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Death of a Salesman

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1 Death of a Salesman on Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:58 pm


A thin black cord stretched across the azure sky. The cord expanded into that of a ripple. Within was nothing but a dark void, and an even darker figure. One step forward was all that was needed to reveal his face. It was Bane.

He was amptly named so. Hollows, Arrancars, both are a bane to all existences. Quincys hate them, Shinigami hate them, and hell, even some Vizards and Humans hate them. The entire universe is filled with hate for these creatures. Some want to change it, some may even want to give these Arrancars a chance.

But Bane won't.

He will kill all his enemies, all who stand in the way of Arrancar advancement.

Just when he felt his thoughts had strayed to far, the emerald eyes gazed upon the lone body of a single Shinigami. Though one could not see through his turban, a smile crept on his face. His body landed in front of the Shinigami, his Arrancar robe swayed aimlessly in the wind. His cold eyes were enough to burn a hole through the Shinigami's head.

The Shinigami was struck with fear, yet he kept his composure. He drew his zanpaktou and yelled for help.

"I found an Arrancar! I found an Arrancar! Repeat! I found an A-"

The Shinigami did not live to finish his sentence.

His head rolled off his shoulders as one of the blades on Bane's scythe was stained with a crimson liquid that flowed like molasses. One vertical swing with his right hand was enough to roll a large portion of the blood off of the blade, as Bane awaited for his next victim to feed his scythe.

2 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:15 pm


It seemed that the Arrancar had gotten sloppy over the few years that Kozakura had been with them. Her entire life spanned a great distance, but being an Arrancar was new to her. She still felt odd only having two legs. Still, she stepped down from her position at the mouth of a Garganta that an Arrancar had foolishly left open, bringing herself into the world of the Soul Society. The man she had been stalking, an Arrancar like her, took the life of a nearby Shinigami who had called for help. Smiling down upon the site of the scarlet pools scattered about the barren road of the Seireitei, Kozakura felt a thrill pulsing through her body.

It's been a while.. She thought to herself, as she stepped further down toward the cobblestones beneath her. Her feet hit the airy terrain like it was a solid staircase, spirit particles gather around her feet to form platforms that allowed her to descend quietly upon the earth below. As she took her final step onto the cobblestone, a clicking sound resounded throughout the area. Her shoe had hit the pavement with more force than she had thought, giving away her presence to the nearby prey, for sure. She reached slowly for the bastard sword at her hip, the other hand moving up to her mask fragment, which appeared to be a bone-white ribbon around her neck. She stroked it softly, a habit of hers which she only did when she was about to kill.

Today she wore a black dress, sleek and tight-fitting. The skirt went just below her knees, and was slit along the right thigh, all the way up to the hip to give her an appropriate amount of movement. She wore high heeled shoes, which she kicked off of her feet in preparation for the kill. The waves of coral-colored hair that fell from her scalp framed her heart-shaped face, matching the soft pink of her lips and cheeks surprisingly well. Similarly colored eyes were trained solely on the Arrancar before her, unwavering and unblinking. Her face was stony and cold, revealing no emotion. Kozakura's head tilted slightly to the right as she observed the Arrancar before her with her deadly gaze, taking in every detail about him; including his gruesome scythe. Impractical.. She thought disdainfully as she took a step forward, her bare foot releasing no more sound as it touched the earth. Her right hand tightened its grip around the handle of her blade, moving slowly toward the Arrancar, drawing the sword from its sheath.

In an instant she was gone, a sonido carrying her to her opponent's left, her blade drawn silently. It cut through the air, moving in a powerful arc aimed at her opponent's left side. The cut wasn't meant to hit its mark, simply push him back a bit, toward the wall to his right. She was already plotting her next move, though she wasn't even halfway finished with her first one.

3 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:51 pm


Before the blood could dry off from the single pertruding scythe blade, another visitor arrived. The grass-colored eyes of the Arrancar known as Bane was both intriuged yet satisfied to see another Arrancar appear.

That would make the invasion mission far more enjoyable if paired with a teammate, yet he did not know the full extent of her usefulness. She could end up being more of a burden. He had to test her, yet he believed that this was not the time nor the place in which to do so. He just had to assume that should would be fit for the part.

His gaze switched from that of an analytical one, to a relaxed one as his eyes shifted from the female Arrancar that was before him, to his scythe. He placed a tight grip on the thin cord that expanded from the stem of it as he was prepared to wrap it around his body. That was, until he noticed the mysterious pink-haired hollow draw her sword and kick up her heels. Though Bane didn't fully realize her intentions, he only assumed that they were sharing the same thoughts.

It seems she wishes to test me. Very well.

His thought was quick, his draw on his scythe quicker. He held it with his right hand, a couple of inches away from his head in a slightly upward manner. It wasn't a formal battle stance, but it would give him a decent parrying ability.

Then she vanished.

Bane was able to quickly register her movements, as well as follow up on them. Her speed was perhaps equal to his, so in response, he brought his scythe downward, trapping his now opponent's blade between the naked space of two of his pertruding blades. Though his scythe absorbed most of the shock, his body skidded backward toward a wall. Then Bane felt an all to familiar emotion. Anger.

She had the power, the shear amount of strength, to push his body back into a wall. Cornered like a rat. The dent in the structure spoke volumes on Bane's durability and hierro strength, yet what hurted more was his pride.

It wasn't the fact that a female was capable of performing such a feat, as in the field of battle, Bane does not see gender nor race as an important factor. Rather she had, in one move, shattered the delusion that Bane held of himself. Believing himself to have been the unstoppable force and the immovable object.

He regained his composure however, escaping from the wall's sight and jumping on it's head. Just as he was about to strike, a shinigami strike team, half a dozen, arrived on the scene. Seeing two Arrancar and a decapitated Shinigami on the ground only boosted their resolve. They quickly formed a makeshift oval around the two Arrancars, attempting to block their escape.

"Shall we hold off our little dance for a quick warm up?" Bane questioned. His scythe was already in ready position, and the quick decapitation he had performed was not enough to get the blood pumping. No. What he really needed was a good old fashioned slaughter.

4 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:03 am


Kozakura could feel steel on steel-he had blocked her attack- and watched as the swing progressed, forcing the Arrancar back into the wall. He had left a serious mark on the wall when he collided with it, a resounding crash sounding throughout the area. Instantly realizing that this would bring Shinigami into the area, Kozakura smiled menacingly. She had an advantage over this Arrancar, being that her mask didn't make her look like an Arrancar at all. The collar of her dress went high enough to cover the hole, and she had more than enough time to tear the robe of the dead shinigami from his corpse, wrapping it around her quickly. Her reiatsu would suddenly fluctuate, taking on the feeling of a shinigami's, an unseated officer she had devoured a very long time ago.

All of this could be done within a few minutes, and it did. As she looked back up to the man, who had now seen the incoming squad, she smiled dangerously. The squad made an oval around them, but not because they would view her as a threat. She wore shinigami robes, she gave off the reiatsu of a shinigami, and unlike her opponent she had no mask fragment that really looked like a mask at all. Kozakura had become an expert in blending in, because of the power of her innate ability, and she was utilizing that expertise right now.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, hollow scum." She spat at him in mock disgust, literally spitting in his direction. The small drop of saliva would hit the ground between them, lying still. Venom filled her voice, and a false anger covered her face. She turned her coral gaze upon the shinigami nearest to her, seeing their blades drawn. They would strike at him any minute now, and she would have her diversion. As they struck she would use another sonido, appearing above her opponent and releasing several bala. She didn't need to hide that she was a hollow anymore, she had used the disguise to her advantage, giving her ample time to ambush her opponent. She didn't care if they recognized it as a hollow attack. Besides, none of them were particularly high-level shinigami, odds were they'd recognize it as some obscure hado of theirs, maybe the 'Shakkahō' she had seen used once or twice in battle.

5 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:55 pm


The woman's words and actions echoed across the cerebrum of the Arrancar. She had, in a swift motion, disrobed the fallen shinigami and took away his very identity. She had now blended in with the strike team. Instead of facing the Shinigami head on, she had, what Bane deemed, took the coward's way out. Shameful.

His emerald eyes lowered slightly, his muscles began to relax, his scythe now lowered. The Shinigami took a glance toward the female Arrancar's position, not aware of her true identity. The fools were blinded, decieved by her reaitsu masquerading as a low leveled Shinigami's. This resonated within Bane, as his reaitsu exploded outward.

The few moments of laxed tension was all but the calm before the storm. His rage had escalated to new heights as his power risen. He wasn't foolish enough to reach his full potential yet. No, his power now would match that of a third seat.

His crimson reaitsu would act as a barrier of some sorts, as the low leveled Shinigami before him could not approach further without losing control of their bodies. They only stepped back in awe, attempting to call in reinforcements to combat Bane.

The green eyed Arrancar was, without a doubt, capable of tracking the movements of the female "Shinigami." With her powers lowered, her attempts at high-speed movements became laughable. With an upward tilt of the head, his eyes met with that of his adversary.

As her hands moved, so did Bane's. As Bane prepared to fire his cero, his opponent fired several bara. They came closer and closer, but Bane was somehow able to pull off the danerous stunt, as the cero ate a couple of bara before it erupted into a glorious crimson explosion that stopped the last remaining bara dead in their tracks.

The blinding light was a perfect cover-up for Bane to attempt a tactical retreat, as he jumped backwards and performed a Sonido toward an unknown building.

[Exit>>>>>>Relocated Meeting]

6 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:54 pm


[[Normally I wouldn't care if you ran, but I don't wanna be left out of the fun in the other topic ;-;]]

So far everything was going according to plan. However, it seemed her Arrancar enemy wasn't exactly a chump. He followed her movements, and met her gaze as she ended her sonido, releasing a cero that enveloped the bara she had fired. Not wanting to be in the way of that massive blast, she utilized a platform of spiritual pressure, using it as a spring board not only to change the direction of her movement in the air, but to also increase the speed of her next sonido. She would appear in front of the fleeing arrancar, flipping onto her feet and barring his path. As she stood up, bastard sword in hand, she turned her gaze upon the shinigami behind them. However, as she did so she noticed that there was a wall there. Of course, she should have remembered, they were on the head of a wall, they must've ended up on the other side. If she had gotten a good estimate of the maze that was the Soul Society, it would take them a while to locate the two again.

Bringing the bastard sword to the same level as his shoulders, she pointed it toward him; poised to strike. Her coral gaze still unwavering, despite the fact that his reiatsu had spiked significantly. She matched that spiritual pressure with relative ease, the only difficulty being that she had to keep it just there. She, too, wanted to preserve her strength. She could sense other powerful beings nearby, so she would have to speed up this kill.

"I apologize, but I don't allow my prey to escape." She said, as she jumped forward, stabbing with her blade. She flipped her body mid-air as she did so, bringing the blade into the ground instead, as she placed one palm toward him, releasing a bala. Her movement continued, however, bringing the heel of her right foot down toward his skull, with enough force to at least rattle his brain, if not cause external damage.

7 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:26 pm


Syuora would have been making his way as he notice something strange. There were two reiatsus that seemed to be in combat, yet they both resembled each other. He could tell they were arrancar. It was strange to him, but they were still arrancar to him. Syuora shunpo'd to the reiatsu filled area, as he still had his zanpakuto released as a large,7 foot scythe with the staff being a spinal cord.

He stopped on a nearby building overlooking the two combatants. They were both arrancar alright. But why they were fighting, was a mystery. It seemed as both of them would be able to feel the crushing reiatsu that emanated from the captain's body as the trees and any small living creature started to rot away as a blood red aura emanated from all the life in the area besides the three of them, as if a deadly miasma sucked the life out of everything nearby. This was why he was called the Grim Reaper of the 8th. His scarf and captain haori fluttered in his own reiatsu as he pointed his scythe towards their general direction as several dozen tendrils of blood swarmed out from every part of his scythe and rapidly made their way towards both arrancar, as the tendrils weaved in and out around them, surrounding the two as multiple tendrils struck fast one at a time, in an attempt to impale one of them. As they were surrounded on all sides by at least a hundred, it would be almost impossible not to take a hit, but he didn't know what they were capable of. He stood there on the building holding the scythe out as the hundred tendrils remained emerged out of the scythe as he looked down at them with cold, red and green eyes."Flee now, or forever die.."

8 Re: Death of a Salesman on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:43 am


Almost there. Bane thought. His high speed movement was halted by the form of the female Arrancar. He backed away slowly with slow paced steps, stopping at a reasonable distance of approximately twenty feet. Her speed surprised him. Just a moment ago it was as if she was in slow motion, but for just that moment she outmatched Bane. He had to be more cautious.

"I suppose you won't let me try that again would you?" He said. His monotone voice only exasperated the effects of his dry humor. The female confirmed it for him however, stating that she wouldn't dare let her prey get away.

Slowly he gauged the build of her reaitsu, matching his. Obviously she was holding back, as Bane was. They were consistently on even ground throughout the short, yet exhilarating duel. The true battle was one of wits, not strength.

Realizing this, Bane comtemplated a strategy as he tightened his grip on his scythe, his muscles on his right arm tensified as he returned his standard battle position, awaiting his opponent's attack.

The emeraled-eyed Arrancar jumped back, just in time to dodge a lunging blade. However, it seemed that she anticipated as much, as she immediately followed up with a bala. The blast that resembled a red comet slammed into Bane's chest. A grunt escaped his lips as his boy continued to slide back, only friction from the sliding of his feet stopped him from colliding with the all to familiar wall.

His opponent moved majestically as she resembled an airbone ballerina, landing a hard heel kick to the top of his dome. His hierro did little to ease the pain as his back hit the wall. With a quick shake of his head, he worked off the effects of the attack and was prepared to counter attack. That was, when he felt it.

The crushing reaitsu of a being so powerful.So bloodthirsty. So monsterous. Was this truly the power of a Shinigami?

In order to continue to stand, and not get crushed by the reaitsu, Bane had to raise his power to his max. His reaitsu flared as a crimson hue coated his body from the deadly effects of the captain's power. As being an Adjuchas level hollow, his power would be measured as equal to that of a vice-captain.

However, it was tactics and ability rolled into one that Bane felt made him so special. He wasn't going to fall, and he saw this as an opportunity to show his true strength, and gurantee himself a position amongst the Espada.

Bane's gaze shifted to the rising scythe of that the captain held. It was much larger than his own, yet, the Arrancar felt that it's size wasn't it only advantage.

He was right.

A large amount of reaitsu was being concentrated to a single point in the captain's scythe. Soon tendrils that resembled blood manifested, and quickly surrounded the two Arrancars, their battle interrupted.

However, Bane's positioning gave him somewhat of an advantage. Although his back was against the wall, it would be a simple task to dodge a couple of tendrils, as it would be purely a frontal assualt, and jump over the wall to avoid most of them.

Executing his plan, the Arrancar bobbed and weaved through, what seemed to have been, a dozens of tendrils as he performed a quick sonido over the top of the wall while in mid-air. The tendrils didn't halt there however, as they made their way above the wall. Some even came from under it, and more simply busted throught it.

Frustrated, Bane decided that the best defense against it would be a good offense. He backed away until his spine hit yet another wall. Slowly, hundreds of tendrils seemingly cornered him. The green-eyed Arrancar used his left hand to pull down his mask, revealing his mouth.

There was nothng disturbing about it, save for a pair of stitches that outlined it. His mouth opened, as well as the stitches, as hundreds of tendril spikes manifested from his mouth. The blood tendrils and the spike tendrils met head on, until Bane manipulated his own tendrils to turn into missles of sorts, detaching and ripping the blood tendrils into shreds.

The Arrancar didn't feel comfortable revealing his ability so soon, yet, he didn't know if he was still in the Captain's line of sight, as it didn't seem likely. He pondered on how well his female counterpart was doing, yet he didn't wonder long as he felt that it wasn't likely she was going to forge a temporary alliance against the captain considering her track record.

9 Re: Death of a Salesman on Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:35 pm


Kozakura had been successful in her assault. Every hit landed, sending the man straight back into the wall he had crashed into before. Just as she stood up again, and removed her blade from the firm ground, a massive pressure blasted throughout the area. She couldn't mistake it, it was the reiatsu of a Captain. Suddenly, the reiatsu of her prey increased itself as well. Soon the feeling become unbearable, and yet Koza refused to fall to a knee. Instead, she merely increased her own reiatsu, matching that of her fellow Arrancar's.

Just as she began to formulate a new plan, including the Shinigami within it, she remembered something. Spiking her reiatsu earlier had released the illusion of her being a shinigami, the Captain wouldn't be fooled. Cursing under her breath, she prepared herself to turn to her only option left. She would have to align herself with her prey, in order to take out the threat. She could pick him off after, if necessary. She turned her coral gaze upon the Arrancar, only to find that blood red tendrils were swarming toward them. Instantly she jumped backward, placing her back against the wall, and raised her open hand. An aura of yellow appeared around her hand, growing larger and larger as the tendrils neared. She released the cero, destroying most of the tendrils near her, as well as several walls behind them. However, the cero wasn't nearly as big as it needed to be. Several tendrils made it through, whipping and scratching her. Her hierro helped a bit, but she would still sustain damage.

She stood, blade in hand, back to a severely cracked wall, breathing heavily. She bled from her left side, and her right thigh; nothing she couldn't fight through. As she turned her gaze, she noticed that the arrancar had made it out without a scratch. Damn.. She thought to herself, my prey showed me up.. Disgraceful..

10 Re: Death of a Salesman on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:49 pm


Syuora watched as his magnificent creation had been obliterated. But he managed to land a few hits. His opponents couldn't see it, but from every scratch and wound, no matter how small, he could see their reiatsu seep through as if someone puntcured a balloon. His zanpakuto allowed him to gauge his enemy by the size of the visible reiatsu he could see. He thought to himself, as he easily saw through the arrancar's camouflage. He watched as his scythe was normal once more as he leaned it one his shoulder as if it was just a stick. He then would have used his massive reserve of chakra to appear in between the two arrancars."It is best if you leave Soul Society now. If you leave, I will not follow.. Either die or run.." He would smirk as he held his scythe perpendicular towards both of them as the scythe blade swiveled, locking into a somewhat 'spear' form, as blood oozed out the end of the spinal shaped staff to form into another blade of exact proportions. Suddenly, without warning, both ends of the staffs extended towards the two arrancar at sonic speeds, as then the blade of each end branched off into six more scythe like blades in a hexagonal pattern, making their way towards the two to impale the two of them both, as he would have followed this up so soon after his first attack, leaving little to no time to recover from the first.

11 Re: Death of a Salesman on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:33 pm


From the area where he was before, Raito could sense the reiatsu of the two Arrancar in the near by area, calculating their exact location. Now, with a simple shunpo he was on his way towards the area. While he flew across the sky, he could sense the reiatsu of an Captain who showed up, increasing his own reiatsu just so he could keep up with him. It seemed that the fight for Soul Society was going quite well for the Shinigami who already won several battles, while Arrancar seemed to have a tendency to run away. Soon enough this little war would be over, with the winner quite obvious.

A few moments later, after leaving his captain alone at the other part of the 4th division, Raito appeared in the sky above the people fighting. He seemed to be exactly four meters above them, and 2 meters behind the captain, who was currently using his scythe to form a strange looking attacks. Right after appearing, his eyes set upon those fighting bellow him, trying to spot a moment of weakness in order to strike and land an deadly blow upon the enemy. This Arrancar were not the strongest kind, but they were still quite strong, so strong that Raito decided to use a technique strong enough and with an concentrated enough reiatsu to break trough their Hierro.

As the attack of the captain was headed towards the two of them, the hand of the Lieutenant quickly moved, stretching towards the male Arrancar. With his gentle eyes, he carefully watched him in order to spot any type of movement. At the same time, reiatsu gathered at the top of his index and middle finger, prepared for an Kido spell called Byakurai. In case of the Arrancar somehow dodging the captains attack, Raito was ready to release a concentrated Kido spell at him, making a deadly surprise attack. The Arrancar could dodge the attack of the captain with ease, since he saw it coming. But, Raitos attack would come as an surprise, quite hard to dodge. This time there was no escape.

But, since he was still in the process of preparing the spell, Raito was still able to cancel it out if the Arrancar did something what he had not expected.

12 Re: Death of a Salesman on Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:06 pm


Daizai had followed Raito at his request and he too had sensed the Reiatsu of the Arracncar. He appeared in the the area with a shunpo directly behind Raito following him until he managed to level out with him whilst he ran. This led to him stopping to the right of Raito at the same level to him as well, he stood about two meters away from Raito so as not to get tangled up with their movements. It looked dramatic in a sense both of them stadning in the air side by side even though they had not meant it they looked intimidating. Even more so because of Daizai's constant emotionless face, it un-nerved people.

He watched the on-going fight. The Arrancar would soon have to dodge another projectile made of blood. How did Daizai know it was blood? Well he has spilt more than his fair share so it would be obvious to him. But he tried to not let the blood get excited, neither did he let the Arrancar he saw excite him either. He then spotted Raito prepare his arm for something, it looked like a Kido spell more specifically Byakurai. Daizai did the same, they would fire them off at the male Arrancar if he dodged the spikes. His attack would come as a surprise to the enemy and would be hard to dodge especially since it would be directly after Raito's aimed at the new position of the male if somehow he dodged the captain's attack and Raito's kido.

However Daizai was in the middle of casting the Kido so he could quite easily cancel it to move out of the way or block an attack of an Arrancar if it came that way.

13 Re: Death of a Salesman on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:01 pm


The threat of the blood tendrils was dealt with. However, Bane didn't have a moment's rest.

His tendril spikes quickly retracted within his mouth as his eyes barely followed the movements of the captain. The speed in which he moved was terrifyingly fast, but the male Arrancar wasn't going to falter. Not here. And especially not to a Shinigami.

Soon, the number turned to three total as two more, less powerful, Shinigami entered the fray. Bane paid them no mind however, as they were nothing but flies, nats, compared to the captain that stood before him. He quickly sensed a spike in reaitsu, followed by several blades branching off of each other, forming a six sided pattern that all stemmed from the same root, the scythe.

The emerald eye'd Arrancar only did what was instinctive to him, which was perform a quick sonido upward. The blades continued to follow him however, moving at the exact same speed of his sonido, which he continued to perform. The blades weren't fast enough to bridge the gap, and Bane wasn't fast enough to widen it. It was a speedy stalemate.

What is that light? Bane questioned. He didn't falter his focus however, as he continued to move away from the petruding blades, dancing an evasive dance across the blue sky.

Slowly, the blue light came into view, and it was, in fact, a blue stream of electric energy. The Arrancar perked a brow as he allowed the blades the close in just a little, enough for the stream of energy to connect with one of the single scythe blades and throw it off balance. This wall all that Bane needed.

Various stitchings across his body opened up as hundreds of spiked tendrils encased the six-bladed scythe. The scythe was soon completely overrun by spiked tendrils, halting it's movement completely. However, it took all of Bane's might to hold it still, and unfortunately, he needed his energy.

Another blue stream of lightning pierced the sky. This time, it found it's mark through Bane's chest. He grunted as it only fed his rage and caused a slight increase in his reaitsu, which he used to still his end of the scythe. Tired, but not beaten, Bane decided that it was time to strike back. He raised his right hand, which was still wielding his scythe.

He threw it within an arc, turning into a boomerang. The spinning scythe would attempt to decapitate all of his adversaries, save the Arrancar who dealing with the other end of the Captain's scythe.

This was all but a test, seeing if the weaker Shinigami were capable of dodging it, and to see if the Captain could continue his technique while distracted by a spinning scythe. Whether it was successful or not, the scythe would find its way back into Bane's hand.

14 Re: Death of a Salesman on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:40 am


OOC:(since it is been three days now, I'm calling the hit against Kozakura)

Syuora watched his zanpakuto as it successfully impaled his opponent as she had now been swewered by the blades, a single blade in the heart, forehead,had pinned both arms and legs, and the other two missing. The blades quickly retracting as they merged tooether into one blood coated form. the main end of the scythe, the one that had impaled his opponent, was back to it's original form. The other end, it seemed, was trapped by tendrils of another kind. That was childs play to the captain. Trying to trap a liquid with ones hands was difficult with ones hands. what made him think this was any different. As the trapped tendrils writhed, off sprouted new ones from the original, out of the ends of the tendrils closest to the arrancar, as they rapidly approached the man, ready to impale him in the gut,legs, and back, as the trapped tentacles sprouted this new assault.

"How do you fight something that is solid and liquid at the same time? The laws of nature don't apply with me...You can't simply stopped the oceans of blood that my zanpakuto, Shinkutaki, can unleash... I told you that if you flee now I shall let you go. Otherwise you shall die like your other friend did. You're techniques will have no match against me, and you should realize now that you will die as well. You are child's play..."All of a sudden, he heard the hurtling scythe fly at him as he would time his dodge to miss the blade of the scythe as it curled around his form, going for the other shinigami. pointing the real bladed end at the staff of the scythe, a dozen tendrils leaped to grab the staff, the tendrils yanking the staff as it changed it's directory, coming towards the arrancar himself, using his own attack against him in combination with the tendrils surprising him, and saving the arrancar. He kept his dull emotionless face as he didn't acknowledge the shinigami, as he would talk to them later.

15 Re: Death of a Salesman on Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:59 am


As he was watching the events bellow him and the way how the Arrancar dodged the Kido which he sent, Raito noticed the appearance of his fellow Daizai. It seemed that his Kido succeeded to hit its target trough his chest, making a quite dangerous wound. That made Raito a little bit sad, he really hopped that his attack would make a hit. But, on the other hand, he was happy that his fellow shinigami was able to make a successful attack. The Arrancar was soon to be dead now, all they needed was an attack which will finish him up.

Then, when the tendrils made by the captain were stopped, the secret power which the arrancar had was revealed and it was quite similar to what the captain shinigami used. As he observed the situation further, Raito noticed that the Arrancar was done with running, now he attempted to make an attack of his own. It was an extremely pathetic attempt, a boomerang scythe, what was he taking them for. That made Raito a little bit mad, so he decided to show the Arrancar what was he capable off. He saw the captain trying to stop the scythe and his attempt to kill the arrancar with an new tendril attack, so there was no need to do anything. But, he still wanted to do something, just in case the arrancar somehow managed to slip trough again.

By using a shunpo, Raito left his previous position and thus evaded any possibility of the scythe reaching him, just in case if the captain failed to stop that treat. Then, he appeared a fem meters above his previous position and above the arrancar. Now, he was in a perfect position for an attack and far enough, so the tendrils made by the arrancar could not reach him. Right after he appeared, Raito sent a massive blast of yellow energy at the arrancar bellow him, faster than the Kido he used before. While releasing this Kido, he added the following words: " Hado no 63, Raikoho."

(Not up for longer than this....)

16 Re: Death of a Salesman on Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:27 am


Daizai had watched the enemy dodginh through the sky, Raito had shot at the Arrancar very accurately but he had dodged. However Daizai had predicted the enemies' path perfectly hitting him square in the chest making a large hole in it, a very serious wound in deed. Daizai was pleased but showed nothing on the outside, he was incapable of showing true emotion on the battle field otherwise things would start happening so he remained cold to the enemy. This cold emanated in the air from him, showing his strong ice element Reiatsu.

He noticed that the Arrancar had stopped running, Daizai saw a look in his eyes he knew that he could no longer escape, he would have to fight. Also he should know by now that he was going to die here. That wound was horrible he was bleeding heavily from the deep woud he had made, the only thing that would heal him is going into his Ressurecion. Daizai was eager to find out what they were like, he had heard about them but never experienced fighting one before, or seen one.

However despite him wanting to see his enemies' true power he was not likely to give him a chance to use it. Daizai followed codes of battle meaning he would not relent on his offensive unless he had to defend. This Arrancar's attacks were not too ordinary though, both him and the captain were using spikey strings to attack eachother, except the Arrancar still had his scythe. Speaking of the scythe Daizai had watched him through it and seen the Captain throw it back at the enemy and since Raito had just used a Shunpo Daizai decided to continue their tandem attacks.

His shunpo eliminated danger from the scythe, and even though it was on its way back to the Arrancar Daizai was still out of its path, he was careful like that. He was now on the right of the Arrancar, more of a diagonal right so any attacks from above would miss him. Also he was out of range from the enemies attacks to, so he was completely safe unless he was targetted by the Arrancar.

Now he saw light readying a kido spell, but Daizai got in there first still being un-noticed by the Arrancar he used a kido making sure to be quicker than Raito's spell.

"Bakudo Number 63 Sajo Sabaku" pointing his fingers he whispered and shot out a yellow chain going to make its way around the Arrancar, the speed of the chain was incredibly fast and also from a blind side of the Arrancar. Also the Reiatsu out put form it was much less since Raito's kido was falring it's Reiatsu enough to cover up the Reiatsu of the binding chain. Then Raito fired of his Kido it was going to be big.

17 Re: Death of a Salesman on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:19 pm


(2 days passed.....Bane is DEAD....I will wait for Syuora to connect his attack now, before I connect mine...Just wanted to point out that his limit has ran out.)

18 Re: Death of a Salesman on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:52 am


(connecting the hit now)

Syuora watched as his tendrils swarmed the arrancar, impaling him in the legs and lower waist. He grinned some as his opponent obviously wasn't ready for a captain. but thas wasn't all. He watched as the boomerang scythe came around back to it's master, as it hit it's mark, impaling the man right in the heart. To be impaled by your own weapon was a disgrace, but right now he didn't care about honor. Syuora retracted the tendrils from the mans body as he bled, looking up to the two shinigami."I will give you the liberty of finishing him..."He leaned his scythe on his shoulder as it now returned to normal as he slowly walked away from the dying man, shunpoing out of sight.


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(Ill make this short....)

The attacks were all successful due to the fact that the Arrancar did nothing to prevent them. He was hit by the attack of the captain, staying barely alive. Then, the binding Kido came, completely making him unable to move. At the end, the Kido made by Raito was the one which made the final blow, making a direct hit. The yellow blast would land a hit on the head of the arrancar, cracking his skull and piercing trough it with an incredible force. The Arrancar threat in the 4th division was finally over,

Looking behind him, Raito could see his friend Daizai, the reason why his Kdo made an hit. If Daizai had not used that last binding spell, the Kido which he made would probably miss, so it was all thanks to both of them that the Arrancar was finally dead. "I am gonna go back to captain, to see what shes up to and to ask her something. Well, see you later." After saying that, Raito was gone in a blink of an eye, using yet another Shunpo.


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Daizai was surprised that the Arrancar had done nothing to prevent his own death. Perhaps the level that they were at was far too overwhelming for the lone hollow. The captain's attack had put the Arrancar into a bad shape, but what came next was even worse.

His binding kido spell had effectively kept the Arrancar in place, Daizai had decided not to be the offensive person this time. So he had opted for support, which he had done perfectly. The kido had maintained the Arrancar's place whilst his friend Raito had cast his spell. The Arrancar had been obliterated, his body had been split in half, rendering him completely dead. Daizai cared not what happened for the body but he did not need to go and check for life since the Reiatsu signature had dissapeared.

After acknowledging Raito's departure, he took a look around at both the Arrancar that had lost their lives. Pitiful, maybe they will send someone worth their time eventually. He then left via a shunpo.


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