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Onmitsukidou Techniques

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1 Onmitsukidou Techniques on Sun May 09, 2010 2:45 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
"If you see your allies losing, that's your chance. Don't step between them. Take the enemy down from behind. And if the enemy is so strong you can't even do that, then just watch your ally be killed. That's what it means to be Onmitsukidō."

The Onmitsukidō (隠密機動, secret tactics, called the Stealth Force in the English dub), also called the Secret Mobile Unit/Corps, Special Forces or Covert Ops, is one of the three branches of the military under the control of the Central 46 Chambers, the others being the Gotei 13 and the Kidō Corps. These techniques are only available to 2nd Division members and or previous members who have learned them. They may be taught to other Shinigami outside the 2nd Division or Onmitsukidou by a current member of either.

\_25 Points are required to pay for these techniques w/training of a current member for outsiders.
Captain of this Division automatically gains these, they may teach others for free for 3 posts that total up to 1.0k words or more.
New members to the division pay 10 points to use and have these techniques. To master them, they must make a training post of 500 words for their current ranking seat. 500 more per rank up of the techniques.

#1. [Shikai]
Hasting Clones
Attributes: Damage, Increased Damage*, Invulnerability*
Class: Reiatsu, Strategic, Instant
' The user is able to create at least 15 clones of themselves at once using Shunpo, similar in principle to Zommari Leroux's Gemelos Sonído. While they are indistinguishable from the true user and mimic his or her movements, they do not seem to last long. They can die easily with one strong or weak physical or reiatsu hit. '
Post Durations:
  • Captain - 4 Posts : 15 Clones Max.
  • Lieutenant - 3 Posts : 10 Clones Max.
  • 3rd Seated - 2 Posts : 5 Clones Max.

  • Captain - 4 Posts.
  • Lieutenant - 5 Posts.
  • 3rd Seated - 6 Posts.

#2. [Shikai]
Utsusemi - ' Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of Shiho '
Attributes: Invulnerability*
Class: Reiatsu, Strategic, Instant
' It allows for a movement at great, sudden speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Usually a piece of cloth that can easily be left behind for the enemy(s) to tangle in. '
Post Durations: 1 Post.
  • Captain - 4 Posts.
  • Lieutenant - 5 Posts.
  • 3rd Seated - 6 Posts.


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