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Knowledge haha who needs it?

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1 Knowledge haha who needs it? on Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:55 pm


The 3rd division was currently running as usual, except for maybe an alert guard as there were still powerful Arrancar in the Gotei 13. One thing was out of place it was a member not from the division he was nowhere in sight though. The reason for this was that he had realised that the Gotei 13 were currently compromised and that the 3rd division held a key weapon, knowledge. If this were to fall into the wrong hands the results could tip the balance in a war. So Daizai Lieutenant of the second divison had infiltrated the third division to make sure that the information could not be used by opposing forces.

Being such a stealthy person he had no problem getting past the guards his Reiatsu was at a zero so no-one could sense him. His clothing never russeled and his feet hardly touched the floor it was a masterful display of stealth shown by Daizai. He even made sure not to displace the air around him too much and russel any papers as he moved around the corridors swiftly. He even managed to get past a group of Shinigami in a corridor without them even noticing him. Now this may seem unnessecary since he is a Shinigami but the thing is Daizai did not want them to know it was him as he may get punished for it.

He entered the room he needed to go which stored all of the information which was sensitive to Shinigami. It was well protected by guards outside the room but Daizai had easily got past without being noticed. He rummaged around the office placing important information into a duffel bag which he had brought with him as well as some other tools for his job. After taking all of the info he looked around the room one last time and noticed a window. He then silently hit himself as he had wasted so much time in getting there, he slid over to the window and jumped out silently and Reiatsulesly leaving with sensitive information.


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