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How To Travel..!!!

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1 How To Travel..!!! on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:30 am

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
Naturally, the Dangai has some defenses against Hollows and other spiritual beings attempting to pass through the realm. This is why Shinigami are the only ones who can truly use it efficiently for travel between both the world of the living and the Soul Society.

Kouryū is the current that is constantly flowing through the Dangai, in order to prevent enemies such as Hollows from using it. The current stops souls from moving, and even one foot caught by it makes escape almost impossible. It encompasses the walls, capturing anyone who makes contact with them. If a Shinigami's Zanpakutō is used or revealed, they are also trapped by the current.

A Janitor (seimichiō; Cleaner in the English Dub), is the Dangai's equivalent to a street sweeper. The Janitor appears once every seven days to cleanse the area, killing anyone, and everything that makes contact with it. It looks like the same material making up the Precipice World, only moulded into the shape of a bullet train, and a golden eye at the upper-center of it's body. If a Janitor touches a Zanpakutō or other spiritual weapon, the user and weapon are trapped, since the Janitor's body is flowing with the Kouryū current.

* Janitor's can be "killed" with a sufficiently powerful attack, at least from a distance by Captain-level class attacks; physical or melee attacks will result in a instant death for the attacker. Only long range projectiles work on these things.

Being an entirely separate area of space, the Dangai Precipice World has a completely different form of time than the human world, and Soul Society. This implies whenever you get out the date can be a week before or a week after.

* In order to go through this verse, one must run and escape into a pitch dark area away from the Janitor and thus you will be given a random date when you arrived in Soul Society by a moderator or co-admin, or even Shuei himself.

* In order to fully go through the Dangai, you alone and or with members must all have post 3 times within the topic with at least 2 paragraphs.


* All topics that require to use the Senkaimon or going through this passageway without a Hell Butterfly; then yes you do post here. All Captains contain 1 Hell Butterfly and may use them only three times, before going to Seireitei to obtain a new one(s).

* Any topic using the Senkaimon with a Hell Butterfly, will only need to make a topic and post once with at least 1 paragraph.

The Senkaimon is the dimensional gateway which Shinigami use to enter and leave Soul Society by unlocking it. When guided by a Hell Butterfly, the Senkaimon takes the form of a waiting room entered through a sliding door.

* Humans can also use such a gate through the use of Reishihenkanki, which convert solid matter into spirit particles. They are attainable in the Urahara Shop. This does not grant you any access like the Senkaimon, it is just a passageway open to enter the Dangai without the Hell Butterfly.


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