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The Hisokian

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1 The Hisokian on Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:56 am


Inner Hollow Name: The Hisokian
Inner Hollow's Personality: The Hisokian is much like Hisoka, except more ill-mannered and is ALWAYS sadistic and comical. There's nothing more to how The Hisokian acts, other than the fact he usually calls Hisoka "God".

Process 1: Hisoka can enter this process one out of two ways. The first is the obvious one, whenever he is near death The Hisokian will take over his body and fight as a berserker, ignoring all pain and injuries inflicted on him. The second is much likle the first, only his pain resistance is not nearly as great as the first, but is still greater than normal. The second way to enter this process is if Hisoka is simply to lazy to fight himself, in which case he'll hand over control to The Hisokian.

To end this process, Hisoka has to remove his mask, or his opponent can crack it themselves, The Hisokian is highly protective of the mask however.
Enhancements: Speed, Strength
Post Duration: 6

Process 2: Hisoka's mask will have covered all of his face except for a small patch over his right eye. A hollow-hole forms in the middle of his chest, and the mask will start to spread over his entire body. When in this form, The Hisokian does not speak. He simply attacks with brute strength. No abilities are used other than cero and Shunpo. There are two way to end this process; Firstly, Hisoka must defeat whoever it is that he's fighting. The second is that Hisoka must strike some sort of deal with The Hisokian. Whether it be letting him have control of Hisoka's body more or something different. After exiting this process, Hisoka will be both pysically and mentally exhausted. Meaning he would have a hard time surviving if he did not defeat whoever forced him into this state. (Note: Hisoka does not have to be in the first process to enter the second, though it is the most common way for him to enter it. If he is literally killed, his Hollow will step in and take over.)
Special Hollow Ability: High-Speed Regeneration
Maximum Post Duration: 6

Process 3:
Special Hollow Ability:
Maximum Post Duration:

2 Re: The Hisokian on Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:02 am



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