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Juunibantai Headquaters

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1 Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:55 pm


The 5'7 tall giant of a Shinigami, more specifically the Captain of the Juunibantai made his arrival. The ma was now standing outside of the 12th Division. The Juunibantai was a very peculiar place unlike most others. The structure of the building stood out among the rest. This was of course understandable too. It was a place where a lot of research and development was then. The members of the Juunibantai, also had a Research Institution available for them. The Captain however didn't really see a need to visit such a place. His headquarters was enough for him, it was very spacious and practical. It was also very private too and some things needed to be kept a secret. The Shinigami was soon greeted by several members of his division. The men and women of his Division was quite the intelligent bunch too. It didn't matter if they were unstable, even a made scientist can be of use. The ones with the most outlandish ideas, are the most desired. The Captain knew that having people such as them around was a good thing. Jushiro also possessed a very unique brain too. The Shinigami moved forward as his Haori swayed in the wind. Some of the other Captain were already on the move. The Sotaicho was being rather hasty, one can only hope he wasn't being too rash. Izanagi shouldn't doubt the Sotaicho, besides he had years of experience. Perhaps hasting towards the enemy in order to defeat was the best thing to do. The Shinigami simply couldn't allow the enemy to gather any strength whatsoever. Izanagi would surely love to see all of this unfold before his eyes. It was wonderful to think of all the excitement. The man made his way through the hallways of this complex Division. He was heading straight for his office, once there he would start preparing himself. But before he could do that, the man felt compelled to seek out a certain someone. The man wanted to test the knowledge of a certain member of the Gotei 13. The Chief and Captain of the Kido corps, surely he will be of some use. Jushiro on the other hand didn't want to waste too much time either. He would probably start without the man to oversee things. The Captain of the Juunibantai is a very independent and cunning spirit. He is the type to do exactly what he wanted, he was more or less a brat. The fact that he looked like a teenager also solidified this thought as well. The Captain paused for a moment in the hallways. His index finger rose on his left hand. The Shinigami with red and black hair summoned a Hell Butterfly. The creature landed on his finger tips and the Captain paused before sending a message. The Captain soon smiled before his words started flowing out. "Dear, Jamison Taicho. This is the Juunibantai Taicho Izanagi. I would like to invite you to the 12th Division. It seems that we have quite a few intriguing things to discuss. I'm pretty sure you have something that you'd like to know. There is also the current problem, which is creating a stable Garagunta. I will start working on it right away, if you have any ideas. Then please turn up right away, otherwise I feel you will miss your chance. Glory hallelujer". The message was very simply and the Hell Butterfly was off to deliver it to the Captain. The Captain soon resumed walking towards his office. He was hoping to see that short ass Fuku Taicho of his too. The man has been rather lazy of late and perhaps he should get his ass in gear. Who knows maybe he'd be able to learn a few things from a certain guest. The Captain formed a Fox grin on his face thinking about the possibilities. It was now time for work!

2 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:23 pm


Sumizome Kaisaku, the lieutenant of the 12th division, was busy reading a book and while waiting for his captain to come back from that dammed meeting. He was hanging upside-down from a desk while reading, an old habit of his-really old- that he never managed to get over. His white shaggy hair barely touched the ground, his head swayed back and forth, his red eyes scanned every word on the pages, and he quickly flipped through them. He reads so fast.. That's a genius for you of course. He continued reading, constantly stopping between each chapters to see if he could feel his captains reiatsu nearby....Nothing.. The lieutenant was starting to grow more and more impatient. Sumizome yawned and placed down the thick book.. Finally finished with it. The book itself was pretty short, only 50 chapters or so... So it was easy to see why he finished with it so quick. He flipped himself over and turned himself around so he was sitting on the desk, his legs swayed. "Where is he..?" Sumizome grunted, "That damn captains meeting couldn't have lasted this long could it have?" He stretched and jumped down from the desk. Sumizome himself was only 4'9" in height.. So he was easily belittled by people...Not to mention he looks like a 12 year old... Which usually leads them to underestimate him. Ahh well.. Like he gave a flying F*ck what people thought about him. He could still kick their asses into next week without much effort. He grabbed his Zanpaukto and put it so it was strapped to his back. Sumizome began to aimlessly walk around, ignoring greetings from other members of the squad or sometimes replying with a soft hello, he really didn't do much. He was just waiting for... He stopped dead in his tracks, feeling his captains reiatsu. "Finally.." he muttered to himself. Sumizome began to walk into the direction of his captains reiatsu. He noticed that he was sending a message through a hell butterfly so he remained quite for the moment. "Ello capt'n!" Sumizome greeted him after he had finished, "So what useless bullshit was said at this meeting, hmm?" he asked with a grin.

3 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:07 pm


The Shinigami didn't leave it too long to find his Fuku Taicho. Or rather the man didn't leave it too long to find his Captain at all. It was such a relief not having to search for this man. Izanagi really had no intentions of chasing after him either. The Captain had a lot of work to do, one that was quite pressing. The Gotei 13 found themselves in a tricky situation. Having access to the other dimensions wasn't such a bad idea after all. The Captain watched the Hell Butterfly as it disappeared through the hallways. The Captain's hazel eyes was now set on the short Fuku Taicho. The Captain and his Lieutenant shared one thing in common. And that so happened to be their appearance. It was also very fitting, that the younger looking one is the Fuku Taicho. The Captain looked no older than 18 years old and was quite the character. As the Fuku Taicho approached him, the Captain smiled. His Fuku Taicho was very straight forward which is quite refreshing too. The only problem that Jushiro found, was this man forgetting his place. "Ah Sumi san, that so called meeting was quite the intriguing one. It seems that the Gotei 13 will be preparing themselves for war now. Our emphatic Sotaicho, saw it fit to try and invade Hueco Mundo and Karakura Town. It is very easy to get to Karakura town, but Hueco Mundo is a problem. As such I was put in charge of finding a way to open a Garagunta. This means that there is a ton of work for me to do. The Chief of the Kido Corps should be lending a hand too. Sumi San it seems I will catch up to you later then. In the mean time please entertain our guest when he arrives. Try to explain in the most polite manner. That he will have to wait for me to arrive before proceeding any further. Any problems, you may inject one of your special potions into him. Just keep him at bay for the moment as I got to work. There is also one more thing, I will be sending you to Hueco Mundo too. So go and prepare yourself for battle, just don't die Sumi San". . The Captain explained to his Fuku Taicho after patting the man on the head. Sumizome should be smart enough to know not to disturb the Captain now. The man was heading for his office and once there he would begin his work.

Garagunta training.

The cunning Shinigami known as Jushiro to his peers was once again hard at work. This time his task would require him to do a lot more than think. Reasonable actions will be required to obtain, the very thing that has been so illusive. The Shinigami needed to find a way to travel from one dimension to the other. Jushiro’s research would take him to the Juunibantai complex. There he was behind a desk, typing away at a certain keyboard. One that possessed far more keys than a normal keyboard would. It was light years ahead of what most scientists was used to. The Juunibantai technology was truly one of a kind, which most didn’t compare to. The hazel eyes Captain paused for a moment and placed his hand on his chin. His Zanapakuto sat right beside him; the pair wouldn’t leave each other’s side. It was a troublesome situation, analyzing and running tests on everything. Jushiro needed to find a way to convert his own Reiatsu into something dark. The Hollow race possessed the kind of Reiatsu, something Jushiro hoped to replicate too. However since he didn’t have the abilties of a hollow or a hybrid. The man would have to do things the hard way this time round. It is such a bother to be put in charge of such a task. To make matters worst, everyone seemed to have been in a rush too. The Juunibantai Captain was expected to produce something worthy. The man couldn’t say he appreciated this at all, but it was a challenge. It was disgusting to think that, if he couldn't accomplish this. His fellow Shinigami would look down on him; this meant the man had to conjure up something. The Captain’s hand soon extended to a cup of sake that was placed in a cup holder. This whole process might take a while, patience and determination was the key. Either way the Sotaicho would have to repay him for this one day. Maybe the man could give his body up for experimentation. It would be fascinating to see what makes him so powerful. Jushiro could even possibly replicate that power and use it during battle. There are so many possibilities; the Captain had time to research all these things. However the most recent request would require him to remain focus on a certain task. The cup of sake was then lifted towards the Shinigami’s lips and the man took a sip. The taste of sake was enough to get him going. It was like a form of energy for the man. He needed the brain power at this moment, but there was also something else. Inside the room there was a certain fragrance. The smell of a very illegal and alluring substance was at work. They generally say that, a few puffs of the marijuana changes one perception. The simpletons who generally didn’t understand a thing will get smart. The power of the marijuana was never to be underestimated at all. The Captain soon placed the cup of sake back into the cup holder and sighed. His eyes soon drifted onto the splif that was ready to go. The Captain soon picked up the white stick, which had green stuffing inside. The man who now had a fox grin on his face sniffed it, he took a long one. He was already getting high off the scent alone. This should lead to a very interesting scenario indeed. The Shinigami figured that he would have to go to the absolute extremes to accomplish anything. The grip on the Ganja stick was then changed. It was now held between his thumb and index fingers. To be more specific it was held in his left hand. The Shinigami soon brought forward a torch out of nowhere. It was like a mini flame thrower in a thin, what could go wrong? The Captain soon decided to set the Ganja stick ablaze, which turned out to be a disaster. Not only did he set this illegal substance ablaze, he also burned his eyebrows. The torch exploded in his hand in a comical fashion. The Captain soon tilted his head to the side as if facing a camera. His hair stood up straight and only his eyes had any color apart from black. The Shinigami decided to try again, this time finding himself a bigger Ganja stick. His weed stick was now 12 inches long and was set ablaze swiftly. The man took a quick puff and exhaled smoke. The smoke transformed into a dancing pony before his eyes. The Captain was no doubt freaked out, but for some reason he could finally think about what he wanted to do. Jushiro tucked away the blunt between his lips and began typing away. The computer was set to search the archives for something in particular. If Jushiro was ever to create a Garagunta without hollow powers. He would have to somehow find out more about the Hollows. He knew a whole lot about them already. But he didn’t yet know how some aspects of their powers worked. What was it that made these creatures tick? The Captain smiled even wider as the weed began to take effect. The man had finally found what he was looking for. Now all he had to do was take the time to read and understand what he was looking at. There was already a Kido spell that dealt with this dilemma. It was hidden away within the archives, how could he have missed this? If anyone was aware of this, then that could cause a few problems. The Captains past predecessors wasn’t so useless after all. That still didn’t mean he’d tale back what was said about them all those other times. On the screen before him are the various ways to go about creating a Garagunta. The easiest way would be through the use of a device. But after analyzing the situation, it wasn’t at all practical. What would happen if that device was destroyed during battle? How would they escape the enemies then? The Captainn rose from his chair and took his blunt with him after a few moments. The man would appear in a very spacious room. One that would be able to contain the rift should he create one that is. The Captain positioned himself in the room and began meditating. His Shinigami soul was the key to this very thing. He had to somehow corrupt his soul. Only by changing his Reiatsu properties could he possibly open this rift. The Shinigami started off by focusing on his desperation and pain. The man was hoping to channel it coherently and then convert it. For a moment he needed to give into the darkness of his soul. He had to create it on his own; this was a dangerous thing indeed. Since should he loose himself and betray his soul. His powers as a Shinigami could desert him until he found his way again. The spell could prove to be a very tricky one, but who knows. The Captain was intelligent enough to understand a few things. There he was lost in his own mind, trying to visualize the Garagunta opening before him. His Reiatsu began flowing out and was slowly transforming too. It was happening at an alarming rate, it was also one of the principles of Kido. Otherwise, how could a Shinigami possibly learn that many Kido spells? The Soul and Reiatsu properties had to change to suit the requirements of the Kido. The Shinigami already knew the name of the spell. The Incantation was also remembered based on what he had read earlier on that monitor in the office. The man began thinking of the spell; his Reiatsu was also being channelled cautiously. He didn’t want to go overboard at all, with this one. Such a thing could end in disaster for him, that didn’t matter now did it? The Captain’s Reiatsu drifted into the darkness, it was part of what he needed. The next part would require him to follow through and create a pathway. This pathway would no doubt lead to being their transport. There was one thing that puzzled the man though. When did the Senkai gate become so useless? Couldn’t they have found a way to extend the range of the Senkai gate? Everyone was overstepping their boundaries these days. So why not take it one step further? This would mean that the Shinigami would remain exclusive also. The Captain’s focus was on the spell and with his mind focus on the kidou. It was now time for the Captain to make the first attempt. His Reiatsu felt dark and tainted as he began the incantation for the spell.

“The guardian of the south pathway is blocked, the guardian of the north rejoice. The guardian of the west screams and the guardian of the east shows the path”.

The Shinigami whispered, his Reiatsu had reached breaking point. There was a slight tear in space and as the man opened his eyes something overwhelmed him. The Captain suddenly passed out and was carried off somewhere. The man was now in a dreamlike state which wasn’t such a bad thing. The Marijuana in his mouth rolled away and the ball of fire at the tip died. The Captain could hear something or rather someone calling out to him. It was the voice of a child, that same annoying voice of a certain brat. Hey stupid, what do you think your doing? If we didn’t intervene we would have lost you to the darkness. How dare you attempt such a thing and not consult us first?”. The Captain found himself scratching his head as he laid there. He could tell he was at the playground, his eyes drifted to the side before the man sat up. The brat and her guardian were standing a mere seven feet from the Captain. Well the older male was standing, whilst pushing the child on the swing. It was at a moderate pace, one steady enough to conduct a conversation. “Well I wasn’t worried at all, especially since I have you both. Isn’t that right Kyouji, Nasamakki? But I guess you know what I was attempting don’t you?”. The male soon spoke up instead of the mouthy brat, which was rather rare. Kyouji was more or less the spokesperson for Jushiro’s Zanapakuto. No wonder Nasamakki was always miserable, since the brat didn’t give him a break. “Izanagi Dono, you should know better than to do such a thing. It is unsafe and dangerous to say the least. I must say on this occasion I wanted to wait a little longer before bringing you here. In any case don’t you think you’ll be needing our help Izanagi Dono?”. Listening to the guardian speak was like an echo of Kyouji’s voice. The Captain really couldn’t be bothered with this nonsense. He could do without any of this constant scolding, even if it was from him own Zanapakuto. The Captain soon stood up and looked at the two and smiled at them. They did have a point though, but they also reassured the Captain of one thing. He knew that his Zanapakuto would be there to maintain the balance. Without that balance, then there was always a chance that the man would fail. If the Shinigami did fail, then he’d be the one having miserable days. Izanagi seemed certain about that, Nasamakki would love to switch shoes. “Ah hell I was hoping you two wouldn’t do this right now. I’m busy or at least I was busy trying to work on this Kido spell. As you both now, I have to find a way to open a Garagunta. I already suspected it would be difficult, but I was hoping you’d lend a hand. I’m hoping you don’t let me down, besides If I fall to the darkness. Kyouji can no longer have any fun and you Makki san would be even more miserable too”. The Shinigami explained with a grin on his face. His Zanapakuto spirits needed to get their priorities straight. The Shinigami was sure that they would comply with him. The thought of things going peer shaped for them both didn’t sound promising. “Oi dickhead, you better let me come out and play later. Or else I will torment you if you don’t. At this moment, any opponent would do, so you better make good on your promise”. Who the hell does she think she is? This brat was speaking as if she was the adult, she was really too spoiled. She was beyond help at this point, Jushiro can only blame himself. The Captain soon scratched the back of his head in agreement and sighed. It was now a done deal and all Jushiro had to do was get to work. “As long as you two remember your role in all of this. I shall see you soon enough, I might even let you take control during a fight. That’s if your a good girl Kyouji”. The Captain smirked as he started drifting off again. Everything was being reversed, now that he was heading back. The Shinigami soon woke up, his eyes was now staring at the ceiling. The Shinigami then released another sigh, the situation was indeed vexing. But Jushiro knew that things would work out for him and so he rose to his feet. The man was confident in himself now, this made him want to get this over with now. The Captain took his stance, his fist folded. His index and middle fingers soon extended and his hand also rose. His Reiatsu began flowing out into the room once more. The darkness was there in his soul, but it was being held back. It was being kept in tact by other forces at work and so the man made another attempt. The Incantation was said more confidently and more proudly now. “The guardian of the south pathway is blocked, the guardian of the north rejoice. The guardian of the west screams and the guardian of the east shows the path”. The Shinigami paused for a few moments, his Reiatsu danced on the tip of his fingers. His hand moved up and down and across, zig zagging through the air. “Kuusho”

The Captain whispered once more, before making another slight motion. His hand drew across the air as if drawing a straight line. Strangely enough his fingers did seem to draw a white line which then turned into a dark one. The Captain soon smiled as he stepped back for a moment and cocked his head to the side. The camera zoomed in closer to his face and the Shinigami blinked comically. The man focused on this dark line that was created and slowly it began to widen a little. The Shinigami soon placed his hand on his chin and straightened his head. Walking from side to side, the Shinigami began inspecting this tiny rift. There was something strange about it; it wasn’t quite ready for use yet. The tiny rift soon began closing up which was rather vexing too. It resembled a zip being pulling up or across to seal the open space. That was the reversed effect of what Jushiro wanted to have happen. The Shinigami came to a stop and blinked once more. The man soon looked down at the Ganja stick once more and picked it up. It was once again set ablaze without any hesitation and the man pulled the smoke in. The smoke was then exhaled and the Captain gave a nod and smiled. The Shinigami soon raised his hand once more. His index and middle finger once again extended and Reiatsu was being channelled. The man started off once more by saying the Incantation to the Kido Spell. “The guardian of the south pathway is blocked, the guardian of the north rejoice. The guardian of the west screams and the guardian of the east shows the path”. There was once again another paused, the Captain felt a little high. That however didn’t prevent him from calling out the name of the Kido. “Kuusho” the Shinigami said simultaneously with his hand drawing a line through the air. The line once again turned dark and the rift began to open wider this time. The Shinigami’s Reiatsu was also in check. This meant that the Shinigami could keep it stable. There was now a huge gaping hole in the room. One that felt empty and lifeless, the man struggled to keep it opened. That much was evident as the rift started closing after a few moments. The Shinigami was however determined to keep it opened and so he did without fail. His Reiatsu flowed out into the dark abyss and it was now his own little world. The man maintained the spell or rather the Garagunta, wondering what would emerge from behind it. The Shinigami was also curious about what was on the other side too. Tilting his head to the side, the man puffed the blunt once more and stepped inside. It felt strange walking into such a thing; he was now in between dimensions as it stands. The Shinigami soon visualized Karakura town and decided to go there. Using his Reiatsu he would create an exit to the town. And after walking a little, the man finally came upon the exit. The sound of the town, the humans, it was so refreshing. The Shinigami didn’t spend a lot of time on this thing though. He was still standing inside the bounds of the Kido Garagunta, deciding not to emerge. The Captain inside closed this rift and changed direction. Reishi particles formed perfectly in order to keep him from falling endlessly. The Shinigami now had his eyes set on the realm of the Hollows. His hand soon extended, it was like opening another exit before him. It was funny to see just how much he could manipulate this space. Hueco Mundo was at last in his sights, the man was merely 2 feet away from stepping onto the sandy plains. He was quite tempted to do it, but he decided not to at the moment. The Captain took another puff and the smoke was exhaled into this lonely world. Hueco Mundo never seem to change at all, it was depressing to say the least. The Captain felt the need to return home and so he did. The gapping hole that lead to Hueco Mundo closing as he turned around and left. It was like walking through a door at times, after closing one another would open.

4 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:24 pm


Sumizome listened to his captain, his eyes widening with surprise. "Invading Hueco Mundo!?" he said in surprise, "Well I guess this meeting actually held some importance!" It has been a while since Sumizome was last on the field, although he kept his skills from diminishing by doing many training exercises, going against a real opponent would be even better. He watched his captain go off to his office and then sat down on the floor when he was gone. "Hmm.. So I'm supposed to be waiting for the Kido corps. chief..Such a pain..but.. Oh well.." he thought. "AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE PREPARING FOR BATTLE!" a loud voice boomed through his head. He winced, "Baku.. What a pleasure it is to be able to speak with you." Sumizome said to his Zanpakuto spirit mentally, "To what do I owe this unexpected intrusion of my mind..?" "You are supposed to be training, laying around on the ground is only going to dull your skills.. How about you fight something..?" the spirit suggested. Sumizome sighed heavily, "Well I would fight someone, but nobody here is up for it." he responded. "Do you want to die?" Sumizome grinned, "Have more faith in me..I can hold my own against powerful enemies.." Sumizome tapped his finger on the ground and waited, "Well maybe if SOMEONE made it easier for me to learn Bankai.. We wouldn't be having this problem.." "It's not going to happen." Sumizome sighed again, "Can't blame me for trying." He continued to wait..

5 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:17 pm


Jamison Hegg walked into the 12th Division. He had been summoned by the 12th Taichou to discuss things about the Garganta. Jamison could create one, but keeping it open long enough for several Taichou was a different thing. Maybe the Noob could help with that. Jamison knew how strong the 12th's Technology could be. Maybe they could hold the Garganta open then things would go smoothly. He walked up to the front desk. It was rude to stroll through others' divisions. He spoke up to the receptionist. [b]"Hi. I am here to see your Captain. He sent for me a little while ago. We have much to discuss and little time to do it in." He waited in the lobby for the Noob.

6 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:33 pm


The gapping hole which also acted as the gateway to several other realms remained opened. The Noob had managed to open a Garagunta and was doing a bit of exploring. It wasn't long before the man had seen enough and as such, he was on his way back. The Shinigami's black sandals was the first to be seen. His entire body then slipped through the dark void, which then closed behind him. The Noob of a Captain sighed a little and then dusted himself off. Traveling through such a portal made him feel filthy. That however didn't prevent a Fox grin from flashing up on his face. The 5'7 giant could sense the various spiritual pressures in his Division. And it seems a certain someone had turned up after all too. The Captain saw this as an opportunity to converse with this certain someone. The Noob sniffed the air for a few moments. The scent of the illegal substance was still lingering in the room. It was a troublesome thing, but who cares? The Noob doubt anyone would make a big fuss about him smoking such a thing. It was after all only a plant and look what it did for him. The youngster was able to create a Garagunta, albeit it was the perfect one. He would have to work exclusively on it to stabilize it. That way it would remained opened for longer than his own Reiatsu would allow for. It would be tricky indeed, but it shouldn't be too difficult. As far as The Noob was concerned, the hard part was already completed. Anything regarding the Garagunta from here on out should be easy. The Noob passed and glanced around the room for a moment. The Reiatsu residue from the Garagunta could be felt in the room. The Noob more or less gathered that it would linger for a while. Perhaps it would stay as long as the scent from a certain plant when set ablaze. The Noob started moving towards the exit of his office. The doors slid opened and the Shinigami went through it. Sumizome seemed to be on stand by, the midget sure seemed loyal. The Noob began walking down the hallways, his eyes were now set upon his Fuku Taicho. "Sumi San, I see our guest has arrived, lets not keep him waiting". The Noob said passing by the Fuku Taicho, he expected the man to get to his feet immediately and follow. It didn't take too long for the Captain to make it down the hallways. He would be entering the lobby of this magnificent building. The technological development made it a very peculiar place to be. The Noob's eyes found their way onto the Kido Chief. The Shinigami and leader of the 12th Division smiled at the man. His fox grin seemed to be permanent as he finally came to a stop. He was now a mere ten feet away from the man. "Heller and thank you for coming to this place. If I'm not mistaken, I believe we have some work to do. However I'd like to see just how far you've progressed so follow me". The cunning Noob said to the Captain of the Kido Corps. The fox face Shinigami soon turned and started heading in the direction of another room. Once inside this room, they'd be able to show their progress through simple demonstration. The Noob didn't quite understand the rush at all. It would have been wise if the Sotaicho waited just a while longer. The man however possessed a very fiery spirit unlike the Noob's own. The Shinigami was such a frivolous person at times. He can also be very uncaring and generally unforgiving under the right circumstances. The Noob quickly made his way to the area, expecting the others to follow. His Fuku Taicho and the Captain of the Kido Corps should now be in this room. The room was very spacious and was painted in blue. The paint was of a cyan color, which seems to go well with the color scheme. The tiles on the ground was however white and shaped like a diamond. The walls was also lined with a special substance. This substance would keep their Reiatsu at bay and prevent harm. Not to mention that the Garagunta would also be contained once summoned. Inside this spacious room was large pillars which, the pillars was also white. By this time the Noob would have turned around to face both men. His Fuku Taicho was there to learn and the Noob was there to observe. "Ah well then, would you like to begin Jamison Taicho?"

7 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:04 pm


Sumizome continued to wait; On the outside he looked calm and totally unfocused, however in the inside his mind was at work, coming up with battle plans and such. Hueco Mundo, was an area that was infested with hollows, however..Those weren't really what he cared about.. He wanted to see the infamous arrancar. Hollows who have gained Shinigami-like powers.. It was all interesting to him. Perhaps-with his captains permission-he would be able to perform some experiments on them.. "'Twould be a fun experience." he thought, "However it means that I can't destroy the specimen..Hmm.. What a bother..Seeing as I just love to explode things.." Pondering on about this; He completely fell into a daze, not even noticing that his captain had exited his office, only coming to when he heard him speak, saying that their guest had arrived already. "So he must mean the Captain of the Kidou Corps.." he thought. Sumizome quickly scrambled to his feet and quietly followed his captain. Sumizome allowed the two to speak with each other and when his captain walked off he followed. Now in a rather large room, he stepped to the side and awaited further instruction.

8 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:28 pm


"Hello, Jushiro."He greeted the man as the 12th Taichou came to meet him. His division was quite unique much like the oddity known as the Noob. Something always gave Hegg the creeps about this guy. Izanagi always seemed flaky and was working with ulterior motives. The man's appearance did not help. The scientist had a multi-colored mullet. The Kido Corps Chief learned a long time ago to never trust a man with a mullet, especially one who wears a black mask over part of his face. Jamison would have to push that feeling of distrust to the back of his mind for the time being as he had work to do with the man.

The much taller man strolled behind the 12th Captain to the very large room. It was similar to his own personal training area, but different all the same. There was someone who seemed to be the Fuku of the Juunibantai. "Another short one? I guess there isn't a height requirement to be a Lieutenant. Anyways, what do you need me to do? I can open a garganta now but holding it open is a bit tiresome. Unless you have something that can hold it open. I have no idea what gadgetry and gizmos you lab jockeys have. Hmm, Jushiro?" Jamison yawned as he awaited an answer from the short 12th Captain with the bad haircut. Jamison knew just about every kido there was, including the one to open the garganta. He was the Kido Corps Grand Poobah. Knowing them was his job and his life. Other than music that is. He scratched his balls as he waited.

9 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:24 pm


The Noob twitched a little as Jamison made a reference to Sumizome's height. The Captain knew exactly how sensitive his Fuku Taicho can be. The Kido Captain might have struck a nerve too, but only time would tell. Sumizome knew not to cause a scene. Any lack of manners of any act of violence, will be punished. Then again it would be interesting to watch Sumizome get upset a little. Either way the man would have to pipe down. The Noob had invited his Fuku Taicho along simply to learn. As such the man should know his place and where he stood. He would get a chance to release his anger on the enemy. The Noon cocked his head to the side and smiled at the Captain across from him. His eyes slightly shifted in the direction of his Fuku Taicho. The Captain sighed a little and stepped back a couple of paces. The time for simple words was over now. It was time for action now and the Noob would perform nonetheless. The Noob straightened himself up and then relaxed again. The man was beginning to fidget, perhaps it was the excitement?

"What do I need you to do? I was hoping you'd come here with a question more worthwhile. Nevertheless I find it most intriguing that you can also open a Garagunta. I have recently discovered how to open one myself. However I have encountered the same problem as you. At this moment in time, I'm ashamed to say, I don't have any special devices to maintain the Garagunta. However I can hold it open long enough for the Captains to pass through it. There is one thing I was thinking about that might work. We are both Captain level Shinigami, which means we have a fair bit of Reiatsu. Why don't we use each other's Reiatsu and combine them? In theory it would ease the strain on our bodies dramatically. So in essence, if we combine our powers we should be able to hold the Garagunta opened for longer. It does mean we will have to synchronize our Reiatsu for this to work, savvy?".

The concept was very simple, a combination of strength was the best route at the moment. Creating some special device to stabilize for extended periods of time, wasn't the most practical thing now. It was too expensive, not to mention the man didn't possess the necessary resources (points). The Noob glanced over at Jamison Taicho. The Shinigami needed to see and analyze the Taicho's response. He was also collecting data by means of observation. The Kido Corps vast knowledge of Kido should be useful. The Noob placed his hand on his chin and then looked at his Fuku Taicho. "Sumi san, are you able to keep up so far? I sincerely hope my words can be interpreted very easily. Besides I'm being as straight forward as possible with this thing". The Noob stated while flashing a grin in his Fuku Taicho's direction. The Shinigami was also worried about just how battle ready his Fuku Taicho is at the moment. He didn't get an opportunity at all of late to test the man. Then again there is nothing quite like being thrown into the Lion's den. It would be most interesting to watch the man go up against the likes of the Arrancar. The entertainment he could get from such a thing is priceless. The Noob really had no intentions of going to the realm of the Humans. Nor was he particularly interested in Hueco Mundo either.

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The corner of Sumizome's right eye twitched in annoyance after being called short by the captain of the Kidou Corps. "Bastard.." he growled under his breath. There were so many things that Sumizome could have said to him, so many insults that he could have uttered, but he didn't.. He fought the urge to do so by telling himself one thing. "He can be taller than me.. But I am 30 times smarter than this dumb ass will ever be in the next 500 years!" Although he was thinking this, he did not dare verbalize his thoughts. Instead he just shot some angry glares at the man before him. While listening to his captains explanation, he couldn't help but become intrigued, folding his arms and holding them close to his chest, he continued to listen. "So he thinks that if they combine their powers, the Garganta would be more effective.. An interesting hypothesis indeed.. But I guess that's what you have to expect from the captain of the Juuinbantai.." Once more he glared at the Captain of the Kidou corps... He couldn't help bu wonder.. If this idiot was capable of comprehending what his captain just said... Perhaps Sumizome will have to speak to him as if he was a grade schooler. He wasn't really expecting his captain to ask him if HE got what he was saying.. But instead of taking it as an insult he just nodded and said, "I understood every word of it.."

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Jamison sighed as he rubbed his head. These 12th members and their hypothesizes, how bothersome. His reiatsu raised quickly to a high level. It may have made the little one uncomfortable, but oh well. The zanpaktou spirit spoke up in his head. "Dude. Ease up. You may make Tiny pass out." Jamison had a bad habit of vocalizing his conversations with Kinzokukami. "The little one will be okay. He is a lieutenant after all. He shouldn't be that weak. I'm not the Captain Commander." "Just be mindful, that is all." "Fine, Fine, K. I won't suffocate the shrimp." Not realizing he continually vocalized his dialogue, Jamison turned to Jushiro. He spoke while he lowered his reiatsu level to a more efficient level for opening the garganta. "So, shall we get started? Pay attention kiddo. You may learn something."

Jamison's lazy look seemed to disappear. It was replaced with a focus few had seen. He took a deep breath and began the kido to open the garganta. Hopefully the Noob was doing the same. "My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis. Garganta." An area in front of him seemed to change. Reality seemed to shred as the garganta opened. Jamison was keeping his focus to keep the gate open.

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The Captain couldn't help but chuckle for a few moments. The Kido Corps commander was also a strange man. Holding conversations with himself like that was interesting. The Noob sighed and the cocked his head to the side. The rise in spiritual pressure was as expected of a Captain. The Noob was still a little high at the moment. One had to wonder if anyone picked upon the scent in the room. The lingering smell of the marijuana was alluring too. Who knows maybe Jamison got high and started talking nonsense as a result. The Noob reviewed the Captain's actions and decided it was time to move on. "Goodness, you two kids should pipe down a little, savvy? We have no time to waste on idle and pointless chit chat. In any case let us begin". The Captain's hand rose and his fist folded. The Noob's index and middle finger soon extended. His left hand to be precise, the man would use it to cast the spell. It was now time to synchronize their Reiatsu, the spell would be cast simultaneously. The Noob however predicted that, their timing would be a bit off. But that wasn't as important as not combining their powers properly. As Jamison went to work, an incantation followed. The Noob was now standing on the opposite side of the man. His Reiatsu flowed to the tip of his fingers, Kyouji keeping in him tact. "The guardian of the south pathway is blocked, the guardian of the north rejoice. The guardian of the west screams and the guardian of the east shows the path. Kuusho". The man whispered, silence overwhelmed the room. The silence was only momentary now that the Garagunta was opened. The Noob's hazel eyes drifted onto the chief of the Kido Corps. The gapping hole which lead the way to another dimension was opened for the second time. The Captain was honestly becoming bored of seeing it now. "Now what do we have here? A Garagunta it seems. Now what should we do with it eh? How about we go and explore a little. You see, by exploring we can determine what's on the other side. You might ask why would you do such a thing? Well by exploring, you'll be able to find out what exactly your getting yourself into. With that said I nominate the both of you to take a look inside. I've already seen Hueco Mundo by using this thing here. This is nothing but trial and testing, savvy?". The man suggested with a fox grin on his face. The Noob was no doubt up to something, he was tugging away at their curiosity. The man already came to the conclusion that his Fuku Taicho would play along. He was also quite prepared too if Jamison refused to comply. It will always be a tricky thing when dealing with the Noob.

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Garganta(Or Garagunta) Training approved.

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"I'M GOING TO MURDER THIS GUY!!!!" Sumizome thought, "Ease up..He's an idiot after all.. Don't pay him any mind" Baku said to him, trying to calm Sumi down. "If he calls me shrimp one more time.. I'm going to blast him into oblivion!" He screamed inside his head, "I might be able to help you with that.." The reiatsu in the room was... Heavy.. But it was alright enough for Sumizome to withstand.. He may look weak due to his young appearance, but he was actually pretty strong. The lieutenant watched closely as the garganta opened. From what he knew and seen, the Garganta is they way the hollows travel through dimensions. When his captain had brought up the word "explore", Sumizome's attitude perked up a bit. He loved to explore, it meant that he could analyze new places.. His scientific mind thrived for things like this.. Sumizome quickly stepped forward, "No need to tell me twice!" he exclaimed. The lieutenant quickly entered the garganta, creating a stable path of reiatsu to walk on. "Are you coming?" he asked the Kido corps captain, a smug grin on his face.

15 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:35 pm


"Nope. Ain't happening. I'm not going to Hueco Mundo. I can't stand the place. I always get sand in my socks. Annoys the hell out of me. So either get out of the garganta little Lieutenant or get in Jushiro." In all actuality, Jamison wanted to go the Human World to go to the record store. There were some new albums he wanted and he refused to go to a desert with no life. It was a drab and boring place. "So what is it gonna be? I think you got the garganta down enough to take some of the Captains yourself." Jamison kept the garganta opened. But something popped into his mind. He could save time by going to Hueco Mundo then straight to the human world. "Know what. I've changed my mind. Let's go to Hueco Mundo." Jamison hopped in the Garganta. "C'mon vertically challenged." The Kido Corps Chief ran towards the Realm of the Hollows.

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The Noob stood with a smirk on his face as Jamison refused him the first time. The Captain was anticipating such a response. The Noob was also prepared to take the necessary steps too. That way the Noob would be able to convince the man somehow. However the Captain on the Juunibantai didn't need to go to such extremes. Jamison had already changed his mind rather quickly. It came as a relief to the Noob as his Fuku Taicho willingly went along. "Try not to get lost in the dark and play nice children. I must warn you though. There is a possibility that this thing will change after a certain time. Either way, Jamison Taicho will need to step in then. Try not to take too long and waste my time you two. All you need to do is take a peek. Hopefully you'll be able to satisfy yourselves then. You don't have a lot of time to hang around inside this thing, savvy? Now ta ta for now you two". The Noob suspected that Sumizome and Jamison wouldn't get along at all. Then again maybe the two would be able to bond with each other a little. This could also lead to good relations with the Kido Corps too. It wasn't too far fetched at all, but only time will tell. The Noob stood back for a few moments as Jamison took off. His head shifted up and down, it was the thumbs up to Sumizome. The Noob also maintained a steady flow of Reiatsu too. Keeping the Garagunta in tact will be hard work. It was also good for collecting data and analyzing it too.

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Charmeine just entered the 12th Division. She smiles as she easily made her way to where she knew she would find the one person she came here to see. The person she has had parties with in the past. All that changed was that now he was a Captain and she was a Lieutenant. Other then that, nothing else really changed. The smell of black raspberry vanilla sent off a trigger to the Captain as to who was coming in to see him. She finally stepped into the room, her hands behind her back as she smiled. "Long time no see. Are you free to have our usual party we had back then? I brought the rum cake and sake as usual." She said as she moved her hands out from behind her back to show him. She then looked to what he was working on. "Did you already send in a few Guinea Pigs?" She asked him as she handed him a slice of the rum cake. She didn't get too close to what he was working on as she didn't want to fall in or cause any disturbances in the experiment itself.

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Sumizome listened to the other captain complain complaining about Hueco Mundo. A crooked smirk appeared on his face, "For a tough guy, you complain like a bitch..Is this what the captain of the Kido Corps really like? I'm actually glad now, that they didn't place me in the Kido corps.." He said in a tone that matched the look on his face, "Oops.. Slip of the tongue, I guess I have to learn how to control this mouth of mine." Sumizome wasn't really satisfied with himself. Just saying things didn't completely vent his frustration; It help a bit though. When the other captain headed into the Garganta, Sumizome turned to follow him. He took one last glance at his captain, "We will take haste, Captain." he said, and the ran off after the Kido corps captain. The garganta was... Boring.. To Sumizome. It was just an empty black hole with particularly nothing in it.. Nothing to observe... For now at least. He continued to follow the other captain, staying completely quiet.

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The Noob chuckled a little as the Garagunta began to close. The man knew exactly what he was doing. The Captain already deduced, that by closing the Garagunta. His Fuku Taicho and Jamison Taicho should have fun in Hueco Mundo. Not only that, but there was also a chance of the both of them being attacked. None of that really mattered to the Noob though. The man is a Noob as said before, so he couldn't possibly understand the dangers. The Noob had a date with a certain woman, he didn't want anyone else around to ruin it. By his calculations, the woman should be arriving any moment now. That scent of black raspberry vanilla filled the air, the grin on the Noob's face widened. The Shinigami sniffed the air for a moment, the scent was a little bit too alluring. The Noob turned around just in time, his eyes were now set upon the beauty. The woman had just made his day, or rather she had improved it a little. The man was tempted to touch, but would she ever allow him? The man needed to perish the thought, such a thing could get him in trouble. "Heller my darling and welcome. And of course I have time to catch up a little it's been way too long. I was beginning to think that I scared you away. But clearly I was mistaken my dear". The man gave a soft smile in the direction of the woman. It wasn't his usual deceitful Fox grin, it was more welcoming. The Captain would have shrugged off the comment about the guinea pigs. But the Noob didn't want to upset the woman. That could have unfortunate consequences, so he responded. "Guinea pigs indeed. I wanna see just what kind of trouble they will get into. I probably shouldn't have, but its for my own amusement you see. I really they do get into trouble, or else it would be a wasted trip". The Captain began moving closer to the woman. He was the sly fox indeed as he went by her. His index finger flashed out quickly, to rub against the woman's thigh. It was done in such a way, as to not alert the woman. Or to not make her uncomfortable in his presence. The man was also expecting the woman to lash out at him. It was always a comical scene, the legend of Tsunade and Jiraiya lives on. The man would attempt to move away quickly, creating some room between the two. It was best to avoid any punches or slap from any glove that might be sent his way. The Captain quickly moved over towards a monitor that was in the room. It was touch screen of course and the technology was of the best anywhere. The Captain tapped the screen a few times. He was trying to set the mood for the party it seems. The Noob glanced over towards the table and chair that rose from the ground. It was rather stylish and with a quick applaud. The lights in the room changed to a more romantic one. The man would leave it up to the woman to choose the music. Then again she was more qualified to it, since the Noob was more about partying. "Just like old time eh? Now come and take a seat my dear. The sake and rum cake will be arriving shortly. I think we have quite a bit to discuss no?". A pair of robots soon wheeled themselves into the room. They began setting the table as the Noob sat down and invited the woman to sit. Cup and saucers were carefully placed on the table, along with plates for the Rum cake. The cups needed to be filled and cake needed to be cut. The robots soon wheeled themselves away after setting the table. The Noob now had a smirk on his face. It was time to Parteh!!!

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Charm smiles and chuckled gently as she turned her gaze to the Captain. She mainly called him Cross as that was the name that he called himself when they first met oh so long ago. She nods to him as he spoke. "Yes it has, too long for my taste. Most people here are too strict to party with, you're more fun to be around." She said as her smile widened. "Sorry for it being so long since our last meeting. But at least now we can see each other a lot more." She said with a hopeful note in her voice. As she heard him speak some more, she chuckled as she shook her head at him. "Me? Be scared off? My dear Cross, you hardly scare me off. Though I'm amazed I haven't scared you off." She said teasingly. She placed her hands on the curve of her hips some as she shook her head again at him. "Cross, Cross, Cross. What am I going to do with you? You science nerd, though I'm glad at least that I'm not the guinea pig in your experiments." She said with a laugh. She was just messing with him some as she turned her head to look back to where his experiment was. "Well as long as they're alright, then I guess there's no harm done. And it is for the good of Soul Society after all." She said as she cocked her head to the side some as she studied his instruments he uses for his experiments some before she turned her head to look at him. She watched him closely as he got closer to her then passed her. She blushed some as she felt him touch her thigh some with his index finger. "Cross!" She said through gritted teeth some as she turned around to slug him playfully in the shoulder. But he was too far away so she just shook her fist at him instead as she huffed a bit. "Hmph! One of these days Cross you're going to be in trouble with me!" She told him. She was smiling though as she said this, which meant it was a warning but said in a playful manner. As in the past, she has slugged him a few times when he was too slow to move or dodge. But over all it was normal for them to act this way with each other. She crossed her arms over the top of her chest some as she just watched him at the monitor. She was amazed that he knew what buttons to press to make something happen to his wishes. To her it was all Greek. She was never one that was good with technology. "Hm?" She said to herself as she heard something from the left of her. She turned and saw a table and a couple of chairs come up out of the floor. She then blinked some as the lights in the room dimmed some. She smiles some to herself. He was trying to make it a romantic party of sorts. Things haven't changed since their last party. Not one bit. "Indeed. Trying to make me swoon are you Cross?" She said with a chuckle as she glanced to him. "Put on any kind of music you want. I'm not very picky at the moment." She told him as she nodded. "We have a lot to discuss and catch up on." She agreed as she watched the robots move about the table and chairs. She then followed Cross to the table and took her own seat. She smirked as she looked back at Cross. "Let's get this party started shall we?" She asked him as she chuckles some.

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"Well as you know my dear, it is very difficult to scare someone like me. They do however keep a close eye on me. People around these parts tend to say I'm crazy. Wouldn't you agree?" The Noob lifted an empty cup and looked inside of it puzzled. The Noob was beginning to wonder about something it seems. The cup was empty. Why was this cup empty? The obvious answer was, the man needed to fill it. He was planning on having a sake drinking party. It was one of the ways, he could pretend not to know what he was doing. The Captain began musing over a couple of things. The name which 'Charm' referred to him as brought back memories. The Noob's name would often change with the times and his general mood. The Captain would however enjoy this little meeting. The man could only hope that his Fuku Taicho, knew how to handle himself. If he didn't know how to, then it was very unfortunate for him. "I'm curious about something Charmy. Whatever gave you the impression, that your not apart of my experiment. The fact that I'm hear trying to sort of court you. Means only one thing right? That I am experimenting a little to see what works and what doesn't. I've already guessed that one of your favorite pass times, are in fact parties. Occasions such as these, have a place in your heart. Hopefully I don't ruin things here, then again I wouldn't hear the end of it. I'm so happy now, I can finally run away from you just in case". The Noob smiled at the woman who was now sitting across from him. It would be time to pour the sake soon and have a bit of rum cake. Why does everything have rum in it? Just what were these two trying to get up to? "Get into trouble eh?" the man thought to himself. The prospects of getting into trouble with Charmy sounded rather good to him. It was a little exciting to say the least, but are they on the same page? The Shinigami could only hope so, since Charm was a little flirtatious too. The woman can be a foxy and witty lady at times. That's one of the reasons why the Shinigami enjoyed her company too. The Captain's gaze shifted onto the woman. His hazel eyes making eye contact for a moment. The Noob was used to scaring people away, by doing this very thing. This time however, his eyes seemed far more alluring and seductive. What was this man trying to accomplish? At this moment in time, it was indeed party time, as such, his plans will be revealed later. The Captain followed him by picking up a bottle of sake. And like so long ago on that hill where the two once shared a drink. The bottle of sake slipped from the Captain's hands. It had momentarily turned into a comical scene. The Noob was trying to catch the bottle in true Noob fashion. The Noob's efforts ended in failure, as with each grab, the bottle would climb higher. It was as if someone was pulling the bottle away from the Noob. Not only that, but he was also beginning to stand up simultaneously. His hands chasing the bottle in mind air. His body leaning forward, but alas the bottle had escaped him. It moved even higher and above him, it was now right above his head. The rather intriguing part about this situation is. The Noob's current position, his arms were outstretched. Extending towards Charm's chest area, more specifically the pair of perky jugs. It's been a while since the Noob accidentally grabbed hold of them on purpose. It was something the woman would have to deal with at this point. Time was frozen for a moment as the Noob began thinking of what to do next. He could retract his hands and sit down and catch the bottle. But that would have been for nothing. All that comical commotion would have gone to waste. No, the man wanted to try something else. Something that fits his character, his perverted mind had gone to work. The outcome could either be for the worst or for the best. The bottle of sake came crashing down. The bottle fell on top of the Noob's head, his body leaned all the way forward. His palms opened wide, yearning to feel the squishiness of the boobs. Those perky and blessed boobs, hallelujer. As the bottle of sake connected, his hand would grab hold of the boobs. His mission would turn out to be a success, one way or another. That was unless, Charm got to him first. Can't blame a Noob for trying right? At the same time, the bottle of sake would fall perfectly on the table. The cork would have come loose and rolled onto the table. The sake would then go pouring into the woman's cup. "Oops, my fault, I was trying to pour you a drink. I hope my hands didn't offend those friend so close to your heart. It's just that my hands have a mind of their own. They always seem to reach out to your upper body". The Noob had a smile on his face and was expecting the woman to bitch slap him. He could only hope that she was supposedly 'drunk' enough to go along with the flow. The Noob would retract his hands after a few moments and sit down. It's been so long and the many had quite a few questions. "So then how is life at the 3rd Division? And who is the lucky guy these days Charm? Is it your Taicho or a mystery man?".

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“Oh? Not really.
Remember when we first met Cross? I scared you and you dropped your sake bottle
in the process of jumping in fright. Good thing I was kind enough to share my
rum cake and sake with you.”
She said with a smile as she leaned back in her
chair some. “It’s best to keep an eye on you. You do act and look differently
then most people. You’re a mystery and hard to read at times. As for calling
you crazy, well that’s in the eye of the beholder to tell the truth.”
She said
as she shrugged her shoulders some while she continued to look at him. She
looked to her own empty cup as well. Wondering if he or she were going to be
the one to actually pour the sake into their cups. She leaned forward some as
she reached over her empty cup. Her hand was reaching for the slices of rum
cake that were on a plate in the middle of the table. “Hm?” She asked him as
she picked up a slice of the rum cake. She moved it onto her own plate. All
during this, she listened to what he was saying. It’s been a while since he’s
called her ‘Charmy’. So far, he’s the only one that can call her that name
without getting a slap or a few fiery words in response. She chuckled some as
she shook her head at him. She leaned back into her chair as smiled and looked
to him. “I meant that I’m not a part of the experiment where you actually probe
and poke me with your tools like needles and ect.”
She said with a smile before
she chuckled softly. She knew that he was trying to court her in a way. She blinked
then laughs as she threw her head back some. “Indeed parties are a hobby of
mine. It’s not much of a secret really. You didn’t ruin anything Cross. If you
did, you would know without a doubt. Though I doubt you would want to run away
from me. You’ll miss me and my company.”
She said as she used her fork to cut
off a small piece of the rum cake on her plate. Usually she made the rum cake,
but this wasn’t her own and it still tasted good. She rose one of her slender
eye brows as she saw the seductive look that Cross was giving her right now.
She knew that he was up to something. This man was always up to something.
Always planning. She just had to sit and wait to see his plan play out. Most of
the time it was usually a grope of some kind. Who knows how he would achieve
his goal this time. She was raising the fork with a small bite of rum cake up
to her mouth when he started to do the first step of this plan of his. She started
to smile and chuckle as he picked up the bottle of sake but the bottle so
happened to slip from his hands. It was indeed was very comical scene to
behold. Even more comical when you’re a part of it. She puts the fork in her
mouth as she leaned forward as if to catch the sake bottle, but it fell out of
her mouth. She was moving her well endowed chest closer to Cross’ hands as she
reached more for the sake bottle with him. It would be a shame to waste such
good sake on the floor or table. Or even on their clothes. She gasped as the
sake bottle hit his head and caused him to fall forward. This made it so that
his hands grabbed a hold of her breasts. She gasped and blushed lightly as she
looked down to see the proof. She then started to laugh before she raised up a
hand and made it a fist before she bonked Cross at the top of his head where
the sake bottle him only a few moments before. “Uh huh. Rrrrrrright Cross. I
know you too well. Your hands seem to enjoy that particular anatomy of mine.”

She said as she rolled her eyes playfully at him. She moved to sit back down.
She then started to look around for her fork now. All the while, she would
listen to him and answer his questions. “It’s good so far. My Captain is one of
those who is a bit of a hermit but he’s nice in his own way. And there is no
lucky guy Cross. At least not yet.”
She said as she would look up him some before
searching for the fork again. “Hm. Now where did it go?” She asked out loud as
she started to bend over some as she continued to look for the fork.

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As expected the woman had no qualms with bashing the Noob over his head. The man sat back into his chair, thinking about what the woman said earlier. Feeling the top of his head, the man grew a bump momentarily. A big ass zit, that once popped had cupids flying from it. The Noob blinked for a few moments, he was a little dizzy after the bashing. The man soon steadied himself and chuckled in a soft tone. The Noob soon shifted his gaze onto the woman once more. His head was then cocked to the side. His tongue extended momentarily in a teasing manner. It didn't take long before it found its place back in his head. The Noob sighed, but it wasn't out of boredom. "I do remember when we first met. It was from then onwards, that I decided my life long goal will be your boobs. Hell, I wanted to probe you with a certain instrument of mine. One that none of my other experiments have been probed with yet. I guess that makes you a little special, right?". The Noob chuckled once more and poured himself a drink. Charmy's cup was already filled and it was the Noob's turn. The handsome youngster took a quick sip and laughed thinking back on a few things. "I really don't know why they keep such a close eye on me. I may look a bit more vibrant than everyone else. But I'm just like any other Shinigami walking around her right? Speaking of colors, is green still your favorite color? You looked rather smexy in that green outfit of yours. You remember the one I'm talking about right? Green hair, green sash, green eyes I think. If I remember correctly you even had green paint on your boobies". The man laughed a little, teasing the woman. Hopefully he wasn't going overboard at all. If he was, then that would ruin his day too. "That means you enjoy your Taicho's company no? I saw him the other day in the Captain's meeting. We didn't quite say a lot to each other. Instead everyone in the room, decided to observe each other. Jumping to conclusions as we study each other. It feels as if the enemy is actually here in the Seireitei sometimes. That also reminds me of something I find interesting. I recently sent my Fuku Taicho on a mission to Hueco Mundo. He is travelling with the Kido Corps chief and commander. I wonder how their trip will turn out?". The Noob's last question was a rhetorical one as he followed up with another sip. His left hand then extended and picked up a fork. The fork was then place inside the cake that Charmy had on her plate. The woman had asked for one and she received it. The Noob began musing over several things as he sat there. The handsome youngster picked up a fork of his own. The rum cake was then sliced into rather efficiently. The man removed a chunk of it and placed it on his plate. His fork which was in his left hand, chopped off a piece of the rum cake. The Noob then gently gobbled it up, he couldn't afford to be seen as a pig. The man had to play his card right, he was attempting to charm, Charmy. How will it work out for him though? Was this hopeless Noob making any progress whatsoever? The man figured more or less that only time would tell really. The Noob had been ignoring the woman's response on a certain subject for a while now. Is she spoken for or not? And if not, then why was that so?. "Are you telling me that your still a maiden? If that's the case, then may I ask why? Surely a beautiful woman of your stature would be spoken for by now? Oh I get it, your waiting for me to propose are you?" . The Noob followed up his question with a flirtatious gesture, a wink and a quick lick of his lips. It was done in such a smooth manner as to lure the woman in. The Noob's voice had gone from simply pleasant to seductive now. What was this failure of a player up to now? The Noob gave off a smile and took another sip of the sake. The man was awaiting an answer of sorts from Charmy the beautiful.

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The day was busy as usual as people went onto their buisness as alot of work were tended to. The weather was the same as any normal day as the shy was blue and plain as ever. The foot steps of people going about their business could be heard. A short figure could be seen as it walked through the wall ways of the 12 division quarters. He could see other people going about their daily business and he didn't show any sorts of emotion on his face. He had black hair with white colour in the middle that went straight at the back of his head. One would say that he resembles a raccoon creature of some sorts. He had a duel Zanpaktou that remian perfectly intact on his back. He had blue eyes that matched with the colour of his tattoos that were on both of his arms. The short figure looked around the hall ways as other passed by he was in pursuit of finding his Captain. He then came to the Captain office door and then paused as he could hear voices. At first he knew that the Captain wasn't alone and it sounded like he had a female companion in there. Without understanding what was happening the racoon hair Shinigmai knocked on the door. "Captain i'm sorry to interrupt your meeting but its me Tobimaru Kishin, may i enter or should i come back another time."said Tobimaru as he waited for the Captain of the 12 Division to answer his question. Tobimaru was the name of the raccoon hair Angel of death and he was an unusual Shinigami as he was classed as not having any emotions. Tobimaru then waited for someone the answer before entering the Captain office. He was a respectful person and always abide by the rules but was that all there to it for this lone shinigami.

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“Heh. Be grateful that was only a tap Cross. You’re lucky I’m nice to you when you decide to do stuff like that.” She said with a smirk as she let out a soft laugh. It always amused her to bonk him on the head. Most people wouldn’t dare to hit a Captain. Much less Cross himself. She wasn’t scared of him in the least. Besides it was all in good fun. She never really and truly hurt him. She gave up on finding the fork she dropped and just went back to sitting on her chair. She looked back at him and laughed. “Careful with your tongue Cross. Something might happen to it.” She warned him with a mischievous smirk. She rolled her eyes at him some as she crossed her arms over her breasts. “Rrrrrright. What a goal that is hm?” She said before she snickered some. “Of course I’m special. And as for you probing me with a certain instrument of yours. Be careful and good luck with that.” She said as she chuckled and raised her cup up to her soft lips. She started to take a sip as he spoke of the past about her and her looks.

“That is wrong my friend. You are not like the other Shinigamis. You have…odd tastes compared to what most would call normal. And no actually. Now it’s purple.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders some. She was remembering what he was talking about now. “Heh. Don’t I look smexy in any and all that I wear Cross? And indeed. I do remember what outfit you are talking about. I actually still have it.” She said with a laugh. She shook her head some at the last part of what he said. “Nah. I wouldn’t paint my body a color, much less my breasts. You know how hard it is to get paint off of your body? You would have to scrub till your skin is raw. Not going to do that to myself. Especially my breasts.” She said with a chuckle as she continued to sip on the sake. She lowered her cup, now empty of sake. She nodded her head softly. “Mhm. His company is quite nice and even a bit amusing. Give it time and he’ll be less of a hermit.” She said as she watched him. When he spoke about the Captain’s Meeting, she raised one of her brows. “Oh really now? I wonder what is taking Aden so long then to return from this Captain’s Meeting. Oh well. He’ll know where to find me whenever he wants me.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders again. “Hopefully it’ll be a success. But I bet that something will go wrong. And you know how much I bet and gamble Cross.” She said as she looked off in the direction of where the experiment was before she walked in to meet up with him. She looked back to him as his hand made it’s way to her plate. He stuck a fork in her rum cake slice, which made her smile some. “Thanks.” She said before she started to delicately eat the rum cake slice.

She blinked some as she looked at him. “Now whoever said I was a maiden or not Cross? I’ll keep that bit of information to myself. And apparently not Cross. I’m still single like always, not much of a big deal.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders some at him. She then laughed and smiled at his question. “Yes Cross. Of course. That’s the reason.” She said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes some, yet playfully. She knew he was seducing her, but it wasn’t working on her like it would on most females. She heard a knock on the door and turned her head some to the door. She then heard another voice call for a request to enter. She smirked as she looked to Cross. “Well, well. Seems like you are needed Cross. I’ll stay here and hang out a bit. Don’t mind me and I’ll make sure to not cause any chaos in your other experiments.” She said with a smile and a laugh as she made a motion for him to answer the other Shinigami.

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