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Bankai Training Regulation

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1 Bankai Training Regulation on Sat May 08, 2010 6:48 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
The Bankai (卍解, Final Release) is the second and final upgraded form of a Zanpakutō. To achieve Bankai, one must be able to materialize and subjugate their Zanpakutō spirit. Materialization means the opposite of getting dragged into the Zanpakutō's inner world. Instead the wielder needs to summon the Zanpakutō's spirit into the physical world. It usually takes 10 years or more to achieve, plus the experience needed to master it.

Startup Captains : automatically gain Bankai. These only portray to characters who are the first Captains of their divisions. There will be some cases where a Division is empty, and a Shinigami recently joins the division as a new character, then he or she will be assigned a position. That Shinigami may pay all their points and automatically gain the Bankai and go into debt, however, they will have no techniques until their debt is paid and their Bankai will be very new; this only applies to empty divisions with one Shinigami in them.
  • 0 Points - 0 words required.
  • Debt: -150 to be made up by 3 weeks. - 1.0k words required IC-ly or Training Section.

Upcoming Captains : do not automatically gain Bankai. Instead, they will pay a fee of 150 points and immediately begin training for it. Captains that fall under these categories are those Shinigami who have been part of a division or is in the division of the empty Captain, and there is a gap to fill up for the deceased/absent Captain or they have defeated their Captain in a legal battle for the rank.
  • 150 Points - 1.5k words for training post. May be done IC-ly or Training Section.

Lieutenants : These are Shinigami who try their hardest to gain Bankai through the hardships of such little time. They are not mastered Bankais. They are in second command of the division they patrol whenever the Captain is away.
Vizards just need to add 500 words to master their Bankai at this level.
  • 200 Points - 2.0k words required IC-ly or Training Section/

3rd Seated Shinigami : Shinigami below the second in command and are given other tasks by those higher then them. They are average strong in all areas, but some focus in some particular area than all around.
  • 250 Points - 2.5k words for training post. May be done IC-ly or Training Section.

4th - 5th Seaters : These Shinigami are newcomers to the Soul Society who have just enrolled from the Academy and are beginners. They are either below or average Shinigami who have just entered. Those who achieve Bankai at this stage, are considered geniuses and may be advanced to battle higher ranking officers or the Captains themselves.
  • 300 Points - 3.0k words for training post. May be done IC-ly or Training Section.

Rogue : These are Shinigami who have learned the ways of Soul Society's Seireitei and Academy. They leave with whatever rank was assigned to them or if any if they even became part of the system. Rogues of Soul Society are ones who have been part of the system for a bit, but left for whatever reasons and no longer affiliates themselves with that system.
  • 350 Points - 3.5k words for training post. May be done IC-ly or Training Section.

Unseated : These are Shinigami who are still in the Academy or have yet to pick a Division to be with. They are newcomers to the Soul Society as well, however, they have yet to enter the division they will be best placed at. Shinigami who gain Bankai at this stage are to be known as super geniuses for such a young age to be Shinigami. Normally one would not gain Bankai at all in this level.
  • 400 Points - 4.0k words for training post. May be done IC-ly or Training Section.

Sword Fiends / Zanpakutou : Sword Fiends do not need to train for Bankai. They automatically have it, however, they do not know their own names or releases they do. As for a Zanpakutou, if they have a master then it is not rightful for them to train unless they have the master. If the Zanpakutou trains with a master, they reduce the word count by 25%.
  • Sword Fiends: 0 Points - 0 words required.

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2 Re: Bankai Training Regulation on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:10 am

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
U P D A T E D - V.1

-Vizards may now master Bankai in the Lt ranks.


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