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The hell did the ground go?!?!

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1 The hell did the ground go?!?! on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:23 pm


Jan was in his divisions quarters as he didn't felt some spiritual pressures but didn't pay any attention to them as there were aalready several shinigami dealing with them. He was ready to attack any other appearing threat to the Soul Society, though no one showed up. With the time at his disposial the only action he could think of was to get his squad in order and wait any incoming hollow. He had thus assembled all of his squads members in a large hall where usualy meetings were supposed to be. At the time he could only feel the spiritual pressure of the Soul Societies Kenpachi with his vast spiritual pressure and strenght. Though, Jan didn't doubt the mans powers to defeat any Hollow, whichever rank it carried. As the mans reiatsu could be firmly felt even miles away Jan could fairly well feel every hit the man made. "Scary..." Was all he thought.

He then looked over his squad where of course he could see some members missing and some injured. This attack really gace Jan a headache. He could only sigh and rub the back of his head as he smoked a cigar. His eyes reflected anger as he couldn't do anything at the exact moment. He clenched his teeth together bitting off a piece of the cigar as the largest part fell out of his mouth and you would expect it to hit the ground, making as little noise as it normaly would, yet it didn't make any noise at all as it fell into a pit of darknes.

As the cigar had left Jans mouth he attempted to speak to the squad members but as sure as the cigar fell into the black hole so did all the shinigamis in the room. "Listen u-" Was all Jan managed to say before he realised he was falling down in a black hole. Unfamiliar and yet somewhere seen. "What the Hell?!?!?" He yelled as he saw his members follow him down in the unknown.

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