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You call that a penis?

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1 You call that a penis? on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:53 am

Ambroise Dion

Ambroise Dion
La Quinta Espada
"Thats what you call a penis?" The indigo haired beauty couldn't help but scoff at the little lady man who had just dropped his pants for her. She had hopped for some decent equipment from the men of this cold, snowy nation. But it seemed like their women had bigger balls other wise how would anyone get off? The mans eyes went wide with indignation and struggled to pull his pants up and slap her at the same time. He failed at both, but he did manage to fall flat on his face. She let out another soft giggle and stood up a small smile coming to her face which swiftly shifted to his face. Dropping the skirt he now wore on a rather masculine frame he let his shaven genitalia be seen, and to say it put the lady mans to shame was something of an understatement. "This is a proper penis! Take it in, take it in and be stunned!" The man let out a shrike and clawed at his pants and was struggling with the bathroom door even before Ammy had finished speaking. She contemplated stopping him but decided against and let that giggle turn into a chuckle as he pulled up his skirt and reverted back to what she had looked like before, long legs, buxom breasts, long hair and all. She adjusted her bra and fallowed after the man eyes shining with what could only be mirth.

She walked out into the streets of Moscow flipping her hair over her shoulder and glanced around the snow covered walk ways with hungry eyes. She had visited Russia in hopes of finding something... Anything to relive the monotonous march of time but it seemed like she would have no such luck. Sure she could have some fun messing with the living that thronged the streets but she could do that just about any where. So it seemed she had wasted a trip. She walked down the streets, enjoying the looks she got from the natives. She knew her dress would have gotten her odd looks no matter where she was, but here the hammer and sickle was almost taboo, and the fact that her clothing was just plastered with them made her stick out just a tiny bit. Hell it could have been an outfit out of Lady Gagas own closet, the fact that Gagas inspiration was Ammy really didn't matter.

"Well they could have at least been bears on unicycles, that would have been interesting at least." She pouted as she spoke and bit her lips. If she didn't find some sort of entertainment soon well, she might have to start blowing things up... That perked up her mood just a tad bit. She did just LOVE fabulous explosions. So many colors so much fun. With happy thought of burning buildings she skipped down the road humming a little tune.

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