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Bank of B.R. : Point Transfers & Funding

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1 Bank of B.R. : Point Transfers & Funding on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:01 am

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
[left">This is a overall look at how to give, transfer, and loan points to others through a simple system. This guide isa to direct you how to request and do these deals with other members on the forums for their points or your own points. There will be small fees corresponding to each deal you make with the bank, a charge not to pay the (Co)Administrators to perform these tasks, but the forum. As fees pile up and are added by the 50th topic, they will be back all together as a prize for a certain activity. These points may assist your own characters, leaders, and partnerships.

Transfer Workers
Workers of the Bank who transfer points from one account to the other. They are also responsible to check any dates of deals to be fulfilled and serve as reminders for the loaners & borrowers.
  • Alexander
  • Ewen
  • Kitaro

Loans Workers
Workers in charge of dealing with any requests regarding loans to other members or their own accounts. They notify the Transfer Workers to do their jobs once the agreements are settled.
  • Ewen

How To Request
You will make a topic in this "BR Banking" Section titled on what you wish to do: Transfer, Gift, Borrow, and Loan. Then a "-Guest" beside it. Upon doing this, you will copy and paste this code into your post, that gives out a simple layout.
    Regulations: This is based on giving points to a member or yourself or another account.
  • All users who transfer points must have an active character, meaning you can't give, gain or receive points if one/both of the parties do not have an active character.
  • Users who transfer points to another account that are not their own, will be charged a fee to by the site by 15% of the total amount being transferred. If the user does not have the extra fee in their points, they cannot make the transfer.

  • A user who decides to give out their own points from their own accounts into their main or upon their second/third account have a set of only transferring 50% of those points once per month. With a fee of 5%

  • When a character dies on an account, their maximum points to be transferred is only limited by 50% per their accounts and or other accounts while having the fee be 5% to the site from the total amount being moved. The rest of the points will be deleted for the new character or account deletion.

  • Gifting may only occur when the in-character is alive, not dead. Gifting does not work with your own accounts and are for others. The restriction on the points is at 45% max of transferring points to the other member(s). This may be done only once per month per member. This is practically giving away free points without expecting a paying back.

  • You are not allowed to lend yourself any points to your own accounts. Only Transfers.

  • Members who quit and then return, will be docked a slightly higher rate of 55% point loss, with 5% payment in taxes. This means a total loss of 60%, its better to not quit, just leave.

  • Members who go inactive, through long standing absences (longer than 3 weeks) will be charged 15% of there points upon return. We are a role playing site, we understand life happens, but we also do think life should continue here, and not wait for you.

  • Members who go inactive, and have no absence, will be charged 20% fee of there points upon return. This includes new characters and such.

    Declaration of inactivity is one week, meaning if you give all your points away, you must stay active for at least one week, otherwise the transfer will be voided.

  • Accounts that have been declared inactive cannot give their points away and will be denied on requests for those points. Until they make a character/become active

[b][u]Dealing to be made:[/u][/b]
[u][i]Reason why:[/i][/u]
[i]Enclosing Offer Date:[/i]

[b][u]Amount of Points:[/b][/u]
[i][u]Fee Charge:[/i][/u]
[i]Member(s) Participated:[/i]

[b][u]Deadline Date:[/b][/u]
[i][u]Time Duration:[/i][/u]
[i]Interest Rate:[/i]

[u][b]Enclosing Date:[/b][/u]

FAQs on Template
Dealing to be made: Transfer, Borrow, Gift, and Loan are to choose from.
Reason why: Self explanatory.. State as to why you need this deal.
Enclosing Offer Date: Date when this deal expires. You are required one.

Amount of Points: "X" Amount of points lending/needed.
Fee Charge: You find this by "X" amount of points multiplied by the "x" percentage and rounded to the nearest tenth. This fee goes to the forum and lenders must also pay these.
Member(s) Participated: Members or your own accounts that are to receive/lend the points. One lender at a time please.

Deadline Date: This is only when you are the lender, you must give a date when the borrower must pay back what he/she got from you. Minimum date set to be 3 and a 1/2 weeks from the time it is borrowed.
Time Duration: Once the deadline is passed, the borrow must pay points according to the standards of monthly, weekly or daily.
Interest Rate: There are 2 types of interest, but let's keep it simple to a range of maximum of 8 points.

Enclosing Date: After the deadline, a new date is given to pay off the debt. If this date is met without the pay of debt of the already lending points, the lender has the rights to take away the bought item(s) for the return of his/her points and end the borrower's debt with no returns. Minimum date to set is 4 weeks.

To find the "x" amount of points of percentage for transfers is to multiply the total amount of points you have by the "x" amount of percentage given to you and round to the nearest tenth.

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2 Re: Bank of B.R. : Point Transfers & Funding on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:13 pm

Shuei Setsuna

Shuei Setsuna
U P D A T E D - V.1


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