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hollow guy

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1 hollow guy on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:21 pm


Inner Hollow Name:Miroku
Inner Hollow's Personality:miroku is Crazy. he hates people who have a big mouth and think that they are the best at everything. He loves to fight and kill. He likes to sleep and to him, having fun is putting your life on the line with a fight. He is the kind that hates it when people try to take control of things and tell him what to do. He will put up with stuff like that but still hates it. he Loves it when people want to fight him. He will never turn down a fight. He will fight until he dies or that person dies. he loves getting power and killing. He will just about let no one live unless he has to. He likes to be alone but have people around at the same time. He hates it when a lot of people are about because it just get's to crowded. He likes to be alone when he is thinking about who to kill and how to do it.

When he's in a fight:When miroku get's himself into a fight like he dose he likes to have fun with them. he likes to let weaker people have the first hit on him. He likes to see people at their full power and not holding out on him. If they do and show him what he wants he will take his eye patch off. Miroku never shows himself to be scared in a fight. The only thing you will see on his face when in a fight is bored or happy. He dose not like to move out of the way of attacks that much because he thinks that's boring unless he needs to. He dose not like to kill people when they lose the will to fight any more. He will fight until the stop or die.

Process 1:in order to take this form, Zento must be near death, a close friend is being harmed, or he feels to weak to do anything. Once in this state, Zento's mask will slowly grow over the right eye of his face and then over half of his right side. His eyes will turn black on the white parts and yellow color. His voice will change to the hollows voice and his reiatsu will grow all over him. It will have a feeling of pure evil. His mask will get the personality of the hollow and on the inside Zento will know all that is going on and see if through his eyes still with his hollow. He must rip his mask off to take control of himself once again.
Enhancements:increas reiatsu and speed.
Post Duration:5

Process 2:in this state, Zento will become even more angry at himself and will black out. He will never know what happened in this state. The hollow mask will grow to cover his hole face and his upper body along with his right leg. The hollow parts will be very strong and his power to speek is gone. Zento will be stuck in his inner world until he can break free from the hollows hold or dead. His hollow hole will show in the middle of his chest and in order for him to gain his body back, Zento must over power the hold on him.
Special Hollow Ability:cero
Maximum Post Duration:7

Process 3:
Special Hollow Ability:
Maximum Post Duration:

2 Re: hollow guy on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:45 am



3 Re: hollow guy on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:12 am


process two.
it is 7 my defualt duration.

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