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Hollowfication Regulation

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1 Hollowfication Regulation on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:09 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
Hollowfication is the term used to describe when a Shinigami gains Hollow powers. The result is a Hollow-Shinigami Hybrid or a Vizard. The term is also synonymous with the act of donning a Hollow mask and such.
-The process by which to activate such a transformation has been shown to be achieved by three possible methods, though only two are known in any real detail. In any process the main determination of Hollowfication exists when the barrier separating Shinigami and Hollow is brought down.

*Character abilities cannot manipulate all forms of matter, and must stick to one.


We will ask you in one of the template's what are known as Process. They will be numbered 1 through 3. During number 1, we want to know whether how possible is it likely for the Inner Hollow to take over the body of the shinigami. A perfect example is Ichigo against Byakuya; Inner Hollow Ichigo was forming a mask and speaking throughout Ichigo's body and was controlling the scenario fight to come at Ichigo's aid. In process 1, you will explain how the barrier is broken between you and your inner hollow and how to revert back to normal. During this time, you will also fill out the Enhancement section and give yourself only 2, whether it be Speed, Regeneration, Strength, Spiritual Pressure Expansion, etc! *Please note that Process 1 is one of the deadliest forms on a one on one.

Process 2 is simple. It is very well for defense purposes mainly. And Vizards who do not posses a Cero gain it during this form only. A perfect example is when Ichigo went against the Vizards and his whole body was very Hollowfied! You explain how your own appeal and Hollow defenses are used in this form. It will replace Process 1 immediately and you will explain how that happens and it must be a drawback on your health and well being. The Inner Hollow will no longer be at a state of mind thinking out of your body. Only instincts and you will support how you are in those instincts, because you really are going to be a mindless beast with a Zanpakutou at your disposal. During this process is very dangerous to oneself though. You will tell us the post duration before becoming a Hollow and losing yourself. Once you reach the limit of your duration, you no longer are a Shinigami/Vizard, but a Hollow with a Zanpakutou; no not a Arrancar either since your mind is now gone. You will also explain how you will regain yourself back and in what condition along with a optional special ability your Hollowfied form grants you during this phase.

Finally there is Process 3; the only way to achieve this state of a Hollow form, you must die more than three times and live on due to your Inner Hollow saving your ass. You must also be well experienced in honing your Inner Hollow. Translation: Your Hollow is your bitch. Afterwards you will just describe the appearance, the duration, how to break free for you and your opponent(s). There will be anther enhancement for you to choose from 3. There will also be a simple special ability for you to take upon yourself to add on as it is required as well to have a reason to become this form. Why? The power of will and reasoning to do it very strongly while dead can trigger this phase as well. if your body isn't incinerated. You will be required to place a preparation post; this way when you do die, you will immediately enter this form. A perfect example is Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra.

*Please note that all of these phases require drawbacks and may only be used once per topic.

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