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Juunibantai Headquaters

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101 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:23 pm


Shinichi dressed up in his typical shinigami black robes hurried after Riko-Taicho. He had been told he was needed for his mission and as the division's 3rd seat he made sure he'd show. He touched his zanpakuto sheathed in the scabbard on his back today making sure it was there. Anyway it seemed he had made a timely arrival as Shinichi's Taicho leapt into the Garganta. Swiftly Shinichi followed creating a neat pathwath at his feet as he followed along catching up.


102 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:45 pm


Again Hiromasa was deep in thought. Either he could stay and go on as if nothing had happened or he could go to Hueco Mundo. Although he was nowhere close to the rank of anyone present, there was only one way to get experience and it was not by sitting in the soul society. Gripping his zanpakuto and book alike he jumped into the abyss following the Captains by making a path and trying to keep up with them because of the book.


103 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:03 pm


The bankai enhanced captain had noticed that his comrades where also leaving to the accused sandy place. That newly opened garganta lay infront of him, which would lead clearly too the battlefield. It was a matter of time now. Those blasted invaders would get what was comming too them. With a push off he would run at the garganta. Entering it with his comrades. The battle would begin now. And as that garganta which had opened, sucked him in. He smirked behind his mask. It was showtime.


104 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:47 pm


OOC: Holy shit <_< you bitches are trying to leave without me D: I want in on the action.

105 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:07 pm


As more and more people began to file into the room, most uninvited Hiteki simply sighed. He figured the only reason that most of these people were even going was because they wanted to fight and kill arrancar and possibly Espada. What none of them seemed to understand that was for people like Marjas and Shinichi they stood no chance against even the smallest of Arrancar. If they even took the time to head to library and do any kind of reading or attempted to find out any information on their possible opponents, the chances of them still wanting to fight were slim. Since having gone to the 3rd Division, Hiteki quickly read as much information as he could about all known Espada and Arrancar as well as every registered shinigami which is how he knew who Shinichi and Marjas were without being introduced.

Above all of that, why did these shinigami enjoy fighting so much? What was it that drew them to a place like Hueco Mundo where enemies would be all around them all the time? It made no sense to Hiteki and the only reason he was going was because he was ordered to by his Captain. Speaking of Aden Taicho he was in the process of heading into the Garganta and based on the way he through the equipment at his Lt, he meant business. Kogoro jumped into the Garganta right after his captain without looking back or thinking twice. He may die on the venture, but he would fight with everything he had and with pride in his Division.


106 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:55 am


After the Taichou had left the area in order to meet with the other captains and the Captain Commando. Goken decided to left the room and wait for his taichou to return, soon after Goken hoped that things would go smoothly in the meeting. The shinigami made his way towards another area and then waited patiently. After 30 minutes Goken could feel the presence of his taichou along with other spiritual pressure that he had recognized. He then quickly made his way towards the area where he could see them all. He then witness what was taking place and a smile was under neath his mask as he saw the shinigami making their way through the portal. Goken also saw marjas and knew it was his duty to protect both him and his captain. Soon after the captain had enter so did Goken and just by placing on foot in the white hair shinigami was now heading into the enemies zone ad it was time for the counter attack. What was about to come ahead would be a dangerous road and who would stop these shinigami as their powers were beyond anything else in this dimension.

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