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The Taichou's office

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1 The Taichou's office on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:18 pm


A strong knocking sound, coming in a fast 3-2-1 interval was heard when Mitsuhide Yoshitsune, former 3rd seat and now Lieutenant of the 6th Division of the Gotei 13, knocked on the door to the office of his taichou. "Taichou, are you here?" No answer to the question could be heard, none except for the slight creaking of the door as it swung up thanks to the momentum gained from the knocking motions. "Ok, he's either in here and trying to scare the crap out of me for being too serious, again, or he's not in here... I better check, just in case." The mental monologue momentarily halted, Yoshitsune cautiously opened the door, his nerves and senses wary of the slightest signal of pranking intentions. Ewen might be blind, but the guy somehow know how to keep completely quiet. "I bet it has something to do with that creepy radar-sense of his. It is unnatural to be that quiet!" Yoshitsune could actually claim this as his shikai, Shidenmi, allowed him to manipulate the very reishi that made his body and thus accelerate it in ways that allowed him to pick up even the slightest sound as long as it was within a certain range of frequency. This range was of course related to the speed of the vibration of his reishi and thus adjustable, but during a bet with the former Taichou, Yoshitsune had found out that Ewen, when completely still, had found some way to fully eliminate any and all sounds that are normally emitted from a person.

The door was now fully open, and after carefully looking around the office, Yoshitsune deduced that Ewen was indeed not here but somewhere else. Walking into the office and closing the door behind him he saw a note at the desk. "Oh, here we have something." Walking up to the desk and picking up the note, Yoshitsune gave it a quick read. "Let's see here, the usual reminder about being too serious, the following greeting, and... that's right, the Captains' meeting!" returning the note to it's place, Yoshitsune located the visitor's chair and sat down, Ewen would return as soon as the meeting was over, it would not take too long. If someone had found it strange for a blind man to leave a not and bothered to observe the note a bit more closely and carefully, they would have found a remarkable sight indeed. There were no written symbols on the note, it was instead dotted with the bumps characterizing the braille language. Yoshitsune had learned this many years ago, as a way to help his administrative duties easier when he had a blind person as his direct superior. During that time their previous Taichou had still been in Soul Society, and he looked back at the antics of that time fondly. The 6th division was indeed known for it's noble manner, but that did not mean it was not a division that knew the secrets of having fun. Relaxing a bit in the chair, Yoshitsune waited for his taichou to arrive.

2 Re: The Taichou's office on Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:46 am


Ewen walked back to his division, briskly and almost militaristic, he didn’t say hello nor greet anyone just walked, pretending to be blind. Rounding the bend to his office, he noticed a familiar trail of reiatsu that was his Fukataicho, however Ewen had business, a business took precedent over fun and games, per usual. Walking into the room, he got all manner of questions aside, mainly due to not wanting to repeat himself.

“Meeting was worthless, incident in 12th division, we need to find the Sotaicho” Ewen said, but not before throwing the broken zanpakuto at Yoshitsune, maybe Yoshitsune recognized it, most likely not, but Ewen had grown tired of carrying it around.

“It’s the former 12th division Fukataicho zanpakuto, put it in a case so we can bring it to the Sotaicho.” Ewen said, going over to his desk and gazing out the small window. It was a lovely view, however Ewen picked room’s on feel, not on looks, he couldn’t see after all, so what did he care about views or positions, however he liked the way the sun shown on his face, it reminded him of a simpler time. Sighing Ewen had to tell Yoshitsune the news, grave news indeed.

Seating himself, Ewen started from the top, recounting what he had learned from the 12th division, about how the vizards and espada were allied now, the death of one of there own, and Jamison going to HM. Finally Ewen ended peacefully, without raising his voice, or cursing Hisoka’s name.

“Commander Kazumi is in the Human Realm, making travel arrangements in his absence a nuisance, it is our duty Yoshitsune to bring these monsters back home.” Ewen said, letting it sink in, the 6th division was going to the human world, probably the worst place for Ewen to fight and be, but duty calls, and thus they needed to answer.

3 Re: The Taichou's office on Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:43 am


Breaking out of his relaxed state, Yoshitsune felt the reiatsu of his taichou enter the grounds for the 6th division. "Well then, relaxation is over," he thought as got up from the chair and made himself presentable. Though his taichou was indeed blind, Yoshitsune had a habit of making sure that his scars were covered whenever he was to meet with someone, no matter who it was. As he felt Ewen's signature stop outside the door, he prepared himself to ask some questions, but Ewen's statements interrupted him before Yoshitsune had a chance to open his mouth.

"Yes, Taichou," was the answer to both of the implied questions as he caught the broken zanpakutou and quickly shunpoed to his quarters and back, grabbing a case to keep the zanpakutou in from his room as he did so, missing only a second of two of Ewen's possible commands as Yoshitsune's room was a mere hundred meters from the Taichou's office, alsmot in a completely straight line out through the door. Returning in time to see Ewen sit down on the so called 'Taichou's Comfy Chair' and start the recounting of what had happened.

He was saddened that his fellow Fukutaicho had fallen victim to the new alliance between the Vaizard and the Arrancar of Hueco Mundo. "It seems like this will be bloody indeed," he spoke quietly, his mind on the ongoing conflict, "and much more so than we had thought." Having stood still as Ewen relayed the news, Yoshitsune now put the broken Zanpakutou in the fetched case, making himself ready to travel.

"I am ready to go whenever you are, Ewen-Taichou," he said as he mentally steeled himself for the task at hand and the accompanied possibility of death. Fighting the Vizards and Arrancar would be quite a difficult task to undertake, even though the fights between they most likely would try to keep to the outer reaches of the war-zone, they would no doubt have to fight at least someone.

4 Re: The Taichou's office on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:02 pm


So, Ewen was left on the alter of fate, he stared out, in reality just feeling the sun warm him gave him slight comfort, preparations must be made though, vizards were tricky, and bringing them back to Soul Society just to have them killed would only further the hatred. No, Ewen needed to cure them of this affliction, cure wasn’t the right word, decimate the hollow inside of them was more proper. In reality, Ewen couldn’t do it, not in a million years, but he knew someone who could, his mind went to that sinister man and his gadgets and do dads. Ewen would send message to him once he reached the captain commander, but he needed a way to subdue as well as hide his targets from prying eyes.

“Yoshitsune, what I’m about to ask might seem unorthodox, but I need you to follow instructions extremely carefully. Secure us 5 gigai’s and bring them to the our divisional gate, the 12th division Taicho will most likely have them, take the 3rd seat with you and perhaps two others to help carry, make sure you can trust them as well as having them good solid shinigami” Ewen had a thought, the best way to cure something that has yet to be cured was to hide it where everyone looked. However, Ewen hoped his Lt wouldn’t betray his intentions, as it was fairly obvious just what they were for, five vizards, five gigai’s, the math couldn’t lie.

Ewen then walked out of the office, he needed to obtain Hell Butterflies to make the trip, enough to possible send a few messages once on Earth, it was going to be a long road ahead of them, and Ewen didn’t want to be stranded with no way to call for help.


5 Re: The Taichou's office on Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:46 am


Yoshitsune was honestly surprised by his captain's orders, to gather the five gigai would most likely require some kind of trickery on his part. But he trusted his captain, having fought with him on several occasions during their times as lower ranked shinigami, at that time being 3rd seat and lieutenant respectively. Then there was also the fact that their abilities seemed to compliment each other unusually well, but that was another topic altogether. "Yes Taicho!" Yoshitsune said as he prepared to leave. there was of course the matter of deciding which shinigami to take. As he knew the fifth and sixth seats personally, their names being Ashakuri Yomitoshi and Otsunaga Yasitaki respectively, good shinigami and although they did not belong among the strongest of their ranks, they could hold their own in a fight and above all they were trustworthy. The matter of who to bring decided, Yoshitsune left the office, a few moments after his Taicho, vanishing due to a Shunpo as soon as he had cleared the building. Time was of the essence, and he had to make a stop at the barracks before he could move on to the 12th division.

--------> Exit.

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