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Arrancar Aplication

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1 Arrancar Aplication on Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:29 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
Arrancar Application

Age {May not be over 1,900 years old unless applying for Espada}
Visual Age:

Resurrección's Name:
Innate Ability:
Status Ranked: {This means what level of a Hollow you are. As in Vasto Lorde, Adujchas, Gillian ect *Vasto Lorde are limited for the top 4 Espada*}
Natural Race:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Music
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill: {Limited to 1 certain trait}
Remains of Hollow Mask:
Number Tattoo Location: {Applying Espada only}
Hollow Hole Location:
Aspect of Death {Be creative!!!}
Cero Color
Gran Rey Cero Color: {Applying Espada only}
Blood Type:
Appearance Description: {You didn't think it would be that easy right? You have the pieces now string them together. A few paragraphs, at least 2, detailing their appearance please.}
Clothing: Typical uniform? Or something custom?
Story -{Give us at least 2 paragraphs on what your character does or do from birth to present.}
Fighting Style:  -{Describe how you fight, how your combat prowess. Remember, one can't be good in every situation, so for every advantage you have, a disadvantage must be mentioned. No min-maxing either. If say your exceptional at long range, and terrible at hand to hand, that means your terrible at hand to hand}-
Prologue {Elite position only(RP SAMPLE)}

[u][i]Arrancar Application[/i][/u]

[i][u]Visual Age:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]

[u][b]Resurrección's Name:[/b][/u]
[i][u][b]Innate Ability:[/b][/u][/i]
[i][u]Status Ranked:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Natural Race:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Favorite Food:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Favorite Music[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Forte in Sports:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Special Skill:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[b][u]Remains of Hollow Mask:[/b][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Number Tattoo Location:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Aspect of Death[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Hollow Hole Location:[/u][/i]
[i][u]Cero Color[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Gran Rey Cero Color:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[i][u]Blood Type:[/i][u][u][u][u][u][u][/u]
[b]Appearance Description:[/b]
[i][u]Fighting Style:[/i][/u][u][/u]

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