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Captain's Meeting V2

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1 Captain's Meeting V2 on Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:29 pm


Kazumi would swiftly pace through a long thin corridor, a deep dark hallway which lead into the room of the meeting. It was just as depicted, there was the chair in the center for the captain commander, Kazumi, to sit, and discuss with his captains, and enough floor room for each captain to stand in their designated positions. Lamps lit the room, while two guards would stand at the entrance, each holding long, sharp staff weapons, ready to kill any unauthorized intruders. They would only bow as Kazumi entered the room however, as he would take his seat and ponder upon recent events. He would in fact want to get the reports on every arrancar incusion which had taken place, anything out of the ordinary was to be reported, and rebuilding was in order, indeed. If there was something for each captain to get off their chests this would definitely be the place to do it at their own caution. This place was highly guarded in addition to the guards at the door. Outside there were various men set to activate the alarm when an intruder reiatsu had been sensed. Barriers of level 1 and 2 strength was placed to fortify the area, security was becoming top priority considering how easy it was for invaders to just "Garganta" into the place. That would need to be stopped. Kazumi wanted to know what everyone was working on, Jushiro's and the Doctor's inventions. After pondering for a bit, Kazumi took his seat, awaiting for the other captain's to come in and stand at their positions.

OOC: Typing this from my PS3, and I will only be posting in this topic 3 times max as to keep it short.

2 Re: Captain's Meeting V2 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:10 pm


The signature fox grin could be seen as the Captain of the 12th Division made his way through the halls. The man could feel the Spiritual pressure of the Sotaicho, something that was quite magnificent. The cold, dense and eerie presence of the 12th Division Captain could be felt as he drew closer. The man had recently left the 12th Division and was now visiting the Ichibantai. The 5'7 tall giant of the man made his way pass the guards as they opened the door for him. There his hazel eyes rested upon the Sotaicho himself. And with a quick wave and a grin, the Captain greeted his Commander. "Heller Kazumi Sotaicho, how yer doing on this day?".

As usual the Captain made his way to his spot, where the Captains would line up in two rows facing each other. The man soon closed his eyes with a grin upon his face. His eyes were closed but his senses were as sharp as ever. There was a couple of things to be discussed during this meeting. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long, now that everyone was prepared to move.

3 Re: Captain's Meeting V2 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:47 pm


Familiar it was, the spiritual pressure of the Sotaicho, he knows it because he once operated on the man, but for some reason, it always felt warm and yet at the same time, makes his nose itch. It was fairly late that he had gotten the message to come to the meeting, which alas, makes it a wonder how he could've arrived this fast in the little time he had to the 1st Division, to which even then, he was a bit unfamiliar with the surroundings of Seireitei. For now, he had best be kept quiet and learn a thing or two about the language from Izanigga-san and perhaps, speak more fluently.

The guards at first needed an ID from the stranger of a Taicho -- Riko, but eventually after looking up the pictures of the records, he was indeed a Taicho and newly promoted as well, albeit holding a mischievous smirk to them as they let him in, which just begs his question, what exactly goes on in Riko's mind besides how to swoon the ladies? Finding his way to the room he was meant to be in, he would think that he is meant to stand next to Izanigga-Juinbantaitaicho, eerily enough guessing that they are meant to stand in rows, but not exactly the right one, standing in the 11th Division Taicho's spot in the rows after waving hi to the chocolate skinned Sotaicho. Silent and all as under his shades, his eyes are constantly looking around for what's so special about this particularly Spartan room. Riko particularly being taller than the Izanigga taicho, standing taller than him by a couple of inches (unless of course Noob mistyped that bit and intended it to be 6'7 and not 5'7).

Afterwards, it seemed that Riko was awfully composed and calm in this meeting, his head looking down as his face retained a dull expression; he was asleep lightly and yet his shades made it hard to tell just what exactly he was doing. Yet he seemed so peaceful and lovable in his short and quick nap, he missed sleeping after all when he was instituted as Captain. Though the way he hung down his head implied some sort of defeatist attitude than sleeping, to which would misrepresent what Riko is really doing, which is simply sleeping as such.

And so, he let out a light snore, an indication of divine providence that indeed the Ninbantai Taicho is napping at a time like this and a message of destined actions directed towards the Juinbantai Taicho, or simply just a normal snore? That is a factor only determined by the chaotic variable of x.

Waking up soon with the perception of having been through the entire meeting, Riko shook his head as he flung out the last bit of drowsiness in that small amount of time he slept, before strolling out of the room, waving goodbye in preparation to where he is meant to be at.


4 Re: Captain's Meeting V2 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:56 pm


The Doctor was an intriguing as always, Jushiro couldn't help but release a chuckle. Was this man really sleeping? Or was it pure boredom that caused him to snore a little? Then again it could be a sign of his reluctance to waste anymore time. There was somewhere that they all needed to go after all.

The Captain then watched carefully as the Riko made his way out.

Jushiro himself then turned and waved goodbye to the Sotaicho.

"Please excuse us for doing this, but there is work to be done. I'm sure you will approve of our actions. Wish me luck Sotaicho".

Jushiro then turned around and performed a flash step Noob style. The man was now gone and was on his way to a certain place.


5 Re: Captain's Meeting V2 on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:25 pm


Kazumi stared at the doorway.
Kazumi pondered where the other captain's were.
Kazumi stared more.
Kazumi closed his eyes.
Kazumi opened his eyes, and though where are the others?
Kazumi watched Noob and Rico leave.
Kazumi left seeing as no one else had shown up.
Kazumi felt the reiatsu's of enemies.
Kazumi used a Flash Step to find them.


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