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Getting Ready...

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1 Getting Ready... on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:22 pm


It didn't take too long for Charm to appear within the 3rd Division's Quarters. She stopped at the entrance and walked the rest of the way to her Captain's quarters. His quarters was at the very back and was hidden among maze of hallways and quarters that belonged to the other members of the 3rd Division. As she walked her way to his quarters, she would greet the other members that passed her with a smile and a wave. She has already spoken to them and she seemed to already be on good terms with them. That was a major plus. Them being on good terms with her means that they'll follow their orders more fully and quickly to please her and their Captain. Her pace was considered faster then a normal person's. This was her normal walking speed. She always walked fast. Once she reached the Captain's quarters, she knocked on his door a few times. "Captain Aden, may I come in?" She asked. She always knocked and asked before entering a room that belonged to someone else. It was just her being polite.

2 Re: Getting Ready... on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:43 pm


Aden was writing a couple memo's and the likes for the other members in his squad to carry out in his absence, If he didn't they wouldn't get anything done at all. The squad was generally well behave, but at the same time they were lazy and didn't take any initiative for them self's. After the memos were done Aden started to switch into the clothes that he perfected for him to wear in battle. It started with a white nylon mesh sort of like what the mortal athletes wear(Under armor) and then it moved to a white baggy tunic with a nice golden trim around the edges and a golden melt. Aden detested the color black, and that is why he had none on his clothes or in the entirety of his office. Aden secured his scabbard to his right side using the belt just about the time he heard the door knock.

Aden assumed it would be his new Lt. so he released two hell butterflies from their case and let them float about the room. Aden was feeling a little bit remorseful for the way he had acted towards her before, It was quite rude of him to bark at her like that just after meeting her. Even a man as cold and detached as he was should have better respect for the ladies around him. Aden moved to the door, and placed his handle on the knob when he realized he was still only half dressed. He had, put on his Nylon tight materiel over his legs, but had not covered the top half of his body or the tunic. He didn't have enough time to finish getting dressed without seeming extremely rude. Aden took a sigh before opening the door. "Mrs. Kage please come in, or rather Charm. I am sorry it will take some time for me to use your nick name. I prefer to be formal, but since we will be working so closely I will make an exception. Also you may just call me Aden"

3 Re: Getting Ready... on Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:08 pm


"It's alright. Call me whatever you wish to. Be it Miss Kage, Charm, Charmeine, or just plain Lt. It does not truly matter." She said as she shrugged one of her shoulders. She then nodded her head to him as she entered. "Thank you and if you wish for me to Aden." She said. She went to stand in the middle of his quarters and turned to face him. Her arms were still crossed and rested on top of her zanpakuto at her lower back right above the curve of her ass. She didn't notice before, but now she did. She seemed to have come in while he was busy changing. "Do you wish for me to wait outside while you finish changing or are you fine with my presence here?" She asked him. She has seen men dressed in less, so walking in on him half dressed didn't really make her blush or anything. Though she must admit that her Captain was quite handsome. And from the looks of his body, he takes care of himself very well. She merely asked him so as not to have him think she was a pervert and was trying to be a Peeping Tom. She waited for his answer plus the items that he wished to give to her before they left the 3rd Division.

4 Re: Getting Ready... on Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:45 pm


Aden noted right off the bat that she was a chatty one she would obviously make Aden be more enfolded in social interaction. The prospect was almost sickening to Aden. People were simply idiotic at times, and that is why they were attached to other people. People were always looking for ways to complete themselves. In fact the thought that a person needed someone else to make him or her,\ complete came from Plato. Plato said that Zeus the greatest of the Greek gods feared the original humans who had four arms and four legs, so he split them in half and doomed them to look for the other half for entirety trying to complete themselves. This was insane, because Aden was complete and he did not have another.

Aden did not realize how unaffected she was by his partial nudity, if all girls were like this Aden might be able to better interact with them. Aden turned around to face, “Why you could be working on what we need to get done why I finish getting dressed. Speaking of which you can work on recording the Hell butterflies why I finish getting dressed” Aden said as he began to walk straight towards her. The things they needed were on the wall that was right behind her. Aden just kept walking forward and she followed suit by walking backwards until the both hit the wall. Aden pressed his body up against hers as he reached up for the info she needed to record on the hell butterflies.

5 Re: Getting Ready... on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:13 am


"Was just asking. Not all men are comfortable dressing in front of a woman." She said as she shrugged. She then nodded her head. "Of course." She said as she heard his orders. She blinked some as he began to walk towards her. She wasn't aware that the information was on a wall behind her. As he kept walking forward, she would move backwards. So as not to get in his way. She blinked some as her backside ran back into the wall behind her. She felt her face go hot as Aden's body was pressed up against hers. It was a good thing her dark skin tone hid her blush. Even with him this close, he wouldn't see the blush. She tipped her head back some so as to follow where he was reaching. She then noticed that he was reaching for the information she needed to record. Her body relaxed and she looked back to him. "Aden, I was given orders by Captain Jack to try and bring you as well as the other two Captains straight to the 4th Division if all three of you are highly injured. I am to also contact him if even one of you are injured. As the Captain Commander said, we lost one Captain. We can't afford to lose three more." She said. She stayed still pressed in-between the wall and Aden's body.

6 Re: Getting Ready... on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:42 am


“I fully see what jack is saying, but he really should have a little more faith in me, if it gets to rough I promise we will leave imeatedly. We just met.” Aden paused for a second thinking to himself to formulate the exact right words to fit this situation and be kind to her, but he did not want to be too kind she might read too much into it. This whole social interaction thing was to confusing for Aden he liked being a lone wolf, but this social interaction thing got way more difficult when you added a girl into the mix. Frustrated and confuse Aden continued, “ We just met, so it would be a shame if one of the two of us got hurt before we really got a chance to know each other.” Aden finished with a bit of excitement as he found the materials. Aden finally brought his head down to look forward, and was shocked to find his nose a centimeter away from her cheek.

Aden had just noticed he pressed his half-naked body up against her for the past minute and a half. Aden could feel her exhale onto his face. Even Aden a man who shunned social interaction knew that this was extremely improper. Aden’s cheeks flushed an extreme color of red, which clashed with his blue eyes, when he locked eyes with her. Knowing that she could tell he was blushing just caused to blush more. Embarrassed and upset Aden shunpo’d mid-distance across the room. “Uh I am sorry,” Aden scratched his head a little bit, “For uh just then and for uh before when we met and I kind of rambled on about attachment.” Aden shade of red persisted to shine across his face.

7 Re: Getting Ready... on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:20 am


"He is a caring person indeed, he's just looking out for us is all. He has faith in us. Best to be safe then sorry, especially when we are to bring in a traitor." She said. She then nodded to Aden as he spoke. "Alright. And yes, it would be." She said as she agreed with him. Her face went hot again as he seemed closer then what she first thought. They were close enough that if one of them slipped, they would kiss. Yeah. That close. She was lucky to have her skin hide her blush. But Aden wasn't as lucky. His blush was like a neon sign. Bright and easy to read. And it only got brighter. She had to hold back her laughter as he realized what he has been doing in the past minuet and a half. She pushed off from the wall a bit as he started to apologize. "It's alright Aden. I can tell you're not used to being a talkative and social butterfly type. As for just then, it's alright. No harm was done to either of us." She said. She smiled at him as she held out her hand to him as she walked towards him. "May I have the information so I can start to work on the records of the Hell Butterflies?" She asked him.

8 Re: Getting Ready... on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:12 am


Today was a momentous occasion as Mr. Inverted had become the 10th division captain and as soon as he was notified he began shunpoing around the seireitai informing those whom were unforutunate enough to come by Mr. I at the time, sooner or later he appeared within the 4th division's abode and gave a gentle tap upon the door to inform them of his presence.
Not wanting too seem rude and barge into a fellow captain's domain he remained patient and awaited them to acknowledge him, sipping from a cup of tea the cartoonish man gently lent on his cane which was apparently what some would call his Zanputko... lost in thought he began to speak his mind, softly tho and could only be heared by those with a keen ear or were perhaps standing adjacent him minus the door.
"One Captain lost..... another gained.... "

9 Re: Getting Ready... on Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:28 pm


^^It takes a captains permission for another to enter their barracks, as such I will ignore that post, and we are the 3rd division not the 4th...

A hell Butterfly fluttered into the room, and projected the following message. ‘It has come to my attention that order is needed in Seireitei and elsewhere, there have been several recent events that need attention, several diplomatic means to be made, several missions needed to be given out, several enemies to crush, several experiments to be made, and or conducted. It is time to get organized, so I am giving out the order that all captains meet up in the meeting chambers of the first division barracks so that we may discuss these issues. Tardiness will not be accepted, so getch’ your asses in gear and get over here. Kazumi out.’ With that Aden immediately finished getting dressed and threw is Captain Hieero on top. "Finish getting ready I am sure we will leave after this meeting is done."

[Exit---> Captain Meeting]

10 Re: Getting Ready... on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:40 am


Charm looked to the Hell Butterfly as it entered. She frowns a bit as she listened to the message that came from the Hell Butterfly. She then looked to Aden as the message finished. At his orders, she nodded. "Right." She said as she watched him go. She picked up the information, a pen, and went to sit at his table in his chair. She started to work on the recordings of the Hell Butterflies. By the time Aden would come back from the Captain's Meeting, she would be more then done with the task he gave her. She will be ready.

As time passed, she sighed as she looked at the time. She then started to sit up in the chair. She had all of his paperwork done and even was kind enough to tidy up his quarters. She then smiled as she sensed a familiar reaistu go in the direction of the 12th Division. She knew who it was, as she has had parties with him before. She got up and started to write down a note for Aden when he returns. "Aden, I'll be in the 12th Division when you return. Signed, Charm." She wrote down onto the paper before she used Shunpo to get to the 12th Division. Hidden within her coat were the items she usually brought with her. Rum cake and sake.

[Exit -> 12th Division]

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