat different smile than he normally gave people. One that seemed forced, in a sense. Rykiske didn't exactly know how to respond so he did what came normal and returned the smile. Oddly enough, after that brief moment Rykiske felt a lot more calm about the whole thing. "I apologize if I'm being a little 'iffy' Taicho. I haven't been to a medical center or anything having to do with medicine for quite some time now." He said as he turned his head to see Jushiro-taicho approaching with a syringe.

At this point, Rykiske turned his head and closed his eyes as he hated looking at needles, let alone taking one. Trapping himself within his own mind, Rykiske failed to hear the shinigami that walked into the room but instead reasoning with himself. "It's just a small prick...It's not gonna hurt....The needle isn't even that big...And..." he stopped after hearing a loud click. He opened his eyes and rolled his head back over towards the door. Huge robotic arms emerged from the floor and seemed to mummify the corpse, the female shinigami brought in earlier, before dragging it under the floor. Rykiske's eyes widened in shock as he thought, "...W-Where am I??"

At this point he just hoped that he wouldn't end up being dragged under the floor to God-knows-where. He took in another deep breath as the taicho walked over and administered the shot while explaining how it works. Rykiske was just happy that the shot didn't hurt much at all like he thought it would. He zoned out for a bit before hearing the captain mention his leg. It seemed that Rykiske would be covered no matter the outcome. "Whatever you need, taicho. I promise I'll repay you for taking out some of your time to help me." he said before he began getting dizzy. It was as if the room was spinning around like a carousel. "'d ya get the room dizzy, Mister, Doctor, Taicho-sir person?" Rykiske said aloud as he could no longer make sense of his own words or thoughts. He fell asleep.

It seemed only moments later, he let out a groan and sat up while rubbing his head. He opened his eyes and saw that he was no longer in 12th division but rather high in the sky, resting on a cloud. "Where am I? I see the surgery worked. I got my leg back." he said with a small smile but was corrected by a familiar voice. "Not quite, Kiske. You are still unconscious 12th division but make no mistake, I have brought you here into your soul for a reason." Rykiske turned his head towards the voice, where his eyes landed was an enigma. A giant shadow with wings, claws, fangs, and glowing yellow eyes. In only a moment it came into focus. It was his zanpakto spirit, Zekayuu, a huge green and gold dragon floating in the sky.
"You messed up big and almost got yourself killed. I am going to train with you and help sharpen your skills until you wake from this medically induced coma you're in." he said in a stern tone as he let out a huge roar.

[Out cold 'til further notice I guess]

59 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:47 pm


As Tobimaru stood there as the Captain spoke back towards him but with not greetful words. It seems that the Captain was displease with the racccoon shingami coments and Tobimaru would have to make up for that at a later time. Now things were becoming interesting as Jushiro was observing the Arrancar and Winter showed her colours even more. Tobimaru notice as the female shinigami did not speak mych words at all. He then realized that she was quiet different and maybe it would be best to change up on how he approaches her. Surely there must be a reason why she is like that. Tobimaru understood these kind of this very clearly. As he had both his hands in his pocket he observed what was taking place. The medical treatment that was given towards Rykiske and how the Taichou was handling the situation well. As the 8 mechnaical arms appeared Tobimaru found it to be very interesting at the very least. Now the Captain had suggested that Both Tobimaru and Winter had a task on their hands. The Captain suggested that they both dressed for the winter conditions. But Tobimaru didn't mind what the situation would be or wha was about to come. The Captain was right on his words when he said that Tobimaru haven't been doing much later. Maybe this would be the time for the Raccoon shinigami to show his strength towards them both. Tobimaru would now head in his quarters to get his stuff ready and wait for any further orders from his Taichou.

60 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:47 pm


Jushiro returned once again at the Juunibantai headquarters. This time the man was pulling a pair of trolleys behind him. And on these trolleys, laid a pair on gizmo's that would later be toyed with. The Captain had all the necessary information needed to make it work. The Noob gave a slight nod to the guards outside, before walking pass them. His creepy, yet foreboding presence bearing down on them. Causing the guards swallow their saliva in his presence. Izanagi had no idea why so many of his squad members feared him. Was it the fox grin that was always plastered across his face? Or was it his reputation and dark demeanor? Either way, this fear more or less made sure that others knows their place. Jushiro walked into the division, remembering that he left a certain someone behind. Rykiske was treated for his injuries at the 12th Division. The Captain had even offered to repair that which was broken. It would no doubt take some time, since Jushiro was all about his main priorities. At this moment in time, the Captain was about to do something very interesting. If his sinister thoughts and Zanapakuto allowed him. This would of course be a surprise of sorts, but it was worth the effort nonetheless.

Izanagi pulled the two trolleys into the hallways. The Kido spell that was meant to keep them secured was released. Instead the man had several squad members come to aide. The men proceeded to guide the trolleys, and within moments they entered a secluded open space. Once there the Captain would be able to full inspect both items. This was of course in hopes of learning a little more about them. The Shinigami stood patiently as the men delivered the items and exited the area. After which, Jushiro moved towards a computer screen. And with the tap of a key, a desk rose from the ground and unfolded. As this happened, the spare parts that Jushiro had with him was placed upon. Not only the parts, but the necessary information. A instruction manual, not to mention the blueprint. The Captain of the Juunibantai laid everything out on the desk. His curious nature of course meant the he would begin his work. The Noob started off by reading over a couple of things. The man needed to make sure he got his facts straight. His scientific mind went to work, fleshing through the numerous possibilities. If anyone had any real idea of what he was planning. They would say it was pure madness and yet so ingenious at the same time.

Either way, somewhere would recognize this as being the work of the Noob. The sake bottle that was carefully tucked away in his Haori, made its appearance. The man wanted a drink and a smoke, but the weed was a little scarce. The scarcity of the weed that he craved for, meant that it was in another room. And at the moment, the man had no intentions of going into another room. The man was far too intrigued by other things. The Noob began tweaking a few things, but went about it carefully. The Captain began changing and modifying a few things. That way these two pieces would act the way he wanted them to. The Captain had a few options laid out before him. But the man instead chose what he deemed to be the most risky. It was time for the third and final part of his mission. The curtains for the final act was about to come down. But there was still a few loose ends to tie u

61 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:25 pm


Mitsurugi was headed toward the 12th Divison because he needed to speak to Jushiro about a certain something. The strange Taicho always up to something and Mitsurugi neede something to due since the invasion appeared to be a dud as if yet with No near Espada Level enemies revealing themselves. He has witnessed the defeat of an Arrancar but it was no surprise that the creature was overwhelmed fighting all alone against so many Shinigami of show a high level. The Kenpachi didn't give it a second thought as he neared the large doors of the 12th Division where to men stood at attention. As the Kenpachi neared the door he looked down at them with narrow eyes. He could hear them trembling with the spear like weapons they were wielding. It was understandable for the man's huge size couldn't mask his huge amount of Reatsu which flowed like water down a river. The Kenpachi tried to pass by both of them but they put there spears in a 'X' in front of his face. The Kenpachi smiled and raised one hand brought is hand across his body in a slashing motion which cut the staffs in two, he then pushed them out of his way.

"Taicho you can not pass without an escort!"
shouted one of the men on the floor. The Kenpachi turned and looked at him."You need an escort to take you to see the Captain..." The Kenpachi then picked up the man and placed him over his shoulder and pushed the gates open with his free hand. "Your going to take me then, Kid... Now point me in the right direction" said the Kenpachi gruffly. "Y-Yes sir..." stammered the young guard. He didn't know who he should be afraid off. The man that lifted him effortlessly with one hand or his own Captain. What a poor soul he was, indeed.

Later on...

Through the door of the Captain's office came the guard flying until he crashed on the floor. He tried to get up quickly as he could but he was on the floor again on his knee's begging for forgiveness from the scary fox faced Captain of the 12th. "I'm so sorry Captain for my intrusion but there is a man here to see you... He wouldn't take no for an answer..." Soon entered the Kenpachi afterward. The Massive man of 6'6" looked around the room until he saw Jushiro.


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Ahh a loud mouth barbarian, a specimen not rare within Soul Society as of late, truly over the past hundred or so years the brutes and mindless idiots had begun to spring up with more frequent enthusiasm. Some even possessing enough power to match their stupidity in order to be given the position of Captain it would seem, as was evident by the large bore-ish man throwing another Shinigami to the ground as if the man was a toy. No respect for ones own kind was common it seemed, but it was of little concern to the girl who observed from the shadows. Mizu's mind had been wandering the past few days, truly even though this little field trip began as a fun little distraction from a tedious and quite frankly predictable existence, it was beginning to become tiresome. The potential to tease the Twelfth Captain in which she followed to Soul Society was few and far between, always something getting in the way of her ministrations, to the point where she didn't even bother to care anymore. A yawn would escape her lips for all but a second as her feet dangled over the edge of the book case, it seemed to be her favorite spot within the room for she could be found regularly sitting atop the high structure, merely peering down at those below with her silent, yet almost threatening azure eyes. It was a surprise even to herself that the Shinigami's within the division or even the captain himself hadn't questioned her origins, or in particular what manner of entity she actually was, for it was obvious from there first brief encounter that she possessed a reiatsu signature on par with a Captains, how on par would remain to be undetermined until future events perhaps played themselves out.

Mizu couldn't help but drift away into her own little world as she watched on, the two captains would begin talking soon, perhaps it would provide amusement, perhaps not. If it didn't there was always the option to carve open the Eleventh Division captain's skull and paint his brains all over the walls, an act of madness could cure her growing apathetic nature towards the world around her, a simple slaughter in order to get the thoughts in her mind to move least they begin to stagnate in a euphoria of dull thoughts and actions. "Iiiiiiiiiizanagiiiiiii!! You have an idiot who wants to talketh too you!!!!!" she suddenly screamed at the top of her lunges before falling deathly silent once more, her eyes closing as her legs kicked back and forth once more to the soft humming that began to escape from her lips a few moments later.

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The Noob Captain of the Juunibantai had completed his preparations. And like most times, the two so called important pieces were transported underground. They would be sent to a place deep underground in a bunker of sorts. That way should any destruction befall his Division. His most important specimens would be protected. Not only that, but all of the information that he stored and compiled all those years ago, was backed up. The man was very much prepared, just in case, his servers went down. The Noob always liked the idea of thinking ahead, or at least preparing for the worst case scenarios. The Captain's Fox grin was on his face, as the area soon became cleared. Now only a white desk was present and a chair of course. There the man sat down with a bottle of sake in his hands. A quick gulp of the liquor and the Shinigami's mood shifted. The man seemed content with himself, after sensing a certain someone approaching their position. The Neanderthal was on his way and as usual, he held no regards for the rules. The Captain's hazel eyes gazed upon the guard that came flying through the door and into the area. The man came to a stop a few paces from the Captain's legs. And as usual, he was as apologetic than any other time. It was a scary thought, knowing that if you don't comply you could end up dead. The Noob knew this to be fact and so the lowly squad member was spared.

"Don't worry too much about it, just get back to your post. I expect nothing less from our visitor". The guard got up and bowed several times to the Noob and made his exit. The Noob's head rose and looked upon the Kenpachi that stood before him. Compared to the man, Jushiro was an ant in size. But what Jushiro lacked in size, he made up for in intelligence and overall ability. "Heller Kenpachi" the man said before his attention was drawn elsewhere. The Captain chuckled a little as the voice of a certain woman was heard. There wasn't any need for her to say the obvious. The Noob respected the Kenpachi, but he also agreed that the man is an idiot. It was a stereotype that none of the 11th Division members could escape from. Jushiro soon picked himself up from his seat. The man had sensed something rather interesting. And judging by the sudden spike in Reiatsu, it seems they were kicking up a rumpus. The man sighed a little before walking pass the Kenpachi. The man wasn't sure, just how sharp the man Reiatsu sensing capabilities are. But he should be able to tell, that something bad happened at his home base.

"Goodness me, I think we have a few more interesting visitors. A few of our trusty Shinigami slay a few Arrancar's earlier. But now, I think there are more worthy ones. It puzzles me though, how are they able to get in this place with such ease? Is there something going on that I don't know about? Oh well, I'm going to stand on the roof tops. Perhaps I will get a better view of the situation from there". Jushiro's words was aimed at no one in particular. However, Mizu and the Kenpachi should get the basic gist of things. A platform would form under all three of them, as the roof was opened up. The platform would lift them towards mid section roof of the building. It was up to Mizu and the Kenpachi to follow or get left behind. Either way, once Jushiro emerged, the roof opening would close. The man sighed once more and his senses were locked onto the intruders. The man would follow their Reiatsu signatures. And by doing so, he'd be able to keep an eye on them. The famous fox grin was still upon his face. By now, many would have lost their composure. But the Noob was different compared to most.

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The Kenpachi eyed the Girl who called him an idiot for a moment but dismissed her as a threat and besides what was he gonna do? Bitchslap her and put her in her place as well through the wall? No. The Kenpachi doesn't fight women unless they attack him first, then it was open season on there asses. Now if she was a male then he would have bitchslapped her through the wall. He ignored her and turned his attention to fox face and remained with his blank expression. He watched as the nameless fellow picked himself up and left the room. It was the smartest thing to do. Who knew what would happen next? Especially between these two men. One with a Huge brain, the other with huge muscles for a brain. The Taicho of the 11th Crossed his arms and watched as the Taicho of the 12th indulged himself with sake but then it hit him. He could feel the Reiatsu of his men fading away and others starting to spike. They had finally arrived. Who had arrived? The Espada. The Reason he was sent back from Division 0 was to help get rid of the scum that somehow entered the base of the Shinigami. To add to things they had slayed members of his Division. Hitomi Nocturne, Leon Skelts, Toshiwakai, they all disappeared. It seemed he would have to avenge there weakness with his sword which he would gladly do but he needed something. Something from the 11th and from the Corpse of Toshiwakai. His Captain's Hoari.

When the Noob asked the questions and made the platform as well as made the roof open up the Kenpachi just watched with a blank expression and a raised eyebrow. Interesting. It appeared that the 12 Division liked to trick out their shit and piss off their neighbors. They were truly an interesting bunch lead by a interesting guy called Jushiro "Noob" Izanagi. The Kenpachi got on the platform and crossed his arms once again as he stood next to the Noob which he clearly dwarfed which was alright. Not many people were taller then 6'6". He looked down at the Noob and decided to put in his two cents. He was most likely stating the obvious but it was only Captain known information, at least last time he checked, for the most part.

"Hisoka Setsuna." said the Kenpachi with distaste "Possibly gave them information about how to get into the SS..." he looked up as the roof opened up "... he is a partially Hollow after all and I heard his Brother was an Arrancar." He chuckled lowly "Strange family don't you think?" As the platform rose upward he could see almost all of the Seireitai and even his own division. It was obvious that it was destroyed. "Shit." exclaimed Mitsurugi "Those bastards destroyed my Division..." oh now he was pissed. He knew that his people had died and that their Home base was destroyed but now he was seeing it with his own eyes. "For fuck sake!! I leave for a Month and the place gets wrecked!" He was trying hard to reveal too much emotion. Emotion resulted in failure and failure resulted in death. Simple as that. "Can you take this thing over there?" asked Kenny. He then noticed something. Byakurai. It was fired high into the sky. Someone was fighting. Someone with shitty aim but they fighting. Or was that shitty aim a signal like a flare telling that they needed help. "Shit. Never mind. Lets had to the fireworks display if we can."

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"The story of Hisoka and his so called brother, is a rather boring one. Its more like a publicity stunt than anything. Although, its been quite sometime, since I saw that Hisoka person. I have a feeling, he will come crawling out like a cockroach soon. He is such a cock face, but never mind that. He is probably high of his ass somewhere, trying to screw his brother's women". The Captain of the Juunibantai was keeping a close eye on the situation. Or rather his senses were keen enough, to keep a check on things. At the moment, several spiritual pressures began rising. The Captain maintained his position, fox grin and all. Within a few moments, another platform rose. And from it appeared a lowly squad member. The man came to deliver a certain package, it was nothing more than a little item. A pair of glasses, sunglasses with special specs. These glasses will keep the blinding glare of the fire works, from hurting his eyes. The Captain had a feeling that, someone will set the place ablaze. The Captain put on the pair of glasses and look towards, where the sun would be. It was perfect, not to mention a mockery of sorts. Jushiro was acting as if nothing had happened at all. Jushiro lacked the necessary emotions required, to show any sort of compassion. While musing over the situation, the Captain feasted his eyes on a shooting star. No, it was actually a Kido spell, a distress call of sorts if you will. The Captain however didn't bother to acknowledge this. The man instead looked over towards the Kenpachi.

"You can go towards the fireworks if you want. But for the moment, I will be staying here. I understand if you want revenge, but don't take it too personal. Its wise if you decided to distant yourself from this a little. That way when the time comes, you will be ready to take them on. But what do I know eh? I can't say I've had the pleasure of seeing what you can do. I think I will get more than enough action waiting here. You should be able to tell by now, that place is about to get a little crowded. And I dislike crowds, it leads to way too many mishaps"
. The Captain sighed a little, while gazing around the area. The battlefield had become the Shinigami's home turf. It was said to that, what such a thing could do the the Soul Society. Jushiro knew very well that he could only sit idly by for so long. Sooner or later, something or someone will push him into combat. At
the moment, the man was simply enjoying himself.

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Ewen had returned to Soul Society, in search of the Captain Commander, however he had failed to sense the man’s presence, and it disturbed him slightly. Ewen was no fool, the moment he entered Soul Society, the stench of arrancar filled the air. Ewen had grown slightly tired of them, it seemed that no matter where you want, they always forced themselves the center of the Universe. Shinigami didn’t go barging into HM willy nilly, waving there swords around, but arrancar had to be utterly different.

If you lost something, you seek it, if you can’t find something, you look for it, and if your missing something, you head to the one man who knows where it is. The 12th Division Taicho, Jushiro. Ewen had a duel purpose, status update, and to return the Former LT’s sword, broken as it may be.

His senses were sharp, but he moved as if nothing was going on. No storm raged, no battle on, as if nothing was going on at all. Finding him back in this familiar area, Ewen casually stepped into the room, softly but with enough presence of mind to know that everyone would know it was he.

“Taicho Jushiro, I’ve come to return a gift” The obvious statement was, there was no gift, Ewen had taken it, and now he returned it, the cycle was complete. He held out the sword to be taken, it was in a nice wrapping; it was the small things it seems.

“It seems distress calls are going on, I was hoping you and I might take a gander to see what we can see” No matter how many times Ewen said it, he loved to make blind jokes at himself. It was perhaps a way to break the tension, or lighten the mood, but hell it was just plain fun. Besides, Jushiro was a bit of a stuffy man, kept in this room, all boxed up, like some sort of test animal. It would be good to get fresh air, maybe spy some little arrancar treat he wanted, perhaps show Ewen how to be a real captain, you know, fatherly things.

Smiling, Ewen opened one eye, it was uncolored, and well blind, but Ewen always thought it was cool to do things like that.


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Kazumi entered the room or space at which several presences were, his presence known before he would even breach the door or whatever entry method. He had viewed the distress call, and knew very well what was happening, but he didn’t want to act rash, and go head first into the situation, he would do as Jushiro did, and simply enjoy himself. He had enough stress as it is, I mean, being the captain commander and all, just returning from a long vacation to the human world which didn’t go exactly as planned, but lead to the deaths of many vizard. It wasn’t a success by any means, but at least he made it back, courtesy of Doctor Yamato.

Kazumi had already noted the presences that were in this room as well, Jushiro seemed too had returned from a long, or rather short journey to the human world. Then there was someone who he’d not seen in a long while since the captain’s meeting, it was captain Ewen of the sixth division, the blind guy. He also knew all too well the brute of the 11th division which specialized in combat, but what exactly was he doing here? Standing by as his division was trampled over, in a mad tirade of the enemy arrancar. They had made their move indeed, totaling several barracks.

“Kenpachi, you bring shame to your name, what are you doing here, while your division is getting destroyed? Gah… It doesn’t matter any way; we should sit by and allow those Lieutenants to have some fun before we do anything. They seem at least competent, able to send a distress call. I also felt the spiritual pressure of Captain Syuora enter their vicinity, they should be fine for now,” the man paraded among the group, finding a chair from some random spot along the whole place, and taking a seat, relaxing. “So in all, we shall wait, it may even provide us a strategic advantage of some sort or another. By the way Jushiro-san, it seems I need a new arm, this one I have here is a temporary one I came up with spare of the moment, I used a new kidō of mine, should benefit for you guys to learn it too.”

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The Kenpachi thought over strategies in his head but he couldn't come up with one that would prove useful because his mind was clouded with anger and bloodlust. He decided that both of those Arrancar needed to die and they needed to die soon for the sake of the Soul Society and for those fallen members of the 11th. He had no choice in the matter. How could he call himself Kenpachi and let someone else fight his battles? He couldn't. It was shameful! It would never happen again! Mitsurugi turned to leave when Ewen and the Captain Commander Kazumi, himself made an appearance. It was now time to leave and to hunt. Forgiveness was impossible, mercy was weakness. Eliminate and destroy."I don't like crowds myself Jushiro." said the Kenpachi with a chuckle just before they arrived. "I'll be taking my leave now..."

As they arrived the Kenpachi turned to leave for the ongoing battle. Ewen spoke to Jushiro but had nothing to say to the Kenpachi and he had nothing to say to him. They never had a conversation besides those few moments in the Captains Meeting quite a long time ago. Then the Captain Commander spoke to him. Mitsurugi smiled and showed his teeth. He looked at the Captain Commander from the corner of his eyes. His reatsu began to build up and form around him, he released it. His spiritual pressure could be felt for quite a ways away. "The Title Kenpachi means shit all these days..." He turned completely toward the Captain Commander "... the place has already been destroyed and my men are already dead..." he turned away and began to leave "You can go there if you want but the fights over and they are dead. Nothing I can do for them now but avenge them and that sure as Hell is going to Happen."

The Kenpachi then jumped of the platform and onto the roof of a near by building. He turned back for a moment and then said toward the entire group but mainly directed at Jushiro and the Captain Commander Kazumi. "You can stay here if you like and watch the fireworks but I don't feel like letting anymore of our men die by the Arrancar's hand. Waiting is for pussies..." The Kenpachi chuckled. He just called three Captains of the Gotei 13, and one of them was the Captain Commander, pussies "... I don't know about you guys but I ain't a pussy. Besides what type of Kenpachi would I be if I didn't go do something stupid and reckless like avenging my fallen comrades?"

The Kenpachi left his question hanging in the air and didn't wait for a response. He broke out into shunpo and left.


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The Captain waited a few moments, just to hear what the Kenpachi had to say. Jushiro had already given his little advice, but he wasn't expecting to man to follow. Jushiro's words, were actually words of encouragement in their own little way. Mitsurugi was as typical as they came, every Kenpachi seem to share the same trait. One had to wonder, when it would be time for the Gotei 13 to act. Jushiro was anticipating something big. It was reasonable foreseeable that something interesting would happen. The Noob Taicho stood his ground and inhaled slowly, before releasing a sign, which was followed by him exhaling. Tilting his head to the side, Jushiro's head and senses were directed towards a certain source. A visitor at the Juunibantai headquarters. Come to think of it, not a lot of people ever ventured there at all. The fact that a Captain level Shinigami was on his/her way to see him. Must mean that, they were coming to ask a favor, one way or another. As Ewen entered, the Captain turned his head slightly. The Captain's words, suggested or implied that he had taken something. But Jushiro could not remember, ever lending anything to this man. The Noob began musing over what was said, that's when it dawned on him. The man had taken Sumizome's Zanapakuto, the day he died. It was something that Jushiro didn't agree with, not to mention it was a broken sword. In a strange way, that broken sword was a symbol for something. Something was taken away from the 12th on that day, it was such a shame though. Jushiro on the other hand, didn't seem to be affected at all.

"A gift you say Ewen Taicho? What might that be?". The Captain then turned to face the man, then noticed the present in his hand. This so called present was the Zanapakuto that belonged to Sumizome. The Captain extended his hand and swipe the sword. Looking at it, Jushiro place it inside of his Obi. "Your a really fun man Ewen Taicho. At the moment though, my Reiatsu sensing capabilities will be my eyes. If you really want to take a gander somewhere. I would suggest we going to another area, outside of Soul Society. The very place where these abominations came from that is. Then again we do have a bit of cleaning up to do before we can do that". Was the response of the Captain. The talking had seized for a moment, the Sotaicho was now in the vicinity. The Noob was awaiting the man's arrival, who knew what news he brought from the material world? Either way, there will be much for them to discuss. As the Sotaicho came into view, Jushiro couldn't help but grin even wider. The Sotaicho was already on Mitsurugi's case, it was quite interesting listening to them talk it out. Both the Kenpachi and the Commander had something to say. It came as no surprise that the Captain of the 11th had a foul mouth. Placing his hand on his chin, Jushiro watched as the Kenpachi prepared to move out. The man just couldn't help himself and so he was off to the battlefield. Jushiro predicted this already and his predictions came through. Shifting his attention to the Sotaicho. The man couldn't help but dwell on the mention of a missing arm. Taking the time to observe the Sotaicho, Jushiro looked at the man and chuckled lightly. "So is this all that you brought back from the realm of the humans? Sotaicho I am interested in finding out what happened."

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Ewen watched as the events unfolded, however his displeasure grew, it seemed that the 12th Division wasn’t mentoring the situation as closely as one might like. However, there was something, and it was extremely disturbing. Snapping his head in the direction of the single for help, Ewen perked for a moment before grabbing his sword. Apparently he had been wrong, it wasn’t a call to arms, it was an emergency call, most likely caused by what happened.

He sniffled and then calmly said, “Syuora is gone, we were such fools” Moving towards the exit, Ewen had enough of these damn arrancar’s, there was no more fun in this little invasion, it was just wrong now. Perhaps it was time to get over the little sense of pride and have as much fun as Kenpachi was.

“Taicho, Sotaicho, I think we can talk and walk” Ewen said, opening the door and waiting for the other two.


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Aden loved that occasional moment when he was called to see squad 0 for some reason or another; they were a lively bunch of hermits, just like Aden. Aden couldn’t help but observe they always seemed to need his assistance when he was most needed in the soul society. Aden had been in his squad for only a short amount of time before he noticed the ostracizes that were a foot on the monitors. Monsters in the Soul Society Aden could not believe his eyes, but he knew it to be true. The S.S. had been in shambles recently with defecting captains new horrors presenting themselves in the world like the vizards had done.

Half the captains were just that half captains were just that only presenting half the strength of the other captains. Aden would not be surprised if those creatures were gone when Aden returned to the S.S. When Aden had left for the royal guard the captain commander had been in the world of the living, but it appeared he was back and in the vicinity of squad 12, with Ewen and the taicho of 12 himself Mr. Inazagi. Aden, figured it was best to head there announce his return, get running orders, and he did make note to take in the location of the hollows.

Aden flash stepped that way just in time to hear Ewen suggesting a walk, and Aden so did love the outdoors when he had to be deprived of the privacy of his personal quarters that he liked to stuff himself into all of the time. Social interaction was not Aden’s game, but he seemed to be suffering through more of it recently. “Gentleman a walk sounds delightful!” Aden said with a smile plastered on that almost look fake.

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((Kazumi posted an absence it seems, so we will skip over the Sotaicho. Lets just say he left the area and went elsewhere for the moment)

Jushiro was patiently an answer from the Sotaicho. But the Captain of the Juuichibantai, Kenpachi, had shown that the time for discussions were now over. Sensing the sudden disappearance of a fellow Captain's Reiatsu. Jushiro looked into the direction where the fight was taking place. The man then removed the glasses he was wearing, before placing them into his Haori. His hazel eyes scanned the area, observing Kazumi and Ewen. Jushiro was really trying his best, not to get involved at this stage. Surely the Gotei 13 was capable of dealing with this so called threat. There shouldn't be any need for Jushiro to lift a finger yet. The Lieutenants alone should be stepping up and be counted for.

"Bless his soul Ewen Taicho, hallelujer. He was a good Captain, but he didn't put up too much of a fight. However I do get the feeling, that standing here will do us no good. Its time to take action and three should be enough".

Jushiro mentioned that three Captains should be enough. But the Sotaicho wasn't included in this trio. The Juunibantai was referring to the re-emergence of another Captain. The Sanbantai Taicho, Aden. The man had his usual grin on his face as the man made his appearance. "Oh wonderful it is to be graced by your presence. Its rather unfortunate that you will have to be on the go Aden Taicho. But we shall share a drink later, spoke weed and discuss a few things. Lets just say that the enemy are now taking the fight to us. So let us go now and see what the opponent has to offer". As his words trailed off, Jushiro left his headquarters. He was now heading to a most intriguing place.

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“Yes it’s about time we take our leave, but first, Jushiro; I need you to connect a Garganta to a certain clinic in the Human realm, and allow Doctor Rico to enter upon us, he will be our new second division captain. That’s all I have to say for now, so let’s continue on this walk.” Kazumi had arisen from the chair which he randomly found about the 12th division, he felt the arrancar’s reiatsu diminish, which meant that the lieutenants must have finished him off as oddly as it sounds. Syuora was gone however, and the espada level reiatsu was gone as well. Syuora must have been captured through a garganta, this only meant that Seireitei needed to step up its security one way or another, but either way, they needed to take a gander and get reports from what happened in those barracks. The rebuilding of the 11th division needed to commence, and the rest of the arrancar in Seireitei were in need of extermination.

“Matter of fact, Jushiro-san, I would like you to stay here, as well as myself, captains Ewen and Aden, I’d like you to investigate the scene, and report back here with the lieutenants who faced this threat. Meanwhile, I guess Kenpachi will do what he does best; it seems his fight has already started. I can’t afford to get mixed up in this. We have very important things to do at the moment, which involve certain plans of mass destruction, now that you all know this; I think I’ll head inside the lab. Don’t take too long at this task by the way.”

Kazumi proceeded to maneuver into the lab of Jushiro, ready to see what he had in store; hopefully the crazed man wouldn’t try to experiment on the Sotaicho, which would be a fine specimen, indeed. He would fill Jushiro in on what happened in the Human world once they were inside the privacy of the lab.

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Jushiro was about to leave his headquarters, in fact the Captain was a mere Shyunpo away from doing so. That's when the voice and words of the Sotaicho caught his attention. Jushiro was often the type of person to comprehend things quickly. But the man was struggling to swallow that big ass pill the Sotaicho gave him. Kazumi's words caused the man to stop in his tracks. There was no longer any need for Jushiro to go into battle. The Lieutenants seemed to have defeated their foe. It was a relief for the 12th Division Captain. He would rather spend more time experimenting than actually fighting. Jushiro kept a grin upon a his, this Doctor Rico person. Who the hell might he be? When did a Shinigami of said name slip by the 12th Captain? Musing over what the Sotaicho's intentions might be, Jushiro looked at the man and then followed behind him. They would come to a room, a room of leisure, if there was such a thing. Inside this room, were located several chairs, so that the Captains may have a seat. Jushiro was expecting Ewen and Aden to follow orders, but who knows that they might decide on?As both men entered the room, the Captain with the fox grin glanced at the Sotaicho.

"I take it that your in the mood to explain the situation, Sotaicho? If you don't mind me asking, who is this Doctor Rico person? Opening a Garagunta for the unknown, unknown is a strange thing. But since you know this person, then it becomes a known unknown. Must I explain the simplicity of the known, knowns and the known unknowns to ya? What am I saying? The Sotaicho should know better than I do, halleujer".

There was a known reason, why the Sotaicho was doing what he was about to do. But this known, was also an unknown, unknown to the Noob. And quite frankly the man didn't like it, but surely the Sotaicho would update him on the matter.
"There is another thing that at this moment is an unknown to me. What happened to your arm?
And please explain what happened during your expedition in Karakura town".

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Ewen was slightly disappointed that not everyone was going to help the fallen captain, but perhaps making ones own bed is like sleeping in it. Or that’s how some saying goes. It seemed as if the Sotachi wasn’t going to do anything during this invasion beside sit back and watch, a shame really. However, Ewen was more disappointed in the lazy almost, out of character attitude of these two, both of what Ewen has read and gleamed from them indicated they were very quick to react to danger, oh well.

(Totally made a blind joke lmao)

Ewen let Taicho Aden lead the way out, it wasn’t because Ewen couldn’t find his way, he just wanted Aden to arrive first and asset the situation, because Ewen’s abilities were more suited for one on one situation, and having a third party complicated things. Ewen could sense the vast distance, and the situation was growing dismally grim. Aden and Ewen would have to hurry over to see if the situation were salvable, hoping Ewen wouldn’t have to use his special little trick in order to make things more… even.

“Aden Taicho, let us proceed to take care of one arrancar,” An obvious dig to the fact that two other people were sitting around not doing anything. So with Aden leading the way, Ewen simply followed not saying anything, just sensing and learning all he could about this arrancar’s style of fighting. It was a wonderful gift in situations such as this, it was almost like he was at the fight, monitoring them, a good gift indeed.



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