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4th Division greeting and Ranks

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1 4th Division greeting and Ranks on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:40 pm



Welcome to the 4th Division of the Gotei 13, here at the at the 4th I like to think of us as the back bone of the seireitei. We have two chief responsibilities here in the fourth, each of which are important to the seireitei as a whole. One, we are the medical core. We here at the 4th are responsible for all the medical care the Gotei 13 require, both in and out of combat. Secondly we are the caretakers of the Seireitei, we make sure our home shines like the jewel she is. We do this by make sure our homes, streets, and barracks are all clean. That trash is disposed of properly and that the underground water way are in perfect functioning order, as well as clean and free of debris.

These are our primary duties, though they are not our only duties. We are a division of the Gotei 13, we are also shinigami. As such, we to are a combat division just like the others. We to share the responsibility to protect our home, and maintain the order with in. So remember, you are not just medics or doctors. You members of the 4th division are specialists if field triage, you are field medics; and though we do not seek violence. It is some times the duty of a field medic to protect his patients, while they are under your care, they are the sheep; and you are the shepard. So always protect your folk, that is all. -Quote for Jack Wolf-Captain of the 4th.

This is the flower and emblem of the 4th, it is the Bell flower. The meaning behind the symbol is Those who grieve are loved.

Captain: Jack Wolf
Lieutenant: Shun Shozen

Seated Officers
3rd Seat:
4th Seat:
5th Seat:
6th Seat:
7th Seat:
8th Seat:
9th Seat:
10th Seat:

Unseated Officers

Recruitment Questionnaire:
Jack Wolf-Captain

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?
I am seeking people who are not afraid of work, and are willing to give their blood sweat and tears for the Gotei 13.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?
Kind and fun, even somewhat laid back. Though it can get quite hectic in the medical wards.

3. What do you require of new recruits?
Having a great knowledge of Kido is very important for the healing techniques we teach here at the 4th, though all are welcome.

4. Some words for the Shinigami recruits
Stop by my office, we will see if you are cut out for life in the medical corps.

Shun Shozen-Lieutenant

1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?
As lieutenant of the 4th I am looking for individuals who aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work The kind of people who can deal with success and loss with an even attitude, until the job is done. If you’re the kind of person who wants to help everyone and enjoys doing it, this may be the division for you. Keep in mind though; we may not see a lot of combat so if you’re an adrenaline junkie consider you may want to consider a different squad.

2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?
I would describe the atmosphere as relaxed when nothing is going on, but in an emergency there is a sense of focus and tension that you can feel before you even enter the barracks. I’m not a fan of music and if I’m trying to focus I will make someone turn it off.

3. What do you require of new recruits?
Anyone who joins the 4th should expect to be challenged by yours truly. I need to know that you can handle yourself in the even the most stressful of situations. I expect that you can also handle at least basic healing kido upon joining our ranks.

4. Some words for the Shinigami recruits
I think all shinigami should be able to embrace their mistakes and learn from them. Depend on your fellow comrades and help them when they need you. Lastly never be afraid to ask for help from others; no one gets strong without the help from others.

Rules and regulations of the 4th

Division Rules:

  • Always respect your Captain and Lieutenant!
  • Always respect your Superior officers of other divisions!
  • Never let others disrespect you, your seat, or your division!
  • Always respect that life is important, even that of your enemies!
  • Do on to others, as you wish they do on to you!
  • Never throw your life away needlessly!
  • Never leave your friend, partner, or comrade in arms behind; even in death!
  • Treat all equally when it comes to medical care, heal both friend and foe!
  • Question everything, so that you may find the true truth in all things!

Seat Combat Rule:
Unlike other divisions we are a division of peace, trust, and understanding.

  • No seat position battles, with out the captains express written permission!
  • All allowed position battles will be to a hit count, not to the death!
  • Anyone issuing a challenge to without the captains permission, can and will be kicked from the division!
  • All battles must he done, with the captain and medical teams present!
  • All challengers of position battles, regardless of win or loss. Will from that day forward, as long as they remain in the 4th. Wear a black ribbon, tied around their left hand. As well as will be permanently placed in field medic status, being sent on missions to other worlds only.

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