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10th Division stuff ~

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1 10th Division stuff ~ on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:25 am


Welcome to the 10th Division of the Gotei 13, here at the at the 10th I like to greet each and eveyrone of of you....... tho I will not be able to complete most of the paper work I will maintain a watchful eye over you, when I am not doing so I expect you to be doing your work..... or something, we are important as we keep things civilised..... or as civilised as possible.
Your duties will vary from, paper pushing too assisting myself in civility matters such as protecting rukongai from things that may throw the order outta whack and create chaos...... other than that, just do as your told and if you question me or my opinion I shall assail you with utensils....

But none the less you keep the peace between Seireitei and Rukongai. You make sure shinigami don’t go causing chaos in Seireitei, and are completely responsible for keeping Rukongai civil… or at least the area closest to Seireitei.
When souls have complaints/suggestions/questions/etc, whatever, they send is sent to the 10th Division where it is read, ignored, taken into consideration, and decided upon...... I will do alot of the ignoring, so keep on your toes....

For those of you who want a symbol for our particular division, our third seated member, Ringo has given me the excelent idea of having the yin and yang symbol as we keep the balance so too speak.... that and it's inverted ;D

Captain: Mr. Inverted
Lieutenant: Yao Gui

2nd Seat:
3rd Seat: Ringo Suimin
4th Seat:
5th Seat:
6th Seat:
7th Seat:
8th Seat:
9th Seat:
10th Seat:

Unseated Officers

Recruitment Questionnaire:
Mr. Inverted-Captain

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?
I am looking for people who will not say no to a cup of tea, will not question my spasms of logic defying requests and will work on the requires papers nessicary while I do not want to...... your work is cut out for you if you join the 10th ;D But hey you get me.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?
Laid back despite the important role of keeping the order and I expect everyone too be dandy >_> or atleast sarcastically awesome when asked too do something.

3. What do you require of new recruits?
I require recruits to not be afraid of me giving them the work I was supposed to do, I require atleast one comic relief guy who will make me laugh..... we shall be the dandyess divison of them all >_>

4. Some words for the Shinigami recruits
Run by my table and I'll question you on how far you can walk out too on the edge of insanity, It's maddening ;D

Last edited by Mr. Inverted on Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:01 am; edited 2 times in total

2 Re: 10th Division stuff ~ on Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:07 am


(Mr. Inverted you have not been approved to the rank of captain, Ewen approved the character but he can't approve as captain...)

3 Re: 10th Division stuff ~ on Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:42 pm


Now that it has been approved, it is in effect.... tho it doesn't really have anything to put into effect..... yeah ;D

4 Re: 10th Division stuff ~ on Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:53 pm


connor, my character's been approved, can u put me as 3rd seat plz, and, there's no 2nd seat, that vice captain , isnt that jack, tho he's a mod soul, so ... wtf? as for the symbol, we shud have a yin yang, black and white, and we keep the peace

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