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Preperations for War

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1 Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:20 am


OoC: I saw the meeting thread was coming to an end, figured I'd start this.

Shun walked quickly down the halls of the 4th division barracks, heading to the center of them where the underlings were already gathered by his command. The captain told him to get prepared for anything, so Shun decided to prepare a broad variety of supplies and several different plans to go for any and every foreseeable possibility while Jack was away. He entered the command center for the division and surveyed the progress. There was motion everywhere and things were being labeled and piled to the ceiling. Everything seemed to be going according to what he ordered, but Shun wanted to inspect things a little bit closer while he waited for the captain to return.

Shun was the kind of person that triple checked everything and had zero tolerance for anything during high stress situations. In times like this when a huge battle could be a simple order from the command structure away, Shun's blood pressure was ran higher then usual. He saw two squad members standing in a corner talking and smiling as he looked around and walked over. As he grew near he was about to open his mouth to yell at them when they noticed him approaching and quickly dispersed. He decided to let them go...this time.

The preparations seemed in order for every stack of boxes that Shun looked at. The command center was a good 100 square yards in area and the ceiling was a good 30 yards high. Every foot of floor space was being used though, Shun almost got distracted, he had never seen the room so damn full. He pulled out his check list and began going through each item one at a time. He made his way around the room before checking off the last item and stepping back to a bench near the entrance to sit down. He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything he could possible be leaving out.

2 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:40 am


Jack reappeared outside the 4th headquarters, his haori lightly fluttering to a stop behind him. As he lit the cigarette in his lips, his saddles softly falling on the well maintained and polished wooden floors of the 4th divisions halls. Taking a long drag from his cigarette, he walked into the main room. On his entrance several things happened at once, and the very short space of seemingly less than a second to those gathered around; but seemingly far more then that to Jack, a new table, several gars of healing balm, another new table, and some more unseated nurse, and Shun. What happen you ask, well it went like this.

First a Jack entered the room, he blinked and tripped. This trip sent a well polished red wood table, that Jack was fairly sure had not been their before today. Upon which had been piled high, several gars of healing balm; also which Jack was fairly sure had not been there before. Flying, for lack of better more poetic term. Though this was not the end, for the same trip that had sent the table and jars flying, had sent Jack stumbling forward. A stumble that would have been righted fairly soon, if not for the poor unseated nurse that had been walking by at that exact time.

For in his attempt to stop the said stumble, Jack stumble very unwillingly directly into the poor unseated nurse. Which sent the both Jack and the poor now stumbled into and very surprised woman falling. The tangled pair fell into yet another table, which again Jack was fairly sure had not been their before. The fall sent the table, which also had been piled high with various jars of healing balms. Which again Jack was fairly sure had not been there before, again flying. This all ended with two now broken new tables, Jack and a very surprised very poor woman in a tangled heap on the floor. With a massive wave of healing balms, the jars opening in their flight; crashing towards Shun.

3 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:49 pm


When Shun was deep in thought on a topic it was like a game of chess against himself in his head. In this case when he tried to think of something he was overlooking one part of him insisted everything was fine, while the first part tried to think of a reason why he was in fact missing something. This endless loop of thought was interrupted with the sounds of wood crashing down and what sounded like the scream of surprise of a female. Shun tried to shut his eye's tighter out of annoyance when the sounds grew louder and everyone seemed to take a deep breath. Dammit, what's going on now! Shun hollered as he opened his eyes.

The giant mess of healing balm was almost on top of him when his eyes finally opened. It took Shun a tenth of a second to analyze what the hell was happening around him and what was heading for him. It all dawned on him as he was buried under the mass of gooey balm. I wonder if they'll pardon me for insanity if I kill the captain for this Shun thought as every part of him was pressed down by what seemed to be a sticky hell. After several seconds, and when Shun was sure that the avalanche of balm was over he slowly sat up and wiped the substance away from his eyes. He opened them and looked at Jack with a face of serious confusion and anger. Captain I see you've returned from the meeting... Shun spoke through gritted teeth.

He tried to shove all thoughts of murder from his mind as he slowly rose from the gooey mess. Shun's only thought, however much he doubted, was perhaps there is some kind of logical explanation, aside from his captain being a complete klutz. He moved to a separate bench that wasn't covered is crap. He sat down and took off his socks and began to ring them out, letting the goo ooze off into a little pile on the ground. Don't just stand there gawking, start cleaning this up Shun said as he noticed the numerous stares of humor and enjoyment from the members of his squad around him.

4 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:27 pm


Jack quickly extracted himself from the tangled mess of the girl on the floor, giving his numerous apologies for having stumbled into her and then fallen on her in the first place. As he stood up he took his first good look at the room around him, for a second he wondered if he had wondered into one of the store rooms in the barracks. That though was almost instantly dismissed, one did not store healing balm, and bandages in the same place. So he could not have stumbled into a store room, his next guess was that his orders of readiness had been taken to an extreme. Which seemed to be confirmed once he notice he was actually in the entry chambers to the medical wing, this simply caused him to blink.

"Why are their enough medical supplies in this room, to cure all of a seireitei from an out brake of plague?" He asked before looking at his new Lt, which cause a sigh. "Never mind I don't want to know, make sure the cabinets in all the rooms are fully stocked why we have all this here. Then move it back to the store rooms double time."

He said as he walked over to the Shun, smiled at the man as he took a long draw from his cigarette. Suppressing a snicker as he saw the poor young lad ringing healing balm from his socks, taking another long drag from his cigarette before he began to speak.

"Several Captains are going to both the living world and Hueco Mondo, in response to Hisoka's recent betrayal. They are going to search for the vizards, their orders are to eliminate them at all costs. While they are gone, you and I will be one of the few Captains and Lieutenants. That will be left here in Seireitei, to defend both it and rukongai. We also have orders to disembark to were ever we are needed for healing proposes, though if we are called out for injuries. Remember the rules of the 4th, are healing abilities are open to all who wish them. Also do not fight an enemy you can not hope to defeat, these vizards are strong; and Hisoka was one of the strongest of us.

Any questions?"

5 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:43 pm


Shun looked around a bit defeated as he painstakingly removed the healing goo as best he could from his clothes. He had gone overboard on preparations it seemed. He was relatively new as the 4ths lieutenant and he was trying to prove himself a bit here, which seemed to have failed. He listened to his captains words and thought about them carefully. So they were going to use an elite small force of captains and lieutenants instead of a full scale army, made sense since. It was one of the scenarios Shun had thought about, just one that didn't require this kind of gathering of supplies. Sorry sir, I seem to have gone overboard... Shun trailed off looking hard at the floor.

He had mixed emotions about staying behind while the others went off to confront the enemy, he supposed it was for the best in case they decided to counter attack the Seretei, but Shun was hoping he would be on the front lines where he thought the most good could be done. So there is evidence to confirm the rumor that these "vizards" are indeed working with the arrancar? Shun asked, causing a bit of a chill to run down his spine. It was a dreadful idea, the arrancar were already strong and the idea of them teaming up with people like the Vizards was horrifying. Shun wouldn't say it, but he had a problem with the last thing Jack said, he wouldn't run from a fight, especially if innocents life were entangled in the conflict besides his own.

6 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:55 pm


Jack laughed lightly as Shun looked at the ground, and seemed almost a little upset. "Not to worry, going over board is not a bad thing. Just shows your wanted everything to be ready, in case we were flooded with emergencies. Just remember that each room here has its own normal and cooled stock areas, if you need more supplies; send a nurse after them." Jack said as he patted the man on the shoulder, then wiping his hand off with a towel. Before taking another long drag from his cigarette, and laughing lightly.

"Either was we need to be on stand by, so go get cleaned up. I am going to go and prepare some hell butterfly's should we need them. to lead us through the senkeimon gate. Also the kido corps commander, and the captain of the 12th are working on opening a gargantua. They say when traveling trough one, you have to gather spirit parasitical at your feet to traverse the gap. Make sure you are ready and then come meet me in my office."

He said quickly before he head off to his office, pulling off his white captains haori as he went. He hung the coat up once inside the office, then pulled his twin swords from their spot on each hip. Placing them lightly on his desk, as he walked over and opened the closet. Pulling out a black captains haori, that matched the white one he normally wore; simply with an inverted color scheme. Along with several red wood boxes, which he also sat on the desk.

7 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:18 pm


Shun listened as his Captain spoke again, he had never actually been through a Senkai gate, but he knew the principle behind crossing through them well enough. As soon as his Captain left he ordered the supplies back to there previous locations to a ceremony of moans from the group who had gathered them in the first place. He then left the room and went directly to his favorite perk of being a lieutenant; his private washroom, complete with bathing supplies. He quickly and quietly cleaned up and put on a clean uniform before heading to his Jack's office a short way down the hall from Shun's room.

He knocked lightly and walked in,he noticed Jack had switched his Haori and had some boxes sitting on his desk. He gave a light bow before speaking. Alright I'm here Captain, what did you need? He wasn't sure what his captain wished to discuss or what was in the boxes, he would probably find out sooner or later. He walked over to the chair on the opposite side of the desk and awaited his captains response.

8 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:04 pm


As Shun walked in Jack smiled politely and pointed to a seat that man could take, before he unstacked the six boxes in total. Then rolling up his to show fully the gauntlet like ninja styled bracers he always had on, he then opened the first box which was filled with needle shuriken neatly placed in rows. Taking out the needles he carefully slid them into spots on the bracers designed to hold them, before placing more around his body a several hidden locations. The second box he open, was filled with neatly kept star shaped shuriken. These to he placed around his body, in various hidden places. Before he slid his twin zanpakuto into his belt, on the small of his back.

The next box her opened, was filled with well kept auto injector syringes. He took half of these and handed them to Shun, before hiding the other half in a pouch on his belt. The next two boxes he opened, held vials of liquid in four diffrent colors; it was then he began to speak. "Ok Shun these go with the auto injectors, the green on is a powerful sleeping agent. The yellow is a power paralytic. inject someone with that and inside three minutes they will not be able to move." As he described at explained each vile he would point to it, in turn. "The blue vials contain a powerful counter agent, used to stop poisoning, while the red veils hold powerful healing agents. Inject a patient with the red, and then add your own healing reiatsu; they will twice as fast."

Last edited by Jack Wolf on Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:02 am; edited 1 time in total

9 Re: Preperations for War on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:43 pm


Shun watched with a mix of curiosity and awe as Jack restocked his hidden arsenal of weapons that were scattered throughout his body. He then took up one of each of the vials that Jack presented in front of him and held them up to his face as he listened to his captain explain each of them individually. He made a mental note of each as he put each of them into a separate pouch on his side, then he placed the injectors in a fifth one. These could really come in handy out in the field. He usually had to make do with healing kido or the power of his zan, he had never had the luxury of something like this, he couldn't complain. Thank you captain Wolf. Shun said with a deep sense of gratitude. bowing his head low. He of course hoped he wouldn't have to use any of the new items, but he felt better with them never the less. Do we have any idea when the battles are going to begin?

10 Re: Preperations for War on Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:24 am


Jack saw the confusion on Shun's face, and smirked lightly to himself. "Unlike most in the 4th, who either got their starts as shinigami." He smiled at Shun, as he began to explain the strangeness of his arsenal. "I got my start in the 2nd division black ops, its where I met my wife actually. God rest her soul." He said as he placed some of the vials in a pouch on his belt, then picked up the boxes and put them away. Taking three more boxes from the closet, along with two modified versions of the fourth division backpack. Setting all of it down on the desk, he opened both of the back packs. As well as the three boxes, inside of which were basic medical supplies this time. Scalpels, gauze, bandages, etc, etc.

These he began to place in certain spots in side the two backpacks, designed to hold them. As well as a few more of the vials, in each as he continued to talk. "I had a natural gift for black ops actually, wasn't long before I joined the ranks of the assassination squads. Even for a brief time, being a high seated officer in the second. It was just after I had achieved my bankai, that the then captain of the 4th. Discovered the healing abilities of my zanpakuto, they had always been their mind you. I simply rarely used them inside of seireitei, so they were not well documented. So he nominated me for the Lieutenant spot, here in the 4th."

At first mind you, I actually laughed at the offer. Thought the old man was trying to pull a fast one on me, though he eventually wore me down. At which point I joined, at first I thought it would just put me a step closer to being captain of some other division. Though once I joined, and began to learn healing kido, my eyes began to open. The longer I stayed, the more I saw. It was then that I discovered the true way to live in peace, see before I had always though peace came in the point of a blade." Jack gave a sharp flick of his wrist, to put a point on the word blade. There for further explained his his old views, as he did this a needle appeared in his hand as if from nowhere and was sent flying into the bulls eye of the near by dart board. Pinning said board to the wall behind it. "It was here I learned that true peace, comes from being peaceful and treating others with respect."

11 Re: Preperations for War on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:00 pm


Shun listened as his captain told the tale of his origins. It came as a bit of a surprise considering 2nd was supposed to be stealthy and not an hour ago, Shun was buried under his captains clumsiness. He watched in a bit of envy as Jack showed off his accuracy and strength with the dart smashing into the wall. He watched as his captain began to pack the other more basic supplies into bags, Shun had several of these lining his closet thanks to his constant need to be prepared, though he still wanted to get back and double check all of them, in case he was called out to the field during the impending battle. He considered asking Jack about his wife, but thought better of it; it wasn't his place to ask, if Jack wanted to talk about it he could further the topic. Sir, if there isn't anything else, I should be getting back to prepare my own supplies. Shun said standing up from the chair, feeling the slight change in weight as he stood from the vials on his side.

He was confident in his battle skills, but wondered what hell the upcoming battle would bring to the Seretei. Would the enemy be so bold as to actually attack the Seretei, shun asked himself. He hoped they stayed away from the fourth division barracks for a couple of reasons. The first was that his men weren't very skilled in battle, focusing most of their time on practicing healing. The second reason was the barracks would most likely be in use as a hospital, as is common during great battles. Shun could probably hold them off for a little bit, but if Jack was out in battle, he wasn't sure how much of a chance he stood.

12 Re: Preperations for War on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:01 pm


"No need."

Jack said matter of factually, as he finished packing both bags then tossed one to Shun. Before quickly pulling the other on to his back, and heading out of the room. Back into the main room, and looking around as his Division. Jack walked to the desk, sat down at a desk in the staging area. Setting up a chess board, as he looked around the room at the other members of the division getting ready to head out.


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