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Just passing the time

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1 Just passing the time on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:36 am


Rykiske found himself standing upon a white cloud in the sky. From where he was standing, it would seem that there was no ground to fall down to but rather a bottomless haven. The sky itself was bright and tinted turqoise and the winds were a visible green. It gave the appearance of gas but rather than looking puffy and cloud-like, it was streamlined and sleek. This place was Rykiske's inner world. A smile stretched across his face as a gust of wind blew through his hair, tossig his brown locks around on his head. This was his favorite place to escape to if he could ever manage it however, there was just one flaw with it. That flaw was having to share it.

A full gust of wind suddenly blew with fierce intensity from under him, the cloud from beneath his feet suddenly dispersed as he began to fall. All the while his face had an expression of being more annoyed than scared. Before he could fall down more than a foot, he was quickly whisked up into the air by a being he was quite familiar with. Rykiske landed on something solid of which he knew exactly what it was. He shifted his eyes down to what was below him before he uttered the words, "Go away, Zekayuu."

Rykiske happened to fall on the snout of his zanpakto spirit, Zekayuu. Zekayuu was a large dragon with green and gold scales, red claws, and white hair growing down his back. Unlike Rykiske, Zekayuu is strict and demanding. He is also seen as a kind of father or older brother figure to Rykiske.
"I believe I said you need to sharpen your mind, Kiske. You're still asleep and you need to be ready to look death in the face and attack it head on. I refuse to be put in danger of dying because of your screw ups." he said before exhaling a gold gust of wind that seemed to fill the whole sky before dispersing. "Now here's how it's going to work. An ifinite amount of my minions are going to bombarde you. What you have to do is defeat the leader of the onslaught if you wish to survive. It won't be easy as they all look alike. Do you have what it takes?" he asked before eerily vanishing in the wind.

Rykiske scoffed as he fell yet again but stopped in midair by collecting reishi to his feet. "It's always work, work, work with that guy. I swear, sometimes I think he's got my sword stuck up his..." Rykiske's sentence was cut short when he took notice of the fact that all the clouds in the sky were now gold in color. Hundreds of thousnads of clouds all completly change color. "...What's going on here?" he thought as each of the clouds began to move as though something was living inside them. In only a brief moment, all the clouds simultaneously exploded. Each explosion created a hatchling form of Zekayuu. "...B-Baby "Z"s...There everywhere. He couldn't really expect me to hurt the poor little things, could he?" Rykiske asked himself before they all began attacking him at once with the intent to kill.

At this point, Rykiske reluctantly drew his sword and started slicing through the hatchlings and one by one they poofed into remnants of their original cloud form. He thought at first that he could take them all down as they came to him but he was quickly taking on too much damage. He burst through the mob and started using shunpo to keep away from them but they were gaining fast....

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2 Re: Just passing the time on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:25 am


Rykiske dashed through the sky with mini Zekayuu clones close on his tail. He could only keep his distance for so long as his energy began depleting. He stopped to catch his breath as the little dragons jumped him. With their little fangs and claws, they bit and scratched him unmercifully and easily breaking his skin. TTruly afraid that he might die, he released a full gust of wind in a spherical shape around himself, pushing the clones away long enough for him to attempt another escape.

While he ran from what now seemed like an army of dragons, he tried to think of a strategy. "...Okay, I now know that Z wasn't lying when he said they wouldn't stop so now I need to focus on finding their leader..." he thought as he turned around while still moving away from them backwards. His eyes darted in all different directions in an attempt to find which dragon was not like the others but to no avail. They all looked exactly the same. By now, they were close enough that they began clawing at Rykiske's uniform. Feeling a bit skeptical that it might actually work, he pointed his zanpakto up towards the sky to release his shikai. "Take to the skies and tear open the heavens with the force of your gale, Howl!!" he chanted as his blade split in two, each falling in one of Rykiske's hands as they took on their new form. "Sweet, it worked."

Rykiske smiled as the burst of energy released from his zanpakto pushed the dragons back momentarily. Now outlined in a bright tealish aura, he gained a new sense of confidence as he activated his zanpakto's ability. He addressed the incoming monsters, "Being that you all are apart of me, I'm sure you know what it means when I hold up my left blade, am I right?" After asking the question, all the dragons halted their pursuit and began moving in the opposite direction in a panic. "Oh no, no, no. You're not going any where, especially now that I have you all in my sights. Nami Korosu." he said with an arrogant smile on his face. As far as he was concerned this was checkmate. With his left blade pointed at the enemy, their plans of escaping were made futile as they all began getting sucked into a vortex of wind that extended from the tip of the blade. His body shifted towards the left as he prepared to release something from his right blade, keeping it reeled back. When the group got close enough, he released his attack; Nami Korosu. Making a horizontal slash movement, a blade of wind was released and devasted every last one of those dragons.

"Heh. Couldn't find their boss so I destroyed them all. I win." Rykiske said as he took a breather. Happy that his "training" was over, he turned around and saw something that made his jaw drop. From where he stood, there were so many billions of dragons clumped together that they blocked out all vision of the sky. He thought it was over and the fact that every last one of them began charging their "Nami Korosu" technique made it very clear that he was probably right about the battle being over. It would seem that in only a few moments, Zekayuu would call out, "Checkmate."

3 Re: Just passing the time on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:31 am


In unison, every last one of the dragons reeled back their glowing red claws and released crescent shaped waves of wind that combined on contact to create a title wave of destructive wind. Rykiske's muscles relaxed. It was over, why fight it? Moments before the wave made imapact, a voice rang in his head, "So this is all you got? I must say I expected much more than this but I guess that's what I get for having such high expectations of you..." It was then that something in his head snapped that made Rykiske angry. The voice continued, "How the hell did you get where you are today if you so easily give up when looking in the face of death? Somehow I doubt that even if you did have the power, you probably still couldn't save your family from their fates."

Rykiske's head bowed as the wind overtook him. It seemed as though this was indeed over as the wind formed a vortex around him, it gave the sky a distorted look wherever it seemed to overlap. Rykiske's voice emanated from the vortex in a sort of a whisper; the winds carrying it out side. "Perhaps you're right. Maybe I am worthless, or rather, I was worthless. No longer will I let you talk to me like that, Zekayuu. I'll prove my worth even if I that means killing you!!" Rykiske lifted his head as his eyes began to glow a bright teal color. Forming a sphere of wind around himself, the attack soon dispersed as they all made their contact with Rykiske, or so they thought. The dragons waited for the "dust" to clear. Rykiske wasn't going to give them the chance to wait.

Sky-rocketing passed the army, the locks of his hair and his clothes violently flapping in the wind; he charged through them to reach the highest point in the sky. There he saw Zekayuu floating high in the sky spectating. Rykiske stopped his ascent when he met him eye to eye. "Its over." were the only two words that came out of his mouth before he took both his zanpakto slashed Zekayuu's chest with blinding speed in an "X" shape. The spirit let out a loud roar as the mini dragons all poofed back into clouds. It clawed at its wounded chest. " Errgh...Perhaps I went a bit too far. *Huff*" said the spirit as he gasped for breath and watched his army disappear. "It appears you passed the-" his sentence was cut short when he looked directly into the shinigami's eyes. Tears were streaming down Rykiske's face, his "Mad as hell" look never faltering. "You mind your tongue, Zekayuu. Don't you ever talk about my family like that! You are apart of me which means I will not take that talk from you I don't care who you are!" After saying his peace, he promptly whiped his tears on his sleeve. He turned his back to the spirit and began to walk away. "Thank you, Zekayuu."

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