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Juunibantai Headquaters

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26 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:39 pm


After Ewen had left the Captains meeting, he had trained, alone, near his favorite spot on the sixth division grounds, it was private enough. However, returning to the division office, Ewen noticed something odd in Soul Society. It felt like a ripple that disturbed the very fabic of reiatsu that surrounded him. Foreign and Alien, yet familiar and sur-real all the same. Hollow Reiryoku, it was like a small ripple, but Ewen sensed it, even from a vast distance he could collectively locate and determine what was going on, perhaps a perk from being blind, but never the less it was a useful tool, being a dog an all.

Ewen moved swiftly, yet he didn’t shunpo, his walk was brisk and determined it was like a switch that one could turn on, or perhaps only he could turn on. He could see in the sense of one could with radar or more accurately sonar. The very source came from the 12th divisional area, more precisely the Technology Quarter. Perhaps it was the best, or worse place for it to be, but Ewen investigated never the less.

Coming upon the area, Ewen moved in, perhaps a trick to being blind was making people think you knew where you were going, and were supposed to be there, and the other trick was fooling people into thinking you were crazy and lost and to be left alone. In any case, Ewen made it inside, and felt what it was, gargantua, that torrent energy pathway that led from one dimension to another, however it was gone, leaving a bitter after taste in the air

“Good to see you again Taicho” A obvious joke to being blind, but it was better to loosen tension than to create it.

“ I wondered what that stench was, hollow doing or yours?” The question posted, Ewen asked, pointing towards where the gargantua once stood, innocent and perfectly reasonable question. However, Ewen wanted to make sure nothing worse could happen, especially seeing as having that hole might attract unwanted attention.

27 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:16 pm


The Noob was looking forward to the response of the woman in the room. The scenery and mood felt just right for courting. The Noob however figured that he would end up failing somehow. But how could this be? The man was sure that he had done everything right upon till now. Then again he was also playing a little, casually teasing the woman. The fact that she was playing hard to get, made it all the more delightful too. The Noob relaxed into the chair and smiled at the woman as he sat there. His hazel eyes glancing from side to side, up and down slowly. The Noob used his eyes to undress the woman. At this moment, he could only so much. The rest he would have to imagine and make up as he went along. This meant that in his head, these possibilities were endless. The man could always paint a picture of her being the most beautiful of them all. This woman could easily become the Helen on Troy in the Gotei 13. The Noob seemed ready to steal her away from the Sanbantai and her Captain. The man was even up to fighting at the moment, but such a thing will pass. The Noob was started to become a little over indulgent it seems. It was now time for him to relax and take it slow. Haste could easily end in failure, especially if the wrong thing was said. The Shinigami took another sip of his sake. The words of the woman flowed out and filled the atmosphere. Every word that she spoke was heard, but only a few was listened to. The Noob was having a case of selective hearing in the woman's presence. This means only certain statements would get a response. After taking another sip, The Noob placed the cup on the table and looked at the woman. "What could possibly happen to my tongue I wonder? How about they find themselves on those perky and beautiful nipples of yours? I would be more than happy if you'd oblige me". The Noob chuckled a little as he words came flowing out. He was now threading on thin ice, it was only a matter of time before she clonked him over the head again. The Noob suspected that she enjoyed doing it too. Could it possibly be a type of foreplay that she enjoys? Was she actually hoping that the Noob would do something very silly? Something that would incite such harsh and pleasuring punishment? Perhaps the Noob was over thinking things a little, right? . "You know Miss Charm. I think we should get this probing stuff over and done with. I mean, we've been going back and forth with it. You never know, you just might like it more than rum cake too. But like you said, I really do hope my luck changes. At this point I am experiencing a bit of bad luck, but eh. Chasing after you might not be that bad, just don't keep me waiting for too long. Us men tend to be a little unruly in those situation you know". The Shinigami had issued forth a playful warning to the woman. The Shinigami then reached for the empty cup of sake on the table. The only problem, being that the cup suddenly cracked and fell apart. It was truly a peculiar thing to have happen, down right creepy. The Noob's eyes soon narrowed, his focus was now on the broken cup. The Shinigami went silent for a few moments. The cup breaking in such a manner, could only mean one thing. The Shinigami wasn't a superstitious person, but this had some meaning behind it no? The thoughts of the Noob trailed off onto Jamison Taicho and his Fuku Taicho. Sumizome. Did Noob make the right choice sending the young Fuku Taicho to Hueco Mundo? The Noob was used to being thrown into such terrible situations at times. But he wasn't sure that his Fuku Taicho, was as adept as him in certain areas. The Noob had the ability to escaped death, even when the odds are stacked against him. That is the reason why the Noob shall inherit the site. Glory Hallelujer and Amen. The Noob formed a smile on his face, a slight chuckle was then released. Miss Charm was started to get a little frisky. It was unbearable to think that she would be such a tease. "Well of course you do always look smexy. Even now right before my eyes, your looking extra....well. But all this talk about probing with my instrument of pleasure. And all this talk about boobs without getting to the promise land is disappointing. I do enjoy this very thing though, do you think I am crazy? But fair maiden or not, maybe we need to work something out? Hell we can both pretend to be drunk. You like role playing no? We could easily act out a certain scene. The one where boy meets girl, they get drunk and have a one night stand. I'm up for it if you are". And then out of nowhere the man heard a knock on the door. The Captain was hoping that no one would even think to disturb him. Then again, Charmy should consider herself rescued. Who knows how long the man would be able to contain himself? The Noob fired off a nod in the woman's direction and then sighed. The Shinigami shrugged a little as he got up and sighed once more. Someone was outside of his door. A little brat who couldn't possibly understanding the connection between man and woman. The bastard lacked any real emotions, thus why the Noob wanted him at the 12th Division. But this little raccoon looking clown had nothing but awful timing. The Noobs thoughts was once again with Sumizome. This little squirt outside of his door, reminded him of his Fuku Taicho. The Noob moved quickly and opened the door. And there he was with both blades strapped across his back as usual. "I'd say this is really bad timing Tobimaru. But what do you want from me now?". The Shinigami asked, but there was also another Reiatsu source on its way to his location. The man then looked back at the woman in the room and sighed. The lights changed from being dim, to full illumination of the room. This lights which indicated seduction was no longer visible at all now. The room instead had its regular lighting pattern which was a pain. The Shinigami soon stepped backward leaving the door opened. It was another Captain that was on his way. A blind one to be exact and the Noob didn't want him bumping into anything. The Captain of the Juunibantai also expected Tobimaru to come inside the room. The Noob moved in a nonchalant fashion. Appearing at the side of the table before turning to greet the Captain. "Ah, what a pleasant surprise this is. The Captain of the Rokubantai is here at the 12th Division headquarters. I don't generally get much visitors around here. Well not those that would come here voluntarily, except for a few. And I see your other senses have been sharpened as expected Taicho". The man said, his voice now sounding more sadistic. His signature fox grin had formed on his face. It was a side of him that he didn't want a certain someone to see. It just might scare her even more and have her shun him. The Taicho of the Rokubantai's intuitions were indeed correct though. The Reiatsu stench in the room came as a result of the Noob's curiosity. The man had been experimenting with Hollow abilities and he was actually successful. There was only one question now. What was the purpose of this Captain? "So would you like to share you reasons for being here, Captain?"

28 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:59 pm


Tobimaru listen carefully as he could hear the voices of his Taichou and a female but who was it. Tobimaru wasn't really interested in knowing what was going since a guy such as him wouldn't understand human emotions. As the Captain opened the door Tobimaru could see that the lights were turned down dim. His attention was now turned towards the Taichou. "Sorry to interrupt your meeting Taichou but isn't ita bit weird to have a meeting in such a dark room. But i just wanted to ask if you had any special duties that you wanted me to carry out."asked Tobimaru as he looked across the distance and saw the female shinigami. He then ignored her persence and focused more towards the Captain. Tobimaru then allowed himself in the room as he observed the his environment. He could smell the scent of Sake but something else smelt abit weird. Suddenly Tobimaru felt a powerful reiatsu coming from the very exact hall he came from. At first Tobimaru thought that someone was intruding on the 12 Division quarters. Tobimaru then saw as his Taichou looked back towards the female and then let out a sigh. "hmm i've read situation like this which involves the making of another human. but i could have swear it involves more nudity, and exchanged of the body fluids. Maybe this is a different way on how to proceed with it."said Tobimaru as he was thinking to himself. He then looked towards the lower half the female body but her clothes were still intact. The raccoon hair shinigami looked towards the door as he saw a Captain entering the room. Tobimaru attention was now turned towards him as he curious to know what purpose the Captain wanted. Tobimaru showed no experession on his face as the blue eyed character stood his ground as he listen to his Taichou speaking.

29 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:32 pm


The air began to distort in the room. The fabric of reality seem to tear as a Garganta opened in the same place as before. A single familiar reiatsu stepped out of the dimensional gateway. With the lifeless body of Sumizome in tow, Jamison returns from Hueco Mundo. The Kido Corps Chief laid the body on the ground in front of Jushiro. He looked around the room at everyone. Of course Jushiro was there. It was the Noob's division after all. Then there seemed to be Charmiene, the Lieutenant of the 3rd Divison and a dude he had not seen at all. Then there was the blind Captain of the 6th, Ewen. It was unusual to see him. The relationship between the two was almost non-existent. At best, it could described as business only.

"Well. I can't say that the mission to Hueco Mundo went smoothly. It was at the cost of Sumizome's life. We ran into an Espada and a Vizard. The Vizard caught your Lieutenant off guard. I was engaged in battle with the 6th Espada. When I was done defeating the Espada, he was dead. The Vizard had decided to flee. I couldn't risk facing more Espada or arrancar by myself, so I retreated back here. I brought his body with me. Here is his zanpaktou."
Jamison held the zanpaktou out for Jushiro to take. The Kido Corp Chief's robes made it impossible to see blood as he wore only black, including his haori.

30 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:36 am


Charm merely shook her head some at all that Cross has said to her. Most of it was seductive and quite perverted words and images indeed. Though that was normal when it came to him speaking with her. She just locked her responses away within the back of her mind. She would answer and respond all to what he said later on or whenever they will next have a party just between the two of them. As Cross opened the door and spoke to the Shinigami that saved her from Cross, she picked up another slice of rum cake and started to nibble on it some. She cocked her head to the side as she chewed delicately with her mouth closed. She gave a wave with her left hand to Tobimaru as a silent greeting since her mouth was full at the moment. She reached over and poured some more sake into her empty cup before she took a sip from it. She then moved to stand up as she picked up the cup and started to move towards Tobimaru and the now just arrived Captain. “Hello. I am Charmeine. Lieutenant to the 3rd Division. Nice to meet you.” She said to both males as she bowed her upper body some to them both out of respect. She then handed the cup to Cross. “Here, since you accidentally broke your cup.” She said as she smirked a bit to Cross, laughter in her eyes. Every movement she made would send off the smell that was most associated with her. That of black raspberry vanilla. She turned to look at the one who was called Tobimaru. “It is no trouble at all. Me and Cross were just catching up over lost time. I need to visit this place some more now. Don’t you agree Cross?” She said with a snicker as she looked to Cross.

She blinked as the air started to distort within the room. She turned her head to see a Garganta appear. One of her hands was already on the hilt of her blade, but she relaxed her grip as a Shinigami Captain came out from the Garganta. She tsks some as she relaxed her body and shook her head. “Poor guy. At least he died doing his duty.” She said as she glanced at the lifeless body. “Do you want my help in any way. Captain Aden is currently away so I’m free to give a helping hand if it’s needed.” She offered as she crosses her arms behind her back. She rested her arms on top of her zanpakuto that rested horizontally across her body right above the curve of her ass.

31 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:00 pm


Ewen simply stared off into blank space, looking at nothing, however noticing everything, twas a gift, or a curse depending on how one… looks at it. So here Ewen was, feeling around searching for the source of the hollow stench. When he was addressed, Ewen looked up and around as if he was in another world, his head moved slowly, his eyes were half opened, pupil less, and devoid of all feeling.

"So would you like to share you reasons for being here, Captain?"

Ewen took in a breath and let it out, and did it once again, his reasons should be fairly simple, Gargantua, the stench permeated the very air of Soul Society, and Ewen wanted it out. “I’m sure that” Ewen said, pausing to take another breath, he seemed extremely lazy and almost as if talking was too much effort.

“I’m sure that the stench of hollow would alarm any decent captain. So what is going on here” Ewen said, without any firmness, or any sort of danger, just as a matter of fact statement.

However, Ewen was almost cut off, as a whirling twirling torrent of hollow energy ripped open the fabric of space in front of him. As if by some, instinctual reaction, Ewen’s hand went for his sword, however he relaxed it the second he sensed who it was. The Kidou Commander stepped through carrying the body of a shinigami, which was odd since they usually phase out of existence, breaking up spiritually, releasing all the spirit particles.

The Kidou Commander then told the small group what happened, noting the various details. Ewen however, reached out and grab hold of the deceased mans zanpakuto, taking it for him, he looked near the 12th division Taicho and calmly stated.

“I’m sure you can extract what ever it is you do from this, however that needs to wait” Ewen said, clutching the zanpakuto, his knuckles turning white. Taking a deep breath, Ewen unsheathed the sword, calmly holding it out in front of him, using his hand he brought it down upon the sword and snapped off the end of the Katana from the hilt. The brokwn piece fly up in the air, snatching it out, Ewen held both pieces in his hand and dropped the scabbard.

“Espada, and vizard allying together, Hisoka what have you done” Ewen said, his voice held back and reserved. Turning, he started to leave the 12th division area, this place was too full of hollow stench to bear any longer.

“The Captain Commander needs to be informed of this incident, I’m bringing the zanpakuto along for proof” Ewen said, before he left the area, off to see the Captain Commander, but not before making a quick stop back at his division offices.

*Tentative Exit*

32 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:43 pm


"And isn't it weird for you to be disturbing me? What goes on inside this office, is none of your business. As for special duties, well you can clean up around this place if you want". The Noob said in response to the raccoon looking Shinigami. Much like the Noob, Tobimaru had a colorful hairstyle. The Noob's own hair was split into three halves. The middle patch being a vibrant red, the remaining halves at the side being black. The Captain didn't meant to sound harsh at all. But Tobimaru had decided to interrupt at the worst time possible. The man could have disturbed the Noob during one of his special experiments. That in itself could lead to disaster, since there was no way of knowing what would happen. The Shinigami sighed and looked around the room. It was starting to become a crowded place now. Too many men in one room for his liking. The Noob already saw himself as the alpha male. This meant he would go first, should he get lucky. The Captain was also awaiting a response from the 6th Division Captain. Something about this whole situation was rather vexing. The Noob sighed and glanced around the room again. It wasn't long before there was another disturbance too. A rip in space had occurred, a Garagunta began to open. It resembled a throat being cut and blood flowing down the next of the victim. The Noob smiled and cocked his head to the side for a few moment. Everyone else in the room was on edge, except him. The Shinigami however picked upon something quite intriguing. The Kido Corps Captain's Reiatsu was very much present and could be felt. But his Fuku Taicho's own Reiatsu had disappeared, strange right? As the Captain emerged and placed the lifeless body before him. The Noob paused and began observing the body. His eyes inspecting just about every visible inch of it. The Shinigami sighed after a few moments and knelt down. His index and middle fingers, came together with his thumb. The three fingers formed what seemed to be the letter 'C'. The Noob's fingers grab hold of the face of the Shinigami Sumizome. At least whatever remained of it now. The Shinigami's fingers were now stained with blood. His hands moved and was wiped against Sumizome's Kimono. There was silence for a brief moment. The Shinigami was in mourning, but was he really? The Noob slowly rose and stood up and cocked his head to the side. A fox grin formed on his face after taking another look at the body. "Yup, his opponent got him real good. It wasn't such a bad trip after all, albeit a wasted one. The only thing you returned with was the body of a comrade. And yet the person responsible for this is nowhere to be seen. This is both vexing and disappointing to say the least". The Captain shook his head, ignoring all else. The voices and opinions of the other didn't really matter. Soon after Seisoku's body starting to descend deeper, the platform has shifted. His body was now being transported to another room. It was for preservation and for future experimentation. "Extracting what I want from it is the easy part. The fact that you went and broke his Zanapkuto will make things more difficult you idiot. I really hate it when certain other people visit this division. I really see no point in bring that Zanapakuto along. It should be stored away here at the 12th Division. It is now property of the 12th Division, Captain. Apart from that, it seems the Vizards have possibly allied themselves with the Arrancar. In any case, I will simply stay here until its time for me to go to the battlefield. The rest of you may go along with Ewen Taicho. A bit of battle experience will do you some good".

33 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:26 pm


After observing the people in the room Tobimaru remained silent and looked around as he watched the people around him. He then heard as the female shinigami introduced herself towards him. Suddenly he heard the out burst of the blind Captain but the emotionless shinigami didn't care one bit. Tobimaru looked over towards him as his blue eyes observed the blind Captain. Many thoughts ran through the raccoon hair shinigami as he listen to the Captain of the 6th Division. Suddenly there was a weird feeling as the Garagunta opened. At first Tobimaru thought that it was the enemy that was intruding but then he saw the Kido Corps Captain entering with what look like Tobimaru Vice Captain. This caught Tobimaru attention as he saw the blood from his former Vice Captain. At first Tobimaru that he was only injuried only to end seeing the lifeless body. The air in the room became still as there was silence until someone began to speak explaining the whole situation. After he spoke Tobimaru raised an eyebrow as he saw the Captain of the 6th Division taking his Seisoku zanpaktou only breaking it. Tobimaru didn't understand the main reason for this happening but it wasn't his place to say anything. After observing the Captain touching the dead corpse it would seem at first that he was sad but was he really. "Its a shame he was killed before he could actually see me surpass him but everything happens for a reason. I will pray for him and hope that his death wasn't in vain.'said Tobimaru as he closed his blue eyes and clapse his hands. Tobimaru was a religious shinigami and always like praying after someone had passed on. Now things were under way as Tobimaru Tachiou wanted to start his experiment on the dead corpse. "hai Taichou i won't be far away if you need to summon me"said Tobimaru as he bowed his head inrespect and then took his leave. His presence weren't needed fro now and it was now time to find something to do.


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34 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:36 pm


The fox grin started to creep out the Kido Chief. But that seemed to be the nature of the 12th. They always seemed to care more about experiments than anything. Jamison politely bowed when the blind captain Ewen left. "Sorry for not bringing your Lieutenant back alive. But his death will not be in vain. He helped prove that we can get to Hueco Mundo. So it was not a complete loss. Anyways. I will be going now, Jushiro. I have many things to work on to prepare for the war. We shall talk later, Mr. 12th Captain." Jamison felt a little guilty about not trying to avenge Sumizome's death. But he didn't want to waste anymore time fighting the Vizard. The longer he stayed Hueco Mundo, the chances of his survival diminished. The Kido Chief kept feeling like more Espada would show. He shook his head and began to walk out of the room like the Noob asked. But the long haired man stopped at the door. "Oh Jushiro. You might want to let the Scary Captain Commander that we can get into Hueco Mundo. He may want to organize something. Anywho. I'm gone. Much work to do." But his work would end up being music for a bit. He had some new song ideas.

35 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:26 pm


At the moment no one seemed at all sincere, it was a shame to loose a member of his Division. But the Noob knew full well that someone will come along and replace him. The Captain smiled and then sighed at Tobimaru and Jamison. At this point all the Captain did was give a slight nod. The Fox grin on his face still hadn't faded at all. Sumizone's death was one of many to come, this was merely the beginning. It will soon be time for them to move onto the other victim. The Noob even wonder at times, about the day, the hour, the minute and even the second that he will die. The strange thing was that, so many Shinigami seem to fear death. It was rather foolish, the Shinigami are meant to be Gods of death. Which means there is no room for fear in regards to death. They should all die proudly and happily about it. What's the worst that could happen? They die and become a superhuman? That isn't so bad is it? As far as the Noob is concerned, everyone is nothing more than recycled souls. Time will no doubt catch up to everyone, even the mighty. The Noob shrugged a little, his party had come to an end. It was time for him to amuse himself with something else. "Ah well I will be leaving this office and attend to something else. See ya later". The Noob simply exited the office and was now off lurking inside the 12th Division.


36 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:51 pm


"Alright. You heard Kenpachi! Let's get moving!" the Lieutenant blurted out as his Captain left the room. He turned to look at his fellow members before leaving the room. He waited outside for them, before he continued on his way... tailing behind Kenpachi. Once they all reached the twelfth division head quarters, Kenpachi would vanish. "Alright. Here we are. Kenpachi is off to take care of some work! As the Lieutenant of the squad, I am now in command, due to the absence of our Captain. Now, are you two ready to kick some Arrancar butt?!" The third seat responded, labeling him as little. He ignored the remark, focusing on a more important matter.

Turning around, he would proceed to walk into the headquarters, just to be stopped by two members of the division. They would proceed to speak: "Greetings vice-captain Toshiwakai! How may we help you?" they seemed like twins. Flashing a smile at 'em as a result of their humility, he would respond:

"Hey there! I'd like to speak to your Captain!"
"Apologies vice-captain Toshiwakai! But he left a while ago! He was headed off to the human world!" one of the division members replied.
"Ah, I see. I appreciate your help you two. Take care now!" he would turn around, waving at the two. He proceeded to head away from the division. To somewhere vague.

>>>> Exit >>>>>>

37 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun May 02, 2010 12:20 am


Oh, how he loathed his Lieutenant's cocky attitude; he hated that aspect in most people. He believed absolute power makes monsters; he devised the calculation years ago that when power is removed, the true man is shown. As such, he sighed upon needing to do such boresome chores as to go with his Lieutenant, Toshiwakai. Hopefully, they could bond, or get to know each other better. Pshaw! 'Listen to him good, boy! You might learn a thing or two!' Tsukene uttered telepathically. 'As if, woman! He needs to learn to lower the "tude," and not get high and mighty. If I knew more about my existence as a Shinigami, I'd be able to wipe the floor with him.' He telepathically stated, glaring at his Lieutenant as they departed.

He now continued to follow the Lieutenant. Where did they go? Heck if Kuro knows, however, he hoped somewhere exhilarating. Though, it was too vague for him to guess where it was exactly. But, there was never a disappointing sight in this place. Never.

38 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue May 11, 2010 4:53 pm


Leon was completely ignoring little Tosh he just wanted to get where they were gonig so he could fight some arrancar. He thought to himself “Why must Kenpachi leave I was looking forward to seeing him fight but I guess I will just have to learn how Toshiwakia fights. I mean he is the closest one in the running for Kenpachi.” He sighed when they entered the 12th division and looked around while Tosh talked to everyone. He listened till Tosh turned around leaving again. Leon began to follow him but then he noticed the Newest member. He seemed to have a look of a person who ahd never really been in battle but then again Leon himself did not look that way either. “Come on new guy. The job of killing awaits.” He smiled at him and then took right back on The lieutenants heel.


39 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun May 16, 2010 6:14 pm


The trip to the realm of the humans was a short and yet interesting one. Had it not been for the Noob's mood swings and indecisiveness at times. He could have easily had a few creature to experiment on. The Noob however brought back a prize, or something like that. The Captain of the Juunibantai once again stepped foot inside his stronghold. The Sanctuary of the Noob is such a wonderful place to be. One could smoke week, dissect others and be merry. At this point the Noob didn't really care if Tobimaru was following him. Or the woman that came back from the realm of the humans for that matter. The Noob who's name so happens to be Jushiro Izanagi, made his way through the hallways. And as usual the Captain had a fox grin on his face as he moved. The man was hoping that none of his other lackeys had smoked all the weed. Speaking of which, the Captain could use a smoke right now. There should also be another episode of the 'Juicy Show' on today. The last one the Noob saw, someone was getting violated. Strangely enough, someone always gets violated some way or another. The Captain would make his way to the back of his Division. And behind it would be a rather large garden of sorts. The garden consisted of a Koi fish pond, and fifteen cherry blossom trees. The trees were all spaced out twenty feet between each other. The wind began to pick up as the Noob made his appearance. And what good luck did the man had? There was a left over blunt carefully tucked away in his hoari. And the wind stirred up the sweet aroma. The Noob sniffed himself a little, his sense of smell basking in the scent. The man could even taste the weed and he hadn't even started smoking yet. But his tranquility was soon disturbed by what felt like nothing but trouble. The Captain sighed a little, his fox grin soon reclaimed its spot on his face. "Oh well it seems I won't get to relax today at all. I must say this could turn out to be most interesting after all. I will sit this one out for a while before deciding to make a move. Why cant we all just get along these days?". The blunt was finally lit and the smoke was inhaled and exhaled. The Captain soon shook his head and made a comedic sound
before saying.
"Shiiit son, this is the shit".

40 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun May 16, 2010 6:32 pm


After entering home once more Tobimaru didnt care for who was behind him or not. The raccoon hair shinigami decided it was best to part ways from his Taichou for now. Since he was no longer needed he would do some training on his own. After his spar with his Captain the shinigami knew he had to sharpen his skills. Still there was much work to be done around the area. As he walked along the hall ways he had forgotten his medallion that he left in his quarters. 'hmm it seems i misplaced ah well i guess i'll have to search for it some other time"said Tobimaru as he kept on walking. The place was quiet but way too quiet for Tobimaru. But what was this feeling it was weird towards the raccoon shinigami. Suddenly he felt something weird, it seems that there was trouble in the distance. Knowing his Taichou he would probably sit this one out for a while until their time was needed. Still Tobimaru wanted to know what was going on in the distance but for now things would have to wait. There were much more stronger people in soul society that could that care of problems like this. Coming up to his quarters the shinigami decided to change his garments as traveling towards the human world felt dirty towards him. He then went towards the hot springs were he could relax and clear his mind. Plus it was time for him to pray and ask his god to forgive him of his sins. Tobimaru placed his duel zanpaktou beside the hot spring as he removed his towel and slowly sat in the water. The thickness of the stem only revealed his hair, and bright blue eyes. He then closed them as he began to pray and cleared his mind although trouble was ahead of him.

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Jack walked down the white stone hallway of the 12ths HQ, his blue eye closed as he felt his way rather than watched. The long thin cigar hanging from his lips, lazily burning away as he slowly puffed at it. His relaxed at his sides as he moved through the place, the white captains jacket fluttering out lightly behind him. His casual pace not pushing it to far back, as he walked calmly. Soft sandals not making a sound against the stone floor, which betrayed the man's calm demeanor, to show the skill hidden beneath the slow strides that carried the man along.

Jack's eye opened as he entered the gardens, the air thick with the scent of cherry blossoms and marijuana. He took a drag from the cigar in his lips, before blowing the smoke out from his nose and then shifting the long thin cigar to other side of his mouth. As he walked toward the captain of the 12th, sending the man a slight wave in greeting as her began to speak. "Salutations Juunibantai Taicho" The captain of the 4th said, with the wave as he approached the strange looking man.

42 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon May 17, 2010 6:58 pm


The Noob found himself standing with his senses tuned into the happenings around the Seireitei. Jushiro could tell that a certain woman was watching him. The woman that came back from the realm of the humans with them. Tobimaru also took off somewhere else too. The Captain had his eyes closed after sensing someone else approaching him. A reasonably high spiritual pressure had vanished moments after appearing. It seems death had befall the being that it belonged to. That is what Jushiro was hoping had happened now. And from the feeling that he got, the spiritual pressure was also foreign. The man sighed a little in disappointment, the weed stick was then extinguished. The Captain soon opened his eyes as the stranger approached him. The Captain turned around to face the stranger, who so happened to be another Captain. "Heller Yonbantai Taicho, how yer doing?". The Captain asked with a fox grin set upon his face. That same grin that made so many uncomfortable around him too. Hopefully by now the people around had gotten use to it. This was of no importance right now, there was somewhere else Jushiro wanted to go. Staring at the man that came to visit him, Jushiro began walking pass him. "I don't mean to sound rude at all Taicho of the Yonbantai. But I have no intentions of conducting a meeting with you right now. It is not the right time for us to have a conversation. As such all discussions will be put on hold until further notice. I do hope that you will tag along with me though. Something is going on which I find most interesting. Can't you at least sense it Taicho?". Jushiro's words trailed off into nothingness as he began leaving the 12th Division. The Captain was expected the Yonantai Taicho to follow him. And somewhere in the back of his mind. He was also hoping that a certain woman in zebra stockings would follow too. If she didn't follow, she would put herself at risk. No doubt someone would look to harm her, which could be troublesome. It was now off to that certain place he went


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Jack was taken aback buy the way the 12th captain had acted, talking about another presence in seireitei, the truth was Jack did not normally let his senses expand to far outward. He did not like to feel every single power level in the whole of seireitei at every waking minute, as some of the other captains seemed to prefer. The man lowered his head as the 12th left, closing his eye he let his senses radiate out ward in all directions. Let each of the energies he felt slip into his mind, as he slowly sifted through the mass of information he found the one the other captain had been talking about, and taking a step the man disappeared from site.


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After a long bath in the hot spring Tobimaru decided it was time to see what his Captain was up to. As he got out of the hot springs he placed his shinigami robe on and then dried his white and black hair as he took up his duel zanpaktou and made his way out. As he started to walk through the corridors he could feel the presence of disturbance around him. Surely he wanted to know if his Captain was still avaibale but nothing could be sense. He began to make his way towards his office surely he would be there. As he walked around the end of the corridor and towards his OFFICE He quickly opened the door but it was empty. "hmm i wonder where that Noob has ran off to, hmmm maybe i should try the library and see if he's there researching on something"said the Raccoon hair shinigami as he made his way towards the library. Things were becoming nosey but Tobimaru didn't want to go on the battle field without the permission of his Captain. Surely if their division was under attack the shinigami would have to engage in battle. The short Shinigami was now on his way towards the library area.


45 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun May 30, 2010 11:33 am


Just outside of the Juubantai headquater's research facility was an odd dragging sound. The sound was rather similar to that of a bag of heavy sand being dragged on a smooth surface. The site was rather disturbing, humourous and yet oddly familiar. 3 figures were making their way to the place so called "the Noobs Sanctuary". One body lay on the ground dragged by the feet by a little girl with yellowish orange hair. The man lying dead on the floor left a trail of blood wherever his had had been. The third figure followed the two with haste, a blood stained mop in one hand a bucket of darkened water in the other. Ever so occasionally he would stop to clean the blood that had been trailing in front of him.
Winter-san... who is that man? I've never seen him before..
Winter stopped for a moment and looked at the floor. A small black ant crawled upon the slippery surface as it tried desperately to run away from the little giant.
He's wearing a uniform! Please don't tell me he's one of us!
Winter watched the ant crawl free from her path as she continued her path to the Research labs.
Two sliding doors parted as it permitted the three to enter. She dragged the body to the center of the room and dropped him near a metallic table. She tilted her head to the left and swiftly turned her body to face the shinigami. The shinigami with the mop gulped as he saw the blood that tainted the pretty little face. With cold blue eyes she stared at the man, showing no hatred, irritation nor affection, love. Odd as it was for she didn't show anything neutral either.
Is that your blood?
Winter lifted her hands into the air to eye level and looked at them. They were still wet and shining from the Arrancar's eye and dribbed here and there. She titled her head to the right and dropped her hands. She looked at the arrancar and then looked to the Shinigami.
Well that's a relief
Jushiro? she asked in a quiet voice.
The man flinched at the mentioning of the 12th's name. I... I think he has stepped out for a minute
She hopped onto the metal table as she swayed her feet, her face still splattered with blood and hands dripping the dead she had committed...

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The Lieutenant of the 12 division was still looking for his Captain but had no luck with finding him. Tobimaru was started to wonder if he was even in the 12 Divison squad but now things would have to wait. Upon walking towards the research Lab area something caught the Raccoon hair shinigami attention. It would seem that a female shinigami was dragging a dead comrade body. This had caught the 2nd seat Shinigami attention and now he would have to stop searching for his Taichou but instead attend to this matter. If it was any other person it would be vexing but Tobimaru did know the meaning of emotion for his sake. Instead the Shinigami calmly walked towards the area where the female was. His blue eyes looked down to the lifeless body and the blood escaping his body. He then realised that it was no other than the 3rd seat shingami. At first Tobimaru did not recognized the fellow but he was abit curious on the matter. He knew it was a crime to kill a fellow member but Tobimaru wasn't the type to jump to conclusion. In his view everyone would have a chance to explain themselves. Plus the fact that he did not know who this guy was. His hair was different and judging from that he would be someone that stood out more. "It seems that this looks like a drag on your end, please would you mind explaining to me why you are a dragging a dead corspe through the research area. Surely you must know that this is not tolerated in the 12 division."said Tobimaru as he placed both hands in his pocket and then waited for the female to respond. The raccoon hair Shinigmai was curious to know what was going on. Since his Captain was not around Tobimaru was in charge of the area.

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unknown to winter's attention the vice-captain had walked in. He had said something about explaining and dead corpse in the division. Frankly speaking it was a research facility that often focused on live or dead bodies not having any bodies would be the odd situation. But perhaps it would be better to explain for the dead man was clad in shinigami uniform. Winter stopped swaying her feet and looked up at the man. He wasn't really tall, most likely about her height if not taller. Her frosted blue eyes wandered to his hair. A jet black mess of hair with a single streak of white down the center. A skunk? Winter tilted her head left and kept her gaze fixed....boring....She looked down at her feet as she continued to sway them, watching them rock forward and back. When would the noob come back? Winter lifted her head back up as she looked at the giant clock that moved without sound. Izanagi?

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As Tobimaru spoke the young female did not answer his question but simple ignored him. At first Tobimaru thought that she was either retarded or that was her way of communicating. He still didn't know what was going on but he was curious to know who the dead person was. Tobimaru observed the dead body as he realized that he was impaled by her zanpaktou. Tobimaru decided it would be best to try and approach her differently. Furthermore he was the one in charge of this area until the Noob returned. "so do you mind explaining to me who this person is and what his name was. Since it seems that your not the talking type a further explanation on what happened would be greatful."said Tobimaru as he folded his arms as he looked at the female. By now both his and her blue eyes would meet each other. Tobimaru was trying to squeeze out a little intel out of Winter. But it seem that the female Shinigami was in a foul mood. "If your waiting on out Captain you will have to wait a very long time. It would seem that the perverted guy is away on an errand but that doesn't matter now. All i want is to know whats going on here if you don"t mind explaining it to me."said Tobimaru as his expression on his face remained the same. It didn't show any sort of emotion since that was the person Tobimaru was.

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so do you mind explaining to me who this person is and what his name was. Since it seems that your not the talking type a further explanation on what happened would be greatful.

Winter looked up as a strange looking butterfly fluttered about. She traced the rather feint patterns with the tip of her index finger. Following it with her eyes as the butterfly went on about it's business. The butterfly seemed to be afraid of her gaze as it flew behind tobimaru's head and disappeared from her line of view. She stared once again at his strangely colored hair. Rather amusing it was. He looked like a overgrown raccoon with two swords jutting out his back. He was getting rather annoying. Winter tilted her head and considered answering him.. Then there was the butterfly again, the flapping on it's velvet black wings as it tried to escape her gaze.

If your waiting on out Captain you will have to wait a very long time. It would seem that the perverted guy is away on an errand but that doesn't matter now. All i want is to know whats going on here if you don"t mind explaining it to me.

Her attention now averted back to Tobimaru's her frosted blue eyes fixing on his lazy blue ones. Perverted? my my this shinigami was pushing his limits, just because the captain wasn't here hmm. Winter tilted her head as her eyes contracted as if she was trying to see something. There would be a flicker as Winter swung her hand up and brought it down hard as she snapped her wrists at his face. Her other hand she used to support the force. She got off from the table without taking her eyes of Tobi's and without looking wripped open the shirt of the dead body. She pointed to his chest where a dark hole lay somewhere near the heart. She lifted her hands up and showed the blood on her hands and eyes. explanation sufficed... She walked back to the table and jumped ontop lying down on the cold metal plank. Jushiro?

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Tobimaru attention was turned towards the butterfly that flew passed both him and Winter. The female eyes once more set upon Tobimaru hair but why was she observing him that much. The Kishin character didn't let that distracted him as he wanted to know answers on what was going on. Tobimaru eyes were fixated on her even deeply now. The Lieutenant had a silent one on his hands and it would seem that he would have to apply force. But then he notice the appearance of the butterfly once again. He then took his eyes off her once more but then looked back on her for just a split second. He then notice as she started to wave her hand in an unorthodox way. But things were falling into play as she then opened the dead corpse clothing as she revealed a hole in his chest. Tobimaru eyes widen as the truth was unfolded before him but still she didn't speak to him. Maybe this shinigami was deaf or she's didn't lack the skills to speak. This was pointless towards Tobimaru right now since he had realized that there was an a enemy dead at his feet. He then placed both hands in his pocket and the looked towards Winter once more.

"The Captain will be pleased with your work, it seems that you have caught something interesting. But we will not linger here any longer, why not lay his body on that table over there. We will wait until the Captain has arrived to find out further detail about this fellow.Although it would be abit helpful if you had any intel on why this Arrancar came to our division. Did he say anything to you before or you did not get the chance to exchange words."said Tobimaru as he watched as the female sat on the metal plank. Tobimaru found her abit interesting, it would seem that she was not the talking type. Tobimaru himself has the same personality but for now it was best that he not bother her. Furthermore the whereabouts of his Captain was unknown but Tobimaru didn't linger on that matter. Instead the Kishin was trying to figure out what this dead man purpose was in soul society and how did he get pass the other shinigami. For now these investigation had to be underway.

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