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The return of the lost son.

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1 The return of the lost son. on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:12 pm


"Hmm, I could have sworn he was here somewhere." Yoshitsune had, after his very strange experience in the Dangai precipe world, finally managed to return to Soul Society. Or more specifically, return to his division. "That reminds me," he thought as he came to a stop in the middle of the courtyard of the division, his division, his home. "Why was Ewen-taicho in Soul Society to begin with? Didn't he and the others go to Karakura?"

"He did, however, you seem to have forgot what they told you in the academy. Do you remember why you are supposed to avoid the Koutotsu at almost all costs?" Shidenmi was a nice Zanpaktou spirit, Yoshitsune had managed to conclude that much from his interaction with the female soul. But she was right, and taking a brief moment to remember the lesson, Yoshitsune's face paled. The Koutotsu had the capability to slingshot whatever was touched by it several hundred years backwards or forwards in time. What was known is that those caught were very unlikely to survive the ordeal, their bodies ripped apart by the incredible forces of time tearing at the body.

"I thank you once again, Shidenmi." Her response was non-verbal at first, but he still felt the kind smile.

"I am not about to let you die, Yoshi-kun. We have a lot of time together in front of us."

2 Re: The return of the lost son. on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:49 am


It was strange. He had sat here, waiting for Ewen-taicho to show up, the man's reiatsu had indeed come from the division, but now it had relocated itself. Where it was exactly, he could not pinpoint. All he knew was that there was trouble afoot. Clashes of spiritual energy, both Hollow, Arrancar, and Shinigami, could be felt throughout the area. "What is happening to this place?"

"It would seem like there is some sort of invasion going on. With the signatures around us, I do believe the question of who is quite obvious." And indeed it was. Hollows. They were invading Soul society. The closest battle he could feel was... in the Rukongai? A series of Shunpo had him exiting the strangely empty division grounds, making him head towards the battle he felt. A captain, a lieutenant and two Arrancar? Depending on the match-ups this could either be a wasted trip or a hard fight.

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