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1 I NEED HELP GODDARNIT! on Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:15 pm


Ryuu had finally arrived at the fourth divisions headquarters, from the recently destroyed eleventh division. He ran through the hallways of the fourth division hoping to find someone who could help him. The majority of the fourth division had been dispatched due to the recent Hollow attacks, but unfortunately none had been sent to the eleventh division. Probably because the eleventh division members were something like bullies to those in the fourth division... Or maybe because they thought that they could handle themselves and wouldn't appreciate their help anyway... All that aside, Ryuu still needed to find at least three members of the fourth division to help the survivors of the eleventh division! "Where the hell is everyone!" Ryuu exclaimed. "HEY! I NEED A GOD DAMN MEDIC!" Ryuu yelled while running through the halls hoping to catch someones attention.

2 Re: I NEED HELP GODDARNIT! on Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:04 pm


"I believe shouting is a little unnecessary here". The voice of a young boy was heard and as he emerged, shark tooth earrings dangled from his hairs. The 5 foot tall youngster had a warm smile on his face, while scratching his short spiky hair. Kyousen began fixing the red scarf that was wrapped around his neck. For some reason, it felt as if it was about to choke the life out of him. Walking forward from inside the room that Kyousen was in. The frantic visitor to the Yonbantai was standing on the right side of Kyousen. The loud mouth individual would be able to see the snake tattoo that was on the body of the youngster. The gapping mouth of the snake attempting the bite his ear off. The red, yellow and dark green snake tattoo, blended well with Kyousen's green eyes.

The situation sounds more like a rather grim one, based on the body language and words of the man. The boy that didn't look to be any older than 14 years of age. Turned and faced the older man, his hand tapping on his Zanapakuto. The short sword, the Kodachi which is rather unusual for a sealed form.
"In fact those words of yours are rather repetitive and yet so effective". The youngster flashed another smile towards the man and stepped forward towards him. Unlike the Kimono of most other Shinigami, the long sleeves of Kyousen's fitted rather closely. The man then folded his arms together, showing off his black gloves. The red Obi around the Shinigami's waist kept his Zanapakuto in place. The Red Obi sash extends 14 inches down towards the thigh, albeit the bottom of the Kimono looking a little rugged.

Kyousen's footsteps took him pass the man, his blue and white hooded Haori pulled over his head. The Haori itself has a couple of designs of it, consisted of snakes, roses and trees. With a couple of cherry blossoms petals, systematically placed on it. From the looks of things, the boy takes pride in his appearance.
"I apologize for my rudeness Mister, I'm Kyousen Rikudou, Fuku Taicho of this here Division. Now If I'm correct, there is an emergency somewhere. And I'd like it if you led the way".

3 Re: I NEED HELP GODDARNIT! on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:10 pm


Ryuu paused a moment, staring at the rather young lieutenant. Surprised that such a young person could achieve such a rank. He shook his head and tried to keep his mind on the task at hand. He looked down at the young Lieutenant and said, "My name is Ryuu Yotogi, The Lieutenant of the 11th Division... Sorry about being so loud, but its an emergency. He turned away from the Lieutenant and began to run back down the Hall assuming he would follow. As the two began to run down the hall Ryuu explained the situation to him. "The Eleventh Division was nearly completely destroyed and I need you to treat the survivors." The two exited the Fourth Division HQ and through the Gate. Ryuu quickly began to make his way to the Eleventh with the help of the all purpose Shunpo.

[Exit to the Eleventh!]

4 Re: I NEED HELP GODDARNIT! on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:05 pm


"Nice to meet you, Ryuu san". The youngster said to the man as he walked pass him. Listening the the information given, Kyousen was well aware that something terrible had happened. Its been a while since Kyousen was even seen up and about. Ryuu's request sounded rather urgent and so Kyousen himself made haste. The Shinigami followed the Fuku Taicho of the 11th Division, quickly so that he could assist the best he could. "Soul Society looks to be having some trouble recently. Those strange spiritual pressures that appears out of nowhere at times. This is upsetting to think that the 11th Division was almost destroyed". The two Fuku Taicho's made their exits and was now on their way to the 11th Division.


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