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Captain's Meeting.

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26 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:54 am


Events were moving a little fast for Mr. Inverted's taste and as such he removed his pearl white hat too reveal his clump of also white hair and scratched a little in a comical fashion, tho this would reveal his liutenant.... the plush toy panda whom resided on his head.... how odd.
Slowly replacing his hat he chuckled lightly before slowly snatching one of the communication devices, he played with it for a time before slipping it under his hat for Yao too accomodate himself with it.
Tipping his hat he gave a childish smile before tapping his cane upon the ground, for a short moment the entire room became inverted, the colours, directions and what not but then it slowly resumed normalness and Mr. Inverted was gone.

----> leave

27 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:57 am


Jan stood in his place as a few questions and opinions where spat out. He still wasn't really shure where he would be needed more protecting Seireitei or fighting those so called hybrids. Jan sighed and placed his hands in his pockets. He felt something in one of his pockets - in his right one more precisesly. Jan took a peek in his pocket only to find the green pill he was given. He had got it from the guy who appeared from the shadows. Jan took a deeper look in it. "Well if he gaveit to me I could as well put it to use... hmm." Jan thought and smiled. The smile was something between a smirk and a grin. He then drifted further away from the real world in his thoughts.

Jan stood there almost missing everything the Captains around his talked about. That wasn't too good. It wasn't the first time and it surely wasn't the last time. He then was interrupted by a shinigami handing him a weird device. Jan took a look at it and without knowing what to do with it, he took the piece of technology and held it against the light to have a better look at it. "What the hell..." Jan thought to himself a little angered. Jan then took a look around the room to see that some Captains were puting the small object in their ears. Jan then did the same only to come to enlightment at the end. He then started to walk to the door as the meeting had ended and the other Captains were moving at the door as well. Jan then exited the room.

<------------------------------ Exit

28 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:16 pm


"Ah well that's all folks, I will start working on our means of transport right away. As for your question Kenpachi, it will be ready when it is. Until then go and prepare yourself for this upcoming trip. Try not to die or else it would be a waste of my time. I will see you all at some point my fellow Taichos. Tata now". The Captain of the 12th Division uttered as he took the ear piece and began walking towards the exit. This little piece of technology was most interesting. It was simplicity at its very best and yet so primitive in its use also. The badge that the Shinigami wore could also act as a device for communication. Then again the Sotaicho might have overlooked this very thing. Jushiro maintained his fox grin smile as he began leaving the room. The Gotei 13 had quite a few interesting Captains indeed. Jushiro himself paid close attention to this and etched it in the back of his mind. Once outside the door, the man vanished using a Shyunpo. It was off to the 12th Division for him now. He had to get started on this thing right away, it was such a pain.

29 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:12 pm


Jamison stopped strumming his guitar and placed the instrument by the wall when the Captain Commander began to speak about issues. He knew better than to do that when the scary man talked. Taking the earpiece, Hegg listened as Kazumi went into the business about the hybrids, the Kidou Corps Captain almost instinctively already knew his role. He was to work with the 12th. The Kidou Corps always seemed to work with the Science Division. Then the Noob left before he could say anything."Kenpachi-chan. Don't worry. With Jushiro's help I should have a garganta up later today. I know how to open one. Just need Mr. 12th's help to set it up. But making it isn't a problem. But of course I'll have to go with everyone. We can't just leave the garganta open the entire time. Don't want any hollows to come back through to Seireitei, now do we? I'm going to my division to prepare. Be there in a few hours and be ready to go."

Jamison grabbed his guitar and start backing out playing a riff. Hopefully, he'd figure out a great new song as he left. The Kidou Chief had a lot of preparations to make to ensure everything goes smoothly.


30 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:37 am


Sitting in silence, Ewen listened to those around him, however suddenly a person was standing in front of him, being blind never helped anyone sometimes, and Ewen simply sat and blankly stared at the man standing over him, he would not be so foolish as to not understand what was going on, however he liked being blind, it gave him a shield of ignorance and most of the time bliss. The shinigami continued to stand over him, and Ewen continued to stare through him with his cold unemotional eyes, Ewen could see him like one sees things on a radar screen, however Ewen could also see through him, and that was the best idea, stare through someone, and they are likely to leave you alone.

So, there sat Ewen, until finally the captains started leaving, guessing the meeting was over, Ewen himself got up, and left, calmly walking, slow and steady, a unending pace that was himself, he would go to this human world, and fish out what he could, doing what he did best, being blind, alone and listening to the world around him.

*Exit, without an ear piece*

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