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Captain's Meeting.

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1 Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:24 pm


OOC: All captains are expected to post here, thanks.

Through the first division, the man’s Geta sandals echoed against the waxed hardwood floor. The multi brown colored floor laid out a fine pallet for this man to walk, it also provided this man a pathway into the chamber of where the Captain’s Meeting would take place. Pacing through the corridor, the lights were to a dim, the walls remaining white, and the ceiling of a fine light brown wood. Electric lanterns were fixed about the walls, and with each step Kazumi would pass one, until he entered into a doorway without a door. In a deep, dark, dim room the man took his place, quickly hoisting himself upon a pedestal from which he would conduct a peaceful meeting. Things needed to be set in order before the 13 Gotei could get things rolling. Information, recent experiences needed to be shared, mobilization needed to occur, experimentation needed to occur all threats needed to be neutralized, the safety of Seireitei and Living World needed to be in order and to the upmost. There will be order in the Gotei under this man, and all aspects will be covered by any means necessary. With that thought in mind, it was time for this man to take over, and dictate how the world needs to work, which is why an assembly has been put in order to discuss how the worlds should be run.

Kazumi motioned as a dark hell butterfly fluttered lightly into the dark, dim room, it landing gracefully on his bulky shoulder, it being the ideal medium he would use to pass on information to his fellow captains. Swiftly so the man began, ‘It has come to my attention that order is needed in Seireitei and elsewhere, there have been several recent events that need attention, several diplomatic means to be made, several missions needed to be given out, several enemies to crush, several experiments to be made, and or conducted. It is time to get organized, so I am giving out the order that all captains meet up in the meeting chambers of the first division barracks so that we may discuss these issues. Tardiness will not be accepted, so getch’ your asses in gear and get over here. Kazumi out.’

The man immediately relaxed taking a deep breath, you’d think he’d be used to this type of thing, but the stress is forever abundant, in mass. It was to be expected, however, and he took the job willingly, because this is the type of thing he likes. Commanding a whole damn army for god’s sake, what else could this man ask for? With a brisk chuckle the man peered blankly forward the empty doorway, awaiting his captains, or generals to enter into the damn room, his face at lax, and his rough hands rested about the wooden pedestal. A black hell butterfly would seek each captain and relay the message in the most willingly and brisk manner, landing on each of their shoulders in an instant sending the message streaming in like a damn fountain of water.

2 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:12 pm


Jan was walking through the white hallways. He had yet to explore Soul Society and all of its buildings. He had yet to find every corner of it and memorize it so he wouldn't get lost. Jan wasn't good at remembering stuff, but surely he could remember the most imporatnt rooms and chambers. However, Jan wasn't walking through the halls of the first squads barracks only for eploring purpouses. No, he had slept... um doing paperwork in his Barracks when a hell butterfly suddenly poped up from nowhere and woke Jan up. That wasn't even five minutes ago from when Jan was almost scared to death from the Captain Comander Kazumi. Jan was only taking a nap when he heard somebody talking to him. 'It has come to my attention that order is needed in Seireitei and elsewhere, there have been several recent events that need attention, several diplomatic means to be made, several missions needed to be given out, several enemies to crush, several experiments to be made, and or conducted. It is time to get organized, so I am giving out the order that all captains meet up in the meeting chambers of the first division barracks so that we may discuss these issues. Tardiness will not be accepted, so getch’ your asses in gear and get over here. Kazumi out.' Although it wasn't a threat or anything Jan could be easily scared at the moment with such a serious voice. So not wanting to anger the Captain Comander Jan rose from his chair and started to walk. In a eas y but not too slow pace Jan made his way to the first squads barracks and started to look around for a strong spiritual pressure. He found it and followed it for a while turning in many directions, checking many rooms and sighing many times.

After a while Jan finally had found the room. He was just behind the corner as he took a deep breath. And changed his motionless expression into a kind smile. Jan approached the entrance of the room and bowed as soon as he saw the Captain Comander. "I am honoured to meet you Captain Comander Kazumi. Seventh divisions Captain Jan Totti attending the meeting." Jan said with all of his respect to the Captain Comander. Jan then walked deeper in the room. "I will take my seat now." He said and sat down.

3 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:42 pm


Everyone could smell sweat. Akemi again was training in 13 Division Headquarter. She was at her training area. Area was a big square field. The center was clean and there wasn't any grass, only sands and dusts. Arena was about 30 feet long and 30 feet wide. The field was limited with white lines, which although looked like a square. Behind the white lines were green grass and long trees. They bloomed every morning and looked beautiful, but the other side of a white line was only dusts, sands and rocks. There almost every day someone fought and trained. The field always was in action and there never was boring. Anyway, Akemi was again standing in the center of field and trained her fighting skills. Hit by hit, she aimed at the dummy it hit became stronger and stronger. Every day it was like another push-up or pull-up. She trained it like a muscle and every day she got stronger and smarter in fighting. Akemi gasped. She was tired and without power. Akemi started to think about stopping this days training.
Suddenly, when Ake was going to her place someone started to talk with her. It looked that someone tried to talk with Ake. It seemed that it came from Captain Commander from 1st. Division Headquarter. What was reporting about several things, which had to be spoken in Captain meeting. So Akemi had no choice, and she had to move on 1st Division Headquarter. She wasn't so happy at all. She really was tired. However, knowing Akemi she will never let tiredness get an upper hand. She will go to the Captain meeting for all that. This is the first meeting since new Captain Commander was chosen. She hopped that the meeting will not drag on. Dressed in normal Captain uniform she moved to the meeting. Leaving 13th Division Headquarter she walked straight to meeting.
Two more corners till she reached the door who behind keeps the meeting. She was thinking about fighting moves and tactics, although her speciality - defensive tactics. She has very good protection, but attacking skill, she hadn't been very good. That why she trained them every day. Akemi had only one corner left. Only now she started to think about what they gonna talk in the meeting. She remembered that Captain Commander said something, but at the time she heard it very bad. Anyway, one step and she is at the door. Akemi stood at the meeting door and sigh. She grabbed the door handle and pull it. Akemi stepped into the room. There was Captain Commander and Seventh Division Captain sitting. Akemi bowed at Captain Commander and nodded to Mr. Totti. -Greeting Captain Commander. I'm glad to see you. She said and went to her seat. She sat only six seats farther than Mr. Totti. -Hello Mr.Totti, how are you today? She asked in low tone, because she was tired. So they were sating and Ake waited for Mr. Totti response.

OOC: Srry about grammar, if there is some mistake.

Last edited by Akemi Rin Yoshiko on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:12 am; edited 3 times in total

4 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:18 pm


It was not every day that one receives summons, nor was it every day that one receives anything short of summons. A butterfly landed on the shoulder of the newly anointed Sixth Division Captain Ewen. He could sense the butterfly a ways off, but made no motion towards it, better to be perceived a fool, than actually be one. A voice rang out that Ewen had seldom heard before he became a captain, the Sotaicho. Once Ewen had become a captain, he had grown used to not becoming rigid every time he had heard the voice, but that fear and sense of awe was still with him, after all what Fuutaicho wouldn’t cringe when the Sotaicho demanded something, and only recently becoming a taicho, did Ewen notice how awkward it was.

Ewen wasn’t a fool, however he was blind, and the inner chambers of an un-memorized room could be hazardous. Ewen made his way, slowly but surely to the meeting room, stopping several times to make sure he was heading in the right direction. Along the way, he could only guess as to what a major topic of interest was, the hollowification of his former captain, and the ways in which it was Ewen’s fault.

Once he came to the first division quarters, he found some lowly shinigami, a big man, burly and full of spunk, however when Ewen promised him that he could at least enter the chamber and such, the man was more than glad to lead Ewen inside. With a hand on the man’s shoulder, Ewen entered the room, he could feel the shinigami before him cringe and become rigid, it seemed it was relevant everywhere. Patting the man on the back, the shinigami turned as formally as he could and exited, most likely off to tell his buddies the most amazing story.

Ewen used each of the captains as radar bleeps almost, bouncing off them to get an accurate picture in his head of what the room looked like. However, Ewen didn’t dally, he was still too new and fresh, and he went and sat down without saying a word. It stemmed back from his Fuutaicho days, be sensed not heard, been seen but not noticed, be there and yet not. Ewen still wanted to be invisible sometimes, and at other times, he wanted to be so left alone that people wouldn’t dare come to him. It was odd, but in reality Ewen loved his job, as long as his job didn’t mean doing his job, he was so afraid of messing up now, or making the wrong choice that he doubted everything he did, it was like he was made a captain as a joke, and everyone was watching him struggle and laughing. However, Ewen couldn’t see, so it didn’t help his paranoia that he thought everyone blamed him for his Ex-Captains misdoings.

So Ewen sat in silence, prepared to be heckled, harassed, and lose his position and be exiled at any moment, but at least he wouldn’t bring it upon himself by saying anything that might provoke it sooner than necessary.

5 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:40 pm


Jack stood atop a building in the rukongai, his haroi fluttering lightly in the breeze as he watching the members of the 4th move around the area. Today was trash day so to speak, and so the captain of the 4th watched on. Making sure things were carried out to the letter, and lending a helping kido here and their. It took four of the unseated officers, to control one of the massive pillars of flame that now dotted the sky around the area. Took each of the four to make sure the flames didn't get out of hand, after all burning down the district would be a bad thing. This Jack could do by himself, so his helping kido were more helpful then one would think. Plus here in rukongai, there was simply more trash than in seireitei; so this is were the captain preferred to help out. Where it was need as it were, he looked to his left as the black butterfly gently came to lite on his shoulder; its message filling the air around him.

‘It has come to my attention that order is needed in Seireitei and elsewhere, there have been several recent events that need attention, several diplomatic means to be made, several missions needed to be given out, several enemies to crush, several experiments to be made, and or conducted. It is time to get organized, so I am giving out the order that all captains meet up in the meeting chambers of the first division barracks so that we may discuss these issues. Tardiness will not be accepted, so getch’ your asses in gear and get over here. Kazumi out.’

Jack sighed as he heard the message, "time to go to work". The man thought to himself, as he told one of his men to take over. Jumping from the roof he stood one, her disappeared. His shunpo sending him speeding through the streets of rukongai, past the open gate; and down the white stone paths of the seireitei. His haroi fluttering wildly behind him, as he moved deeper into the heart of the seireitei at amazing speed. Finally he came to a stop in front of the 1st division barracks, reappearing to the view of normal eyesight. As he briskly walked through the halls, and into the meeting room. Quickly taking his place standing between the 2nd and 6th division taicho, and directing across from where the 5th taicho would normally stand. He gave the other taicho currently their a slight nod, saying hello to only the taicho of the 6th seeing as the man was blind. His last nod in greeting was towards the captain commander, before he quickly fell into an unmoving silence; waiting for the meeting to begin.

6 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:47 pm


Aden tried to find his focus as he shunpo’d to the Captain Meeting, but his mind was swirling with question that he had no right to ask. Aden was under the belief that Kazumi had been out of the Soul Society meeting with the members of squad 0. Heaven only knows why Kazumi had to go see that bunch of extremely powerful people. Their powers had to be incredible, Aden wondered if he was ever going to meet a member from the squad, or perhaps one day be a part of it. Those of course were foolish dreams, one of the other members would have to die of old age first. They never saw action their so it would be the only way for them to die.

Then there was the mission he assigned before that now was cast to the side as he called this meeting. Aden’s best guess was because he wanted to discuss it with the captains of the Gotie thirteen before anyone took off. Aden severely hoped that the mission or his participation in the mission weren’t terminated. Aden had been waiting for something to do for an extremely long time, and now that he had something to do he wasn’t going to just let that slip out of his hands.

Aden wanted to track down Hisoka on a personal level he had been close to him, and always looked up to him as a mentor. Now, though, He was a traitor. Aden always ranted about the evils of attachment, and it was obvious he harbored hatred for hollows just as all Shinigami did. Hisoka had done something that was unspeakable in Aden’s mind. He had merged himself, which seemed like an ultimate form of attachment, with a hollow, a thing that rips the souls of people ruining their chance to come to the Soul Society and to reborn a new. Aden stood on his own and he would show Hisoka why that was stronger than the monster he had made himself become. On the surface Aden did not want the other captains to join him, but deep down he knew he could not do it alone. That fact was truly grimacing to Aden, and it was something he did not want to face with-in himself.

Aden reached the first division’s barracks and quieted his mind. Aden was always precautions around the other captains; he felt like that they could read his emotions. Aden always put up a colder and more calculating persona with the other captains around then he already had. Aden swiftly walked in and gave a sharp nod to the other captains and took his seat. Aden looked on eagerly at Kazumi hoping that he would start soon so that this could get over with.

7 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:46 am


Twas a fine day, tho ruined by the intervention of the 1st division..... why was he even attending?
He wanted too annoy the snot out of the entire gotei 13 at once, that's why as he pondered he flash stepped his way too what appeared too be a meeting.
A man was just sitting down and tho he recognised none of them, surprizingly despite his five thousand years, he never really cared for the young.
Bringing a porcelean cup to his mouth the cartoonish figure took a seat which was marked 10th, with out a word he continued to sip his tea while his cane was idly hanging by his elbow.

Lowering the cup he let it give a light clink, giving a broad smile he tilted his hat too each of his fellow captains before resuming his posture as he couldn't help but speak, the silence was deafening.
His accent sounded rather like that of a british man, late adolescents and his appearence was rather toonish as every viewable oriphace of his was black while his body was white.
"Evening Gents, 10th Division Captain, Mr. Inverted.... at your service, what be the quarrel? "

8 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:33 am


Hidden within the inside of Mr I's hat, Yao gently whispered his well written script for Mr I. to recite before the audience of shinigami, his aggravation peaking whenever Mr I. would slander his work and rephrase it. Yao didn't wish to bring attention to himself thus he resided solely within Mr I's hat for the duration of the meeting, his hatred of large crowds was sheltered within the surprising spacious insides of the hat.

9 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:45 pm


Syuora would slowly enter the domain which the captains resided in. He yawned some as he kept his usual dull expression on his face. His green and red eyes surveyed the room as his feet echoed off of the floor. He looked around at all of the Captains without saying a word, as his zanpakuto clanked along his back in rythmn with his stride. Whatever this meeting was about, it must be important. He didn't want to disrespect the Sotaicho by not showing up, even though his was lazy. Syuora stopped as he stood with the other captains as he waited for words to be spoken.Being as lazy as he was, he tried not to doze off into a nap. He crossed his arms as his scarf slowly dangled towards the ground as he awaited the Captain Commander to speak.

10 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:20 am


Hunter just got the notice of a captain's meeting.. He was annoyed at having to go to meetings, but oh well, it couldn't be helped... The young shinigami quickly used shunpo and disappeared with a shadow blur.. He appeared at the captain's meeting... The room seemed rather crowded.

[ Crappy post ]

11 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:24 pm


The Captain of the 11th Division made his way to the 1st Division by simply walking there, he didn't really like using Shunpo although he was proficient in its use, no he preferred more conventional means of transportation. He was old fashioned like that. As he made his way to the 1st Division he wondered why Kazumi would be holding a Captain's Meeting but then it occurred to him that former 5th Division Captain had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, it seemed that the fellow had found a way to gain Hollow powers. It would seem that people could no longer gain greater power by conventional means such as bonding with one's Zanpaktou and training. They had to alter their very being now. Things had certainly changed in his some 800 years in the soul society.

"That must have made him one hell of a beast... and will make him a pain in the ass to execute... this might be fun after all..." the Kenpachi thought , he knew it was a bad thought but he couldn't help it. He was the Kenpachi after all, a guy that lived to cut down others. Although this Kenpachi was a strange one. He didn't like just want pure brute strength from his Division, he wanted refined skills. He wanted Warrior's, not big idiots who could swing a sword. Anyone could swing a sword but it was another thing to know when to swing it and when to sheathe it. While the large 6'6 man was lost in his thoughts he had reached the gates of the 1st Division.

"We'll here I am..." thought Mitsurugi as he took one last puff from his pipe before placing it with in the breast pocket of his Shinigami robes. He watched as two men from the 1st Division pushed open the door to admit the 11th Division Taicho. They didn't see him much so they didn't now how to react so they simply bowed their heads and allowed him to pass. In the some 157 years of his Captaincy Koisen 'Mitsurugi' Ryoushi didn't really socialize much with the other Captains, he had seen them come and go, but he never really involved himself much with them. He only left his division to do certain things and complete tasks and missions that were given to him. although he was somewhat of a drunkard and a little flirtatious when it came to pretty women he didn't like hanging out with the Captains because they weren't his friends, they were his co-workers for lack of a better word.

The Koi Samurai walked through the corridor to the meeting room with the white bird on his shoulder silently watching with its golden eyes streching its long neck and making a spectacle of its glorious and pretty white feathers which were exceptionally long at the end of its body, the large brown beads around his neck ,with large Shark Teeth between each bead, rattled as he moved, its purpose was to allow his opponents to know where he was coming from. His spikey black hair was lax and tied like a ponytail, a manly ponytail with the spikey black hair hanging over his head fanning out, the point of the hair was to make the tall man seem a little bigger and allow enemies to spout his head when visibility was low. He neared the door of the meeting room and before entering he tugged his large red rope Obi to make sure nothing was loose. He took a quick gulp from the gourd on his right hip; it might be a long meeting. He replaced it on his hip and took a breathe.

He entered the room and inspected the people with in through his dark brown eyes; he saw 9 Captains including the Sotaicho and excluding himself. It seemed 4 Captains were missing but he didn't expect the 5th Division Taicho after all he was a Hybrid and a Traitor. It seemed that the 12th Division Taicho wasn't there yet; that fellow freaked the Kenpachi out a little. He just seemed a little odd. "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 13th..." thought the Kenpachi running through the people in the room. "5th Division, 9th Division, 12th Division and the Kidou Corps. are not accounted for... yet..." the Kenpachi moved to his rightful spot and sat down, he put his entire back against the chair, it creaked a little. It wasn't because the Kenpachi was fat or anything he just weighed a lot.

12 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:55 pm


"Move bitch, get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way". A certain someone came singing through the hallways of the Ichibantai. The Captain known to many as Jushiro Izanagi had entered the building. The Noob had arrived on the scene and brought an eerie feeling along too. The other Captains would probably be able to sense this terrible presence. It was a presence of mischief and uncertainty. The Captain of the Juunibantai was a strange one, a dangerous man. The giant that stood at 5'7 was just outside of the oak doors. The Kanji for the Ichibantai meeting quarters was written on the door. The Captain soon paused for a moment, he was thinking of skipping out on this mission. Then again he already wasted his time coming to such a place. The least he could do at the moment was stick around for a while. The Captain decided to go inside after a few moments. The gates to a boring party with stuck up Captains opened. The Noob moved right inside and looked around for a while. His hand soon rose and his head tilted to the side."Heller Bitches. How yer doing on this day?". The Captain was never known for his manners at all. He was however a very loyal man, but wasn't easliy tamed. The Noob was accompanied by his trademark fox grin. He was however a little fascinated by the cartoon figure. The Fisher man was also a very intriguing figure. What was his anatomy like? Maybe the Captain would get an opportunity to find out a little more. Who knows experimenting on the Sotaicho could be fun too. For now The Captain would move into place and await the proceedings.

13 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:29 pm


Jamison walked into the room with all the other captains. His black haori with a white symbol of the kidou corps on the back fluttered behind him. Strapped around his shoulder was a black Flying V guitar with orange and red flames. The Captain of the Kidou Corps was never seen without a single musical instrument. He had a sleepy and uninterested look on his face. The long strawberry blonde hair of his was pulled back into a ponytail. His face was beginning to show stubble after not shaving for a day.

The man looked around the room with all the other Captains. Not everyone had arrived yet. He could see the Captain Commander. He was a scary man. Also in attendance were the Captains of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th divisions. This was a diverse looking group of Taichous with personalities to match, it seemed. He lazily smirked at the thought.

"Evening everyone. I hope I'm not too late. Was busy with paperwork."

And by paperwork, Jamison meant his songwriting. Most of the Kidou Corp paperwork was pushed onto subordinates. He only did the Captain only paperwork, but none of the minor useless stuff in his opinion. Jamison leaned against the wall and started to play his guitar. His fingers were furiously moving up in down the strings. Though the guitar was not plugged into anything, the music was still audible. It was a furious yet technically proficient riff.

14 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:34 pm


OOC: At last, sorry for my whole weeks absence, but as I said in my absence post.

Kazumi’s face conjured a massively bleak expression as the newbie’s funneled into the room. His generals where here and accounted for except for the 5th and 9th divisions, having not been filled quite yet. It was horrible in his mind however, words of greeting were being spat through toward his position, the man would simply continue to stare at the doorway from which they entered, quite annoyed by such raucous. A captain’s meeting is a place to take things seriously there is no time for such greeting; it should be done on their own time. What this man had in mind was of immense importance, and as he stated, needed in order to keep Seireitei in order. There’s no sense in beings of such power to be sitting on their asses all day, like some damn couch potatoes. No, no such thing would occur under the reign of this man and he would make sure of such. A sigh of glee would propagate over the man’s face in the midst of all this shenanigans, and improper conduct, the sight of his famed Kenpachi lightened the man’s mood a bit, and then he could hear a familiar jingle being spat out through the hallways until a figure emerged which was captain Jushiro, the Noob. As that man funneled into his place Kazumi was finally ready.

‘Ahem. What I would first like to say is that, I’m glad all of you could make it, in an orderly, and timely manner, some of you however, ‘ the man scanned the room, eyeing Jushiro and the latest captain to enter the room, the new Kidō corps captain, ‘Now, on to the real business,’ the man began, ‘I’m sure all of you are aware of the latest and sudden outbreak of hybrids amongst the Human and Soul Society realms. Our central 46 has deemed their very existence a threat to the balance of both the living and Soul Society, they are said to be rogue, and in collaboration with the espada of Las Noches. This in knowledge, it is our duty to scope them out, and terminate their very existence as soon as possible, thus one of the very reason’s I’ve brought all of you here today to meet.’ The man gestured his hands in a commanding fashion, swiveling his head from side to side to capture each side of his audience making eye contact so that the message would be translated in a clear and unadulterated manner. ‘With that said I deem them our enemies along with anyone in collaboration with them, and being captains of yourself, I will entrust in each of you the duty of crushing our enemies. Any hybrid shall be killed on sight, and anyone working with them shall be killed as well. I have other things in mind as well for select specialists. Jushiro, I need you to conduct research for the immediate use of the arrancar’s garganta, the most efficient and effective way of traveling to and through any world. I would also like you to beef up Seireitei security in your spare time. Ewen, Aden, and Mitsurugi I want you three to venture to Las Noches and capture the Hybrid, and former captain Hisoka Setsuna, the current leader of the vizard, be wary however, he is likely under the protection of the espada, a cunning and powerful adversary. I will be venturing to the human world along with a few others, Jushiro you may attend if you would like, and two other volunteers. We will be doing a little exterminating per say. Now, with that said the rest of you are in charge of keeping Seireitei safe while we are away. 4th division captain ensure that you have a way to anywhere you’re needed, Las Noches, or the Human world.’

15 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:58 am


Jan standed in his designated spot and watched the Captains walk in one by one. He had already gone into a state of meditation. He wasn't really aware of anything those few moments when the Captains entered the room aand said their words of greeting and those few seconds that stretched and grew up to some miutes of intervals between the appearence of them.

The first was the thirteenth divisions Captain Akemi Rin Yoshiko. Jan hadn't met her until now. And he even was srprised as she knew his name. Jan didn't know much about her and not even about anything else only minor things that really didn't help. She said her greeting to the Captain Comander and greeted him as well. "Hello. I am good." Jan answered and noded his head in response.

After a few moments the next Captain entered the door. It was Captain Ewen from the sixth squad. Yet another Captain which Jan hadn't had the honour to meet. The only way to know so much as the name of the Captains was to make his squad to invetigate on every Captain and tell Jan. He had made that a task to his squad as Jan had to know something about them.

Then Captain Jack entered the room. That was indeed the first Captain Jan had met. From what Jan knew he was the flirting kind and he made delicious tea, at least that's what Captain Aden said. He also was the fourth divisions Captain. Without a greeting he quickly took his place. And then he noded to every Captain currently there as a greeting.

Captain Aden walked in as the next to attend. He quickly noded to the ones already there. He was another Captain Jan met the first time in a chat in Seireitei. It was near a small hill and it was at the evening. He, just like every other Captain was a man or woman to respect.

The next to enter and the last one Jan had the honour to meet outside of this meeting right now, was Captain of the tenth division - Mr. Inverted or Mr. I for short. He was a interesting person not only because of his personality but because of his appearence. Like someone who had jumped out of a childs colouring book he was like a toon. He greeted the Captains and took his place.

Then, after a short gap a man entered the room. He had an interesting haircut and drawings on his face. Of course Jan wasn't one to judge seeing as he was covered in piercings and tattoo's. The man was the eight squads Captain Syuora Sattoutaki.

Then the second squads Captain arrived. Quick just as expected from the assasins squad Captain. His name suited him rather well. He seemed rather annoyed to be there.

He wasn't the last Captain to enter as he was followed by the eleventh squads Captain. Kenpachi Mitsurugi - a man who had to be respected and who's power had to be feared at the same time. The man looked over the room and the ones in it seemingly listing them to see which were there and which were missing.

After a while a man singing a song could be heard. The twelfth squads Captain Jushiro with a interesting hreting to the other Captains in the room. That wasn't weird at all, he was almost the same as the twelfth squads Captain a long time ago was.

The last to enter was Jamison Hegg. The Kido Corps Captain. He greeted everyone and stated the reason for being late if he was that is. And it was true paperworks really took up a lot of time and werw a pain in the ass.

Thr Captain Comander Kazumi started the meeting. He swiftly and quickly said everything he had to and told everyone their tasks. Jan knew about the hybrids and there were no questions in his mind. Jan didn't volunteer as he didn't know for what his Zanpakutowas better. Defending or attacking. Jan then looked around the room to see what the other Captains thought.

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After tiresome training in the 13th Division Headquarter, Akemi had to go to the Captain meeting. This was the first meeting after so long time, what she had spent in Soul Society. Akemi was about 90% sure, that this meeting gonna be about something unimportant, but when she received message from the Captain Commander, that sounded that this will be something serious. So she had no choice, and she had to go to the meeting. Akemi went straight to the 1st Division Headquarter. In her mind was a lot of thinks, but she made it until the meeting without any problems and prejudice. Akemi went inside the meeting room and greeted the Captain Commander, after that she sat in her seat and greeted Mr. Totti too. It seemed that he was surprised about something, but Ake didn't know about what.

Anyway she awaited the answer from Mr. Totti. "Very well than." S She carried on the conversation. It looked like he didn't want to talk so Ake stopped there. That was the last sentence what Akemi said to him. She turned her head on the Captain Commander way and at once looked down. She waited for other the Captains, just like Mr. Totti and the Captain Commander. A minute by a minute passed and Captain by Captain came to the meeting. The room got crowded very fast. Very soon the room was full of Captains. There wasn't only 5th and 9th Division Captains, but that should have an explainable reason, why they didn't come to the meeting.

Still looking in ground Akemi was thinking absolutely about something else. She was lost in her mind. She was thinking about her zanpakto spirit - Yami Shi-Do. But why? It seemed that she wanted to train him so strong and indestructible, that no one could defeat them. Of course if Akemi trains only her zanpakto and not herself, that will not end well. Maybe that was the reason why Akemi everyday trained in her training grounds. To evolve her skills in new level. It seemed that it was her only thought in her mind. To get stronger and better.

Suddenly she heard something. It was the Captain Commander Kazumi speak. She started to listen to his speak with a very big attention. Mr. Kazumi told everything very fast and short. He gave every Division Captain their job. Akemis task was to protect the Seireitei from every intruder. Moreover, he was talking about some kind of hybrids. Akemi had only one question. She raised her arm about till the head with straight fingers and tried to speak with the Captain Commander."Emm...How strong are those hybrids?" This question in her mind pop-up, because she wanted to know about how strong are enemies, which she could have to fight. So she could train and get better in fighting skills.

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18 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:41 pm


Jack watched as each of the captain filed into the room along with the captain commander, smiling slightly at his own inner thoughts. The strongest men and woman in seireitei now stood in this room, each holding a spiritual pressure powerful enough to crush a building if truly released. Even now as each of them held the power so in check, held it back so well. With so many in one room, how stifling this room must be for any unseated officer; the man could only imagine that breath would be for them. A troublesome thing to keep.

The first to enter was the cold captain of the 3rd, Aden Williams. Giving those gathers a brief and sharp nod as way of greeting, some thing made Jack smirk. Why a man needed to be so cold, Jack did not understand. The warmth of life is what made it fun, the times with friends and loved one is when most where truly happy. Yet Aden seemingly choose to be cold, Jack felt for the man in come ways.

Then came the animated captain of the 10th, a man one for all intents and proposes looked animated. As is ripped from an old black and white cartoon, or the pages of mad magazine. Then as if his appearance were not enough, he seemed to play on his toonish motif. With a particularly particular name, Mr. Inverted the toon called himself. Jack could not help but wander why.

The man with the dual coloered eyes was the next to enter, Syuora Sattoutaki captain of the 8th. Also a man Jack did not truly know much about, though he was sure they would meet sooner or later. The rather strange trench coated captain of the 2nd soon fallowed, Hunter was another man Jack did not know much about; even though for a time he used to be a member of the 2nd himself. Next to come was the current Kenpachi, as fishermen looking fellow. Who seem as eccentric as all the other Kenpachi. Wearing useless thing so your enemy would know where you were in combat, to this Jack simply shook his head. Soon came the creepy 12th captain, fallowed shortly by the Grand Kido Chief.

It was once everyone, but the 5th and 9th captains were here. That Captain Commander Kazumi began his speech, starting off on the hybrid problem. Personally Jack thought this a bit extreme, and could never help but wonder why the old jackass's at the 46 seemed to want anything they didn't understand killed. Or for that matter why Captain Commanders seemed to take in their word with out question, though like all Captains. Jacks job was to fallow orders, which is something he would do, He listen as Kaz gave out the assignments and nodded lightly as he was mentioned.

"The 4th Division is already on standby, I have several field treatment squads at full battle readiness. My Lt is currently preparing hell butterflies as we speak, we are ready to depart to either the Human world or Hueco Mondo at any time. We will wait on stand by, until we receive the green light. At which time, we will immediately head to where ever we are needed. All one has to do is send the message, I will lead the squads myself."

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It was now time for the meeting to began, albeit there were still a few missing heads. The Juunibantai Taicho stood with a fox grin on his face. His eyes remained closed, but all eyes were on him. The man could especially feel the Captain Commander's presence. Perhaps the Sotaicho was angry at him? Could it be that Jushiro had went a little too far with his intro? The Sotaicho out to be used to it by now right? Then again there is a time and place for everything too. The Sotaicho looked to be rather focus and very serious about his intentions. Just what kind of orders did Central 46 handed out? It would possibly serve the Soul Society best if the Captain went and slaughtered them. Such a group was useless to have around at times. All they did was limit a Shinigami, hindering true progress. They're also very scared of what it means to have true power too. Jushiro shared a certain thought with them though. One that states all traitors must die, especially if they side with the enemy. There is so much happening at the moment and Jushiro was about to get involved too. The Sotaicho uttering his name, meant that the Captain needed to get to work. The Juunibantai will be at the heart of everything again. Always being relied on to invent ridiculous things. Jushiro didn't have a problem with inventing these things. But a certain governing body wanted to prohibit such things. The direction in which this was heading would be a pain in the ass. Why did they have to be so difficult? That's something the Captain will take over to the "Juicy Talk Show". The Captain soon opened his eyes to view a certain female. Akemi. Her words doesn't seem to be worthy of a Captain. But maybe Jushiro was over thinking things too. If not he was being disrespectful, considering he looks no older than 18 years old. It was a troublesome situation indeed, but Akemi's question was also a valid. Izanagi's response would probably be something along these lines. 'Just don't underestimate the opponent'. It was said out loud but the other Captains should get the picture by now. "I must say this is rather vexing Kazumi Sotaicho. However the prospects of learning more about the Arrancar's means of travel has intrigued. I would have conducted these experiments long ago had I given the chance. It seems the big wigs are finally beginning to see how foolish they can be. I will also take you up on your offer to travel to the realm of the Humans too. I can't have you all destroying material for my experiments. For those that are traveling to Hueco Mundo, I'd be thankful if you could bring me back a souvenir. A live one would be most appreciated too. In any case commander, I suggest you delay this little mission too. Let me at least learn more about the Garagunta. This will require me to do some research, maybe some assistance will be handy? Besides we have among us a Captain that is very good, possibly the best at using Kido spells. I would love to pick the brain of the Kido Corps Commander". The man explained before his signature Fox grin was plastered across his face again. It was now time to prepare for battle and they had their work cut out for them. Jushiro also took note of the Sotaicho's request to solidify the Soul Society's security. Such experiments would have been illegal until a few moments ago. Perhaps the big wigs are not that bad after all. The Captain would still very much like to experiment on them.

20 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:50 am


Ewen simply sat, he didn’t move, his body didn’t waver, he studied each and everyone’s reiatsu signature down to the letter, it was like memorizing a face, or sound, even a vocal que. Being blind left him gravely disadvantageous, here in Soul Society, it was easy to bounce off reiatsu like a radar or sonar, using it to show objects and such, as everything here was mostly if not mainly made of reiatsu, buildings, walls, even the things that grew. It would be wonderful to memorize the captain’s reiatsu, however Ewen would have to put names with reiatsu, and so far he just had a blanket of reiatsu with no “author” of it.

So the captain commander spoke, he was a gruff man, however his reiatsu was impressive, or rather obtrusive, it was like a leaky ceiling it got everything wet and tainted. So Ewen continued to listen, his head cast downwards as if he was meditating or asleep, he did doze for a while however, no one new came, and it seemed as if the captain commander had been frozen still for almost a week, then suddenly sprung to life, berating people for being close to late, however Ewen’s sense of time was most likely skewed.

Ewen quickly picked up what was going on, both himself, Aden and the Kenpachi were being sent to HM, three captains out of all the other’s that remained. The request was nothing short of a probable suicide mission in a far fetched attempt to capture a rogue shinigami, not only that, Ewen was most likely being punished for his captain’s mistake, and thus instead of killing him ought right, they would send him on some futile attempt to find him, and bring him back here, even as a LT Ewen knew the dangers of being a shinigami, but never before had he seen such, boldness as this.

3 Captains gone, making Soul Societies numbers even with the Espada, there strongest going to the human realm to pick another fight, lessening there numbers again, one would be foolish to leave SS so unguarded and ripe for the picking, Ewen knew that his former captain was efficient and reasonable, but he would have never made Ewen do something like this, perhaps his leaving was more profound than Ewen had realized.

For the first time, Ewen had chosen to speak, he would need time to prepare, to train and to increase his odds of survival, and hopefully he would be able to communicate better with his zanpakuto before this whole mess began.

“Sotachio, I would ask that you give us time to prepare, I know that I need some time to prefect some recent techniques, and perhaps some others, like Captain Aden who has enough skill (Points) to most likely increase his potential as well.”

That was all Ewen said, he stared blankly into the room, not looking at anyone, however he was doing it on purpose, he wanted to seem inane, weak, ineffective, and possible disadvantageous to send in the blind person to a place he has never been before, it was a old trick he used to use on his Taicho to get out of work, and maybe these captains would fall for it as well.

21 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:37 pm


Aden smiled and nodded at all of the Shinigami captains who walked in, for some of them it was one of the few times they saw each other, but Aden saw these men every day. He sat at his giant monitor and watched as they gallivanted around. Aden knew the quirks of the majority of these characters, and yet he had hardly spoken to them. They all were characterized and classified in Aden’s big book of shinigami players, and all of them had their vices. Some more than others, and some had so many vices that it disgusted Aden. They all broke the cardinal rule in Aden’s book and that was getting attached, perhaps the one that did this the least was the psychotic captain of the 12th, but he was full of other problems. He was sadistic and cruel, probably colder to people then Aden was.

Aden listened to the captain speak, and he confirmed what Aden already knew, that he and Ewen would be heading to Hueco Mundo, but the new information was that Kenpachi would be joining them. Kenpachi from what Aden had observed was very gung-ho in his movements, and played it a lot by the whims of what sounded exhilarating. He was extremely flirtatious, but Aden could not tell if that was him seeking for love, or a lay. He was strategic, yet impulsive in Aden’s sense he only turned strategic when he faced a tough opponent. The Second member that would be accompanying Aden was Ewen the blind Lt. that used to serve Hisoka. He would probably have the most baggage on this mission, but he was usually relaxed and stable. Aden could only hope that those factors balanced out the extreme emotional weight that he would be caring with him on the mission.

The question now became why pick these three captains. Sure it was with-in Ewen’s job description to hunt down traitors because he was in charge of the internal affairs unit. At the same time was it a good idea to send someone so enthralled with the target on a mission. Aden knowing Kazumi like he did was sure that this was an attempt to ease Ewen nerves as a captain perhaps. Maybe Ewen felt uneasy about getting the job simply because the previous captain committed such a grievous crime. Kenpachi was going surly just to give additional strength to the duo when facing a strong opponent like they were. Aden also mused the idea that he was coming to deal damage the Los Noches while they were there. Aden’s own role was obvious to gather information on Hueco Mundo its inhabitants, and what had become of Hisoka Setusna.

Hisoka Setsuna had always been a captain that Aden admired, in fact two hundred years ago when Aden’s captain requested that he learn how to use bankai the man that helped Aden with that task was Hisoka. The crime that hisoka had committed was completely wrong. Not only did he betray the Soul society’s beliefs about hollows, but he also betrayed Aden’s beliefs about hollows. Hisoka becoming this Hybrid committed the ultimate attachment to the bane of the human race no matter what dimension they belonged to. That Bane was a hollow something that kills Souls and erases them from the circle of life. The attachment part was intertwining his soul with that of a hollow for eternity.

Aden listened as the other captains began to speak, and he wasn’t surprised at Rin’s lack of knowledge about the hybrids. Aden decided he would speak up in that stead “Rin they have the power of a captain mixed with the power of a Gillian class, they should be regarded as some of the strongest enemies of the Soul Society.” Aden said as a matter of a fact, this wasn’t just aimed at her, but at all the captains in the room so they could see the gravity of the situation they were facing. Aden was surprised about the second group being dispatched to the S.S. that would imply that there was other Hybrids out there.

Aden was contemplating the possibility of other hybrids when Ewen mentioned training, and Aden nodded his head in agreement that he would also like to take some time and hone an ability he had been toying with recently. Aden’s mind kept entertaining the idea of other hybrids when it struck him that he had met one of these people before five years ago. “Kazumi with you in the living world searching for hybrids I have a target for you, I met one of these things before when I did not know what they were. A man named Adam Salvador is one of these so called ‘Vizards’ be careful when I met him he had just finished chatting with what I believe was an espada. Also I expect you to take good notes on them for the third division records.”

22 Re: Captain's Meeting. on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:36 pm


The Kenpachi relaxed in his chair and listened to everything that was being said and began to make mental notes about everyone who spoke and what was said. He didn't like be left in the dark about things and what was being said might prove somewhat important in the near future; that was if he survived the potentially suicidal kidnapping mission in the world of the Hollows: Hueco Mundo. He though it would be best to beef up defenses and have some kind of extra support just in case they needed it but it didn't seem that they could have it just yet. No, it seemed it would just be three Captains vs the Arrancar Army which would be fun but they would most likely die and the mission would be a failure, and since they really couldn't let loose in the world of the Hollows while doing such a Mission. Namely kidnapping a Hybrid which would be a Combination of Hollow and Shinigami. He sighed lowly and continued to listen to what was being said, he eyed the Blind Man Ewen and Aden Williams. It seemed their lives would be intertwined with this mission. One man fucked up and they could all go down in flames, so to speak. It was very dangerous business indeed.

"Captain of the 12th Division may I ask you how long it would take for you to create a usable Garganta if everything goes smoothly? A few days? A few weeks? " The Kenpachi then looked at the Sotaicho "I would advise that all the Captains who are going on this Mission take their most trusted and most valuable division members with them. I would also request that I could take my Lt. as well as my 3rd and 4th Seat. They have all been personally trained by me and they are by no means the 11th Division Stereo-type..." The Kenpachi grinned slightly as if he knew what all their other people were thinking. "I am sure with the Captains and their Lieutenants as well as my Small Force we can quickly cover more ground and locate the Mark faster and with their support the lesser Arrancar can be dealt with while the Espada and the Higher Echelons of the Arrancar Army can be dealt with by us. Although I would like to ask the Kidou Corps and the 12th Division to create something to make transport of the Hybrid more efficient and make the likelihood of escape lower but I suggest they create something knew something the Rogue's have not seen... "

The Kenpachi then just waited to here the input of the other Captains as well as of the Sotaicho.

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Impulse captured the Kazumi in its wicked and impatient grasps, sending the man to react immediately as input was given. No time for lollygagging, the man whispered into the ear of an unnamed shinigami standing by his side. The soldier would turn briefly to reveal a crimson red, thin and rectangular shaped box. Brief indentions of a thin plastic adding a lovely touch to the boxes appearance, stripes, as Kazumi retrieved it with a nod of appreciation, even the captain commander needs to show respect. Arranging the box on his pedestal he removed the decorated cover, covering the goodies inside. ‘As you all know communication is of great importance, so here it is, earpieces, so that contact can be maintained between the worlds.’ Exactly twenty in perfect arrays of ten each snuggled in like a hot dog to a bun. ‘If you don’t mind,’ Kazumi handed the box to the unnamed, who would carefully step between the rows of captains, passing out an earpieces to each. Kazumi watched quietly. He places his hands together in a clasp, placing them onto the pedestal, clearing his throat briefly to prepare speech. He did indeed loath these meetings but they were a necessity, to say the least, and yet he knew his captains felt the same so with this final act of speech the man would adjourn the meeting, all those who didn’t get to state their questions and concerns? Talk (post) in a quick and determined manner next time.

‘All of you raise great ideals for consideration, I agree with the notion of backing up and slightly delaying the trip to Las Noches, that would be in our best interest to wait. We will have to do such either way, because Jushiro and our Grand Kidō Chief have yet to conjure our means of entering into the arrancar’s domain. This will give you time to prepare anything you need. Meanwhile the journey to the living world to confront the vizard will continue, myself leading with whomever else besides those in charge of research (Jushiro, Jamison), and protecting Seireitei (Jack Wolf). Those accompanying me, we will rendezvous in Rukongai, just follow my spiritual pressure. There a Senkai will be prepared with hell butterflies there to escort you. I likely won’t be there, as I will have went into the garganta because of my impulsiveness, a flaw yes, but one I have no control over, but make sure to be there within the next few hours. With that said, meeting adjourned.’

The man cascaded down to where his fellow captains were, in a brisk, crisp shunpo, following behind him his personal body guards. The man paced through the doorway, his haori catching the winds streaming in from the corridor of dim lights. Camera’s followed his motions, and from the vantage point of the dimly, dark lit room, Kazumi was a mere memory.


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Syuora sighed as he put in his earpiece. He didn't bother saying anything at all. He adjusted it so it fit snugly around his ear as he proceeded to the door. He didn't bother conversing with the other captains as he left


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Jack nodded lightly, taking an earpiece as the box was passed around. Then placed it over his ear, as he bowed politely towards the other captains. As headed towards the door, sighing lightly to himself. He needed to get back to the 4th, the place needed to be readied. Reaching into his robes, he pulled out a cigarette. Placing it into his lips, he sighed lightly to himself once again. This could be getting bad for all of seireitei, and it could be getting that way far sooner then Jack would wish. They were on the brink of starting a war, though he had his orders.

Damned blind 46, they were leading this place down a path to destruction. A path to yet another war, the 46 and the noble families were starting to become more trouble than they were worth. The Gotei should be in charge of seireitei, not the 46 and their short sighted nobles. As Jack reached the out side of the 1st Division he disappeared, in a quick shunpo.


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