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In search of the Philosopher's Stone

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1 In search of the Philosopher's Stone on Thu May 20, 2010 9:50 pm


The Arrancar was successfully able to disguise himself as an unseated Shinigami. The problem was, he had no idea what to do next. He didn't know what post his victim was supposed to report to once his rounds in Rukongai was over. It appeared that Saikuro was in quite the dilemma.

Then he struck gold.

A division headquarters it seemed, was outfitted with the kanji of "twelve." That was the same exact kanji simple situated on the back of his robe.

"Looks like I made it," Saikruo said. He made sure he had his zanpaktou safely secured on his hip before he entered. He noticed many Shinigami running around Sereitei, as if they were in war.

"Seems I'm not the only one here," he said to himself as he entered the 12th division HQ. His eyes was taken aback by the beautiful simplicity of the structure. What caught his attention even more however, were the books.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of books were shelved within this wonderful facility. As of now, Saikuro would forget all about the invasion and immerse himself within the many books they had. All were based on Soul Society law and customs, as well as the Shinigami manual and duties.

2 Re: In search of the Philosopher's Stone on Wed May 26, 2010 2:18 pm


A man had walked in and was fascinated by the rows of books. the knowlede of seiretei and their progress had been all recorded here in that room. It all the thousands of books, among the endless rows lay a single eye. striking blue as it was yet cold and unblinking. It followed the man's movements as if in survallence. From behind the first row of book shelves had a little girl been peering through. Never had winter seen this man before, the not from 12th division... so was he wearing a uniform that depicted him as an unseated officer of the 12th? She lifted an elegant soft hand as she layed it upon a thick blue book. With a gentle push she sent the heavy book of at least 5 kg soaring towards the man, of course with the help of her reiatsu. Why was she displaying hostility to a fellow shinigami? For one he was suspicious and second ... his appearance might have lied but Reishi signatures never did..... Arrancar....

3 Re: In search of the Philosopher's Stone on Wed May 26, 2010 5:45 pm


"I sense a disturbance in the force, Saikuro muttered. His hazel brown eyes shifted as he sensed a presence.

Was this person always here? Saikuro thought to himself. He continued to pretend to read, his guard now up.

A few moments of an eerie silence was enough to make anyone nervous, however, the Afro-Arrancar wasn't going to let himself fall victim to his nerves, nor his impatience. He knew nothing about this mysterious figure, so engaging in combat would be a mistake he might not live to tell.

He signed as he flipped a page. From the distance, he could hear a minor ruffle in the background before a book came flying toward him. What if he let it hit him? Would the hostile target think that Saikuro wasn't worth his time and leave since he wasn't capable of dodging a book? He had to try. He didn't care about fighting anymore, he still had much to learn before he could even think about striking.

The book landed dead on Saikuro's face, causing him to fall out of his seat, his back hitting the ground. He closed his eyes a small gash appeared in the center of his forehead. The blood from it was extremely minute however, and the actual mark it left was anything from serious.

4 Re: In search of the Philosopher's Stone on Thu May 27, 2010 3:04 pm


The thin neck moved a muscles as her her head tilted to the side. The arrancar hadn't even attempted to move away. It would rather be strange if he hadn't even seen the hit coming. Her eyes once again peered through the now wider spot. The man now lay on his back a little stream of blood leaking down his forehead. Blood? It would've been mere split seconds as Winter disappeared and appeared nearer to the man. She bent over the man, standing in the direction his head fell. As her little head titled over she blocked out what little sun that came in, casting a shadow on the arrancar. blood... Most would've judged winter was too close but she was a smart girl, learning over the time the abilities of these such arrancar. Winter took a step back as she pointed at the man and whispered ....Kumoyuki? She was still pointing towards the man as if she was calling his name.

5 Re: In search of the Philosopher's Stone on Sat May 29, 2010 3:07 pm


[ooc: 48 hour mark is up, your character is now the property of the 12th division]

Winter was intrigued by the stream of blood, he just lied there looking at her... She took a step fowards and knelt down in front of him. Tilting her head left and tilting her head right. The two blue eyes would penetrate through most souls as her frosted blue eyes gave nothing but a stolen childhood and humanity... Her two hands lifted into the air as it didn't never blinked nor looked away. she held the face of the arrancar with her two hands....Her thumbs hovered over the eyes....


The Arrancar screamed as the little thumbs gorged their way into the sockets, puss and blood being mixed as it spluted out the sides. The arrancar whimpered and writhed his feet. A massive squirt as the some of the blood splattered on the small and pretty face of a 17 year old child. Winter's eyes pulsed once at the site of the dark color. Born, raised and educated to do nothing but kill..... A little voice so calm yet cold.... Hado no ichi... sho Using the boared eye sockets Winter used her two thumbs to send a light shock wave into the brain. There was a light thud and a snapping sound as her kido met the target... The bridge connecting the two parts of the brain, it was now disconnected and snapped. The unnamed Arrancar would now be more or less a vegetable for Pluto Noobs experiments and studies... With the two brains disconnected the arrancar wouldn't be able to think, move, feel or relay message to his brain via the nerves. Of course the noob could make the body do such things but the arrancar's will would no longer do anything... For in the end he was essentially ... dead.

Winter stood up as she looked at the mess she had made... Tilting her head she disappeared for a short while before re-appearing with another shinigami. In one hand was a mop in the other a much taller shinigami. She tugged at his clothes and gave him the mop. Winter-san? why did you give me this... good lord.... what is that? Winter pointed at the bloody pool that was the vegetable arrancar. You want to clean the blood up? Winter nodded once as she grabbed the vegetable arrancar by his two hollowed [pun intended] eyes and dragged him out of the library... why? to present the Noob with his gift... exeperiment case #31 subject 1 test 1... the arrancar...A trail of carelessly painted blood marked the way the little third seat had been

[ooc: still dragging the body of course...

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