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Raikou Tora's Shunko

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1 Raikou Tora's Shunko on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:59 pm


#2. [Shikai/Bankai]
Raikou Tora's Shunko - [Lit. Lightning Tiger's Flash Cry]
Attributes: Affliction Damage, Stun, Invulnerable, Ignore 'xxx', Invisible, Replace
Class: Reiatsu, Instant
' By infusing the standard Fuzen Shunko with lightning an entirely new form of Shunko is donned, as this form allows the user to manipulate and form both the Kido and Lightning energy generated. This lightning is quite similar to real lightning in that it contains several million volts of electricity, moving at such a brisk pace, just below the speed of a shunpo if discharged in a bolt. It also carries all the general properties of lightning, resulting in the target being paralyzed upon direct contact, or through a conductive medium like water or metal. With this mixture of energies, it remains possible to block reiatsu based attacks in addition to granting invulnerability to physical attacks with a concentration of this energy directed at either threat. During the usage of this technique, naturally other lightning based attacks will be ignored and absorbed, and the usage of this technique remains invisible due to the lightning blending in with the metallic colored kido energy. '
Post Durations: 6 Increases by 1 Per Usage
Cooldown: 6

1. [Bankai]
Hanki - 'Reverse Demon'
Attributes: Piercing Damage, Stun*, Replace*
Class: Physical, Reiatsu
' This nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting them with a Kidō of perfectly opposite speed and energy within a solid object. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements. Once used, this technique reverts back into Shunkō. This skill can only be used during Shunkō and only once.'
Post Durations: 2 Posts; for neutralizing the opponent's movements and or Kidō nullification.
Cooldown: 0

2 Re: Raikou Tora's Shunko on Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:06 pm



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