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The relocated meeting.

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1 The relocated meeting. on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:28 pm


Daizai had gone on ahead of Raito since he thought that there may have been something the captain and leiutenant may have wanted to dicuss since their division had just been destroyed. He now awaited the two's arrival in the 4th division headquarters, he sat alone and it may have been an awkward wait for some but Daizai was used to it. He had spent about 900 years alone in the empty void inbetween the human plains and Soul Society. That was partly the reason why he was so old and a quite low position for someone of his age. He simply had not been around to progress his skills. Clearly his dissapearence and information of what had happened were in the archives kept on each Shinigami, on view to higher ranking shinigami.

He did not mind all this and was open to chaning his ways. Even to the point that he would stop from killing people, even though he loved everything about it. If it was going to put his life at risk he would not partake in it, unless there was absolutely no risk to him. He had a sense of duty to Soul Society, even though he had had a long time to think about how it works and what it does he had still opted to keep in Soul Society and serve it with all his might, and by any means neccessary.

As he wondered about why he did this and how he would do it, he kept an eye out for the other higher ranking members of the 13th division

2 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:18 am


(I am in a hurry....really tired with lots of things to ill just post so that you do not have to wait for me...ill make something a little bit poetic and sad)

As he was headed towards the 4th division, Raito took one last look towards his home, the 13th division. As it was slowly being consumed by the flames, a tear came out of his eye, dropping at the ground bellow him. The sound of it reaching the ground, Raito imagined it in his mind, imagining that he could hear it like it feel right besides him.

Suddenly, he was in the 4th division, far away from the place at which the journey started. Looking around himself, Raito searched for the signs of other two, noticing the shinigami from the 2nd division. Before the other man could spot him, he used his sleeve and whipped the tears of sorrow and sadness from his face, trying to become rational and serious again.

The 13th division was destroyed, so what, it can be rebuilt. But now, the question was about the war and what to do to make the Arrancar vanish and leave the Soul Society so the same thing does not happen to other divisions as well.

With a calm and deep voice Raito suddenly started to speak, saying: "What are we going to do now? Out 13th division has been destroyed......I am up for going into battle and killing every single Arrancar who entered the Soul Society....they need to pay."

This words were directed to, both, his captain and Daizai. While the last set of words: "...they need to pay.." Raito spoke with a voice full of anger.

3 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:58 pm


[[I apologize, it seems I haven't been paying as much attention as I should be ^^;]]

Reikon could feel the vibrations from the explosion in her chest still, she could hear the crackle of flames and smell the acidic stench of fire. In her head the thought of her Barracks being destroyed so easily was burned, though she wasn't terribly angry about it. She was ashamed; she needed the Captain Commander to clean up her mess? It was embarassing. However, it couldn't be helped at this point. She would simply have to stick with the two shinigami she had been with originally, and make sure that no one did anything stupid. Her Fukataichou was under her wing, she was responsible for him. As for the other one, she felt uncomfortable with leaving him on his own in a situation like this. There was something about him that frightened her. Not because he could harm her-because Reikon knew that she had the skills to hold her own in a fight against someone of his level- but because he could cause some serious chaos with the mindset he seemed to retain.

She continued to push forward, off of rooftops and further toward the center of the Soul Society. Eventually she would reach the 4th Division Barracks, being the last of the two shinigami. She had conserved her Shunpo, as it was a draining technique, and because of that she showed up last. Still, she had landed just in time to hear her Fukataichou speak.

"What are we going to do now? Out 13th division has been destroyed......I am up for going into battle and killing every single Arrancar who entered the Soul Society....they need to pay." He had said in an angered, deep voice. The tone frightened her about as much as the other shinigami did. They were both dangerous in their current mindsets, both to themselves and to others. Shaking her head, she stepped up behind her Fukataichou, and placed her hand lightly upon his shoulder. A cracked, broken whisper escaped her lips, one that expressed the mottle of emotions she was feeling.

"How many of them do you actually think you could take on? The Captain Commander himself is taking on only one of them, and he was forced to use a level of Kido in the high eighties. That level of kido takes something that the two of you don't have put together. No, going into battle in a blind rage right now is simply suicide. I expect you to stay out of the fray until your mind has cleared. A fight for vengeance isn't something you can win." She said, all rather slowly, as if she had to think over every word she said. She felt like she was lecturing him, though that wasn't her intention, and because of this she bowed her head apologetically afterward. Removing her hand from his shoulder, she turned her gaze upon the both of them this time.

"Daizi, Raito. You both are high seats in your respective squads, you have members who look up to you with a certain level of respect. Remember this when you decide on what you plan to do. I won't stop you when you've made a decision, but I will protest if I feel it's the wrong one."
She said, this time with a more eloquent tone, one that held itself at a normal volume, and hid the emotions she felt. She was back to running things like a Captain, not like a mother.

4 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:41 pm


Daizai noticed Raito walk over obviously affected by his division's headquarters destruction, you could see from his face he had been crying previously. Daizai would not react to it out of respect for the man, not just because he wouldn't have reacted anyway. He heard Raito then declare vengeance on the Arrancar who had been fighting Kazumi Taichou and any other Arrancar in existance. Daizai shook his head a little, he was being consumed by rage, not all too proffesional for a Lieutenant but understandable at the same time.

Daizai remembered his lust for killing, it was nothing like Raito's he had the urge to kill in the name of something whereas Daizai would kill because his body wants it, his Zanpakuto wants it. Normally he would embrace his darker side and enjoy the killing from it, being set off for no particular reason whatsoever. In a way he resented himself for his urges to kill, it wasn't his fault it was a strong case of insanity bred by hundreds of years of a dark void, who wouldn't be a little fucked up by the end of that?

The 3rd seat wondered if he would be so upset over his division's destruction if it were to happen. The probably answer no. He would never show any outward emotion but on the inside he would probably not care for its destruction either, mainly due to him only being in it for a few years. Although thinking about it he may go on a killing spree, just by the thought of such destruction without his involvement. Again he thought about his killing desires he hoped it would not affect his future in Soul Society.

Now the captain of the thirteenth division had something to say and for some reason Daizai did not agree. Wisdom she may have been parting but in all seom things she said were a little innacurate, but Daizai did not feel like insubordination today...

"How many of them do you actually think you could take on? The Captain Commander himself is taking on only one of them, and he was forced to use a level of Kido in the high eighties. That level of kido takes something that the two of you don't have put together. No, going into battle in a blind rage right now is simply suicide. I expect you to stay out of the fray until your mind has cleared. A fight for vengeance isn't something you can win." She said

Daizai shifted uncomfortably when she mentioned that niether of them could compare to that power together, whilst he thought their combined powers would topple an Arrancar it wasn't that he completely disagreed with. The fact that the captain had used the kido reference to judge their powers, Daizai thought that such an explosive barrage of power was not needed in battle. A battle of wits needed less energy and that was how he prefered to fight, and he had no doubt in his own skills that he could topple a foe such as an arrancar.

Then she delivered another decision for himself and Raito. She mentioned their rank and how others looked up to them for it. Then telling them that this will affect their new decisions, not likey in Daizai's case, the second division members held little respect since he had only joined recently and gained a high position in less than a year. Maybe he would get a respect for his power but probably not for his leadership skills. Despite this Daizai knew what he was going to do, so he sat down and motioned for the 13th division members to proceed with a meeting concerning the defence of Soul Society. He would not speak unless neccessary.

5 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:43 am


OoC: I perhaps suggest we move to another part of the 4th Division where two Arrancar have just popped up and are tallking >.>

6 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:17 pm


OOC: I was just about to post....But then I saw the other topic. I will let them post here before I make my second post...If thats Ok with you two?

7 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:18 pm


OoC: Fine by me, in fact i was going to suggest the very same thing.

8 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:47 pm


[[I'm Reikon. So I won't be following into the topic. In fact, I'm trying to keep him in the topic I'm in.]]

9 Re: The relocated meeting. on Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:32 pm


When those words came from Raitos mouth in such an angry and louder voice than usual, it would be quite obvious that the young man was full of anger and thoughts of revenge. But, little did anyone knew him. When the Captain finished her speech, which he listened till the end, it was time for him to give an reply. Out of a sudden, a wide smile appeared on the face of the Lieutenant, together with an total transformation of his face. From his previous state of madness, Raito now looked like he was extremely excited and happy.

"Do not worry Captain, my mind is clear and my judgment is not clouded. I am in perfect control over my actions, not consumed with a single bit of anger. That little show which you saw earlier, I was just expressing all of my emotions at once, so it seemed like I was angry. But I am actually not angry, I am excited." The words which started coming out of his mouth at this moment, actually sounded like the young looking Shinigami was indeed excited. Some unusual energy was leaking from his body, into the area where they were, expressing his mood. But what was this strange energy. Well, it was quite obvious, it was Raitos reiatsu.

Then out of a sudden, it stopped, and the expression on his face changed. Now, he was completely serious, with his right hand holding the handle of his sword. Something was wrong, Raito felt a strange reiatsu coming from the area near them, it was not shinigami reiatsu. Instead, it seemed like Hollow reiatsu, or something far worse than hollow reiatsu. It was, Arrancar reiatsu, far more weaker than that from before, which came from the opponent on who Captain Kazumi used the high leveled Kido. Knowing that his fellows probably felt this as well, he decided to inform them about his decision.

"I can feel it, Arrancar reiatsu, in this division. It seems that we are not alone. Damn those Arrancar, they are everywhere, all over Soul Society. We can not let them destroy this division as well. I am going there to confront them and I would like for Daizai to come with me. Captain, you look tired, please go find the 4th division Captain." After saying that, with a calm and serious voice, Raito took a break before he could continues. Then, a second later, he decided to continue, changing his look directly towards his captain. He looked deep into her eyes, so she could notice his confidence with a single glare.

With an confident, and yet again, calm voice he continued with this words: "Do not worry captain, the Arrancar who fought Captain Kazumi was probably an Espada member, this near by ones are not even close to that kind of level, so Daizai and I will be able to take them out with no problem. Not to mention, there is a Captain fighting them as well, so we will have back up." After saying those words, Raito turned his back towards his captain, while quickly un-sheeting his Zanpaktou.

Then, with a confident voice he spoke again, saying: "Lets go Daizai." After saying that, Raito vanished in a blink of an eye, using a Shunpo to leave towards the attacking Arrancar.

Exit --->

10 Re: The relocated meeting. on Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:49 pm


Daizai watched Raito, he noticed the transition he had made from being quite angry to excited. He thought to himself that it was like looking into a mirror, except for when he got excited someone died. He too had listened to the speech made by the thirteenth division captain, however Raito seemed to be in complete agreement to it. Daizai did not understand that, he got the logic but it wasn't complete. He put it down to Raito having complete faith in his captain, he only wished he could do the same Seiwa never seemed to do much, perhaps Daizai would take over from him one day. This got him excited but not in his killer frenzy excited way.

Apparently that is how Raito was feeling, the Lieutenant of the 13th division stated he was completely in control of himself and was excited now for battle. Daizai licked his lips this would mean that he would want to go into battle and amybe take him with him. He then sensed the Reiatsu he gave off, he was indeed ready to go to battle, with fine earthy tasting Reiatsu of his. Then it stopped and he felt another one, a lesser Reiatsu nearby in the fourth division.

After closing his eyes for a second he identified it as an arrancar definetely not as powerful as the one Kazumi Taichou was battleing. This may mean that he would get to go fighting since he was easily at that level. This was indeed shown by Raito declaring that they would go and fight it. As Daizai had noticed it was an Arrancar and Raito wanted to go and fight it, time for some fun. Daizai still remained impassive his excitement never showed outwards, so he just stood there in a serious way, awaiting Raito's leave.

After another reassurance Raito was ready to leave and so was Daizai. Time for him to finally prove what he could do in battle. Well if the Arrancar lasted that long, which he hoped it did.

Looking at the captain and bowing his head he then watched Raito then unsheath his sword and leave the area via shunpo, Daizai followed suite but without unsheathing his soul blades, they could wait.

Exit >>>

11 Re: The relocated meeting. on Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:20 pm


The meeting with Daizai did not went like Raito expected, so he decided that it was time for him to meet up with his captain. Last time when he was her, she was in the 4th division, at their relocated meeting place. After they arrived to the 4th division, Raito and Daizai both left Captain Reikon alone and they went to fight an Arrancar. The battle ended quite quickly with an victory, the shinigami won and the Arrancar lost. Of course, losing meant death in that battle, so it was obvious that the Arrancar who they fought died.

After the battle, Daizai went back towards the 2nd division, while Raito vanished, he went back to his own division, the 13th. There, he did not find his captain, so he went back to the 2nd division to have a chat with Daizai who was quite surprised. After that meeting, he decided to find his Captain so he could have a little talk with her about some important matters. So that is how he ended up coming back to the 4th division, where he last saw her.

After looking around a bit, Raito realized that she was not there anymore, she must have left the place a while ago. With his looking around, he only found one of the 4th division members, who was currently cleaning the place up. With a surprised look on his face, Raito looked at the young shinigami, asking him: "Hello there, my name is Raito and I am the Lieutenant of the 13th Division. Have you seen Captain Reikon Hanpa anywhere around here by any chance." After asking the man that question, he calmly waited for an answer. Hopefully, the other man did seen her, so he could tell Raito where she was.

"Sorry, but I have not seen her. You could try to look for her in the 13th division." That was the answer from the other young man, Judging by how he answered him, Raito knew that he was telling the truth. He was about to tell him that she is not in the 13th division, but he changed his mind. Instead, he answered. "Thank you for your help, I will go check if she is there right away." After saying that, Raito left the kid, starting to run towards the 13th division. He was in a hurry, so he decided to quicken his paste. Using a Shunpo, he suddenly vanished, leaving towards the 13th division.


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