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Juunibantai Headquaters

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76 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:43 pm


Aden listened to everyone statements and the direction he was taking a very mute point everything being that he has been out of the loop for awhile, but Aden wasn’t sure if the others realized Kenpachi was engaged with two espada no one. One was a man that Aden had met before, and he was also the Segundo espada making him a little too much for kenpachi to deal with while he was fighting another espada.
Aden shunpo’d with Ewan away from the others trying to reset giggling at the comment he had made.

(Crap I know who cares though exit)

77 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:51 am


((OOC: Short exit post))

Ugh.. so much talking, not enough patience to listen, if Mizu had been making the effort to listen she probably would have been bored to tears at this point in time, following Izanagi it seemed had been a bad idea, after all she had merely lounged around his lab the entire time, only having his little subordinate to talk too, the little maggots hadn't even been able to entertain her for a mere minute, let alone her wanting to warrant spending time with them any longer.

Her balancing act upon the edge of the bookcase ceased with a mere push from her hands as her feet connected with the ground once more with a soft tap, her arms up above her head signifying her leap as something fantastic even though the drop had merely been a foot, the theatricality of such a simple movement by such a grand display of triumph was something Mizu was attuned to doing without even thinking, almost in a constant effort to entertain oneself when nothing else can.

"Well Shinigami captains, it's been amusing while it lasted, however your little town is beginning to bore me once more, like it did so many years ago..." she paused slightly in her sentence as her out stretched her hand and touched the air briefly in front of her, the space seeming to distort for but a moment as if a garganta were about to open, instead a blast of light as doors of ethereal power opened up within an instant before her form, a forced Senkai gate that required no Hell Butterfly to transgress, a useful tool to one of her race " the humans would say, adieu my little Shinigami toys" with a single step after finalizing her words the doors snapped shut behind her, a brief whiff of smoke occurring as a Hell Butterflies wings could be heard flapping from the distance, an obvious souvenir from her trip, her reiatsu signature and presence completed erased within a few moments.

[Exit >>>> Somewhere else]

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78 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:43 pm


Jushiro was forced to tilt his head back, after hearing the fiend spoke to him. Not only that, but the woman if one could call her that opened an illegal Senkai Gate. The Captain of the 12th Shrugged a little as the woman made her exit. Redirecting his attention back onto the Captain Commander. Jushiro took the Sotaicho's silence as meaning absolution, indeed his words can be absolute. And saying he wants Jushiro to get the Doctor to Soul Society. Was more like an order, rather than a favor of sorts. Jushiro sighed a little, before his fox grin flashed upon his face as once. There it maintained its unwavering position on the Captain's face. His eerie aura suggested that he would comply with the Sotaicho's request. But not because of the orders given, it was simply to see what would happen. Jushiro wasn't the type of person to let something as foolish as reason get in his way. His idea of logic was far different compared to that of others. This at times tend to cause confusion and would often cause somethings to come falling down. Thinking back on the Sotaicho's words, the mentioning of a clinic brought back memories. The rumors that surrounded such a place, if it was the same place. Then Jushiro has a vague idea of where it might be located. "Sotaicho, I will comply with your request, but to make it interesting. I will open the Garagunta based on my own co-ordinates and knowledge of Karakura town. This means if the Doctor doesn't board this ship with 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The ship would have set sail and you'd have to send a platoon to retrieve him. Saying that, I can't say this will go down well with Central 46. Those old geezers have a lot of say on what goes on around this place. But oh well whatever happens, happens right? Hallelujer". The man said before walking a few paces away from the Captain Commander. Jushiro made his way to a monitor and below that monitor was a keyboard. And with a few push of the keys on the keyboard, the estimated coordinates were inputted into the system. This gave Jushiro a rough idea of where the Garagunta should lead to. His fox grin didn't change at all, at the moment, that was the only expression visible. Walking back towards the position of the Captain commander. Jushiro stood 5 paces away from the man, before the Commander started leaving the 12th HQ. Jushiro was a little puzzled by this, but Kazumi was a strange person indeed. Either way, Jushiro could only muster a guess as to what the deal was. But should the Sotaicho decide to go absent for a while. Then a current Captain would have to step up for the time being, that way order will remain. Order is something that the Gotei 13 needed within its walls at the moment. Way too many losses for Jushiro's liking, but that shouldn't be a major problem. Lifting his left hand casually despite the Sotaicho's absence. Reiatsu cracked on the tip of Jushiro's index finger. And by drawing a line horizontally across the air, a dark line emerged. The Captain's motion resembled someone's throat being cut open. Focusing on the task at hand, Jushiro cocked his head to the right side a little. "Kuusho" the man uttered as the dark line began to open into what seems like a rip. A tear in the atmosphere as a gapping whole opened up within the 12th HQ. The Garagunta was now opened and it lead to Karakura town. Where exactly though, Jushiro wasn't sure about. If something didn't come through it in a couple of minutes. Then the Doc will make his way to Soul Society some other way. The Garagunta's exit and entry would appear in Karakura town. The Captain however decided to enter this dark space. Instead he would be tagging along to Karakura town, with the Garagunta closing behind him.


79 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:17 pm


Inventing The Bad Blood Purifier

Jushiro had finally made his way back to the Juunibantai and it was now time to get back to work. The Shinigami walked throught the gateway that lead to his place of devine inventions. Earlier something interesting had transpired a meeting between a Stranger and the Sotaicho, as felt by their Reiatsu signatures. The signature grin was upon the face of the Shinigami, as he propped himself down into a chair. And from then onwards the man began an assault on the computer before him. The keyboard was subjected to his hasty and yet careful hands, searching the archives intently. The Captain’s search leads him to something that he had tossed to the side. His original decision to do so was brought on by nothing but random emotions. There was also the fact that the timing wasn’t right at all for him. Jushiro’s mood was a little different now, he was just a little more focused and felt like working on something. Working on something sounded about right, since nothing was ever complete. Perfection is something that a Scientist could never obtain, at least not a true scientist. There was always room for improvement and improving is just what Jushiro was sitting down to accomplish. This little experiment of his was a little more complex compared to his other experiments. The Captain suddenly paused while placing his left hand on his chin, seemingly musing over the prospects. The Captain soon tilted his head to the side and sighed a little, his left hand moved away from his face. His right hand soon moved towards the inner layers of the left side of his garments. And from his appeared a bottle, one that was filled with sake as suggested by the quick shake of the bottle. All that the Captain needed to complete his preparations was a little white stick. The high grade, the purple skunk, the Mary Jane then again the bitch reading get the point by now. Scurrying through his robes, Jushiro’s eyes widened as his hand came to a stop; his fingers were placed upon something. The feel and texture, not to mention the length and size was a very nostalgic thing. The grin on his face grew wider as he pulled out that which was discovered in his robes. The sweet aroma of the illegal substance was the source of his happiness. The Captain liked the fact that most people wasn’t able to tell, whether he was being genuine or not. He is the type of person that lacks the compassion for others, which so many other creatures have. The weed stick rose towards the Captain’s mouth, before his right hand extended and grabbed hold of a lighter. The light from the torch illuminated the room somewhat, as the white stick was set ablaze. Jushiro soon took a long puff, inhaling the smoke, something that relaxed the Captain even more. And before the man even exhaled, he was already making funny faces; then again it could be his own imagination. The spiff was moved to the left corner of the Captain’s mouth, held together by his lips. Now that both of his hands were free, the Captain placed them upon the keyboard once more. This time the sequence of keys brought forth something else, the very source of the Captain’s experiment. A vial rose from an opening in the ground and was now sitting 2 feet away from the Captain. Taking a quick puff of the Mary Jane, his eyes shifted towards the vial that contained his unfinished work. The atmosphere around him was starting to become cloudy. Nevertheless the Captain wasn’t feeling any after effects at all. This simply meant that the weed wouldn’t hinder him in any way possible. Jushiro soon picked himself up and held onto the vial before walking away. The man soon propped himself down in another seat, this time right in front of a microscope. Soon enough specimens were drawn from the vial and placed under the microscope. The Captain’s eyes were now set upon the ongoings of what was under the microscope. Now that everything was magnified, the man would be able to see everything up close. Most of what needed to be done was a bit of testing, rather than something more hectic. The man already had a base idea, plus the right type of parasites to utilize. The only thing he needed to do now is, put them to the test. Without really choosing to, Jushiro had placed as many as 37 little nanobots under the microscope. It was now time to see just exactly what they were capable of. A scientist had to be sure, before testing anything on them. As such a test subject was the best thing to have in such situation. Jushiro was feeling like Mr. Fantastic now, the weed stick was removed from his mouth. And was placed upon an ashtray, that way the man can set ablaze later on. For now, he would have work on his little experiment/invention. The Captain began watching the movements of the nanobots. So far they resembled a gathering of beetles, rather tiny ones, that wasn’t even the size of a grain of salt. Engineering these things wasn’t the easiest task at all, however it was very rewarding. Jushiro sat back in his seat and began musing over what he should actually do next. The Captain soon got up and went back towards the keyboard and once again went on a search. Hidden away in the archives, are the samples that were meant to be tested. Jushiro didn’t waste anytime summoning these samples, with a quick tap on the keyboard. Within moments, there was yet another opening in the ground, from it appeared the samples. The Captain soon moved in the direction of the microscope. Once there the man took his seat and pulled up closer to the microscope. Jushiro took another sneak peek at the nanobots they all seemed rather active at the moment. But Jushiro as of this moment has no idea of jus what they’re capable of. The man decided to use the samples for his own personal gain. Yes, the invention in question was a personal one that was meant for the Captain’s use. It was now time to see just exactly what the little creatures, the nanobots can do. Sample A, which was merely an injection of toxins and poisons, went to work mingling with the nanobots. The Captain was most intrigued by the possibilities of what could actually happen. There was always the issue of a bit of trial and error, but that is part of what it means to be a scientist too. The Captain’s head moved closer to the microscope, his eyes placed upon the instrument. Jushiro’s eyes were now checking to see what would actually happen, whether or not there would be a tug of war, had remained to be seen. The Captain now knew what a child felt like at Christmas. The anticipation, the excitement of opening one’s present, that’s what it felt like for the Captain. His eyes didn’t blink at all; time had slowed to a crawl for him. The man was now absorbed into his work. And what the Captain’s eyes saw was enough to make any scientist happy. The unit of nanobots moved in on their prey, the source of the poison. The bad blood if you will, attacking it rather swiftly. So much so that the man was reminded of the tug of war between the mere cat and the scorpion. This time however it was the beetles, the nanobots that was engineered by the Captain locked in combat. The man giggled a little, while observing the nanobots. It would seem that the nanobots turned out to be more than impressive. As they moved in on the source, counterattacking the poison and toxins. The man also noticed another feature of the nanobots, which is to purify the bad blood. This means that the nanobots didn’t just neutralize the poison. But to also remove it, acting like the famous cleaner of the Dangai. These cleaners, the nanobots made sure everything was squeaky clean. The Captain began musing over what else these nanobots were capable of. The man soon looked over towards what was labelled as Sample B. His hand extended and removed sample A from underneath the microscope. It was now time to test the nanobots against something else. Sample B this time, not only contained poison and toxins, but cells that were being destroyed by it. This would either be a successful venture or something, which would make the Captain revise a few things. One had to be careful when handling these things; as such the man couldn’t afford any lapse in concentration. No disturbances would be tolerated, not from another Shinigami, Hollow or whatever it may be. The man soon placed Sample B against the nanobots. And like before his eyes played the role of the spectator. This must be what a God feels like looking down on the earth. The moment of truth had arrived and Jushiro was now ready to view the result, just like before, the poison made its presence known. The nanobots along with blood and poison were mixed into one. The reasoning behind this was that the nanobots were meant to purify the blood. Plus there was the other function of repairing the damaged cells, by regenerating them. Thus mending the things that were broken by the toxin or poison that aimed to cause problems. The nanobots themselves seem to be adept and adapting to different poisons. Thus making them the perfect one, plus perfect defense too. The Nanobots moved in swiftly like the police on a suspected criminal. And as the moved in on the bad bacteria, the nanobots, began destroying the poison. This came across as rather ironic to the Captain. Since this is exactly what the poison was meant to be doing too. The poison came up against the perfect foe, one that was able to neutralize it. The blood and cells that were meant to be destroyed so happened to be Jushiro’s own. Ironically the man was his own test subject. But that also means that he didn’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Since the nanobots seemed perfectly fine swimming in his blood. The poison was not only neutralized, but the cell that was destroyed was being repaired. Another thing that was most interesting was the time it took to repair, more severely damaged cells. This meant that it was safe to assume, that more severely damaged cells would take a little longer for the nanobots to repair. That was a reasonable trade off, considering, that the nanobots would neutralize the poison first. This meant that the affliction wouldn’t cause problems, before the cell repairs were done. The Captain smiled a little, a far as he was concerned. He had accomplished that which he set out to do in the first place. It was now time for its actual application, that meant it was to be injected into the body.

80 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:22 pm



81 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:31 pm


I stamp my royal seed into this topic...



82 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:11 pm


The Captain rejoiced a little after basking in the presence of the invention. The splif was once again set ablaze in celebration. But there wasn't anytime for stupid celebrations. The Noob picked himself up and reached for a syringe. The syringe was then filled it with the nanobots from the vial. Once this was done, the nanobots were injected into the Captain. The sensation actually brought the man to his knees. He could actually feel the nanobots scattering themselves throughout his body. The Captain had a sadistic grin upon his face, as he rose to his feet. The nanobots would store themselves inside of him. There they would live in waiting, to perform their duties. The Captain soon picked himself up and started heading towards the exit. At the moment, there was an uncertainty about where he'd actually end up. Either way the man would be roaming around Noob style.


83 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:09 pm


Jushiro was back in the Soul Society again, after mistakenly going on a random trip. The man wasn't even able to take two steps in the human world, before deciding against it. The Captain made his way past the guards at the gate. The usual bow and greetings that showed their respect was seen and heard. The Captain walked nonchalantly towards his leisure area. There he would sit down, while awaiting a report from Winter. Its been a while now since he had seen her. Come to think of it, he wasn't even able to sense her spiritual pressure. Tobimaru was now deceased, of that Jushiro was sure. But as for Winter, the man couldn't say for sure, this would be a cause for concern. That was if the Captain was the worrying type, no, he was more calm and collected. The man leaned back in his chair, this time closing his eyes. As the man sat there comfortably, a fox grin was upon his face.

I am drifting into the cold abyss
Will there be a turn, a twist?
The darkness is soon overcome by the light.
The coldness, is actually the ice that encased my heart.

The Captain felt at ease those few moments that he was by himself. Nevertheless, the man was on the look out for others. Keeping a close spiritual eye on things at the moment.

84 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:21 pm


Japanese was a troublesome language, at least for Rico. Though for once, he tried to better his slur up and get rid of his terrible Japanese, albeit still keep a foreigner's accent due to the simple fact he can't retain a very fluent version of their language. Reading along the book that was translated into Spanish to help him improve not only his pronunciation of words with the help of phonetics, but also to understand the words and expand his vocabulary, the said book labeled "Japanese for Foreigners". Though for the most part, Rico was hopelessly lost in this cascading maze called SS, exhibiting the Reiatsu of Daisuke, the former Vice-Captain of 3rd Division as he was going along in his travels, wearing his own Shinigami uniform and all, with Syoura's sword visibly by his sheathe resting within his obi-sash's grasp, and Daisuke's Zanpakuto too.

"Knock-é-knockey." He says, in front of the door to the leisure area.

Rico's shaded eyes slanting on the fine detail to which it stated, "It is impolite to enter a room in Japanese culture by knocking it down." Though the Kanji for knocking it down was actually knocking.

That in mind, Rico shoots a missile called his feet towards the slide in door of the leisurely room, promptly kicking it off its hinges before pacing in rather casually, seating himself down on the seat that screamed 'softest of all'. Eyes latched to his book that he is consistently flipping through to feed his brain off information provided by this miniscule piece of informatory utility.

"Konnichiwa. Izanegro-san," Rico mispronounces in his dictionary filled language, using incorrect sentence structuring, "I. Rico-sama. Am. Very. Humble. With. Gardening. What. Plans. You. Be. Making. Lately?"

85 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:51 pm


The leisure area of the Juunibantai acts as Jushiro's place of Zen. The man was at peace for a few moments, but that was interrupted very quickly. The Captain sensed the arrival of the visitor on campus. Jushiro maintained his position in his seat, his hands folded behind his head. The Captain soon raised an eyebrow after hearing the strange accent of the Dawktar. Not only that, but Jushiro now knew his presence, by the Reiatsu signature. The words of the man brought a smile to his face. It had the same structure as his fox grin, which made it difficult to tell whether or not he was being genuine. The Captain was about to invite the man in, but the Dawktar had beat him to the punch. The man had kicked the door in, so much so that it was hanging off its hinges. "What da fuck is up with this Nigga? Kicking my door in like he the Po-po. I would expect this from the 6th Division, not him. What the fuck does he want?". The Captain felt steam blow out his ears as he sat there. The man was about to lose himself, considering that the Dawktar broke a few rules.

But upon close observation the Captain noticed the book in the man's hands and sighed. At the moment, the man would simply forgive the Dawktar's trespasses this time. The man was a guest in Soul Society and dare Izanagi say it. He was also a foreigner, not use to the customs of the Shinigami. This naivety and lack of know how intrigued Izanagi even more. Keeping his hazel eyes on the man as he made his way in. The Captain was once again shocked by the greetings and its racist connotation. The man took the time to blink and re-evaluate what was said. He thought about it, mused over it. revisited his thoughts and the words spoken. Jushiro wasn't quite sure if that Dawktar realized what was said. Looking the Dawktar up and down, had Jushiro been a female, his earrings and Vaseline would be out by now.
"What da fuck Dawktar, did you just call me a Nigguh? You trying to disrespect me on my block?". Now this is what we call a Soul moment. A Soul moment normally occurs when two Souls comes in contact with each other.

And end up with a confrontation between themselves, thus leading to two perfectly logical Souls, making illogical and stupid decisions.
. With a quick press of a Button, Bazookas, 9mm, AK-47, Missiles and other dangerous items rose from the ground. These weapons rose from the ground, surrounding the Dawktar, reading to blow him to pieces. For some reason, the same thing that happened in Karakura town, happened again. The Captain's imagination ran wild, causing dangerous explosions and gunshots to be fired. Things that would vaporize both souls in the room, but luckily Jushiro didn't press the button. The Captain soon shook his head and snapped out of it. The man did however pressed the wrong button and a fist with a boxing glove on it. Shot from a cannon, connecting with the Captain punching him in the face. The man was flung from his chair like a rag doll, before colliding with the walls. The Shinigami laid still for a few moments, seemingly knocked out by the blow. But a twitch of the arms and legs showed that Jushiro was alive and well. Picking himself up with dusting himself off, the weapons then returned from whence the came. Walking over toward the Dawktar, Jushiro's mood changed again. "Oh heller Rico and welcome. I see your brushing up on your Japanese. I have a far better way of you learning to speak fluently. But for now I am planning to do something crazy. I wanna take a trip to a special place". The Captain had a grin on his face as his words trailed off.

86 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:19 pm


A tall figure could be seen walking through the wall of the 12 division. He was on his way to meet a very specific person that he knew personally. He had silver spiky hair that leaned over towards the left. He was wearing a special head band that covered his left eye. He face was half covered with a mask he was wearing that covered his nose and mouth. He was slim built as his zanpaktou remained on hidden on his left side. He had a lazy look towards him as he other shinigami in the corridor. As he kept on walking through the hall ways he began reflecting on the pass on how things were before becoming a shinigami. He then approached the area that he was destine to go and he could hear as two men were exchanging words. A slight smile was on his face as the mask hide it. He then entered the room where the two men were talking but decided to knock fist before entering. His name was Goken Jushiro a former brother of a certain person. He had the similar trait with the same colour hair. Which was special for their clan. As the tall figure knocked he then calmly spoke as the words escaped his mouth. "sorry to disturbed you Captain but if your not too busy may i enter"asked the Young man as he waited for a reply from the Noob. Goken was just appointed the second seat position. It was just selected after the death of a weird skunk looking shinigami who died in the line of duty. Goken placed both hands in his pocket as he awaited further instruction from his Captain. He knew that it would be vexing to bother his Captain in a time like this.

87 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:53 pm


Hiromasa stopped walking for the third time. "As usual, walking around the Headquaters takes forever, especially with this book," he thought, "why does this place have to be this gigantic?!" He looked in his book to make sure he was going the right direction, because his book contains many things he has seen. The map said he had to pass by the leisure area, the place where people go and waste time. Reluctantly he trekked through the area. Then there was the sound of a door breaking and he stopped walking and went into contemplation mode. "If I go in I might have to deal with some fighting or something that is not interesting, but, if not the Captain might blame me for being in the area and not doing anything." When he finally brought himself back he saw something going inside and followed, only to see the lieutenant at the door, the Captain inside with a strange person and the door of the hinge. He walked up behind the Lieutenant and while bowing asked, "Good day Captain, Lieutenant, is there a problem?"

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88 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:05 pm


A small bead of sweat dripped from the new Lieutenant of the 3rd Division's head as we walked through the Seretei. He had just been transferred from the Kidou Corps to the 3rd Division and found himself doing a lot more work than he had ever had to do before. Having to go back forth moving information from one place to another was no easy task, and today on this uncharacteristically hot day, Hiteki was tasked with heading all the way to the 12 division head quarters to meet up with two captains he had never met before. Captain Izanagi, head of the 12 division, was someone who was described as insanely smart, but a little on the sadistic side and had a very strange way of communicating with others. Captain Rico was said to be a captain that was...entertaining to say the least.

So there Hiteki Kogoro was, in his black shinigami robes, and signature red Haori walking through Sereitei taking his time, but rushing at the same time. According to Captain Aden, he and the other two captains were going to make a special trip to Hueco Mundo. He wasn't given any other information, nor had he asked about why he was chosen to accompany the two other captains to Hueco Mundo, but he had been there before and it was not a place for the weak. Hollows, Arrancar, and even Espada wondered around freely in Hueco Mundo and it was a place where you always had to be on full guard. Definitely not a peaceful place by any means. Finally the large doors that lead to the Juunibantai Headquarters came into view and Hiteki's pace quickened as he finally neared his destination and he would no longer have to be out in the heat.

The Lieutenant showed the proper identification so that the guards would let him in and hoped that after being a Lieutenant for long enough to people around the Soul Society would come to recognize him. The Kidou Corps operated a little differently and so he was a rather unknown face out in the open, but he was not new the workings of Soul Society. He quickly strolled through the 12 division before finally coming to the now half broken door leading the place where the other captains were supposed to be waiting. A broken door usually meant something was awry and while most shinigami would have placed their hands on their zanpakuto's defensively, Hiteki who only used his zanpakuto if absolutely necessary simply slowed his pace and survey his surroundings.

Nothing else was out of place, and none of the guards seemed to be on alert. This either meant that nothing was wrong or whoever has broken in was quiet about it or somehow managed to break in undetected. Sensing the reiatsu around him, he could feel many minute pressures and two large ones, captain sized, coming from the room ahead. He cautiously entered the room and the first thing he saw was Captain Izanagi get punched in the face by a large glove and fly across the room. Hiteki didn't move an inch nor did he look concerned in anyway before he finally spoke in a soft, calm voice.

"Hiteki Kogoro, Lieutenant of the 3rd Division here on behalf of 3rd Division Captain, Aden Williams. I was told I would be escorting the three of you to Hueco Mundo and asked to inform you that Aden Taicho would be here shortly."

For anyone who knew Hiteki personally, which wasn't many, this was a rare sight to see. Hiteki was always a man of few words, but ever since joining the 3rd division he found that he had to begin speaking more and more and usually longer sentences like the one just now. It wasn't something he enjoyed, but it was what had to be done. Hiteki stood calmly, with a blank emotionless look in his eyes as he looked from Captain Rico to Captain Izanagi awaiting a response. Hiteki seemed to completely ignore the presence of Goken Jushirou and the other man who stood in the room as well. He had come to complete a mission, not to socialize and as such he didn't talk to anyone unless necessary.

89 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:44 pm


An eyebrow raised from the Ninbantai Taicho as the Juinbantai Taicho let off some steam... literally, from his ears. Must be Rico's imagination. Though it appears he felt it, the Doctor stared at it dumbfounded by the fact that there was an actual one despite scientific reasons that says that there shouldn't be. Deciding that it was the best time to smoke, he pulled out an already lit cigarette from his pocket, to which brings out the question, just how was it lit exactly? And why is there a lit cigarette in his pocket? Those questions aside, he placed it on his lips as he inhaled and exhaled the noxious fumes. Standing up from his place to show that he wore the mantle, no, Haori, of the Ninbantai division as a Taicho, wearing it in the manner of an adorning cape.

The tanned skinned Taicho then threw a fit about being black, or something along those lines, and then Rico could've sworn that the Juinbantai Taicho just made a sexual advance, that, or Rico's Japanese wasn't as good as he thought it was. The black part was a bit confusing, when really, Izanigga looked like a Latino than anything else, a Gothic type with a posh and snazzy obi sash and nifty shoes. A Mestizo type of person that Rico would typically see over in some farmland in Chile, maybe Mexico.

"But you not Burakku, Izanigga-san," He added in his dictionary filled language complete with foreign accent, an incorrect one so to say, adjusting much better now, "Okay, maybe under sunglasses you Burakku'er appear than you are."

It was rather baffling how schizophrenic this Juinbantai Taicho can just be. First, he was punched by a boxing glove that one expects to find in cartoons... ahem, anime, and be thrown along to the end like a ragdoll, only to get up, pace over to him and make a proposition to which was met with a raised eyebrow from the baffled Captain Rico, to which raises the question, that was Seireitei always this aloof and so worthwhile to be around in? And so, under those shades of Rico's, he saw a beginning of a nice friendship with the tanned-and-not-so-black Izane-- Izanigga, at least that's how he read his name and all. Unfortunately oblivious to the nigga moment going on namely because... Rico ain't black.

Knockity knock knock was the word, as Kakashi came in, or someone who resembles the titular main character in a manga Rico once saw when he needed toilet paper for his time spent in the bathroom, and resorted to ripping a page out of the Jump magazine to satisfy his urgency.

Rico consulted the book as he furiously flipped through them to garner what to say in this situation relating to Naruto to evoke a sense of familiarity.

"Dattebayo?" Rico quipped in a typical style a certain blond haired tyke would do, only to find that the room is suddenly swarmed by Shinigami like cockroaches to a chocolate fudge cake. They started gathering left and right out of the same doors, most of them resembled Lieutenants, at least that's how the hand book pointed out, the instruction and all for the Shinigami ranking he read earlier.

Keeping quiet over most of these queries until a smarter (albeit more of a stuck up type) Shinigami popped in, a Lieutenant with orders to escort... escort, why escort two Captains who could level entire buildings? Punch a Hollow to the face before elbowing it without any difficulties? Those who could simply beat up a Hollow without even resorting to their Zanpakuto? (Which in Rico's case, his Zanpakuto constantly sheds a melody of despair and terror to those who could hear it, since it isn't his, longing for its true Master -- Syoura. A cry of despair and agony over being treated as a mere tool, and as such, it is quite rusty and even serrated for a Zanpakuto).

"Escorts eh? Escorts not needed for Captains." He says, turning his attention back to Izanigga, "So Izanigga-san, Japanese in ways better improvement? And go where do we?"

90 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:00 pm


The Captain was strangely enough having the time of his life, but something changed in an instance. The Captain could feel the Spiritual pressure of a couple of beings drawing close. For some reason the Captain of the 12th Division always attracted attention. Whether or not it was actually wanted was another thing. Tilting his head to the side, with his grin still upon his face. The Shinigami laid eyes upon the new arrival. The Captain can't say that he didn't know that man that entered first. After all, he is the brother that is a total failure. The one that Izanagi would rather ignore, than to acknowledge. The man may well be useful as an experiment though, that is something to consider. But before Izanagi would acknowledge the newcomers. It seems Rico Taicho was being himself once again. The man was beginning to wonder if this would be a regular occurrence. At least the possibilities for fun times is endless, who knows what the Doctor and the Mad Scientist would get up to?

"You know what? I'mma just ignore you White Boy, but before I do that, do you know any of those people over there?". The last part of the Captain's sentence was said in a whisper almost. His hazel colored eyes soon darted over towards the three men that entered the leisure center. "Heller Shinigami I don't know but would like to experiment on. How are you today?" . The Captain soon sat down and looked across to Rico. So far, Jushiro recognize Goken, as for the other men, he wasn't quite sure. One of them seem to be from the 12th Division, perhaps a new member? The other man was no doubt from the 3rd Division. A Shinigami sent by Aden, Captain of the Sanbantai. A person that he had seen rather recently, right around the time, when Soul Society lost a couple of Shinigami. Looking at the little children in the room, Izanagi flashed a grin in their direction. "I think it would benefit you kids more if you would take a seat and be quiet. Me and Rico Taicho were just about to have a little discussion".

"As I was saying Rico Whitey, maybe it would be best if your learned the language from a more sophisticated program? That way you would get up to speed a lot faster. Saying that I'm a little reluctant to tell you anymore about it. I believe we should discuss more pressing matters at this point in time. The Soul Society has had quite a few visits from the Arrancar recently. During these visits, quite a few Shinigami had fallen, its a shame but oh well right? I know feel bad, since they're always visiting like a bunch of hoes not wanted by their supposed boyfriends. So they go to their houses every now and then hoping that something would change. In this case, we're the boyfriends and its high time we rape these hoes, I mean fuck them. Thats what they want no?".

The Captain's lyrical capabilities with words and comparisons could perhaps use some work. Then again everyone in the room should be able to tell what the Captain was suggesting.

91 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:55 pm


Hiromasa noticed he was in the presence of two Captains and was sure now, that he should not have come for whatever reason. It looked like the Captains were having their 'usual' talking sessions although the door was lying on the floor. Then he felt the presence of someone new, looked around and saw a short man with short gold brown hair pass by him and begun talking to the Captains. The emblem showed he came from the third squad and it was obvious they never met before, because for someone not to show social graces especially with him there was unheard of. his hand automatically grabbed the hilt of his zampakuto, then immediately removed it. "This is not the place or time for this, the other Captain might even give a lecture, while mine will definitely cut me up if he feels like it." He breathed deeply to control his anger then clutched the book tightly.

The words escort reached his ears and he was now brought back from his thoughts and was really wishing he had walked pass the leisure area. For all he knows his Captain is going to drag him along on one of his "collection drives". Although he wanted to collect samples also he could not bother with the fighting, then again he was yanked out his thoughts when the Captain directed the Lieutenant, third squad and him to take a seat. He sat then started listening and recording the Captain's "colourful" yet understandable discussion and hesitated for three seconds every time the Captain used obscene language.

92 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:16 am


Goken was no in front of two Captains as they exchanged words from time to time. But it would seem that he wasn't alone as other started to join the little meeting as awell. Goken was aware of Hiromasa a new member from his 12 division. Goken heard as Hiromasa spoke to him and asked if there waqs a problem. Goke cocked his head to the left as he heard the voice. He then closed his right eye and then opened it again as he turn to face Hiromasa. "No Hiromasa-kun there is no problem my fellow comrade, i'm just here to visit to my old long lost Nii-san or should i say respectfully Taichou Inzanagi. It looks like i'm not the only one here but lets just listen to see whats going on"said Goken as he then turned back towards the other two captains as they spoke. As inzanagii spoke to them both Goken then shook his head before answering. 'i'm doing good Taichou and i dont think being experiment on would benefit me so i'll pass on that." said Goken He then notice that another shinigami had entered the meeting area. Goken realized that he was from the 3rd division and he was a Second seat officer like himself. This was the first time that Gokn was seeing this fellow. But that was not important right now as he had heard some interesting detail about the captains going to Hueco Mundo. Goken attention was turned tot he the Lieutenant as he spoke these words. What business did the Captains had in such a dangerous area that was overwhemed with hollows and Espadas. Soon Captain Inzanagi suggested that they should take a seat as the meeting went on. 'come on now Hiromasa-kun lets have a seat and see whats the main point of this meeting.'said Goken as made a friendly remark towards his comrade. Goken then took out a chair that was near by and sat down in the room. He then focused his attention on Rico as he spoke weird but Goken didn't pay much atteniton towards his language. "Dattebayo" thought Goken as he then sighed and made a light chuckled. The Lieutenant then looked across the room and then rubbed his chin and waited for further details.

93 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:55 pm


Bah bah bah... Why did it seem that all the fun in the Soul Society seemed to happen in division 12 head quarters. Aden guessed that it was probably the work of the eccentric captain that reigned in that area. Aden was morbid about there being a new captain that he hadn't met before, and for some reason the man had been evading his camera screens. The man could be a cleverly placed enemy, after all being a tachio in the 13 court yard squads would be the perfect way to destroy the Soul Society. As Aden got closer to the division he started to feel the spiritual energy certainly of the Captain of the 12th division Jushinero Inazagi, the smaller ranks, and an unusual presence.

Aden was taking his sweet time getting there, he had been watching the conversation over the monitors, and he knew that Mr. Inazagi had been referencing to a trip to Hueco Mundo. Aden had been dying to get down there and gather information for the archives, and to place some surveillance equipment. The key of course was getting there, only one man in the Soul Society had the ability to open the hollow dimensional tear, named a Garganta. The man that could open the tell was the ever so popular Mr. Inazagi. This is what led everyone to where they were now the 12th division headquarters. Aden had sent his green Lt. there to delay there departure until he could prepare the equipment for the trip.

Aden's clog's clacked against the ground as he slid open the the door to the area where everyone else was. Aden had been carrying a large pack with him, full of the equipment. "Kogoro take this!" Aden shouted as he through the pack at his Lt. Aden was not wearing his usual captain garments, but a different outfit comprised of a gray spandexish materiel that the humans called under armor. Then a shorter white jacket displaying his rank and squad information. He was also wearing tighter white leather pants with brown straps holding his scabbard to his right leg.

94 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:21 pm


" Life is getting better and better," Hiromasa thought, as he noticed his Captain was talking of visiting Hueco Mundo. Then a man with white and grey clothing came barging in, like everyone seems to be doing everyday although the rules said no one is able. He noticed the abrasive attitude of the the Captain and felt his Lt. deserved it especially since he 'disrespected' him. The Captain looked like he was ready to go on an expedition and Hiromasa frowned thinking of what will happen if his Captain carried all of them for his sample collecting.
He started whizzing through his book and read on what Arrancars and Menos Grandes look like and what they could do. Although he has met neither before the library was still a good place.

95 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:45 am


Hiteki stood quietly as the Captain spoke to everyone in the room asking them to sit down and be quiet or become experiments. He noticed however that the man next to him had reached to his Zanpakuto when Hiteki announced himself, but knew that the lowly soldier would try nothing in a place like this, let alone being surround by captains so he decided to ignore it. Fighting was not something the Lt. was interested in doing right now anyway. All he wanted was for his captain to show up and for them to leave. It was getting too crowded in here for Hiteki's liking despite his love for being with groups of people.

As if his Captain could read his mind, the 3rd Division Captain, Aden Williams, briskly walked into the now completely overcrowded area and tossed a large pack of what appeared to be surveillance equipment at him. Hiteki responded as fast as he could, catching the pack, but being hit hard in the nose in the process. His nose flared up becoming bright red and sore from pain. The Lt held the pack with one hand now and rubbed his sore nose with the other quietly proclaiming to himself


96 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:08 pm


Too many people are crowding into this leisurely room like flies. Ricardo looks over at Izanigga in proposition of a way to speak better Japanese, a delightful proposition indeed, but due to a dislike of being in a room filled with people whom he does not know of, he will have to depart.

"Izanigga-san," He says in his Spanish flaunted tone, "Japanese taught me later on, mkay? Forward I look at learn it to. Brief operation mission for on me."

That said, he took one more smoke from his cigarette before demonstrating a most unusual trait on his side, a very unusual manner of flash stepping that is much faster than Shunpo, apparently even lighter. Leaving an after-image of himself to which the Captain Aden and Captain Izanagi would feel an air past them, to those with sharp eyes, Rico simply exited the room through the same manner he entered, and at the same time, maneuvered away skillfully so not to bump into anything. He was also out to get the Purple Pudge of his.


97 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:56 am


The long awaited appearance of the Sanbantai Taicho had finally happened which made things a little more interesting. The Captain sighed a little, it seems the others had no respect for the rules at all. Jushiro had this moment in time was being a little lenient. Perhaps the man had a hidden agenda, that has yet to be seen however. Now that Aden had made his appearance, the Captain twitched a little while thinking about the next course of action. The new Nibantai Taicho was also getting a little restless, perhaps it was the crowd that had formed. The Juunibantai Taicho shook his head as the Dawktar spoke to him. As usual the man had gotten everything wrong. His words were all in the wrong order but was still a little intriguing to listen to. "Aye, I will catch you later for those lessons". The Captain whispered to himself as Rico exited the room.

The Captain also took note of the technique that was utilized by the Captain. It was a strange one, unlike the Shyunpo that the Shinigami would often utilize. Jushiro was all the more cautious and yet suspicious of the man now. Picking himself up from his chair, Jushiro walked towards Aden's position before speaking once more.
"Welcome visitors of the Juunibantai, your presence here was a little nauseating but tolerable. I however ask that in the future you simple follow the rules of this Division. This applies to all visitors, unless of course you wish to forfeit your lives". There was a momentary pause as the Shinigami scanned the room. His words were no doubt aimed at Aden and Hiteki. Barging into the 12th Division HQ wasn't something to be tolerated. Especially when one had to consider the nature of the Juunibantai.

"I believe most of gathered here on the assumption that we'll be going on a trip soon enough. Maybe you right, but before we can go on such an adventure. We must first consult with the Sotaicho. We must get ourselves organized before doing anything else. And as such I will be taking a trip to the Ichibantai Headquarters. Besides I'm sure the Sotaicho will be expecting every Captain to show up. So see ya later and hallelujer". Jushiro said before stepping pass Aden and leaving the room, the man was now on his way to see the Captain Commander. There was much to be discussed at this moment in time.


98 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:21 pm


Jushiro appeared at the Juunibantai HQ once more only to see that no one had left. Perhaps everyone had been frozen in time, or could still be pondering his words. The Captain sighed as he moved through the hallways of his Division. The time to dance had finally come and inside a room not too far from the Leisure area. The Captain tapped a few keys and the floor opened up. And from the depths of the safely guarded pit of special goodies. Came a very special cookie of black eyed peas boom, boom boom. Though they were slightly different to say the least. As it emerged, the Captain also collected the necessary equipment. After doing this, the man with the fox grin also placed a pair of goggles over his face. The man had been carrying them for a while now. He was planning to work on something that would require them. He couldn't afford any bright sparks blinding him at the moment.

A trolley was carrying his goodies as it came forward. The Captain's hands soon rose and as he did so, a dark powdery substance manifested. Jushiro followed up with a swipe, thus drawing a line through the area. "Kuusho" the Captain whispered to himself as a tear appeared in the atmosphere. At that moment a huge gapping hole opened up before him. This dark hole was a tunnel consisted of darkness and yet he could see through it. The Captain then dragged formed a platform made out of Reishi particles and walked inside. "Final call for anyone that is tagging along".


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Aden was down for this trip, he desperately wanted to place his camera's everywhere in Hueco Mundo. What did they do for daily activity, and did they have holidays. Aden would finally be able to take his obsessive desire to People watch, and make it jive with his duty as a captain in the courtyard squads. Aden would of course catalog, all of the things that he observed through his camera's. Aden nodded at the man who was making this all possible, and then motioned for his Lt. to follow him. Aden was still unsure about this Lt, simply because he was new. Just like the Lt before Central 46 had appointed him not Aden himself. If he died he could be used as a shield no mater what he would be useful. Aden jumped into the rift.

100 Re: Juunibantai Headquaters on Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:12 pm


Riko-Taicho appears.
Riko carries along with him his Webley revolver in his pocket and the Purple Pudge worn around his arm, held onto tightly.
Riko leaped into the Garganta, forming his own pathway by his feet, albeit levitating throughout.
Riko made sure to mention beforehand for his 3rd seat to come along.


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