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Syuora's return

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1 Syuora's return on Fri May 14, 2010 4:38 pm


A senkaimon gate open in the courtyard of the 8th Division. Out stepped Syuora, his Haori stained in blood from his latest kill. He somewhat regretted killing the human, as he didn't like to rob the life of someone, but he was provoked, and had to do it. He wiped the blood off of his face with his bandaged arms, the blood staining the bandages. Blood didn't really bother him, as he was used to death. Hopefully the sotaicho was okay, as he didn't see him leave. hopefully he made it back. Syuora stood there as he sighed, closing his eyes. hopefully everything was okay with him gone. He was worried about his canine friend Mata, thinking that he must have been lonely the past few days. Syuora decided that he would rest before going back to deal with the arrancar and vizards that so peacefully relaxed as if they owned the place. He also decided to go check on the other captains as they probably would want to talk to them. He really needed a drink right now..

2 Re: Syuora's return on Sun May 16, 2010 1:42 am


Tales of this arrancar had not yet reached most places yet. Although his spiritual pressure was blasting, since he was already released into his ressurrecion, no one had asked him anything. In fact most shinigami have vacated the area, otherwise he'd have been teamed by now. Eventually a valuable source of spiritual energy popped up nearby. Not hesitating to propel himself, the male Espada was in that area in less than a few seconds. Fast footsteps led the man towarda a shinigami with a white haori. The idea of a battle was a quick and deadly strikes. Intros were for losers and honor was an unreliable feat. With a deadly swiftness, La Segunda Espada drew the blade which he gaiend from his resurrecion and swung it with vigorous accuracy at the back of the captain's neck. The captain seemed to be in thought so maybe this would be a quick death.

3 Re: Syuora's return on Sun May 16, 2010 2:14 pm


Kuraku stepped from the black rift that was the Garganta, having followed the Segunda Espada here. It was now that the invasion of Seretei began, and Kuraku wanted to make sure he was near the front of this. He wanted to witness this moment in history first hand.

The first thing he saw upon exiting the Garganta was that the sun was brilliantly bright; he hadn’t seen the Seretei sun in centuries. And then he looked downwards a bit, watching the Segunda go in for the kill. Quickly analysing the situation, Kuraku recognised the haori of the man belonged to a Captain. Also, there was blood on his uniform, either his or somebody else’s. Either way he was weakened. So a strong enemy who was currently weakened. The potential to take out a powerful foe easily here was immense, and the Segunda employed near flawless tactics to take the man out, a silent attack from behind. A quick death, and a huge threat down.

And then Kuraku noticed something. The Segunda had entered his Ressurection already. Not only would his huge Reiatsu possibly alert the enemy to the attack but it would also attract the attention of every Shinigami in Seretei, like a huge lightshow announcing the Arrancar attack had begun. And THEN there was the fact that activating his Ressurection so early in the war would drain him for upcoming, more difficult battles, and the fact that using Ressurection here put him at a disadvantage, tactically, was a true wonder. He nearly face palmed. Nearly.

With that, Kuraku used Geppou to raise himself higher into the air, surveying Seretei from above. Upon his invisible platform he gazed down, looking to see if the flaring Reiatsu of the Seguna Espada had alerted anyone thus far and to put him at a tactical position should a problem arise. All he could do is wait for something interesting to happen.

4 Re: Syuora's return on Sun May 16, 2010 9:08 pm


Syuora smiled. He could hear the ripping of the fabric of reality. they were quick to pick up the Captain's attacks on the Vizard. they could have done it more quietly though, as he felt rather lazy right now, and hates disturbances. He didn't bother giving them his undivided unattention. He would just pretend to not notice. Syuora could feel the reiatsu of the arrancar bear down on his back as if he had his back to a wall. Syuora wasn't a stealthy type, but he was sure that if you wanted to conceal yourself, then you conceal the very essence of your soul as well. Syuora ducked as the incoming blade as he could feel reiatsu coming towards his neck, as he shunpo'd away from the man that attacked him. It was one battle after another these days. He didn't even get a chance to change into a better looking haori."Well, it looks as if the Arrancar had already caught on. It's a shame, I wanted to spend some time with my dog, but that'll have to wait now.." Syuora stood a good twenty feet away as his blood speckled haori swayed with the breeze. Syuora then drew his sword as he held it, his zanpakuto taking on the shape of a traditional ninjato used by the fabled shadow warriors. He held it by his side as it glimmered in the sunlight, as he stared back at his opponent with his red and green eyes, his black and white hair blowing int the wind as he began to remove the bandages from his arms to reveal them covered in black tattoos. He was now preparing for battle." I'm sorry for looking so messy for this occasion. Humans these days think they can take on a Death God bare handed. It truely is funny. but let's get to business, I'm sure you are here for the heads of the ones who attacked your vizard allies. Honestly I didn't want to attack, but I had no choice. but I can't expect you to care anyways." Syuora threw his haori to the wind to reveal his black and white battle attire, wearing a vest of sorts with shorts in a black and white color scheme, matching his hair somewhat. Syuora didn't bother talking anymore as he held his zanpakuto out, his body and blade leaking crimson aura. the trees of the courtyard they were in started to die from his presence, including the birds, grass, and flowers that resided in the area. "Flow in boiling crimson oceans, Shinkutaki.. Syuora's blade would then take the shape of a double bladed scythe that had red and black etchings, the blade being design in an elegant matter. the staff of the scythe resembled a spinal cord somewhat as he pointed it at his opponent, the blade swiveling and locking into a spear like form. Without warning, the warscythe extend at rapid speeds towards the Arrancar, as then suddenly tendrils of blood split from the rapidly approaching scythe as then numbered to a good 100, swarming all around the courtyard towards the arrancar, but they then purposely avoid him as they started to weave around the courtyar as it formed somewhat a red 'cage over two arrancar and himself. this would make sure ha.d a hard time leaving, but the structure formed slow enough to escape if someone was at the bottom. As for the other fellow in the air, the tendrils will make there way with rapid precision.Hopefully another Captain would come, as he was somewhat tired from his trip.Everyone will be able to see this structure, as someone from miles away would be able to notice the crimson structure.He stood there holding the other end of the weapon as the tendrils broke off and seperated from the dome that covered all three of them. when the other captains arrive, he would let them in, but for now, they were all trapped as he waited for what would happen as the structure was in the last stages of completion, leaving some holes in the structure as the slowly were filled.

5 Re: Syuora's return on Sun May 16, 2010 9:55 pm


That captain had seemed to notice the enterance of the male Espada, and apparently another arrancar as well. The other arrancar could watch or join in, it didn't particularly matter. If he was apt to watch, then he might be amazed at how La Segunda handled this. Anyway, that captain turned around, attempting to look cool and make some epic revealing that turned out not to be that cool. The man spread some bullshit and then released his zanpaktou. It wasn't really intriguind and the Espada simply stood there with his blade in hand; his atack did miss, but so what? Afterwards, the man extended his little weapon and some projectiles surrounded him. Spiraling towards him one by one, each attack enarl hit him, but missed. Every time the projectiles got too close Ichi's body would swerve in an unnatural manner and the item would miss. This was thanks to his innate abiltiy, which gave his body an unnatural elasticity. While these continuous attacks proceeded, Ichi slowly walked towards the man, completely disregarding those petty attempts to hurt him. Ichi kept walking until he was a few inches from the man and then he attempted to push his ahnd into the captains' body. This wasn't a thrust but rather a slow and steady placement. His hand would simply slip right through the mans' abdomen without any feeling or pain, and then his wrist would solidify again in the mans' stomach. By the time Ichi ahd stopped walking, all of the captains' attacks had finished so he was safe to re-solidify himself.

6 Re: Syuora's return on Mon May 17, 2010 12:56 am


OOC: Calling Syuora's hit here for the sake of the logic in my post. So basically what we have here is an open contradiction of your characters actions in response to Syuora's actions. He never even actually attack you with the tendrils, but you're basically killing yourself here.

Ichi Nogorakii wrote:Every time the projectiles got too close Ichi's body would swerve in an unnatural manner and the item would miss. This was thanks to his innate abiltiy, which gave his body an unnatural elasticity.

Here you tried to cover yourself from a nonexistent attack, and edit after Shuei told you that you were about to die.

Ichi Nogorakii wrote:
While these continuous attacks proceeded, Ichi slowly walked towards the man, completely disregarding those petty attempts to hurt him.

But you did not remove this part, which is why you die. This denotes the previous dodging you did, and says you stopped dodging while his attacks continued, which mean they connect. And you were not using your Ability during this time since you removed that part, and it was unspecified in your post. All you say is that he "re-solidified" himself, which makes it vague to when you first use it. Considering that Syu's attack is connecting, I specified that you were not using it at that time.

IC: The Segunda was already released and throwing his blade around at Syuora’s neck. What ghastly, paramount reiatsu he had in his released state. It seemed as though the group of arrancar wanted everyone to come and kick their asses at this rate. Well this man was here to oblige them. The man appeared within the air, his pearly white Katana drawn; it was white all the way up to the blade. His sheathe lied tightly woven by an Obi sash; it would house the Katana if it were not in use, obviously. A pistol was in his pocket. He’d rather use it first than his Katana so he sheathed it and removed the strap from its holster. It wasn’t a chopper, but it would do in any case. Soon enough the mini powder fueled warheads would go whizzing by the couple into the watching man on the other end, easily so they would go through his armor, and pierce unto his heart. Letony held his hand on the burner, thrusting its hair pin perpetually launching a kidō from his other hand whispering, ‘Hado #4 White lightning,’ and directing it at the same target to enter the solar plexus.

“I may no longer be with the Soul Society, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help out every now and then eh? Me no like these focking Mexican, filth. They do nothing but crowd an otherwise nice place eh?”gangster, and directed as Syuora.

This man was well built, his brown skin flourishing in the sadistic ambiance, which seemed to be a byproduct of the fucking Mexican. The black Russian gangster had seen the espada’s actions, and even the Fracciōn who decided to post up on the shinigami’s block. Just like back in the old days, it was time for this man to relieve him of his position. If he had a memory from his human past, this would be just like that time in Times Square, a bloody fucking assassination. Ha. It was his territory, what does a gangster do then, huh? They blow their fucking brains all over the motherfucking pavement; make it look like a freshly painted fire truck. Letony approached the man, of course, his pistol in hand, silencer in place, he did just that, blew his enemy’s head all over the fucking pavement, indeed, there would be no difference in this instance. Letony was unaware of these memories but the instinct was still there, apparently.

When Letony noticed how Syuora dodged the attack to his neck a sigh of relief came over him, but then things made a darker turn. Syuora released his zanpakutō, and blood filled all around them. Letony only watched as the blood filled the place into something of a dome, it would not hinder him though, and the blood never actually touched him. He did see exactly what the ability of the Segunda was however; it seemed to him as though the man was intangible, with a massive supply of spiritual energy. The Espada seemed to dodge Syuora’s attacks at first but something changed. While Syuora’s attacks continuously proceeded the man walked directly in front of him only a few inches, it was rather odd because the attacks of Syuora’s connected with the tangible being, piercing his sturdy hierro skin, and instantly zapping him of his reiatsu. Strangely the attack didn’t seem to even be directed at the Espada but because of his approach upon Syuora, he walked right into the spear, which would then fill the Espada’s stomach once he solidified. So the 100 or so tendrils ravaged the beings body, blood spilling upon contact with each tendril, two entered both of the beings supple eye sockets, gouging them out and seeping into his brain, instantly killing the man. An espada down.

7 Re: Syuora's return on Mon May 17, 2010 1:01 am


((I have no chace to agree with the hit so allowed))

8 Re: Syuora's return on Mon May 17, 2010 1:22 am


OOC: Well Letony, you are wrong, and I couple explain myself, but nah. I'm actually rather bored this character. I was hoping he'd die during this war and he did, sot I suppose I'm to thank you. I'll take the hit, as I have been anting to make another character for quite a while now.


Ichi is hit by these blood tendrils and begisn to feel whoozy. He looks up at the sky and smiles for the first time in hundreds of years.

"Been a while.. Hasn't it?"

Ichi then took some blood form his wounds and a powerful blue aura on his fingertips. A Gran Rey Cero fired then after, annihilating the entire area, including himself. He hadn't expected such a quick death, but, in the end, he had allowed himself to be hit. Death was an item he had wanted for so long that his ignorance had blinded him. But finally, he was happy.. As the area expldoed into a desolate wasteland, his body perish with a smile.

9 Re: Syuora's return on Mon May 17, 2010 4:50 pm


Kuraku scratched his head as the events unfolded below. Firstly, his prediction was correct, the attack was dodged, but he didn’t expect what happened next. The Segunda Espada started dodging attacks walking closer to the Captain. And then he noticed the blood red tendrils coming for him…

Quickly, Kuraku teleported backwards, away from the tendrils, charging a dark green cero in his palm. Aiming it towards the tendrils, he let loose a beam of energy which disintegrated them on contact, blocking the attack completely. Ontop of this, the cero beam continued on its path, going straight for the captain who had sent the attack.

And then he saw it. The Segunda Espada, dying so easily, so pathetically. He fought with the intensity of a Numeros, and died like one too. Not even worth releasing a Bnakai on. It was pitiful. How could the leading force of an invasion be dismantled so easily, within seconds of arriving. Perhaps the Espada were not all they were cracked up to be.

The cero that the ex-Segunda had sent out, a Gran Rey at that, then started to be fired off. His own cero collided with it, reducing the distance it travelled in his own direction, allowing him to stand still, a strong wind from below blowing his hair and clothing backwards. He had to strain his eyes to look into the explosion. All that was left was a wasteland below. Perhaps the Segunda did have power. Unfortunately, he obviously had little knowledge of how to wield it, otherwise he wouldn’t have died to easily.

Kuraku’s eyes then started to dart around. This was meant to be a war, an invasion, yet this invasion seemed to be comprised of only two arrancar versus the whole of Seretei, and the supposedly stronger one had now died. Kuraku didn’t like his chances here. Some people would call it cowardice, Kuraku called it strategic retreat. He spat onto the floor, scratching at his own head while he concentrated for a few seconds, his form suddenly disappearing from the sky, teleporting back into Las Noches.


10 Re: Syuora's return on Mon May 17, 2010 5:01 pm


Syuora watched as the man had fallen so easily.He thought it would be harder than this, but he was rather tired from his adventures. It seemed as though it worked out into his favor. but it wasn't quite over. Syuora watched the arrancar gather his reiatsu and blood. he started to realize what was happening as he shunpo'd far away from the dying man as the Gran rey annihilated the area nad the dome. Syuora brought up his zanpakuto as tendrils began to emerge and weave themselves into a shield. He knew he couldn't stop it completely, but at least he would be able to survive the shock wave. He braced himself as he was engulfed by the remnants of the shockwave, kicking up dust as he held. As the dust cleared the shield was already shattered as the left side of his face dripped blood from debris hitting his fore head. he looked around to see the other arrancar gone and his division obliterated. Then he realized that his canine companion, his loyal friend and pet for so many years, was here as well. Syuora began to frantically look through the rubble to see a paw sticking out from underneath as he moved the rubble aside, seeing a bloody and battered dog lying motionless. This would be the first time in years he tried not to shed tears, as Mata was there to comfort him and be his friend forever. He held the canine close to him as the blood stained his outfit,sitting amongst the rubble alone. He knew people were gonna show up. He wondered what the others would think about him being like this, mourning over an animal. But he didn't care. He wanted Revenge, and he was gonna get it, as he quietly sobbed over the injured animal, hoping that he would be okay as he began to leave the area with a shunpo.


11 Re: Syuora's return on Wed May 26, 2010 9:04 pm


OOC: Not sure if there is a limit on this type of thing but Kuraku hasn't posted in another topic yet, so I'm gonna go ahead and claim my hit. And the Gran Rey Cero is voided because afterall, he is dead ._. Desperation much.

Now this is how Kuraku dies:
Mr. Letony wrote:Soon enough the mini powder fueled warheads would go whizzing by the couple into the watching man on the other end, easily so they would go through his armor, and pierce unto his heart. Letony held his hand on the burner, thrusting its hair pin perpetually launching a kidō from his other hand whispering, ‘Hado #4 White lightning,’ and directing it at the same target to enter the solar plexus.

Must I add more, he ignored the attack.

IC: The bullets ravaged the arrancar through his hierro like a tiny Asian being gang raped, a horrible sight for most, but pleasurable to the offenders. This man was indeed pleasured by how easily his bullets tore through the man’s solar plexus, inflicting massive amounts of damage to his internals. One bullet went through his head, and several others through his chest, leaving burnt marks on his cloths. Ultimately the arrancar had died, where he stood and watched. The Byakurai was just overkill. And this kill suited the son-of-a-bitch just right, I mean, invading someone’s place of Zen, and relaxation, damn them, to hell.

Letony expected nothing less from the captain he saw, although the arrancar had to be an idiot to just walk back into the attack after dodging it. He sighed, placing the gun back where it was supposed to be, the hollow tip still hot from the ignition of the mini copper colored warheads.

“Suits both of those Mexican beeches just right,” the man said as he slowly turned to walk away, ignoring the captain…


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