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This looks like the place....

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1 This looks like the place.... on Thu May 27, 2010 11:51 pm


Eiro sighed and wiped her forhead as she landed in division one. This place seemed to be at the head of things at least. The landscaping was better, everything looked a little more regal...And she was tired of running around! She gently undid her hair and redid it just out of nervousness. She wanted to look decent. She then made sure her sash wwas nice and tight, and changed the bandage on her cheek. The wound wouldnt stop odd. It was only a little trickle though so she wasnt worried about it. Soon she was ready and looking decent again. She started a quick step around the buildings, looking around.

"Hello? Anyone heeeeeere?" She called out as she looked around, searching for someone...anyone really. Either she had the worst luck, or the shinigami were all taking a shower or something. She had noticed the spikes of battle...and assumed that it was merely a normal raid. Soon she stopped at a small bench and took a seat, taking a peice of gum out of her pocket and chewing it slowly. Where was everyone? She wasnt hiding her presence, she was yelling for gods sake. And all she had encountered was her sister. The last person she thought she would encounter.

She only rested for about five minutes before getting up and wandering around some more calling out loudly looking for someone, anyone. She even peeked into building here and there to see if people were inside. She knew she would be found eventually, but she was getting hungry, and bored. She had always thought that invading would be hard...she was having no issues just wandering around! How odd....

2 Re: This looks like the place.... on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:47 am


{Im a dick, Hahahah}

The sky had peaked over the towering sun. Engulfing it in the madness of the day. In the earth, and in the sky, and in the seas. Nothing was correct, nothing was incorrect. Only the Madness would do the judging. A pulsating blade, clanking across the ground, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. Screams, and sounds of murder heard from all across the Soul Soceity. Nothing was correct, nothing was incorrect. Seemed like on this pale day, where the cool air had kissed the lips of fair maidens everywhere, a little Arrancar was invading the calm, orderly Soul Soceity. Running a muck, and treating it like a whore house. How utterly disrespectful. But realistically charming. To endulge in the mutations pain which laid before him, would not be a fun one. Nor one that would even have to happen. This advanced hollow or arrancar or "mutation" was simply a irritating. Why, would such a harmless looking female need to come and fight for a cause she most likely had no reason backing. Ridiculus. The cold disturbing manner in which the man moved was not adjusted to his shape and mass. Therefore he would only appear to have made normal sounding footsteps. He noted the girl sitting on the bench, and with his stoic tone began to talk to the female. "Well, Well, Well. What are you, a Arrancar, doing in the Soul Society. Perhaps you have taken the wrong turn in the wrong place. I know you are here for this Invasion, however my intentions of fighting you are not as high as you might expect." A loud booming voice streached out over the land. Reaching all over the area as the giant stepped. His feet not making booms, for he was light on his feet. He looked down at her, clutching his zanpoktou. His haori freely blew in the wind. Letting the air ride softly against his mask. His figure was large, and strange. However, a menos grande would tower him easy. He was ready for anything, and if she would make any hostile moves toward him, he would release his zanpoktou, and flank her. But just to be safe, he would cast out a binding kido, which instead of harm her, prevent her from using her arms to attack him, before her vocal cords could make motion. "Bakudo# 63 Sajo Sabaku"

3 Re: This looks like the place.... on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:29 pm


She turned her head slowly watching the advance of the man, and decided for the breifest of moments that this had to be some kind of optical illusion, no way was he that....BIG! As he approached though her eyes widened a little, not in fear, but in surprise at seeing something completely new. She hadn't ever seen a soul reaper that big before. She didnt even know they made people that big. Her deep pretty eyes watched him as he approached, seeming unworried though butterflies flew about in her stomach. Now was the time, now or never. She took a deep breath and stood as he approached and cocked her head politely to listen.

As he spoke she noted the deep rumble of that voice, found it rather nice, it sent pleasant shivers, he definatly had a commanding voice and presence. Although, he seemed a bit odd. He didnt seem to want to fight either, which was a good sign, a very good sign for her. She tossed her head to keep her hair out of the way, and almost....almost jumped out of the way of that binding attack...but then stood purposefully stock still, letting it obviously hit her. She had chosen not to move, that way, he might be a bit surprised and actually listen to her.

She felt it slam home, and felt her arms bind to her sides in a tight, rather uncomfortable fashion, she wiggled for a brief moment to see if she could get it more comfortable, but she was out of luck on that measure. And to her shock, it pressed in her robes as well, causing her bust to stand out more substantially than before, putting her on display as it were. A hot blush crept up her cheeks but she remained cool, and collected.

"I was hoping to run into someone like you...I am not here for an invasion of any kind...I was unaware one was happening until I arrived in fact. Rather, I came here under the flag of peace. I came to defect to your side." She didnt give her reasons, not as of yet. She had stated her purpose rather clearly, and hoped he wouldnt take advantage of her now battle helpless state. She didnt try to run, or escape, that would be counter productive, she merely watched him, and waited to see what he would do.

4 Re: This looks like the place.... on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:03 am


This girl, perhaps she would be the one fitting of changing things. It was surely noted others would not like the actions that where about to unfold, however Chorin had a record of not giving a flying fuck about what others wished too, and wished not to do. The rules of the soul soceity merely said kill hollows, nowhere in the history of the soul soceity did it say that Arrancar had to be killed as well. Therefore Chorin would naturally be able to use his intellect to get this female, who by appearance was rather overwhelmingly attractive. Though this man knew that looks where worthless due to his own disfigurement. Which is why he wore a mask to sheild himself from others. He gritted his teeth. "I am Chorin Yore, Captain of the Ninth Division of the Gotei Thirteen Court Guards. If you are trying to trick me, I will slay you. I happen to be lacking in the rules of the Soul Soceity. I have no wish to merely kill Arrancar, as they exist without the need to kill. Arrancar are more human then other beings, besides they hold Zanpoktou. You shall come with me, if you wish to join us, I must make you a captive for now. You may where those shinigami robes from my fallen comrade. Until the time to reveal you comes, you shall not speak of your Arrancarship, you shall listen to me, or my comrades will slay you. What is your name?" He asked as he waved his hand. The binding kido making her drop her held up state. He glanced at her chest before-hand. However his mask was made with two slits for the eye-holes. Making it hard for others to see where his eyes where looking, though it could have been caught easy. With her now free, she could attack him if she was foolish. His kindness was rare, and he could have killed her easily due to her prediciment. However he did not, because he had a feeling she could come in handy.

5 Re: This looks like the place.... on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:51 pm


She relaxed as the bindings came down and nodded gently to his orders, they were sensible, and she could live with them. Until such a time as he thought it was safe to show she wasnt a shinigami. She flexed her shoulders gently and straigtened her dress. She would need a place to change. Then something crossed her mind and she looked up at him.

"Sounds like a solid plan...but what are we to do about this?" She pointed to her left eye where her arrancar mask was, and the fact that eye looked all hollowed out. It was a permenant she would either have to wear that side of her hair forward, or adopt a partial mask. She fussed with her hair for a moment, and let the bangs fall forward on that side, and affixed a comb in her hair. Now her hair coyly hid half of her face, and the hollow tell tale signs in a way that looked rather attractive. "Will this work?"

She looked up to him and smiled faintly. She liked him already, and although she wasnt looking for romance in any kind, she would be more than glad to be his friend. He seemed a nice, if kind of odd one. She did wonder about the mask, but brushed it off afterall, she wore one too. After she picked up her bag in one hand she extended the other for the clothes he was offering. "My name is Eiro, its a pleasure to meet you."

6 Re: This looks like the place.... on Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:33 am


The large man looked at the female, noting how easily she was able to hide her remnants. It was impressive, and therefore it made him pay attention to her alittle closer. His haori blew in the wind clamly, and he began to walk forward, right past the female, after he looked at the female. "It will work. Now we must take our leave from this place." He said in a fairly calm manner. It would be simple to know that after all this time, he would be able to gain another useful person under his wings. This female was intriguing. It had been a long time since he had been with or near a women. Seeing as his division had mostly men. He would not bother getting his hopes up for any sort of anything with this female. Afterall she was of another race. The entire thought was foolish. With his stoic nature, he would not care if his allies would attempt to call him anything. To him they where all worthless if they sought out with anger. He headed to his division. IF the girl was wise she would need to follow. (Exit)

7 Re: This looks like the place.... on Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:05 am


[OOC: I know Chorin said he'd left, but he posted that while I was working on mine, and I don't feel like deleting it.]

Weighed down by the corpses he'd lugged all the way from the periphery of the seireitei, he was exhausted by the time he finally arrived at the base of operations, coming to a skipping halt mid-shunpo near the first signs of he'd sighted since the battle. But before he could stop completely, he lurched forward, unbalanced by the load he carried and before he could react, ended up toppled over a pile of scorched remains, face first. At first, he didn't move at all. He just lay there, lifeless like the others. But then, he began raising his head, gradually exposing his features to present company. A rather slim face with hair falling along the temple, which would have been attractive if not for the scornful frown plastered over it, as if looking down upon everyone around him with those black regal eyes. At that moment, he would have appeared to be the stereotypical noble from folklore if not for the grime trailing from his temple to his cheeks. That, and the beads of sweat racing across his forehead as he continued to gasp for breath, his vision still blurry from the amount he'd exerted himself in the past half hour.

Finally, the fog over his sight began to lift and what he saw made the muscles around his neck tense and his eyes widen a bit in surprise. Staring blankly at the white haori, the only words he could muster were, "The fuck..." as he followed the man's length from his feet to his metal-plated head, which he figured would total up to at least ten meters. In the presence of such a being, all he could do was stare wide eyed and wonder how he'd managed to escape his watchful gaze thus far. He did have some vague recollection of a rather tall, brutish fellow from the one meeting he'd attended... but never in his wildest imaginations would he have guessed that the man was a titan of such measure. His own lean form paled in comparison, appearing to be a dwarf or a hobbit of some sort. Even though it took him only five seconds to get over it, he couldn't help think about it. Now, normally, that's not a problem since most people have this filter in their heads which prevents them from thinking fucked up thoughts if they see something bizarre. Orca, regrettably, lacked such a membrane. Thus, it was no surprise that he began snickers, covering his mouth with his hand while he imagined how loose childbirth must have left this man's mother.

She must have a freakin' manhole down there, he mused as his entire form trembled with amusement. Now, he could have gone on laughing about it, and even made his thoughts public. But despite lacking a mental filter, he did not lack common sense and figured it'd be best to stop before he hurt the famed 'pride' of the captains. Steadily, he began rising, taking up his full length which seemed rather minuscule, and bowed formally, assuming a stern posture and formal expression though he had no idea what to say. Although he was breathe was still heavy, he seemed to have recovered more or less. Receding from the bow, he wiped the sweat and grime off of his face with the end of his sleeve, when he noticed that the man wasn't even aware of his presence, or he'd ignored him completely. In fact, he seemed to have been in quite a hurry to leave, which almost seemed suspicious, but he was suspicious of everyone and everything. Something was definitely amiss and his spy instincts told him to... well, spy. After all, who wanted to listen to his whiny captain complain, like he did every waking moment, or such was the opinion of his personal guard at least.

As the man walked away, he seemed to notice for the first time the woman present there, and she was even more impressive than him. Now, being a part of Division two meant he didn't get to see that many good looking girls. In fact, the only ones who didn't have their mask on were the ones that handled the paperwork and all of them looked like they crawled out from under a rock. So naturally, he was intrigued. A rather lithe woman she was, though voluptuous nonetheless, with all her curves in the right places and her 'bumps' the right size. Now, this was the point where his man brain should have butt in and started giving him rather erotic images, but before that could happed, he noticed something which would otherwise go unnoticed by anyone staring at her bust. The woman wasn't a shinigami, or at least not one in the proper dress code. Sure she looked steamy in it, but it wasn't what they were supposed to wear. He also knew that all the captains, without exception, were a tight-wads. So it seemed awfully fishy that he'd let her off the hook, unless he intended to do things to her, but why would she agree to let him carve out a tunnel with his big boy downstairs when she could probably have anyone she wanted. No. It didn't make any sense. So, what should he have done? Asked the man to wait? As if that'd work. Attack him? No... he harbored not a death wish. That left him with one, and only one, option.

Sighing and shrugging at the same time, he released the restraints he placed on his spiritual pressure, allowing it to soar however high it could go, which was definitely in the same league as that of a captain. Strands of red energy cackled around him, the earth below him torn asunder and a burning sensation consuming the entire division. That was his spiritual pressure. A reddish hue, threatening to incinerate anything too weak to withstand it's crushing hold. Though despite the fact that it was hot, it was at the same time cold and distant, as if it was emanating from the pits of tartarus itself. A presence to be acknowledged and feared. That was the presence of this man, who identified himself as, "Lieutenant of the second division. Tanasuke Oruka". Even though he knew that the captain was probably exponentially stronger than himself, his voice was didactic and regal as he introduced himself. The real reason for releasing his spiritual pressure had actually been to make sure the woman could not, and would not move, thus forcing even the captain who would probably be unaffected by it, to stop and listen. It risked enraging the taicho, but it was risk he'd have to take, just like the gourd of sake he grabbed from his sash and held out towards the captain, and mused. "Mind havin' a drink? Yer not underage, I'd hope".

8 Re: This looks like the place.... on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:11 am


[Guess that means Im still here, arch you dick haha.]

"It isnt polite to spy on others. You silly shinigami always have to be suspecious and otherworldly. However, we will have to decline your offer." He spoke with a tone that was normal. Upon the arrival of the other male, he would notice the red hue and counter it with his own violet hue. So that the crushing power was canceled out. Therefore neither pressure from either of the shinigami had an effect on anyone in the area. He had no time to play around with this Lieutenant. Though this lieutenant clearly had the power of a Captain withen him. It was annoying to see a shinigami, like usual, come out of nowhere and interupt Chorin during anything he was doing. Usually in the form of his many subordinates waking him up in the middle of the night to discuss battle theroy. Chorin knew that this man was already up to speed on the events that occured here due to his division. The second division where well trained assassions, meaning they had ninja like skills and properties. He knew that this Shinigami could blow his entire plan out the water, but shinigami where bounded by blood. In the mind of Chorin one of his brothers simply came to the wrong place at the wrong time. There would be no battles, no arguments. He had the easiest solution to the situation at hand. He looked at the man and shook his head. The bolts of his mask slowly starting to grind. Steam flowing from the mask, as the front of the mask lifted up with force. It revealed a normal face, with long flowing blue hair, but his skin tone was a light blue with black lines, making it appear to be scales if one stared. They called him a lizard, even though he was not. He adjusted his head to the side, looking at the smaller shinigami. He laughed, as if he was joking as he spoke "As of now, you are only interupting in the affairs of the Ninth Division. However, if you give me a good reason not to be offended by your blantent disrespect, a.k.a DRINKING DURING AND INVASION, then I shall let you be." It would be a specticle to see something along the lines of conflict from this Lieutenant. ALL battles in the mind of Chorin where wastes of time. However, for this shinigami to approach Chorin, knowing that a Captain had more rights then any other Shinigami, was indeed interesting. It made Chorin smile. "In honesty, I would join you for drinks. But as you well know Shinobi, I have matters to attened too, situations to handle. Such as the one you see before you." He said as he smiled. His face was not deformed, nor drastically off-putting. Just odd. As he blinked, and his two colored eyes reopened. He simply motioned for the Shinigami to follow if needed. But to not reduce himself to spying. His left yellow eye gazed at Eiro, and he shook his head. Allowing her to know it was safe to leave. His mask began to wheel itself and latch onto his face again.

[Now we all exit! Damn >_>]

9 Re: This looks like the place.... on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:57 pm


Eiros blinked at the other man, then took a step back as his power washed over her. She wasnt captain strength, but she stood it with only a shiver before he ward powered up to cancel it. She was vice captain strength, so she was able to stand it, and act...if not as well as before. Especially due to the nature of her sword. She watched the two with their confrontation, smiling gently as she watched the two seemingly spar with titles. Oh the male ego. She shook her head at the offer of a drink...that was a little irresponsible.

However, she acted with interest when the captains mask started to open, it was like a mystery! Would it be scars, burns, or other symptoms? Would he have one giant eye...or something weirder? She blinked as it slid out of place though, and smiled shaking her head a little. It looked like nothing more than some interesting tatoos and colored contacts. Why did he wear a mask at all. He looked just fine to her! How odd her thought that to be a minus. It made him stand out.

As the captain walked past the second seat she followed at his left side, about a step behind, clothes over one arm, bag being carried with the other. She cast a glance at him, smiled and gave a half little bow. "Im sorry, but we really are rather busy..." She left it at that, and stepped up to keep up with the taller man. She had to find a place to change, and then figure out exactly what he wanted with her.


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