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Regulations & Squad Members

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1 Regulations & Squad Members on Sun May 30, 2010 6:09 pm


Rules and Regulations

  • All members of the Juunibantai must obey the Captain’s orders.

  • Always show respect to those that are superior to yourself in Rank

  • All squad members should act in an orderly fashion.

  • Fighting inside the Division grounds is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the culprits being punished.

  • If you do wish to train for spar, then take it to the Sparring/Training Area.

  • The Juunibantai is based on Research and Technological development. This means all squad members are expected to show a certain degree of intelligence.

  • In accordance to the 6th Rule stated above, idiocy will not be tolerated. Those that often demonstrate a lack of Intelligence should seek out another Division.

  • A grand rule to remember that will decide your fate is to never disrespect the Taicho. Any disrespect means you agree to give up your body for experimentation.

  • As stated the Juunibantai is based on Research and Technology. This means that all squad members should aim to contribute to this cause.

  • All visitors to the Juunibantai should not step foot inside without being accompanied by a Squad member.

  • The Captain’s office is also off limits and entry is denied without his/her say so.

  • All visitors are expected to act in an orderly fashion and not cause any trouble.

  • It is also very important that no member of the Juunibantai should become a burden or be seen as a weakling.

  • In light of the 13th Rule, all squad members are expected to be very battle savvy.

  • It is important to note that all weaklings will be discarded and experimented on.

  • Last but not least please comply with these rules or suffer the consequences

Juunibantai Squad Members

Name: Jushiro Izanagi
Rank: Taicho (Captain)
Zanapakuto: Ryuujin Rikka

Name: Tobimaru
Rank: Fuku Taicho (Lieutenant)
Zanapakuto: Fulgora

Name: Winter Izanagi
Rank: Sanseki (3rd Seat)
Zanapakuto: Kumoyuki

Name: Lawliet Ryuzaki
Rank: Yonseki (4th Seat)
Zanapakuto: Kougi

Juunibantai Crest:


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