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1 Anointment on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:25 pm


The Garganta was a mighty pain in the ass to move around, it is one method of travel that the Doctor could never get used to, though nonetheless, he got to his destination. Taking a pit stop though to put on the regulation Shinigami uniform provided by some generous benefactors. It was an empty room he was in that was meant to be the meeting place, keeping note to have the Purple Pudge he stashed within his Doctor's coat earlier to come along by his side, as he had to discard somethings. Of course, he kept his good ol' Webley revolver, and the two Zanpakuto, one of Syoura's and the other one of Daisuke's. Emitting out a Shinigami Reiatsu to keep going with a charade, taking a deep inhalation of his cigarette he seems to have by his lips.

"Oh wow, look at da décor heire, it looks maighty fine indeed... so am I heire to sight see or... what?"

2 Re: Anointment on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:58 pm


Kazumi made only brisk paces to find his way to where the Doctor would emerge, a room within the 12th division barracks. The Captain Commander was rather annoyed or borderline fed up with his subordinates at this point, hopefully the new recruit was worth having. The man would not even know of his nomination to Captainship until he arrived, but since he was already a substitute shinigami Kazumi saw no harm in it. It be better to replenish the ranks than have them left unoccupied. Plus this would be necessary for a certain mission to be executed in an organized manner.

Kazumi was already in the room when the Doctor appeared; it came as to no surprise. But the man did emit shinigami reiatsu which got Kazumi’s attention right off the bat. For a human to emit shinigami reiatsu it would mean that human were either a bounto who absorbed a shinigami or a superhuman with the ability to do as such. It didn’t really matter at this point; the man had proven himself worthy of such honors as Captain, having after all saved the Sotaicho from imminent demise. Which was running through his mind the entire time.

“Sight see? No. Well anyway, considering how you saved my life back in the human world that one time, and our shortage of captain’s positions, with your medical prowess, and my Scientist, I feel great things will be accomplished. Not only were you able to fend off whatever enemies at the time, but you retrieved my arm, along with my body, and therefore, I believe you meet the necessary qualifications for captain. I deem you acceptable to hold a higher rank within the 13 Gotei, and thus you are the new Second Division Captain.”

3 Re: Anointment on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:56 pm


"Ahem ahem," He kept his cool for a while, trying his best to get rid of his terrible Japanese as he thought through how to speak fluently, keeping in mind to speak in English which he is more fluent in, adjusting his shades, fixing his robes, took a moment to think about it before giving the biggest and most wonderful smiles he could ever give in his entire life, "Oh lovely! Just what I wanted for my Santa Juan's day. My very own Captainship with my very own Division, oh the joy." Sarcastic or complimentary? That was the hard thing to distinguish for Rico, as he hadn't put an emphasis on anything in his speech, and neither had he shown a sarcastic tone or a grateful one.

"So where do I get my fancy white coat? I am not exactly your encyclopedia of locations of this Soul Society 'o yours."

4 Re: Anointment on Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:33 pm


Kazumi exhaled a breath at the man’s response, he didn’t know if it were genuine or not, or even what he meant by it. A desk had been plotted about the room, and Kazumi would turn to face it, reaching his hand for the handle to which opening the drawer was possible. He was indeed behind the desk. As he opened it, a white Captain’s Haori lay folded on the inside, recently dry cleaned, even smelling as such. Kazumi removed the Haori, and handed it to Rico, “This is all you should need, it be best if you go introduce yourself to your fellow division members, and rearrange the rankings to your liking, as long as no one but a shinigami holds the ranks below yourself. And besides that, we should get you and Jushiro in a lab together in the meantime; I’m expecting great things from you two. And by the way, the 12th division barracks is where the Kidō Guns are stored; help yourself to how many you want.” It was then that the Sotaicho made strides to the exit, as he would momentarily stop, and disappear in a Flash Step. “That is all.”


5 Re: Anointment on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:51 pm


He puts on the Haori, wearing it like a cape than inserting his arms into the sleeves. Wearing it around as he decided to leave off into his own division by following signs. He'll have to teach his men how to speak English so he may have an easier time communicating, lest he speaks terrible Japanese.

He left.
He went around Seireitei being lost in hopes of looking for his division.
The Purple Pudge followed along.


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