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Staff Section

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Staff Examine

Wana become a member of the Staff? Think you got what it takes? Post your app here and Shuei with other staff members will look it over for you!
45Welcome to jacka...
Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:06 am
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Character Creation

Register your characters here.
1120Shuei Setsuna {W...
Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:00 pm
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World Of The Living

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Karakura Town

Karakura Town is referred to as The District 3600 by the Shinigami located in Japan and is situated on being the current "juureichi" - This being the point in the Human World that possess the greatest concentration of spiritual beings. -
*Karakura Highschool* *Urahara Shop*

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General Hospital

Karakura General Hospital is the main medical facility in Karakura Town. The current director of the hospital is a Quincy. It is said a secret training area is in the hospital. It is unknown when it was built, or where exactly it is inside the hospital.
*Secret Quincy Training Room*

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Kagamino City

Kagamino City is a population center of unknown size in Japan in the Human World. It is situated 22Km east of Karakura Town. At this time, there are a number of normal Hollows roaming the town, pursuing a Plus.
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Other Et Cetera Areas

Other area's of the world besides Karakura Town and Kagamino City that may be found around the world.

Precipice World

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Dangai Precipice World

Intruders can pass through the Senkaimon in the same manner, but only in soul form. Humans can also use such a gate through the use of Reishihenkanki (spirit exchangers), which convert solid matter into Reishi's. The lack of a Hell Butterfly forces intruders to pass through the Dangai, a bordering dimension between the human world and Soul Society.This is much more dangerous to do, as souls that cannot pass through before the gate to Soul Society closes are trapped there forever. Kouryū is the current that is constantly flowing through the Dangai, in order to prevent enemies such as Hollows from using it.
All people passing through the Dangai must post here.

11How To Travel..!...
Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:30 am
Shuei Setsuna View latest post

Hueco Mundo

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Las Noches

Lead by the Espada. Las Noches is a massive fortress which can be seen for miles in Hueco Mundo. It consists of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings. They reside there with their army of Arrancar complete with medical facilites and detention wings.
*Daylight Dome*

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White Sand Desert

The landscape of Hueco Mundo is a seemingly never-ending white desert, with dunes like those of the Sahara. The desert is littered with what appear to be boulders and shriveled trees, but these are actually a form of quartz

Soul Society

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The capital of Soul Society. The walls of Seireitei are made of Sekkiseki, a rare type of stone known to negate all Reiryoku, similar to magnetic lodestones, which prevents the ability to gather Reishi underneath your feet to walk in the air whist within Seireitei. The stone also forms a spherical barrier around the city, extending above and below, stopping anything spiritual from breaching it from ground level, from the sky or from underground.
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The Rukongai Districts

Rukongai is the largest portion of Soul Society and the most populated. It is divided into 320 districts (80 in North Rukongai, 80 in West Rukongai, etc.), each numbered in descending order on how far they are from the center; this results in the higher-numbered (and farther) districts decaying into slums. Thus, while District 1 is peaceful and lawful, much like the antiseptic lifestyle of early-Edo Era Kyoto, District 80 is a hardscrabble, violent, crime-infested area that more depicts Heian era Kyoto.

OOC Battle Sector

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Practice Fights

Fights taken place here are OOC meaning that they DO NOT affect your current RP status. Come on, have as many fights as you want. Let the matches begin
11Battle Feats
Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:06 am
Shuei Setsuna View latest post
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All the turnaments that are held will be found in here.
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Time Capsule

RP out your history by yourself or with a friend or ten. This is optional and will effect your character's history.
11You call that a ...
Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:53 am
Ambroise Dion View latest post
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Training Area

Training for newly obtained abilities such as Bankai, Custom Cero/Kido, Segunda Etapa, Final Evolution ect. is done here once its approved in your ability applications. You may train by yourselves or with another, your choice.
*Kido Training* *Cero Training* *Bankai Training* *Shunko Training* *Segunda Etapa Training* *Final Evolution Training* *Sanrei Glove Training* *Invention Training* *Ability/Technique Training*

45Custom Cero Rule...
Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:58 pm
Shuei Setsuna View latest post

OOC section

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OOC Rping Area

Some of us get stuck in a topic, and we just don't feel like sitting around doing nothing or randomly fighting. So come here and Rp casually to what ever topic your heart can create. Like practice fights these topics DO NOT affect your current RP status.
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Come Vote On Our Polls Here!
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OOC Arguments

If anyone has a problem, insted of spamming the Chatbox and getting yourself banned, post your arguments in this section. Any OOC debutes, in character or out of character should be posted here. Any disputes in IC fights should be postedhereinsted of spamming your topic with OOC's.
Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:29 pm
Shuei Setsuna View latest post

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