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Shuei Setsuna {WIP}

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1 Shuei Setsuna {WIP} on Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:00 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
Arrancar Application
Name: Shuei Setsuna
Alias/Nicknames: El Rey de Hueco Mundo (The King of Hueco Mundo), The Exiled King

Age 1, 110
Visual Age: 24

Resurrección's Name: Esperanza
Innate Ability: Tosigo
' These flames are not ordinary flames. It is very tiny little mesh of spirit particles mixed together with brought out  venoms and or toxins of the blood in Shuei's system. Mixing such things together creates the effect of a flame-like substance that is in dire need of a material object in order to maintain itself. It will eat away any material away as a source of food and energy. The feeding of it is very quickly and instant and do not rupture heat energy in any form whatsoever. These flame-like substance eat about all entities as fuel except for gas particles; hence oxygen is not a part of their flowing system. The flames are limited to the amounts of spirit energy invested into making them. There are different levels of each flame substance.

During the first level, they take the form of a normal greenery, aqua color. This level can be used as projectiles and are often used for long range. They cannot eat away ice or wind. These flames are rarely often used in close combat. The second level is a purple color. They are capable of eating away almost anything and can be shot roughly together in one blast like a Cero with a cooldown of one if used like this. However, the blast can only be fired in a slanted angle upwards at only a close range and usually blasts his surroundings instantly. The final level is more complex. It is the point where Shuei's own soul is being fluctuated into the fire itself. Causing the color to turn white. When in this form, the flames are powerful enough to open a small dimensional rift as a representation of Shuei's emotions and suck everything within its range of two to five feet. After a subsequently three in a row spam of these rifts are used, Shuei must regain his strength and wait a two post cooldown in order to open another rift again in another three subsequence use, the rifts usually take the form of a crescent moon or if ever combined, they take the form of a large sphere like the moon. Whenever they are combined the size is very large, it is about the size of half the size of the actual moon, the cooldown for this is six. The sucking range of the large sphere is usually about fifty to seventy feet.

However, the flames and rifts are very very unstable. Its probably due to the venom being used as such a way it wasn't meant to be. Whenever they are used as flames, there is a high risk for Shuei and his surroundings as the flames themselves have about a fifty percent chance of exploding all over his surroundings for over at least fifteen feet and can severely injure his teammates, opponents, and himself. Which is why he created a special fabric to lower the percent chance to twenty-five percent. The flames also have a alternate form for Shuei to manifest. He can focus the concentration of the spirit particles into a solid entity forcibly. The form takes upon itself as a whip and all three levels can be incorporated into this single whip. The whip has no length and can easily be manipulated. Shuei may only create one at a time from either hand respectively from his fingers that are usually the middle and index, however, in order to not waste his reiryoku in this form, the whips return back into the body and thus resulting in a recovery time of two seconds if he decides to regain the energy of using such a thing along with its venom. The whip itself springs up from his sharp nails and launches forwards in the movement Shuei desires. A lash from this can severe a limb off, or cut through many defenses instantly. '

Status Ranked: Vasto Lorde
Personality: Unlike most of all Hollows, Shuei is kind, but very distant. As he hates the tendency to talk to others, he talks intelligently when forced by no other means of talking and action that tends to stray emotionless intoned and rarely ever gives into temptation for another cause, but depending on that temptation can change his overlook of the situation like any human, but he is more likely to mellow it out. The reason behind it is because he still retrains his emotions within him that are very sensitive, and has grown in Hueco Mundo not to reveal such a thing from the experiences from the beginning. Shuei also seems to have a very bad knack at being halfhearted in most of the things he does, whether it be working, fighting, and even other activities yet he performs well enough for it to be hardly noticeable. Even though he is halfhearted, the only time of essence he will place real efforts are only two things. One, speaking to get his point across and two, when he releases Esperanza from her slumber. Though, just like her master, she is very much the same. The difference is that she never speaks and rather shakes from the sheath in a odd coding that only Shuei understands; yes the blade can shake to warn or converse, but that's about all.
Birthday: November 20th
Birthplace: Rome
Natural Race: Human; Romanian
Likes: Animals such as dogs or wolves, family, and memories
Dislikes: Uninteresting things, his Resurrección, deceiving people, and his current lifestyle.  
Hobbies: Making silver accessories and gothic-like clothing.
Favorite Food: Souls, blood, and pastry sweets. He dislikes any sour tastes.
Favorite Music Trickpop and Rock.
Forte in Sports: Soccer and Basketball.
Special Skills: Strangely, his body is able to produce a venom through the blood and a antidote for that venom in his saliva. Aside from those facts, he has a very strange trait of smelling scents from others and has also acquired the well-being knowledge of assassination through the years in Las Noches.
Remains of Hollow Mask: None.
Tattoo Location: Hidden on his lower left abdomen; the number remains 1.
Aspect of Death Vengeance
Cero Color Purple with a White outline.
Gran Rey Cero Color: Black and Cerulean.

A dark azure-haired, red-eyed man standing at 188cm and covered in dark colored and black clothing who arms himself with a nodachi. He has made two silver crosses on his necklace as a memorial symbol of his parents and wears many silver accessories, belts, diamond spiked bracelets, and even made his own pair of gloves made of the same material his clothing is. He is slim and doesn't seem strong, but do not be fooled as his strength alone is powerful enough to break bones.
Height: Six foot tall and two inches. (6'2'')
Weight: One hundred and forty-three pounds. (143Lb)
Blood Type: None; blood is poisonous as to that of a LD50 of 0.25 mg/kg; however it can deliver up to 400 mg of venom; 10 to 15 mg is deadly to a human adult. The blood produces enough venom to kill 15-25 people. Mortality rate is nearly 100% unless the victim is promptly treated with antivenin or is put on a respirator or ventilator. The antivenin is Shuei's saliva. This only effects those who somehow drinks Shuei's blood. Lol.
Measurements: N/A {Sometimes I ask myself, "Why did I place this here again?"}
Having lost their parents at age eight. Shuei and Hisoka were placed in a German orphanage from being moved out of Romania. Shuei escaped on his fourteenth birthday, with his younger brother, Hisoka, behind him and came to settle finally in Karakura Town after many survival adventures as stowaways where they met a few spiritual beings. Over the years, Shuei had thought of taking care of his younger sibling and friends. Unfortunately, during the time Shuei was growing up and could not accept the fact of their history and how to coop with the shaken trauma of losing his parents. He had noticed the distance increasing between him and his brother. In nighttime days whenever the moon is ever out, Shuei would sneak out of the household guest room he and his brother had shared.  It was uncommon for the young man to venture out late of night, but what he ended up going to parties and ended up taking dangerous drugs at the time. Hisoka saw suspicion in this and was tempted to ask him the next morning. Dawn brought up and the two were walking silent along an empty pathway towards their daily routine of work at a diner. As the moment caught up, both young and unprotected were taken advantage of a whole flock of Menos Grande in the middle of the passageway. One of the top Gillian class Hollow that was able to shoot out the infamous Cero. They all clouded Shuei's and Hisoka's path and options to escape. Nowhere to run or hide, Shuei tosses his brother out of the way and takes the first hit of a Hollow attack. Luckily barely able to survive the first wave, his brother was unfortunate to receive the short end of the stick. His body was incinerated before Shuei's eyes. Distracted by the sight, Shuei was swallowed by a Hollow. A hollow he knew as La Primera.

Entering the newly odd world of the corrupt souls of many, the young man happened to retained his memories and his thirst of revenge. It was not long before he had realized he was now a monster. A very frightening mosnter whos bone mask covers the entire entity of his former self. Through his being, he was not used to seeing himself and like any primal instincts, he was attacked by the others. Every time he would just barely get out alive from the clutch of death. Time progressed and he hungered. Wanting to eat something, but he already knew what it was that filled the so called creatures. Human souls was his knowledge and later he could just no longer bare the aching pain within himself and he ate the creatures around him. Holding onto what he was feeling, savoring the heart warmed feelings within his soul when the thirst of their blood and souls had filled and energized him by great lengths. The young man came to known the beings around him known as Hollows. And he kept the satisfaction of eating another after another. He wasn't stupid, nor did he just ate away like a fat madman of gluttony or greed. Instead, he prosper to learn many different arising details of what he could do to get stronger, better, and most of all, turn into a so called Vasto Lorde. With his heart set in motion he battled many Hollows individually and ate them. His actions caused uproars in the place he was located in. A place full of dead-like trees and a solid ground with very little grass or moss ground about, but it was a sign water must have been underneath the crust of this place far below. The Forest of Menos was his playground of a feast. Eventually the caretaker of the Forest stood up against him. The Hollow was classified as an Adjuchas. The young man, Shuei Setsuna, would not back down and took his stand against the tyrant of a monster. The battle waged on for countless hours as the Adjuchas used cheap trickery of Menos to blast Shuei into oblivion. Shuei kept managing to deflect the Ceros with his mask and eventually saw an opening and dove in for the killing bite upon the exposed neck. Shuei took his bite and would not let go of the bite. Driven with the instinct to survive and not die, he was impaled blindly through the chest. It was almost over until Shuei managed to take another chop at the Adjuchas neck. His jaw opened wide enough to devour the head of the immense creature in order to live for the sake of his revenge that was not for himself, but for his mother, father, and little brother!

During the progressing of high speed regeneration, the young man inhabited the Adjuchas special function of the circuitry system. The ability to create a venom through his blood was his newly found power. The attention of Shuei's growth caught the attention of Duke. Later as the years went by in a never ending cycle of survival to the fittest, Shuei managed to get into a cluster of many Hollows that were swarming to eat one another. It was here that the little Hollow merged together with the other Hollows to become a Menos Grande. His mask was different unlike the rest. It was very odd and flat. It resembled to that of a star mask. Luckily for him, everyone else in the cluster was indeed, stupid and unwilling to survive. They were just hungry beasts who had no real driven passion to survive to overcome Shuei's own ambitions. It was clear that as he ate the other Menos and Hollows, he was evolving into something unique. In all honesty, the boy was having a good time. unable to resist the feel of joy and getting somewhere for once, he was nicknamed: Unbridled Instinct. Which literally meant this Hollow had  uncontrolled desires to fulfill that remained such a mystery to most of the creatures int he forest. Though, the day finally came when he evolved into a lesser small being of body proportion. Shuei achieved the level of Adjuchas after swallowing more Adjuchas level creatures in his body. When he entered this form, he gained the ability to shoot an unknown substance from his mouth, paws, and his entire body. He took the form of a very large jackal-like creature with the bone masking only covering his paws, head to snout, and spine down to the tail itself. His eyes where crimson stained and determined with only the same goal still. The process was taking forever, but it was all being worth it for them. More and more fell into the consummation of Shuei's feared fangs. He was newly nicknamed: Dark Fang due to his unrivaled thirst for blood and consummations of Hollows. He has never touched a human soul in his entire well being as he further progressed into the Adjuchas phase. No one wanted to play, he was the heavy debt and he knew it was closing. He made the rules for those who did not wish to die like a fool under Shuei's harsh ambitions. Unlucky for him Duke began to wary over this fiend and was curious as to who Shuei was personally and how far along can he prosper into the Arrancar revolution accruing.

It was defiantly time to play the game as Shuei managed to step up the stairs of obtaining the level known as Vasto Lorde. Taking the biggest interest was in-fact the newly Espada that had finally began. The fortress known as Las Noches was established. During this time Shuei went into a concentrated form of ripping his mask off to become an Arrancar. The feeling arose within his heart as his form was humanoid and his hollow hole was in his neck. As it got closer his body gained enough power leave a burning burst of spiritual energy as he forcibly ripped his mask off from his emotions and lack of thought and more into what was needed to be done. As he ripped his mask off by force, his face was anew now. Restored to what it used to be. He could feel it. The sensation of winds blowing up against his snowy skin. The breeze smoothing his face felt like no other experience as it once did. Opening his eyes to the blooming surroundings of his spiritual pressure, they shined brightly under the low light sourcing world beneath the sands. His strength split into two parts of the Arrancar. One being himself and the other his Zanpakutou. His blade was no ordinary blade, because he still remained human at soul, a portion of those emotions came into the blade itself and now it was able to communicate with Shuei. Shortly afterwards, he looked at his body and saw what used to be was still there. The only difference was his hole. The Hollow hole which he despises so much, it was located in the most ideal of place that made him almost weep. The hole was now located where his heart should be. Nothing is there and to remark onto a positive side note, he noticed there was no bone fragment attached anywhere. It made him rejoice into moving on from what has happened to him. Alone in the forests, he takes his Zanpakutou and walks away from the Forest, seeing it for one last time as he ventures into the outside world for the second time. He steps onto the terrain of white sand. Very bright and illuminated with no other light source than the halved odd crescent moon above the lone dark skies. He walked and walked and was very lucky to see the building palaces of Las Noches being built and almost finished according to his view sight of it. Venturing into the direction of it, he notices small Hollow animals living above the surface, it made him ponder how life always finds a way to prosper in such harsh conditions. A small chuckle arises from his clever smile from such a radical thought every time he looks upon the lonely sands. It wasn't long until he found sheets of broken fabric trapped onto the dead crystal tree tops from underground. He suddenly remembers what his mother did. She was very well in sewing things together.

Nothing else mattered when he entered the state of mind of the cloths. He used the tip of the crystal tree and made a small hole in it. Making it a needle, Shuei beganto sow things together and cut edges off with his Zanpakutou and or strength he had. Time was endless in this state of mind as he kept creating something he saw very few times of his mother. A small grace of smile came and gone as he kept going. Eventually he finally finished without any cuts or bruises on his hands. The cloth was long enough and was made to be a hood cape to cover himself. The cloth was white and large. It was enough to cover up as he held his Zanpakutou in his right hand. He kept walking towards Las Noches after being sidetracked again and eventually ran into a humble of servants of the Espada. They obviously did not take kind to even their own and wondered who Shuei was. As they made their way into the large fancy fortress, Shuei notices the glances from just about all the Espada. Lined up in their meeting with Duke. Shuei himself was forcibly given the Las Noches attire to wear. He blinks and stares at all ten Espada and remembers the significance why he is here. Though it would be idiotic to take them all at once. So in Duke's rather odd way of entertainment, Shuei was pitted up against La Decima Espada. Easily dispatched, Shuei severed two limbs off the Decima and whipped his head off clean in one stroke of his whip. Shuei's eyes looked dead. Experienced, fearless, and determined. Given the newly status La Decima, Duke orders Shuei to take on the Espada one by one. However, as he did so. Duke did not expect his forces to be killed. As Shuei reached La Cuarta, almost half of the Espada roster was gone in less than two weeks.  

Trying his hardest to just honing his skills of being out of pure instincts and own development within the fortress. The Espada wasn't gone because all of Shuei, the war between Shinigami had broken loose and onto different terranes of the worlds. Shuei happened to only kill three Espadas; Decima, Sexta, and Segunda. Upon entering La Segunda, Duke was at a mass overload of what he could do. The turf war and who being the strongest of Arrancars fighting amongst themselves was a surprise. Luckily Shuei seemed to be at a calm state of mind and was enjoying his sweet revenge upon Duke. Being in this newly state of mind; he quickly became the aloof, world-weary operative from the Espada. Provided with a lot knowledge of just about mainly a lot of race differences that Arrancars have came across, he is presuming this would restore things in Las Noches. It is revealed here that he can control spirit flames, but his abilities are extremely unstable. So he wears a special coating of fabric on himself that is always black and prevents such unstable powers to go haywire before entering into a fight with Duke. Everyone in this deadly world has wondered if his memories fell apart, but his past still remains as much a mystery as ever and it was time they resurfaced once more. In order for him to effect his revenge. Shuei spent his Arrancar youth polishing his skills as an assassin for a man known as Duke. The Primera at the time since the beginning, who has killed his parents during his living era. He had a brother, who's fatal injury had made Shuei quarrel him into a safe place where no one could reach him before death. His objective was to slay Duke and destroy the secret syndicate "Espada" that rules over him. But due to over decades in his presence, feelings for the organization other than hate often plagued him up to the point where Shuei was battling it out with Duke. At Duke's behest, he had a hand in the former Segunda Espada's death and was a target of many, but his final goal was destroying Duke. Which he had accomplished. Duke was no longer alive, and Shuei Setsuna finally gave into the core of the Espada of what it is today. Having helped none, his revenge was lifted out of despair and his leadership was thrown across Las Noches and the newly world Shuei named; "Hueco Mundo" that flashed itself unlike any flash before. From childhood Shuei roamed the world to seek his revenge on Duke, slayer of his brother and parents, and saw countless battles in Hueco Mundo. With his own power and finding his inner being of a soul, he defeated Duke and subsequently came to be called the "The Devil of Farewell." During his victory, a large shrieking howl of a demonic wolf-like came out of the midst dark of the world and rendered the spectators breathless and fearful. With his non-cheerfulness and benevolence that belies his tragic past, he's gained a legion of adoring corrupt fans and enemies. His trademark still remained as is his silver crosses and his unnoticeable halfhearted efforts.

Once the death of Duke spread across the worlds, Shuei managed to get within Soul Society and end the turf war and proclaimed the world they come from is Hueco Mundo. There was no peace treaty or anything. It was basically submission out of new leadership. The war ended, and ever since then the peace between the world's military has there ever been any interruption. Shuei had remained Primera for only a short amount of time. He obviously had no more ambition to carry out Las Noches to whatever its whim is. Though he became one of the leading most powerful Hollows to come out of mistake, he had prosper to invent Gran Rey Cero and made a blonde woman into an Espada; La Terceda Espada before his departure. During his departure he sustained himself in a large fortress within the White Desert and far away from Las Noches. It is a very large and lonely castle. Shuei spends his remaining days sleeping, training, and wondrous of his next chapter in his soul's life. Unexceptionally, his younger brother found him. Surprised by such a meet, Hisoka attacked Shuei. With his reflexes in tacked, he was able to fend off Hisoka easily and eventually talk him out of it of who he was, where he came from, and more importantly. Who Shuei Setsuna was towards him. The aroma of Hollow traces within the flow of Hisoka's spiritual pressure had rested assured to what he had become in a way, but it still puzzled Shuei for not too long what it was that Hisoka was hiding, but later revealed. Not surprised at all, Shuei was able to share his emotions for the first time in many years towards Hisoka. The story continues on for Shuei, his life has settled and feels he may rest in peace whenever the opportunity arrives. Yet he feels there is something more missing... A piece to be placed somewhere in his life before death. Whatever it is, that is one goal in mind he takes into account. Even after reuniting with Hisoka.

Fighting Style:
Shuei's fighting style is a complex form of Yasakani style of ancient martial arts, which is a violent offensive style incorporating use of claws and he uses his instincts to fight as well. He mainly focuses on slashing combos to contrast his brother's fighting style. He also possess the ability to counter both high and low attacks in a fashion similar to Aikido. He is also one of the few characters in the world that can launch three projectiles in one sequence.
Rp Sample

Taking a sip of the offered mug from the amused woman who seemed to be at a very youthful advantage and undisturbed by herself in ways this man has been enduring the whole time. Her story was interesting. The talks of pride didn't surprise him. Seeing as how the Arrancars didn't had pride they wouldn't be were they are at right now, being pushed back like mindless barking dogs by the Shinigami. Blinking with little glances over her as he seemed to wonder if he should tell her why he was confused. Or why he felt 'self-pity' in his abilities. The thought of it stuck on his mind like glue and paper. Taking into perspective of hers he simply takes in sips of the hot cocoa that didn't seem to defeat his cold hands but it quenched his thirst or more to say a dry mouth. Though when he listened the bowels of his mind was in fact troubled once again. Voices surging through his head. "Kill kill kill kill", was echoed in his head by none other then that killing bastard. Letting it roll of his mind and his stiff shoulders he finally comes to understand that not everyone can be happy and leaders such as themselves must lead great impacting examples. As nighttime sharpens in his mind with darkness stirring that only wakes through great abandonment of his own defenses will it ever slowly truly corrupt him. A light whistle with a low yet long pitched tone to it escaped his lips. The room was rather quiet to were only the soft blazing fire was heard. Feeling its warmth was enough as he stood up and began to believe to unwind himself from the darkness of his own true self.

"I am sorry to hear that miss Ayame." He replies simply as he sets the cold empty mug on the table in which she grabbed it by. Staring into the empty mug he turns to give a small glance at her. Wanting to smile yet unable to emerge it was a nuisance. The feeling was that of a taunting person or thing in which you can never grasp. The feeling of expressing was yet to be forgotten and this woman had ensured it within the remaining sanity of his lost soul. Rememering a small flashback to where the only tme emotions ever came to him at most need was were his body was resurrected once more only through the struggle of changing from what he saw was where sadness and hope overcame the barges of insanity and ruin. Though her powers were impressed from that reiatsu his own power would overpower hers yet. There was another secret of his that none know. Keeping it solenoidal like a wire of secrets he knew too much but way too young for it all. Feeling this was not his place. He takes a full turn and looks at her.

"Letting souls die is something I cannot forgive. My feelings of despair and sadness is but a fraction of what else I deal with. Never underestimate one's emotions. They say emotions can be the key to do just about anything. As I know anything is almost possible which is what I fear that something within me might be set loose. And with the secrets I hold due to it and what it knows is what I've been fearing everyday since the moment I defeated it.If there is a secret you can share is how to use Ransōtengai, or known as Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit. As I will also tell you that one of my scientists may be willing to create a machine to revive those lost memories." He simply pokes the emptiness of the room's midway of length of size with his right index finger. Causing friction with reiatsu as it literally tears open a pathway momentarily. The darkness of the void is seen and not even the brightest of flames could ever be shined upon such a pathway. Shuei takes a final look at the woman. Unwilling to just fall into pieces he digs into his leather pants' pockets for something. Finally finding it he tosses it to her. A small capsule of some sort that glistens of silver and orange from the fire's light. Within it resides a small paper. The scroll to activate a Garganta manually by showing its true trick. Though as much as trust may go on he had much more to say than this but maybe another time was best needed. For now he will simply give but small details.

"Since we will be allies, the Quincys, Vizards, and the Espada are now allies. As for that capsule is only for your eyes only. For if anyone reads that material, I will forever hunt you down. I do not underestimate you nor should you as I am not stronger nor weaker through even one advantage and if that is experience, through one of our most unachievable forms that none has ever seen. I shall never underestimate you. I am the mask you wear that hides your sadness as you will be mine. I bid you farewell for now. I am sorry for being a disturbance. Its only because of myself and whats been going on that had crippled my mind and spirit. Though thanks to you I know I can overcome this unspeakable coil of emotions and set of pride. As another token, I promise to give back your memories, your life, your name. Whenever you wish it as I have other things to attend to for now. Thank you for the hospitality and to see me is instructed behind the paper's instructions of Garganta. Our new home..." This fight could be her last fight or his own. Though brushing this sad atmosphere off his stiff shoulders he smiles lightly as he enters the dark void. Letting go of this messy conversation he now had friends. Something his old disruptive self did not have. Having his head in the clouds and worlds upside down, Shuei Setsuna disappears within the darkness of the void and notices the music that drifted from the room into the pathway was echoed into nothingness; stopping. Getting away from it all he shall see to it that his plans will impact this world unknowingly if it may. Change was needed so much between the three worlds that it kept pursuing its methods in the mind of Shuei. He was gone. Away from Ayame as he heads to a place where seems to be disturbed though his senses. The sense of battle. Emilie Whisper, his fraccion was battling. Curiosity taunted him as he gave into it and diverted his walkway to that blasted woman. Though he'd look different from what he used to, hopefully his reiatsu would give away himself.

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